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Politics and History in the Tenth Century

Author : Jason Glenn
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This book stands at the intersection of recent work in historiography and the study of political culture in the early Middle Ages. It takes the autograph manuscript of a tenth-century monk, Richer, as a point of entry into the author's world, and asks how he and his contemporaries in the religious and intellectual community of Reims engaged in Frankish politics. By shifting focus from the events and actors that typically occupy centre stage in political theatre to the writing of history and its authors, it offers a sustained reflection on the relationship between politics and history. As a case study it aims, ultimately, to articulate possibilities for the study of early medieval politics and, at the same time, to provide a model for a type of historical inquiry in which the development of questions and the exploration of possibilities stand more prominent than the conclusions drawn from them.

Flodoard of Rheims and the Writing of History in the Tenth Century

Author : Edward Roberts
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A major re-assessment of the Frankish historian Flodoard of Rheims, one of the tenth century's most intriguing but neglected narrators.

Power and Politics in Tenth century China

Author :
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Warfare in Tenth Century Germany

Author : David S. Bachrach
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A complete survey of the military campaigns of the early Saxons, tactics, strategy, and logistics, demonstrating in particular the sophistication of the administration involved.

The Middle Ages in Texts and Texture

Author : Jason Glenn
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The Middle Ages in Texts and Texture is an introduction to medieval Europe unlike any other. These 26 essays, written by accomplished scholars all trained at the University of California, Berkeley, reflect on medieval texts and the opportunities they present for exploration of the Middle Ages. Introduced in a foreword by Thomas N. Bisson (Harvard University), these essays present a textured picture of the medieval world and offer models for how to reflect fruitfully on medieval sources. To help orient the reader, three maps, the editor's introduction, and an index are provided.

History of the Christian Church

Author : Philip Schaff
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History of Civilization

Author : François Guizot
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The History of Civilization from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution

Author : Guizot (M., François)
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History of the Christian Church Volume IV Mediaeval Christianity A D 590 1073

Author :
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The Cambridge History of Medieval Political Thought C 350 c 1450

Author : J. H. Burns
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This volume examines the history of a complex and varied body of ideas over a period of more than a thousand years.

The History of the House of Nassau Continued from the Tenth Century Its Earliest Known Origin Down to this Present Time with Regard to that Branch of It that Came Into the Succession of Orange

Author : John Durant Breval
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A History of the Arab Peoples

Author : Albert Hourani
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In a bestselling work of profound and lasting importance, the late Albert Hourani told the definitive history of the Arab peoples from the seventh century, when the new religion of Islam began to spread from the Arabian peninsula westwards, to the present day. It is a masterly distillation of a lifetime of scholarship and a unique insight into a perpetually troubled region. This updated edition by Malise Ruthven adds a substantial new chapter which includes recent events such as 9/11, the US invasion of Iraq and its bloody aftermath, the fall of the Mubarak and Ben Ali regimes in Egypt and Tunisia, and the incipient civil war in Syria, bringing Hourani's magisterial History up to date. Ruthven suggests that while Hourani can hardly have been expected to predict in detail the massive upheavals that have shaken the Arab world recently he would not have been entirely surprised, given the persistence of the kin-patronage networks he describes in his book and the challenges now posed to them by a new media-aware generation of dissatisfied youth. In a new biographical preface, Malise Ruthven shows how Hourani's perspectives on Arab history were shaped by his unique background as an English-born Arab Christian with roots in the Levant.

Fragments of English and Irish History in the Ninth and Tenth Century

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Living in the Tenth Century

Author : Heinrich Fichtenau
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"Fichtenau delivers a fascinating view of tenth-century Europe on the eve of the second millenium. He writes this hoping we, on the eve of the third millennium, will take time also to look at who we are and at our world. . . . This engaging book lucidly carries the reader through an amazing amount of material. Medieval scholars will find it resourceful and challenging; the nonscholar will find it fascinating and enlightening."—A. L. Kolp, Choice "Living in the Tenth Century resembles an anthropological field study more than a conventional historical monograph, and represents a far more ambitious attempt to see behind the surface of avowals and events than others have seriously attempted even for much more voluminously documented periods. . . . It is remarkably rich and readable."—R.I. Moore, Times Higher Education Supplement "Fichtenau offers a magnificent survey of all the main spheres of life: the social order, the rural economy, schooling and religious belief and practice in both the secular and monastic church. His command, especially of the narrative sources, their fine nuances of attitude emotion and underlying norms, is masterly and he employs them here with all the sensitiveness and feel for the subject that have always been the hallmarks of his work."—Karl Leyser, Francia

Myth Rulership Church and Charters

Author : Julia Barrow
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This volume brings together a number of essays written by leading scholars in the field of early medieval English history. Focusing on three specific themes - myths, charters and warfare - each contribution presents a balance of both sources and interpretations. Furthermore, they link the subjects: warfare was the predominant theme in Anglo-Saxon myth; charters are an important source for military organisation and can also shed light on belief and cult. Several of the contributions take a wider perspective, looking at later interpretations of the Anglo-Saxon past, both in the Anglo-Norman and more modern periods. In all, the volume makes a significant addition to the study of Anglo-Saxon England, showing how seemingly unrelated topics can be used to illuminate other areas.

Patterns of Episcopal Power Strukturen bisch flicher Herrschaftsgewalt im westlichen Europa des 10 und 11 Jahrhunderts

Author : Ludger Körntgen
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In medieval Europe, the death of a king could not only cause a dispute about the succession, but also a severe crisis. In times of a vacant throne particular responsibility fell to the bishops - whose general importance for the time around the first milennium has been revealed by recent scholarship - as royal counsellors and policy makers. This volume therefore concentrates on the bishops' room for manoeuvre and the patterns of episcopal power, focusing on the Eastern Frankish Reich and Anglo-Saxon England in a comparative approach which is not least based upon the research of a renowned medievalist, Timothy Reuter. His article about "A Europe of Bishops" ("Ein Europa der Bischöfe") is presented in English translation for the first time.

The Saturday Review of Politics Literature Science and Art

Author :
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The History of Leo the Deacon

Author : Leo (Diaconus)
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The History tells how they expanded the frontiers of the empire and brought back captured relics, booty, and prisoners of war to parade in triumph through the streets of Constantinople. Leo accompanied at least one expedition, and drew on his firsthand experience to provide vivid descriptions of sieges, pitched battles, ambushes, and single combat. His account of the conspiracy against Nikephoros II Phokas, murdered as he slept on the floor in front of his icons, is one of the most dramatic in Byzantine narrative histories."--page 4 of cover.

The Continental Saxons from the Migration Period to the Tenth Century

Author : Dennis Howard Green
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Following the Carolingian conquest the Saxons made giant strides economically and politically; a range of sources is examined.

Images Power and Politics

Author : Barbara N. Porter
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