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Women Politics and the United Nations

Author : Anne Winslow
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Participants and scholars appraise the successes and failures of women's agendas at the UN and international conferences for equality and full partnership.

The Politics of the United Nations Special Fund

Author : John Blodgett Edwards
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United Nations Politics

Author : Donald James Puchala
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For use as a primary text in Political Science courses on International Organization, International Institutions, Global Governance, or the United Nations. Can also be used as supplementary readings in all of these courses, plus courses in International Relations. United Nations Politics takes a unique approach that focuses on the politics – that is, the persistent and mostly singular emphasis that all member states place on the pursuit of national political, economic, cultural and ideological interests – of UN affairs. The project began as an effort to research and write a ten-year-later sequel to The Challenge of Relevance written by Puchala and Coate in 1989. This earlier volume was an assessment of the United Nations and its operations in the late eighties. United Nations Politics builds from a series of some 200 interviews conducted at the UN and in various member-state missions between 2000 and 2005. Among other things , these interviews revealed that the existing English-language literature on the UN fails to take into appropriate account the dynamics and the impacts of the internal and external political contexts within which the UN operates. This book directly addresses this shortcoming in the academic literature.

The United Nations And Changing World Politics

Author : Thomas G Weiss
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With updates throughout, this newly revised fifth edition serves as the definitive text for courses dealing with the United Nations.

The United Nations

Author : Lawrence Ziring
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The fourth edition of THE UNITED NATIONS heralds an organization at the crossroads of history. This best-selling text is a comprehensive volume of all that is relevant of the United Nations system from its inception to these opening years of the millennium, analyzing the history, processes, structure and functions of the organization. While the thread of terror weaves its way through the text, every effort has been made to discuss the world organization's continuing role in assisting nations and peoples in distress from underdevelopment, from population overload, from pandemic disease, and political instability.

Politics in the United Nations System

Author : Lawrence S. Finkelstein
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Politics in the United Nations reflects the predominant discord and occasional convergence among the members of the UN system as they view the international problems of our times through lenses of their geographic, historical, ideological, religious, and ethnic diversity. The contributors to this book describe how, since the United Nations was founded more than forty years ago, the UN system has changed to accommodate the varied interests of its members.

United Nations Peace keeping Operations

Author : James M. Boyd
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The United Nations and the Peaceful Unification of Korea

Author : Leon Gordenker
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Where there has been fighting or the threat of fighting since the end of the Second World War, the United Nations has ahnost al ways been involved. Frequently that involvement has taken the concrete form of a field commission or a team of observers, made up of nationals of several countries and reporting to the General Assembly or the Security Council. Even while I write this, military observers wearing special United Nations insignia are patrolling the border areas of Syria and Lebanon. Meanwhile, observation groups with a longer history are on duty in Kashmir and along the Israeli borders. A field commission of the United Nations still remains in Korea, and others had been at work in Greece, Eritrea, Somalia and on the Hungarian border. All of them lived, worked and reported in an atmosphere of controversy. Perhaps none could have claimed that their work ended in full success. Their existence, however, suggests that the United Nations has developed a special political instrument for use in troubled areas where solutions are elusive but where danger of a spreading con flict is never distant. This study deals with the work of field com missions of the United Nations in Korea before the violence of 1950. Their work, whatever its merit, came crashing down with the North Korean attack.

Women Politics and the United Nations

Author : Anne Winslow
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Participants and scholars appraise the successes and failures of women's agendas at the UN and international conferences for equality and full partnership.

The United Nations and Changing World Politics

Author : Thomas G. Weiss
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This completely revised and updated eighth edition serves as the definitive text for courses in which the United Nations is either the focus or a central component. Built around three critical themes in international relations (peace and security, human rights and humanitarian affairs, and sustainable human development) the eighth edition of The United Nations and Changing World Politics guides students through the seven turbulent decades of UN politics. This new edition is fully revised to incorporate recent developments on the international stage, including new peace operations in Mali and the Central African Republic; ongoing UN efforts to manage the crises in Libya, Syria, and Iraq; the Iran Nuclear Deal; and the new Sustainable Development Goals. The authors discuss how international law frames the controversies at the UN and guides how the UN responds to violence and insecurity, gross violations of human rights, poverty, underdevelopment, and environmental degradation. Students of all levels will learn that the UN is a complex organization, comprised of three interactive entities that cooperate and also compete with each other to define and advance the UN's principles and purposes.