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Poetry of Presence

Author : Phyllis Cole-Dai
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A celebrated and diverse group of poets have contributed the beautiful selections that make up Poetry of Presence. This book of mindfulness poems provides a refuge of quiet clarity that is much needed in today's restless, chaotic world. Every reader will find favorites to share and to return to, again and again.

Poetry of Presence

Author : Dean Jackson
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This collection of poems written over the past decade is designed to quietly bring the reader to life in the now. Each person will experience the verses in a unique way, just as they do the present moment. The book includes all the favorites as well as many pieces never before published.


Author : Pamela Heinrich MacPherson
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Vigil: The Poetry of Presence, a collection of sixty-five poems, is written from the perspective of a seasoned hospice volunteer processing her varied experiences while being present and bearing witness to the sacred moments of dying. These unedited, tender and insightful poems, taken from the author's personal journal, are ready to be savored.

A Poetry of Presence

Author : Bernard I. Duffey
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William Carlos Williams was an inventive writer never confined by any static genre or aesthetic postulate. In this authoritative study, Bernard Duffey recognizes that literary dynamism as he approaches the full breadth of Williams's work--including his poetry, prose, fiction, and drama--as an interrelated and interdependent web of writing. The result, the first truly comprehensive examination of a major American author and his kinetic art, will interest students and scholars of Williams, American literature, and modern poetry and criticism. Central to Duffey's study is a critical framework based on Kenneth Burke's A Grammar of Motives and the perception of the poet as an agent working in relation to a "scene" and its content--in this case, the geographical and cultural locale that Williams clung to. Williams's work, Duffey argues, was informed by the dramatic sense of himself as a literary actor seeking embodiment of a dynamic, altering whole and his present condition of being. Ultimately, he stresses, the writer was more engaged in expressing literary action than in forging literary objects. Duffey amplifies this critical view through a close reading of specific works. Examining Williams's principal writings in the lights that seem most immediate to them, he tackles a variety of themes: the pervasiveness of scene in In the American Grain and the fiction; the role of agent or poetic person in Kora in Hell, A Voyage to Pagany, Paterson, and Pictures from Brueghel; the function of poetic agency in the short poems, and of poetic action in Williams's drama.

A Poetry of Presence the Writings of William Carlos Williams

Author : Bernard Duffey
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A Gift of Presence

Author : Jan Heiner Tück
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Jan-Heiner Tück presents a work that explores the sacramental theology, lived spirituality, and Eucharistic poetry of the Church’s doctor communis, St. Thomas Aquinas. Although Aquinas’ Eucharistic poetry has long occupied an important place in the Church’s liturgical prayer and her repertoire of sacred music, the depth of these poems remains hidden until one grasps the rich sacramental theology underlying it. Consequently, Tück first offers a detailed but approachable primer of Aquinas’ theology of the sacraments, before diving deeply into the Angelic Doctor’s theology and poetry of the Eucharist. The Scriptural accounts stand at the heart of the systematic framework developed by Aquinas, and thus significant attention is devoted to showing the harmony between the accounts of Christ’s passion and the detailed exposition of the Summa theologiae. Moreover, the Eucharistic controversies of the ninth and eleventh centuries provide the contrapuntal context in which Aquinas did his thinking, praying, and writing. Not surprisingly, therefore, the response he crafts to these controversies draws upon both speculative powers and contemplative prayer, brought together in the unity of Aquinas’ theology and spirituality. The net result is a twofold treasure for the Church: a careful systematic presentation of Eucharistic theology and the lived devotional expression of the same in the carefully constructed—and now much beloved—stanzas of Pange lingua gloriosi, Lauda Sion, Adoro te devote, etc. By revealing the lively interplay of the saint’s powerful speculative intellect and a heart steeped in love for the Eucharistic Lord, Tück offers a sophisticated exposition of Aquinas’ Eucharistic poetry and the roots it sinks into a wider theological framework. Finally, the contemporary significance and power of Aquinas’ work is drawn out, not only in the rarefied realm of intellectual inquiry but also in the everyday expanse of ordinary life.

Something is Coming Into Being

Author : Aaron Deveson
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Orion Resurgent

Author : Mechthild Cranston
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The Poetics of Non self

Author : Xianhao Liao
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A Grammar of Presence

Author : Steven Winspur
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The Contemporary Poetry of France

Author : Michael Bishop
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Poetics of Presence

Author : Antonio Ochoa
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Studies in the Poetry of Peter Russell

Author : Anthony L. Johnson
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Artefacts of Presence

Author : Anson Gonzalez
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From the poems of the political turbulence of the 1970s, the confessional poems in the persona of a Caribbean Don Juan, to the later poems of spiritual exploration, these are the work of a poet with his finger on the pulse of both the state of the nation and the state of the inner man.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Author :
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Voicing American Poetry

Author : Lesley Wheeler
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This book is a study of voice in poetry, beginning in the 1920s when modernism rose to the surface of poetry and other arts, and when radio expanded suddenly in the United States.

Denise Levertov

Author : Albert Gelpi
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Illuminating reflections on the achievements of poet Denise Levertov

Poets and Poetry of England in the Nineteenth Century

Author :
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Chicorel Index to Poetry in Anthologies and Collections in Print

Author : Marietta Chicorel
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The Poetry of Germany

Author :
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