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Poems from a Green and Blue Planet

Author : Sabrina Mahfouz
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A GUARDIAN CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE YEAR 2019, this stunning collection of new and classic poems from around the world celebrates the diversity of life on our green and blue planet, to be shared with all the family. With new poems from Raymond Antrobus, Mona Arshi, Kate Tempest, Hollie McNish, Dean Atta, Sabrina Mahfouz and more. Dive into this book and be swept away on a journey around our green and blue planet, from the peak of the snowiest mountaintop to the bottom of the deepest, bluest ocean. Meet the birds circling its skies, the beasts prowling its plains, and the people toiling in its fields and forests and cities... Explore all the worlds that make up our world, and hear the voices, past and present, that sing out from it. From haikus to sonnets, from rap to the Romantics, this joyous collection celebrates life in all corners of our beautiful planet.

Green Poems for a Blue Planet

Author : Martin Kiszko
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Tiger Tiger burning bright, Gone from forests of the night. Who will listen to your plight Tiger Tiger out of sight? Witty, whimsical, thought-provoking and meant seriously despite their light-hearted tone, here are 50 poems highlighting the threat humankind poses to the future of the planet.

The Ada Poems

Author : Cynthia Zarin
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A dazzling story of obsessive love emerges in Cynthia Zarin’s luminous new book inspired and inhabited by the title character of Nabokov’s novel Ada, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle, who was the lifelong love of her half brother, Van. These electric poems are set in a Nabokovian landscape of memory in which real places, people, and things—the exploration of the Hudson River, Edwardian London, sunflowers, Chekhov, Harlem, decks of cards, the death of Solzhenitsyn, morpho butterflies—collide with the speaker’s own protean tale of desire and loss. With a string of brilliant contemporary sonnets as its spine, the book is a headlong display of mastery and sorrow: in the opening poem, “Birch,” the poet writes “Abide with me, arrive / at its skinned branches, its arms pulled / from the sapling . . . the birch all elbows, taking us in.” But Zarin does not “Destroy and forget” as Nabokov’s witty, tender Ada would have her do; rather, as she writes in “Fugue: Pilgrim Valley,” “The past’s / clear colors make the future dim, Lethe’s / swale lined with willow twigs.” Like all enduring love poetry, these poems are a gorgeous refusal to forget. A riveting, high-stakes performance by one of our major poets, The Ada Poems extends the reach of American poetry. From the Hardcover edition.

The Earth Is Painted Green

Author : Barbara Brenner
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An illustrated collection of poems from around the world about various aspects of life on Earth.

Dark Dreaming Global Dimming

Author : Joe Paddock
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Joe Paddock writes in apprehension of what he has come to call the call the BIG STORY. Panting along the trail of our private agendas, not so many of us care to hear this story. But its voice is insistent. It sounds now from the deep recesses of our minds. It sounds, too as a sort of echo, from within almost everything we do. The BIG STORY, its plot beginning to move now at a truly rattling pace, is that our way of being here on planet Earth is reaching its limits, has brought us to an edge, to a point beyond which we had better not go. Joe Paddock loves this "dear old green and blue" planet, and his poems are alive with birds, mesmerizing cats, snapping turtles, possums, and wolves. Even the spider's web "shimmers with exchange/and contains within it/the one in the all." The poet's job, as Paddock sees it, is to show us how far we have wandered from the "wisdom of the infinite" and bring us back into harmony with this natural wholeness--- something that this collection does in all its feathered, leafy, and earthy ways.---Joyce Sutphen Reading DARK DREAMING put me in mind of a journal entry Aldo Leopold wrote in 1948: "One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds." Sixty-one years later, Joe Paddock echoes Leopold's pain; but we are many now who no longer suffer alone. A great wakening has begun, and with it enormous despair. The poems in Dark Dreaming admit to the pain and add to it the twin wisdoms of question and dream: As we near the dark yawn/that will swallow us whole, will we wonder if/we've been worthy of this/feast of shadow and light? In these fine poems, Paddock offers us direction, a celebration of belonging, and a sense of possibility both personal and cultural. I am honored to recommend this book. ---John Caddy

Rhumour Has It

Author : Rhumour
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Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Ghosts and Other Poems

Author : Joseph Hansen
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The Secret of the Storm Cloud

Author : Sidney Gibson
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When Euphemia Lovesweet is kidnapped on Halloween night and taken hostage to the castle of Ann Iolate, the evil supreme witch, in the parallel dimension of the Far Land, the magic talents of Azel Goodwill and the courage of Prince Danial are tested to the limit. Tradition confronts technology in this adventure of magic and romance which also resolves the mystery of why it rains clear water from a black cloud.

The Girls who Dream Me

Author : Beth Goobie
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The History of Words Other Poems

Author : Dina Von Zweck
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Poetry. THE HISTORY OF WORDS & Other Poems brings the Reader a physicality that is playful and powerful. Whether the subject is desire... art, and artists cavorting... secular love... urban angst... bare trees with blue lights... mathematical chaos & complexity... or a simple twist-of-fate, there is always active primal energy at work in the images and language. There is always a clash of forces... a connection... and a sudden, mercurial opening that reveals humanity with all its quirky possibilities. Absurdly tantalizing, the poems jump headlong into luck & love, and take you with them into the act of creation itself.... A wondrous and magical encounter with today's ironic alternate realities. Painful & funny.

The Elementary School Library Collection Phases 1 2 3

Author :
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New Selected Poems

Author : Ron Padgett
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This is the definitive selection of work by one of the wittiest, most inventive poets currently writing. Ron Padgett, author of Great Balls of Fire, Triangles in the Afternoon, and other highly acclaimed books, stands alongside his fellow New York School associates John Ashbery, Frank O'Hara, Kenneth Koch, and James Schuyler as a major voice of American modernism. His work runs the gamut from popular humor to intellectual elegance to wild ricochets of the imagination. The heady circumvolutions of his poems are never less than surprising, and are frequently breathtaking in their ability to blend comedy and pathos in a graceful, mercurial lyricism.

Portable Planet

Author : Eric Paul Shaffer
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Poetry. "PORTABLE PLANET is a marvelous book. I've been following Shaffer's work for years and he is on a definitive upward spiral"-Jim Harrison. "Graced by the best from the past, the poet wanders. His poems will take you to places you need to visit"-Steve Sanfield. "Eric Paul Shaffer's poems carry us ever inward and out, where particular stones sprout wings, where solid ground is shaken by the nimble fingers of small gods, and the normal everyday ways of life stay blessedly themselves. These poems are portable, they're the exact same size as the hip pocket of your mind"-John Kain.

The New York Review of Science Fiction

Author :
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Author : Society for the Study of Southern Literature
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The Collected Poems of Roden Noel

Author : Roden Noel
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Poetry Project

Author :
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The Complete Poetical Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson Poet Laureate

Author : Alfred Tennyson Baron Tennyson
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This work covers the complete works of Alfred Lord Tennyson, who served as Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland from 1850 to 1892 and is considered one of the most popular English poets.

Heaven and Earth

Author : Albert Goldbarth
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Focusing with equal energy at the imposing sky and at our own home planet, Albert Goldbarth moves from hosannah-choiring angels to a single peach pit glistening on the tongue of Madame Renoir, from the sweep of the earth's ecocycles to the particles of quantum physics. In these poems surgeons, lovers, astronauts, psychiatrists, and priests embark on the same far journey, traveling into the universe of what it means to be human, exploring "how the world works." Here, the ancient Egyptian afterlife and the atrocities of the 10 o'clock news, the realm of guacamole chip dip and the life of Rembrandt mix toward one cohesive vision.