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Policies for a Small Planet

Author : Johan Holmberg
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First published in 1992. The world is not living within its means. Current development policies, in both industrial and developing countries, are wasting resources and destroying the commons on which we all depend. The world is set on a path of deepening poverty and a deteriorating environment. New policies are needed to achieve sustainable development. This book presents an integrated series of essays on the policies for sustainable development from one of the leading policy research institutes on environment and development issues. It concentrates on the developing world and looks at the specific sectors to which the policies have to be applied. Beginning with a discussion of what constitutes sustainable development, it goes on to deal with the institutional arrangements needed to mobilise human resources for change and the economic policies for sustainable natural resource management. It then examines the policies needed in agriculture, urban development, industry, forests, drylands, energy use, finance, population and consumption. Throughout it demonstrates how those directly involved are best placed to manage their environments and resources. Policies must support the experience and resourcefulness of local people. Sustainable development requires that they control their own futures. This title will be of great interest to students of Environmental Studies.

Routledge Library Editions Environmental Policy

Author : Various
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The 11 volumes in this set, originally published between 1982 and 1995, draw together research by leading academics in the area of environmental policy and provides a rigorous examination of related key issues. The volumes examine international policy, impact assessment, and future environmental planning. This set will be of particular interest to students of Environmental Studies.

Market based Instruments for Environmental Policymaking in Latin America and the Caribbean

Author : Richard M. Huber
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To preserve the environment with the lowest possible cost to the social sector means that private costs should be aligned with social costs. Many governments in the Latin American and Caribbean Region are doing this now using market-based instruments (MBIs). This publication investigates the use of MBIs in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) context. The investigation covers a sample of eleven countries in the region and a cross-section of environmental issues in an urban setting.

Population Consumption and the Environment

Author : Harold G. Coward
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Shows how the major world religions view the environmental problems of over population and excess resource consumption, and how they approach possible solutions.

Progress for a Small Planet

Author : Barbara Ward
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Three topics dominate discussions of the global environment: pollution; the consequences of the affluent running ever faster through finite resources; and the growing tensions between rich and poor as a third of humanity continues to live and die in desperate poverty. In this exceptional book Barbara Ward (co-author with Rene Dubos of the bestselling Only One Earth) refused to see these processes as inevitable. It describes new technologies for recycling waste, for energy, forgetting more or less linking them to ordinary people's working lives. It also suggests a strategy for meeting the basic needs of the disadvantaged, and shows how the vast inequalities between countries can be reduced. This perceptive survey of policies outlines a planetary bargain between the world's nations that would guarantee individual freedom from poverty and keep our shared biosphere in good working order. Originally published in 1988

Sustainability in European Transport Policy

Author : Matthew Humphreys
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This book sets out a critical analysis of the body of law and policy initiatives that constitute the EU's common transport policy. The development of the transport policy is charted through amending and founding Treaties as well as non-legislative documents. The book uses a model of sustainability as the basis for the analysis as the criteria for sustainable development were set out under Article 11 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. However, sustainable development, when taken in the context of transport is difficult to reconcile with unbridled economic growth and unchecked freedom of movement and the book identifies a contradiction at the heart of European policy, which can only become more accentuated as environmental trends become more explicit. The book argues that European regulation will eventually be forced to recognize this dichotomy, and take more forceful action to protect environmental and social development, even at the cost of economic progress.

Sustainable Development Policy and Administration

Author : Gedeon M. Mudacumura
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Sustainable Development Policy and Administration provides a learning resource describing the major issues that are critical to understanding the multiple dimensions of sustainable development. The overall theme of each contributed chapter in this book is the urgent need to promote global sustainability while adding insights into the challenges facing the current and future generations. This volume brings together diverse contributions that cover the multiple facets of development, resulting in a rich reference for students, development managers, and others interested in this emerging field.

Handbook of Environmental and Resource Economics

Author : Jeroen C. J. M. Van den Bergh
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This major reference book comprises specially commissioned surveys in environmental and resource economics written by an international team of experts. Authoritative yet accessible, each entry provides a state-of-the-art summary of key areas that will be invaluable to researchers, practitioners and advanced students.

Making Development Sustainable

Author : International Institute for Environment and Development
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Making Development Sustainable is an integrated series of essays on the policies for sustainable development from one of the leading policy research institutes for environmental and development issues.

Ethics for a Small Planet

Author : Daniel C. Maguire
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A radical new look at the religious, economic, and political roots of terracide and how things can change for the better.