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Politics character and culture

Author : Hans Gerth
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Politics Character and Culture

Author : Hans Gerth
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The Broken Rebel

Author : Rupert Wilkinson
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The Political Character of Generation X

Author : Molly W. Sonner
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Negotiating Diversity

Author : Matthew Festenstein
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Debates about cultural diversity have become an important, controversial and inescapable features of the politics of modern democracies. Negotiating Diversity offers a lucid and accessible analysis of the political theory of multiculturalism. It is an ideal text for students looking for an overview of the state of play in this area. The book explores the ways the concept of culture has been used in political theory, and critically evaluates contemporary liberal responses to multiculturalism, including the work of key political philosophers such as Will Kymlicka, Brian Barry and Chandran Kukathas, drawing on a range of real-world examples to illustrate its arguments. It provides critique of the tendency to reify cultural identity in political thinking, particularly through an examination of contemporary liberalism. In its place, the author develops a deliberative alternative, which views the politics of cultural diversity as a fallible process of negotiation, argument and compromise. He confronts objections that this alternative itself offers an unrealistic or oppressive vision of politics, and explores the fragility of trust in the politics of multicultural societies.

Gender Culture and Politics in England 1560 1640

Author : Susan D. Amussen
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Gender, Culture and Politics in England, 1560-1640 integrates social history, politics and literary culture as part of a ground-breaking study that provides revealing insights into early modern English society. Susan D. Amussen and David E. Underdown examine political scandals and familiar characters-including scolds, cuckolds and witches-to show how their behaviour turned the ordered world around them upside down in very specific, gendered ways. Using case studies from theatre, civic ritual and witchcraft, the book demonstrates how ideas of gendered inversion, failed patriarchs, and disorderly women permeate the mental world of early modern England. Amussen and Underdown show both how these ideas were central to understanding society and politics as well as the ways in which both women and men were disciplined formally and informally for inverting the gender order. In doing so, they give a glimpse of how we can connect different dimensions of early modern society. This is a vital study for anyone interested in understanding the connections between social practice, culture, and politics in 16th- and 17th-century England.

Culture and Politics

Author : NA NA
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Political culture is one of the central, but most difficult, concepts in political science. Culture and Politics: A Reader explores this concept by compiling previously-published works that focus on the core themes of political culture research: Concepts and Applications, Culture and Globalization, Popular Culture, Civil Society and Social Capital, Social Movements and Collective Identity, Culture and Political Change, and Culture and Rationality. Each section includes general and article introductions as well as a 'suggested reading' list. Culture and Politics: A Reader provides a handy resource for students and teachers at both the graduate and under-graduate level.

Sex Money Personal Character in Eighteenth century British Politics

Author : Marilyn Morris
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A sophisticated analysis of changing views of political virtue in the 18th century and the origins of the modern dilemma over probity and suitability for high public office How, and why, did the Anglo-American world become so obsessed with the private lives and public character of its political leaders? Marilyn Morris finds answers in eighteenth-century Britain, when a long tradition of court intrigue and gossip spread into a much broader and more public political arena with the growth of political parties, extra-parliamentary political activities, and a partisan print culture. The public's preoccupation with the personal character of the ruling elite paralleled a growing interest in the interior lives of individuals in histories, novels, and the theater. Newspaper reports of the royal family intensified in intimacy and its members became moral exemplars--most often, paradoxically, when they misbehaved. Ad hominem attacks on political leaders became commonplace; politicians of all affiliations continued to assess one another's characters based on their success and daring with women and money. And newly popular human-interest journalism promoted the illusion that the personal characters of public figures could be read by appearances.

Faces in the Crowd

Author : David Riesman
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An eleven-year-old boy describes the joys and sorrows of growing up in a dysfunctional family with a jobless alcoholic father during the hard times of the Depression.

Mainstream s and Margins

Author : Michael Morgan
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This lively, probing book points us toward new critical perspectives on cultural politics and will reinvigorate debates over such issues as culture, gender, race, and feminism.

Habits of the Balkan Heart

Author : Stjepan G. Metrovic
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Almost as soon as Communism fell in Eastern Europe in 1989, Western politicians and intellectuals concluded that the West had "won" the Cold War and that liberal democracy had triumphed over authoritarianism in the world. Euphoria spread with the expectation of a New World Order. Within months, the giddy optimism began to fade, especially in the face of what soon became a brutal war in former Yugoslavia. Why did Serbia choose to replicate many of Germany's methods and aims from World Wars I and II, including ethnic cleansing (read "genocide") and a campaign to establish a Greater Serbia? Sociologist Stjepan Meštrovic, writing with Slaven Letica and Miroslav Goreta, argues that the social and political character of the Dinaric herdsmen--which dominates Serbian culture and politics, even though it is found in all Balkan nations--accounts for the form Communism took there, the fall of Communism, and the savagery and brutality of the post-Communist war. With carefully reasoned analysis, the authors show how sociological theories of social character--propounded by such thinkers as de Tocqueville, Veblen, and Bellah--can shed light on the conflicts in the Balkans, which, according to conventional wisdom, were not supposed to occur when Communism fell. They demonstrate that ancient, traditional ethnic, social, and nationalistic tendencies--"habits of the heart"--of the various people of the Balkans have taken precedence over pressures for democracy in the political and cultural vacuum left by the end of Communism in the region. Unfortunately, the difficulties in the Balkans will persist for a long time to come, and similar conflicts could break out in the former Soviet Union. This thought-provoking book has much new to say about the causes of such ethnic and class conflicts in the region, and the feasibility of policies for dealing with these sores. If democracy is to be achieved in post-Communist East Europe, the authors argue, it must be based on the "good" habits of the heart that coexist there with "bad" or authoritarian social character.

Language Teachers Politics and Cultures

Author : Michael Byram
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Foreign language teaching is social interaction, subject to the influences and forces of the societies in which it takes place. This book, based on research in England and Denmark, is an exploration of the effects of changes as perceived by teachers.

Traditions and Present Problems of Czech Political Culture

Author : Miloslav Bednář
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Past experiences of unfreedom and the new freedom; national character and democracy; self-identification in Czech Artistic culture.

The Politics of Caribbean Cyberculture

Author : Curwen Best
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This book covers significant new ground, examining the impact and imprint of new leading technology on a range of popular expressions. This technology includes the internet, the computer, the cell phone, television, and radio, among others. Some of the specific expressions and phenomena treated include: tourism, big budget films, sports, video games, entertainment culture, religious and gospel culture, mobile culture, popular music, writing and technology, and porn. The work shows acute awareness of the wider global contexts--social, cultural, political, and spiritual--that form the backdrop for Caribbean cultural reconfiguration. Curwen Best argues that Caribbean culture has gone wireless, virtual, and simulated in the age of the machines.

Cultural Politics in Contemporary America

Author : Ian H. Angus
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The media, American culture and political power are bound together in an association in which the stakes increase daily. This book is a radical attempt to lay out the complex ways in which the American media and American culture are powerfully interlocked.

The Character of Nations

Author : Angelo M. Codevilla
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In this cross-cultural study, Angelo M. Codevilla illustrates that as people shape their governments, they shape themselves. Drawing broadly from the depths of history, from the Roman republic to de Tocqueville's America, as well as from personal and scholarly observations of the world in the twentieth century, The Character of Nations reveals remarkable truths about the effects of government on a society's economic arrangements, moral order, sense of family life, and ability to defend itself. Codevilla argues that in present-day America, government has had a profound negative effect on societal norms. It has taught people to seek prosperity through connections with political power; it has fostered the atrophy of civic responsibility; it has waged a Kulturkampf against family and religion; and it has dug a dangerous chasm between those who serve in the military and those who send it in harm's way. Informative and provocative, The Character of Nations shows how the political decisions we make have higher stakes than simply who wins elections.

Culture Politics and Sustainable Development

Author : Tunde Babawale
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Sentimental Men

Author : Mary Chapman
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This text analyses cultural forms to demonstrate the centrality of masculine sentiment in American literary and cultural history. They analyze sentimentalism not just as a literary game but as a structure of feeling manifested in many areas.

Johann Strauss and Vienna

Author : Camille Crittenden
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The transformation of Vienna and the Habsburg Empire at the end of the nineteenth century was accompanied by the development of a new musical genre, Viennese operetta, and no composer was better suited than Johann Strauss to express his native city's pride and anxiety during this period. Camille Crittenden provides an overview of Viennese operetta, then takes Strauss's works as a series of case studies in the interaction between stage works and audience. The book also examines Strauss's role as national icon during his lifetime and throughout the twentieth century.

Politics and Culture in Wartime Japan

Author : Ben-Ami Shillony
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The Pacific War was the most traumatic experience for Japan in modern times. This book examines the politics and culture of Japan during this period: the establishment of the wartime regime--its character and limitations; the actions and reactions of the emperor, the bureaucrats, and thepoliticians; the deposing of the Prime Minister in the middle of the war; political developments under his successors; the role of the press; the behavior of the intellectuals; and prevailing attitudes towards the West. Shillony argues that the wartime regime of Japan was very different fromcontemporary totalitarian states. The political values of the Japanese were part of a wider cultural milieu, in which traditional concepts had already been affected by contact with Western civilivzation.