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Playing It My Way

Author : Sachin Tendulkar
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'I don't think anyone, apart from Don Bradman, is in the same class as Sachin Tendulkar.' -Shane Warne This is cricket icon, Sachin Tendulkar's life story in his own words - his journey from a small boy with dreams to becoming a cricket god. His amazing story has now been turned into a major film, A Billion Dreams, in which he stars. The greatest run-scorer in the history of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar retired in 2013 after an astonishing 24 years at the top. The most celebrated Indian cricketer of all time, he received the Bharat Ratna Award - India's highest civilian honour - on the day of his retirement. Now Sachin Tendulkar tells his own remarkable story - from his first Test cap at the age of 16 to his 100th international century and the emotional final farewell that brought his country to a standstill. When a boisterous Mumbai youngster's excess energies were channelled into cricket, the result was record-breaking schoolboy batting exploits that launched the career of a cricketing phenomenon. Before long Sachin Tendulkar was the cornerstone of India's batting line-up, his every move watched by a cricket-mad nation's devoted followers. Never has a cricketer been burdened with so many expectations; never has a cricketer performed at such a high level for so long and with such style - scoring more runs and making more centuries than any other player, in both Tests and one-day games. And perhaps only one cricketer could have brought together a shocked nation by defiantly scoring a Test century shortly after terrorist attacks rocked Mumbai. His many achievements with India include winning the World Cup and topping the world Test rankings. Yet he has also known his fair share of frustration and failure - from injuries and early World Cup exits to stinging criticism from the press, especially during his unhappy tenure as captain. Despite his celebrity status, Sachin Tendulkar has always remained a very private man, devoted to his family and his country. Now, for the first time, he provides a fascinating insight into his personal life and gives a frank and revealing account of a sporting life like no other.

Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians

Author : Boria Majumdar
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Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians goes deep into every Indian cricket tour since 1886—taking the reader backstage to when India played its first test in 1932, and bringing the story forward to the more contemporary IPL—to provide a complex and nuanced understanding of the evolution and maturity of the game. Equally, it comes with material that has have never entered the public domain so far—going behind the scenes of cases like Monkeygate, the suspension of Lalit Modi, spot-fixing, and the phase of judicial intervention. It carries not just reportage and analysis, but also player reminiscences, personal interviews, photographs and letters never known or discussed so far in Indian sporting discourse. Weaving together such material, Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians unflinchingly confronts questions that demand answering, among them: Has internal bickering impacted the on field performance of the Indian cricket team? Did some of our icons fail the country and the sport by trying to conceal important facts during the spot-fixing investigation? And does it matter to the ordinary fan who heads the BCCI as long as there is transparency and accountability in the system? In the end, in telling the story of the role of cricket in colonial and post-colonial Indian life, and the inter-relationship between those who patronize, promote, play and view the sport. Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians unravels the story of a nation now considered the financial nerve centre of world cricket.

Playing with Sound

Author : Karen Collins
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An examination of the player's experience of sound in video games and the many ways that players interact with the sonic elements in games. In Playing with Sound, Karen Collins examines video game sound from the player's perspective. She explores the many ways that players interact with a game's sonic aspects--which include not only music but also sound effects, ambient sound, dialogue, and interface sounds--both within and outside of the game. She investigates the ways that meaning is found, embodied, created, evoked, hacked, remixed, negotiated, and renegotiated by players in the space of interactive sound in games. Drawing on disciplines that range from film studies and philosophy to psychology and computer science, Collins develops a theory of interactive sound experience that distinguishes between interacting with sound and simply listening without interacting. Her conceptual approach combines practice theory (which focuses on productive and consumptive practices around media) and embodied cognition (which holds that our understanding of the world is shaped by our physical interaction with it). Collins investigates the multimodal experience of sound, image, and touch in games; the role of interactive sound in creating an emotional experience through immersion and identification with the game character; the ways in which sound acts as a mediator for a variety of performative activities; and embodied interactions with sound beyond the game, including machinima, chip-tunes, circuit bending, and other practices that use elements from games in sonic performances.

Music Talks

Author : Helen Epstein
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Gathers interviews with Horowitz, James Galway, Yo-Yo Ma, and Leonard Bernstein, and discusses a top violin teacher, a piano competition, and the role of the conductor

Batman and Ethics

Author : Mark D. White
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Batman has been one of the world’s most beloved superheroes since his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Clad in his dark cowl and cape, he has captured the imagination of millions with his single-minded mission to create a better world for the people of Gotham City by fighting crime, making use of expert detective skills, high-tech crime-fighting gadgets, and an extensive network of sidekicks and partners. But why has this self-made hero enjoyed such enduring popularity? And why are his choices so often the subject of intense debate among his fans and philosophers alike? Batman and Ethics goes behind the mask to shed new light on the complexities and contradictions of the Dark Knight’s moral code. From the logic behind his aversion to killing to the moral status of vigilantism and his use of torture in pursuit of justice (or perhaps revenge), Batman’s ethical precepts are compelling but often inconsistent and controversial. Philosopher and pop culture expert Mark D. White uses the tools of moral philosophy to track Batman’s most striking ethical dilemmas and decisions across his most prominent storylines from the early 1970s through the launch of the New 52, and suggests how understanding the mercurial moral character of the caped crusader might help us reconcile our own. A thought-provoking and entertaining journey through four decades of Batman’s struggles and triumphs in time for the franchise’s 80th anniversary, Batman and Ethics is a perfect gateway into the complex questions of moral philosophy through a focused character study of this most famous of fictional superheroes.

Cinnamon Bizarre

Author : Nishta Kochar
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Cinnamon Bizarre is a fun and quirky collection of nine short stories that will take you on a spectacular journey across genres and timelines. The stories range from whacky, odd humor to stranger, darker things. From the tickling account of a nearly cuckoo screenwriter

Feluda 50

Author : Boria Majumdar
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Feluda - every Bengali wants to be him, emulate his mannerisms, think like him and solve crimes like him. He continues to be loved by one and all even as he turns fifty. Feluda @ 50 seeks to explore why. What makes Feluda tick? What is it that every Indian, at home and in the diaspora, loves about this man? Why is it that every Feluda film continues to run to packed houses for weeks and months on end and is a kind of lifeline to the Bengali film industry? The book seeks to delve deep into why Satyajit Ray created Feluda in the way he did, keeping him cocooned from the contemporary politics of the times and never allowing him to have a love interest. It dissects the importance of Feluda's sidekicks - Topshe and Lalmohan-babu - and is a must read for every Feluda fan across the world.


Author : Terrell Owens
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In this remarkably candid book, the NFL's most colorful and controversial athlete tells his own Philadelphia story. Terrell Owens joined the Philadelphia Eagles for the 2004 season hoping to help the Eagles win the Super Bowl. The Eagles almost did it, losing a close game to the New England Patriots. TO expected to have a long and productive career in Philadelphia. But less than halfway through the 2005 season it all fell apart. TO was suspended, first for a game, then for the season, as the Eagles blamed him for a variety of infractions. Now TO speaks out about what really happened in Philadelphia. He takes readers behind the scenes -- and into the huddle -- to show how he was unfairly blamed for conduct detrimental to his team. After setting an Eagles record for touchdown receptions, TO was badly injured late in the 2004 season. Most observers thought his season was over. But TO put himself through a grueling rehab, which he describes here, to recover in time to join his teammates in the Super Bowl, turning in a remarkable performance. Convinced that the Eagles could win it all in 2005, TO became only the sixth receiver in NFL history with 100 touchdown receptions. He explains in T.O. how and why his relationship with Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb deteriorated. The situation worsened when TO agreed with Michael Irvin that the Eagles would be better off with Brett Favre as their quarterback. A fight in the team locker room, where an injured TO had to defend himself, caused further friction. Before long he was suspended from the team for the entire season. TO contested his suspension and took his case before an arbitrator. In this book TO brings readers into the hearing room and shows how unfair the arbitrator's precedent-setting decision really was. The decision was so wrong that even the NFL agreed to pass a rule specifically reversing it. But T.O. is a story of triumph and dedication. TO never lost his commitment to the game, and whenever he had the chance, he performed like the sensational athlete he is. He knew he would play again, and his faith was rewarded when he signed a three-year, $25 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys prior to the 2006 season. Throughout his ordeal, TO remained true to himself, the same outsized personality who has rocked the NFL and become a football superstar.

Blues Boy The Life and Music of B B King

Author : Sebastian Danchin
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The Sinister Strangers File

Author : Clarence Budington Kelland
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Last year, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, we reprinted this classic mystery, set in Yosemite National Park and written to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the NPS! “Clarence Budington Kelland is master of the slick, swift, entertaining yarn.” —The New York Times “First Kelland book I ever read. Got me hooked.” —Goodreads review The Sinister Strangers File starts in midcentury Yosemite National Park when probationary ranger Linc Sawtell becomes suspicious of Joan Vanderlee, maid/secretary to Letitia Potwin, an outrageous Boston Blueblood on a hunt for a real-life treasure lost in the region centuries before. Joan seems unusually independent and outspoken for a servant in her position. Linc’s suspicions deepen with the arrival of a highly cultured businessman from China who seems to know Letitia Potwin very well. And they continue to deepen with the arrival of several other larger-than-life visitors. There is Zaharados, a visitor from the Levantine, whose retainer makes a point of demonstrating his expertise with a blade by embedding it in a wall uncomfortably close to Linc. There is Johannes van der Poot, a Dutch millionaire with an international reputation (not all good); his gorgeous daughter Katrina, with a taste for the dangerous life and a passion for Park Rangers—particularly Linc. Then the equally gorgeous television wrestler “Nature Boy” Nussler, with his long golden locks and breathtaking physique, seemingly intent on sweeping Joan Vanderlee off her feet. Adding to the mix is Haroun, Sheik el Samari, a young Arab prince fresh out of Oxford, who acts and talks just like the cliché Britisher, assisted by his rather large entourage. Capping everything off is Whitey, a Chicago gunman, and his cohorts—who rent a cabin just outside the park, where they seem to do nothing but play cards and wait. Every time Linc sees Joan with Nature Boy Nussler his blood boils. And every time Joan sees Linc with Katrina she becomes more tense and snippy. Clearly everyone is there for a reason—the same reason—but is it the treasure hunt, or something more sinister? Then Linc learns of an assassination plot, and the billions of dollars in oil motivating it, which if successful would create an international incident devastating to the United States—and perhaps the world! Another slightly off-kilter Kelland mystery, filled with unforgettable characters and pungently clever dialogue—an adroit mixture of the deadly dangerous and the dangerously funny. The Sinister Strangers is one of the Federal Agent Mysteries. Kelland was asked to write a series giving people a behind-the-scenes look at what different types of federal law enforcement agents—the FBI, Postal Service, Park rangers, Secret Service, etc.—did to earn their keep. During the writing, he was allowed unprecedented access to offices, procedures, agents and files—and so the stories in this series are not only fascinating and compelling, but richly detailed, filled with “fine documentary stuff” (The Criminal Record). “Action steady, suspense above average.” —Saturday Review

My New Friend Grief

Author : Anna Hodges Oginsky
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I force my mouth to form a smile, but it is hard to look people in the eyes. I hear my dads voice whispering, Eye contact, Anna. But making eye contact means seeing and being seen. I try to avoid it. My head is nodding while my heart screams in disagreement with what is being said, NO HE IS NOT IN A BETTER PLACE. THIS IS WHERE HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE. THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE THAN RIGHT HERE. WITH US. With extraordinary honesty, Anna Hodges Oginsky shares how she experienced grief after the sudden death of her father. My New Friend, Grief: Reflections on Loss and Life tells the story of how Oginskys previous life experience shaped her understanding of death and loss. As she sifted through the broken pieces of her heart, she discovered that befriending grief would allow her to move through life in richer, more meaningful ways. My New Friend Grief brings to light the feelings and fears many of us face in grief, but hesitate to explore. As Oginsky reveals her personal insights into loss and life, we find a friend who affirms for us that, as we too grieve, we are not alone.

General Knowledge for AFCAT Exam

Author : Disha Experts
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DSSSB TGT Computer Science 2020 10 Mock Test Sectional Test For Complete Preparation

Author : EduGorilla
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Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB) is a board that conducts recruitment exams for various posts under the departments of Government of national Capital Territory of Delhi. Which takes care of the needs of employees in the NCT Delhi. DSSSB TGT (trained graduate teacher) is a state level exam conducted by the Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB) annually. DSSSB will recruit candidates for posts of TGT Computer Science over many vacancies. Teaching profession is a highly respected profession, if you are seeking a good opportunity to become a government TGT teacher then grab this opportunity by cracking this highly aspired examination.

Coda Magazine

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A Better Kind of Hate

Author : Beau Johnson
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The world has never been perfect. The world has never been all bad. But there has always been evil and men who drink of it. This ends now. Enter Bishop Rider and people like him who have had enough and are willing to embrace what most will not. The world will never be perfect. The world will never be all bad. It’s the middle we must embrace. This, a better kind of hate. Praise for A BETTER KIND OF HATE: “Hard hitting stories of lives on the razor’s edge.” —Paul D. Brazill, author of Too Many Crooks, A Case of Noir, Guns of Brixton, The Last Laughand Kill Me Quick! “Beau Johnson is a lawless writer. Several—but not all—of the stories in his collection, A Better Kind of Hate, feature his renegade cop alter ego Bishop Rider, a battered and bruised, world-weary hero forced to operate outside a corrupt system to find justice. And that’s just what these stories have in common: justice, in all its muted, corrupt glory. Whether showcasing Rider or another flawed hero, Johnson operates in shades of gray, where sometimes all it takes is for a bad man to kill a worse one. A stark and sobering reality, and a stellar debut.” —Joe Clifford, author of the Jay Porter Thriller Series “Beau’s ability to strike at the heart of human emotion is both unnerving, uncanny, and unique. It allows him to wring tears from the darkest recesses of the human experience. A dark chameleon who slides from twisted villain to damaged innocent like a well-tuned master of fiction. A how-to on the craft of short fiction.” —Tom Pitts, author of Hustle and American Static “A Better Kind of Hate will haunt you like a specter. An uneasy collection, Beau Johnson crafts each story with masterful precision and an icy cold edge. Each page, each word, escalates the tension, ratchets the foreboding . Dripping with psychological terror, nerve racking suspense and characters unhinged, A Better Kind of Hate is an offering of patience, plans, and revenge. Johnson’s talent is spectacular and terrifying.” —Marietta Miles, author of Route 12 “Beau Johnson writes from that place inside us all that is nothing but brutal honesty and grit. And while most people avoid this place, Beau milks it for every word he can.” —Ryan Sayles, author of the Richard Dean Buckner series

The Clarinet

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The Italian Girl

Author : Lucinda Riley
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Set against a memorable backdrop of Lucinda Riley's trademark evocative locations, The Italian Girl unfolds into a poignant and unforgettable tale of love, betrayal and self-discovery. Nothing sings as sweetly as love, or burns quite like betrayal. Rosanna Menici is just a girl when she meets Roberto Rossini, the man who will change her life. In the years to come, their destinies are bound together by their extraordinary talents as opera singers and by their enduring but obsessive love for each other – a love that will ultimately affect the lives of all those closest to them. For, as Rosanna slowly discovers, their union is haunted by irreversible events from the past . . . Rosanna's journey takes her from humble beginnings in the back streets of Naples to the glittering stages of the world's most prestigious opera houses. *First published as Aria under the name Lucinda Edmonds, now extensively rewritten*

The Wicker Tree

Author : Robin Hardy
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A black comedy of religious sexuality and pagan murder, which inhabits the same territory as The Wicker Man. If I am a Rabbi, Jehova is my God. If I am a Mullah, Allah the merciful is He. If a Christian, Jesus is my Lord. Millions of people worldwide worship the sun. Here in Tressock I believe the old religion of the Celts fits our needs at this time. Isn't that all you can ask of a religion? Gospel singer Beth and her cowboy boyfriend Steve, two virgins promised to each other through 'the Silver Ring Thing', set off from Texas to enlighten the Scottish heathens in the ways of Christ. When, after initial hostility, they are welcomed with joy and elation to the village of Tressock, they assume their hosts simply want to hear more about Jesus. How innocent and wrong they are. REVIEWS: 'Erotic, romantic, comic and horrific enough to loosen the bowels of a bronze statue.' --Christopher Lee 'Robin Hardy looks set to snare a new generation of followers with the long overdue follow-up... another tale of faith, sex and sacrifice.' --Sunday Herald'... the writing style is typical of the genre and Hardy has upped the stakes. After a slow set-up, the plot romps along, with unexpected twists and turns, to its inevitable and frustratingly avoidable conclusion. Those who identify with the youthful protagonists will find it thrilling and horrible, a story to disturb sleep.' --Scottish Review of Books 'Let's face it, there are strange communities in the world.' Purity rings in hand, a young evangelical Christian singer and her devoted fiancé leave the comfort of their Texas home to journey into heathen parts of the earth, hoping to spread the word of God across the land. Their mission takes them to a bizarre Scottish town whose people and practices turn their world inside out. To call it a culture clash would be too gentle. To reveal anything further would be a blight against the heavens. 38 years after directing THE WICKER MAN (and following a 22-year filmmaking sabbatical), celebrated iconoclast Robin Hardy has reunited with producer Peter Snell and returned to the Pagan pantheon with this hugely eccentric successor film, THE WICKER TREE. The distinction is an important one to make, as this is neither sequel nor re-imagining, but rather a film narrative cut from the same universe (or as its maker refers to it, 'a spiritual sequel'). Hardy is a one-of-a-kind filmmaker, and THE WICKER TREE is brimming with the stamp of his personality. It has ample Scottish colour, reaching out through tons of catchy folk songs interspersed throughout the film. Clever plays on religious iconography and an acute understanding of Pagan ritualism. Ethereal locations. A charged sense of the sexual. A dreamlike sense of the magical. Costumes, dances and animal masks. An off-centre look at the absurdities of faith (in this case, neither Christian nor Pagan get off easy), THE WICKER TREE could be called a black theological satire, a strange breed of irony-fuelled comedy-musical-horror-thriller-drama. Call it however you like, it will bring a smile to your lips and, perhaps, a torch to your belief system. Based on Hardy's novel [...] and featuring appearances by Christopher Lee, members of the Beltane Fire Society and a compellingly show-stopping Graham McTavish, this is a film that's been brewing for many years, one that has proved exceedingly difficult to mount. Now, finally, it is here. Prepare to ride the laddie and join us in celebrating the second coming of one of cinema s great seers. May Day is upon us. THE WICKER TREE is about to burn' --Mitch Davis, Director of Fantasia Film Festival, on the motion picture The Wicker Tree

Jazz Times

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