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Plants vs Zombies Official Guide to Protecting Your Brains

Author : Simon Swatman
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Plants vs. Zombies: The Official Guide to Protecting Your Brains is a must for kids who love the video game Plants vs. Zombies. There are more than twenty-five types of zombies in the fantastical world of Plants vs. Zombies, and each has a special talent—from pole-vaulting to digging to teaming up with a zombie dolphin. Fortunately, a gamer armed with The Official Guide to Protecting Your Brains has all the tricks, knowledge, and strategy needed to plant a garden—perhaps with a few Fume-shrooms, Cherry Bombs, and Potato Mines—that will defeat each member of the fun-loving, brain-eating mob. The zombies won't have a chance!


Author : Erin Peabody
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Are undead, brain-hungry zombies real, or just a myth? You decide with this new book in the nonfiction series, Behind the Legend! Behind the Legend looks at creatures and monsters throughout history and analyzes them through a scientific, myth-busting lens, debating whether or not the sightings and evidence provided are adequate proof of their existence. In Zombies, readers learn about all the stories and "proof" of them, from accounts in history and literature of people being made into zombies, including from reports Mesopotamia, Haiti, and America, as well as our own modern understanding of zombies' qualities. It also discusses additional history about the monsters, such as how zombies became major figures in popular culture, more recent understandings, and theories on how people turn into zombies. Complete with engaging anecdotes, interesting sidebars, and fantastic illustrations, kids won't want to put this book down!

Plants vs Zombies Game guide

Author : Pham Hoang Minh
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The game practically walks you through the game, throwing in more units to build as the Adventure mode progresses. This type of hand holding is obnoxious in most other videogames, but done well enough that an online guide is superfluous. Only the most vexxing problems are covered in this file. You ebgin by placing a Sunflower or Sun-shroom. These units generate the resource the game refers to as Sun (in this file, SUn Points). Using Sun points, you may build other units capable of attack. The other resource would be money. This is used to purchase permanent upgrades, such as more unit slots, enhanced units, and extra game modes. Money is secondary, although you will earn some simply from playing mini-games, etc. Plant a row of pots near the bottom headed up by a bulb of Garlic. Plant all Sunflowers behind the Garlic and then you have more columns available for more firepower. If you can get to a flat part of the roof, don’t be afraid to use Threepeaters and Torchwood to add to your cabbage-launching offense. Jalapenos are your friends on rooftops. Let's take a look at this guide to become the best player in Plants vs Zombies!

Game Play

Author : Jessica Stone
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The essential guide to game play therapy for mental health practitioners The revised and updated third edition of Game Play Therapy offers psychologists and psychiatrists a guide to game play therapy’s theoretical foundations and contains the practical applications that are appropriate for children and adolescents. Game playing has proven to invoke more goal-directed behavior, has the benefit of interpersonal interaction, and can perform a significant role in the adaptation to one's environment. With contributions from noted experts in the field, the third edition contains information on the time-tested, classic games and the most recent innovations and advances in game play approaches. Game Play Therapy’s revised third edition (like the previous editions) continues to fill a gap in the literature by offering mental health practitioners the information needed to understand why and how to use this intervention effectively. The contributors offer advice for choosing the most useful games from the more than 700 now available and describe the fundamentals of administering the games. This important updated book: Contains material on the recent advances in the field including information on electronic games and disorder-specific games Includes illustrative case studies that explore the process of game therapy Reviews the basics of the underlying principles and applications of game therapy Offers a wide-range of games with empirical evidence of the effectiveness of game therapy Written for psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health clinicians, the revised third edition of Game Play Therapy offers a guide that shows how to apply game therapy techniques to promote socialization, encourage the development of identity and self-esteem, and help individuals master anxiety.

The Video Source Book

Author : David J. WEINER
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Business Periodicals Index

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