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Play Therapy in Action

Author : Terry Kottman
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"Play Therapy in Action is a wonderful resource for the person new to play therapy or for a person wishing to review. It contains a wealth of information in presenting succinct perspectives on various theories of play therapy. These theories then transfer from the abstract into the functional realm of practice so that the reader can move from the cognitive understanding to the experimental. Practitioners will recognize some of their own experiences in the cases presented and be exposed to nee possibilities for treatment. It is rare to find a single volume where such an abundance of information is presented so concisely." –Carol C. Norton and Byron E. NortonA Jason Aronson Book

Play from Birth to Twelve

Author : Doris Pronin Fromberg
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In light of recent standards-based and testing movements, the issue of play in childhood has taken on increased meaning for educational professionals and social scientists. This second edition of Play From Birth to Twelve offers comprehensive coverage of what we now know about play, its guiding principles, its dynamics and importance in early learning. These up-to-date essays, written by some of the most distinguished experts in the field, help students explore: all aspects of play, including new approaches not yet covered in the literature how teachers in various classroom situations set up and guide play to facilitate learning how play is affected by societal violence, media reportage, technological innovations and other contemporary issues which areas of play have been studied adequately and which require further research.

Play Therapy

Author : O'Dessie Oliver James
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Children suffer. They all face daily challenges to their emotional maturity and self-esteem. Many are exposed to crime and danger, and either feel fear or immunize themselves by splitting off from their feelings. Others have to cope with family discord, fragmentation, or mobility, or with issues related to illness or inadequate parenting. Play Therapy offers children an opportunity to find a haven from their woes while discovering ways to understand their lives and survive the pressures they experience. In this outstanding compendium, enriched by the author's perspective of years of dedicated work in the field, Dr. Dessie Oliver James reviews the literature on theoretical, technical, and practical considerations in the play therapy arena. Her book will advance the learning curve of the professional at every level of development.

Play from Birth to Twelve and Beyond

Author : Doris Pronin Fromberg
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This Encyclopedia presents 62 essays by 78 distinguished experts who draw on their expertise in pedagogy, anthropology, ethology, history, philosophy, and psychology to examine play and its variety, complexity, and usefulness. Here you'll find out why play is vital in developing mathematical thinking and promoting social skills, how properly constructed play enhances classroom instruction, which games foster which skills, how playing stimulates creativity, and much more.

Blending Play Therapy with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Author : Athena A. Drewes
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In today's managed-care environment, therapeutic techniques must be proven to be effective to be reimbursable. This comprehensive volume is written by leaders in the field and collects classic and emerging evidence-based and cognitive behavioral therapy treatments therapists can use when working with children and adolescents. Step-by-step instruction is provided for implementing the treatment protocol covered. In addition, a special section is included on therapist self-care, including empirically supported studies. For child and play therapists, as well school psychologists and school social workers.

Play Therapy and Expressive Arts in a Complex and Dynamic World

Author : Isabella Cassina
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This book offers cutting-edge expertise and knowledge in new and developing play therapy, therapeutic play, and expressive arts for families and children in crisis and challenging situations. The book focuses on the use of play therapies in complex and dynamic situations such as pandemics, post-disaster conditions, crisis, migration, poverty, and deprivation. Evidence in the book is rooted in theory and contains examples of direct clinical experiences of play therapy approaches by the authors from across six continents, offering innovative methods to apply expressive arts modalities across different situations. It highlights the need to understand the context and needs of the children and families in their particular situations and provides examples of application of therapeutic principles and techniques in individual and group settings and within schools and communities. With reflections and guidance on how to support children in reaching their potential in a variety of difficult contexts, the book will be key reading for scholars and researchers in the fields of play therapy, expressive arts therapies, and creative psychotherapy, as well as professionals in these areas.

Play Therapy

Author : Pamela Meersand
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Play Therapy: A Psychodynamic Primer for the Treatment of Young Children provides a contemporary, comprehensive exploration of the theory and technique of psychoanalytically oriented play therapy, addressing both the dearth of writings on these topics and the frequent lack of in-depth education on the basic principles and practice of psychodynamic play therapy offered by contemporary training programs for child clinicians. Divided into two distinct parts, this guide covers major theoretical issues -- including the role of play in human development, the application of basic psychodynamic concepts to work with young children, and the impact of contemporary techno-culture on play -- and offers pragmatic guidance on conducting play treatment and handling the complexities of treating young patients (e.g., initiating treatment, working with parents, managing aggression in the playroom). Among the book's standout features are: An abundance of clinical vignettes that illustrate childhood behaviors, common dilemmas, and potential therapist responses A summary of key concepts at the end of each chapter that underscores major takeaways and can be easily referenced by busy clinicians A glossary of key terms for each chapter for added comprehensibility Offering a skillful balance of broad but coherent foundational information as well as practical application, Play Therapy: A Psychodynamic Primer for the Treatment of Young Children functions both as an introduction for young therapists and as a guide for more experienced child clinicians who wish to expand their knowledge of play and its therapeutic potential.

Contemporary Play Therapy

Author : Charles E. Schaefer
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This highly practical book presents current developments in play therapy, including innovative applications for particular problems and populations. Contributors first discuss the latest ideas and techniques emerging from object relations, experiential, dynamic, and narrative perspectives. Next, research evaluating the effectiveness of play interventions is reviewed in detail. The book's third and largest section demonstrates creative approaches for helping children deal with a variety of adverse circumstances: homelessness, family problems, sexual abuse, social aggression, natural disasters, and more. Throughout, rich case illustrations enhance the book's utility for clinicians.

A Handbook of Play Therapy with Aggressive Children

Author : David A. Crenshaw
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This book is the most comprehensive and detailed compilation of specific and practical techniques available for child and play therapists to draw on in the treatment of aggressive children. Written by two authors with a combined experience of over 50 years in the residential treatment of severely aggressive and often traumatized children, the book will be invaluable to new as well as seasoned child practitioners because of the broad range of the interventions and the clear rationale that guides their use.

Play Therapy Dimensions Model

Author : Ken Gardner
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With a wealth of practical and effective tools, this book provides a unique model that is fully illustrated by instructional online downloadable content. The model allows therapists to tailor their approach to the specific needs of the child. Practitioners are encouraged to be engaged and flexible during sessions, adapting their levels of directiveness and consciousness according to the child's responses. Through detailed written and visual case studies, the authors clearly explain the model, how to use it and the positive therapeutic effects it can have on the child. The book also provides additional support to play therapy practitioners and play therapy supervisors with the inclusion of useful forms that aid therapy planning, conceptualization and evaluation. This extensive and accessible handbook is an incomparable resource for beginning and seasoned play therapists, play therapy supervisors and instructors. It will also be of interest to child and educational psychologists and health professionals.