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Public Official Associations and State and Local Government

Author : David S. Arnold
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This volume is an authoritative description of a little-recognized element of modern governance: associations of public officials in state and local government. These associations, whose membership consists of elected and appointed officials such as mayors, legislators, council members, city and county managers, and planners, play an often overlooked role in public administration and governmental policy on state and local levels. This work provides an incisive analysis of their role using a combination of documentary sources and extensive personal interviews with a special interest in association management. It traces the historical development of associations from 1890 to 1990 within the context of the Progressive Movement, the New Deal, the Great Society, and the era of cutbacks and devolution. In addition, an examination of the effects of associations in the evolving administrative state touches upon many of the most important topics in public administration, including intergovernmental relations, by professionalism, ethics, and leadership. The text is augmented by an appendix of association profiles, an annotated bibliography, and an index.

Professional Competition and Professional Power

Author : Yves Dezalay
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Examines the ongoing efforts of lawyers and allied professionals to construct, police and redefine their boundaries. Focusing on the newly emerging large multinationals, it explores the relationship between professions, the economy and the state.

Sage Professional Papers in American Politics

Author :
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Professional Power and the Need for Health Care

Author : Ian Reese Jones
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First published in 1999, this volume discusses how the nursing and health care fields are developing rapidly. This series of monographs offers up-to-date reports of recently completed research projects in the fields of nursing and health care. The aim of the series is to report studies that have relevance to contemporary nursing and health care practice. It includes reports of research into aspects of clinical nursing care, management and education. The series is of interest to all nurses and health care workers, researchers, managers and educators in the field.

Professional Power and Skill Use in the Knowledge Economy

Author : D.W. Livingstone
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This is the first analysis of professional classes, their differing job control and skill utilization. Professional employees especially face declining job control, diminishing use of skills and increasing barriers to continuing learning. The book is an original guide for further studies on professional classes, job design, and training.

Adverse Personnel Actions Against Professional Staff Members at the Federal Power Commission

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
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Constraints on Professional Power in Soviet type Society

Author : Michael D. Kennedy
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The American Commonwealth

Author : James Bryce Bryce (Viscount)
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The American Commonwealth The party system Public opinion Illustrations and reflections Social institutions

Author : James Bryce Bryce (Viscount)
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Power and the Professional

Author : Gordon W.F. Young
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No matter who you are or what you aim to achieve, power determines whether you succeed or fail. But while power dynamics permeate every interaction in the workplace, the concept is very poorly understood or managed in practice. Everyone has influence over some people and is under the influence of others, and must choose how to deal with these realities in daily interactions. This book offers a comprehensive and applied understanding of power in a professional scenario: where it comes from, how it moves and what that means in practice for how professionals work together. Drawing on numerous recent case studies, this book offers a toolbox that anyone can apply, including explanations of the different forms of power, the two ways power can move between parties, the perils of power, how to create accountability, the intersection of power and ethics, and tools for maintaining power relationships with both superiors and subordinates. It provides employers and employees alike the means to understand, manage, and exert the power necessary to control their own circumstances.