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Placental Proteins

Author : A. Klopper
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In July 1978 a group met in Aberdeen to discuss the whole range of new proteins recently isolated from the human placenta. With the exception of Yuri Tatarinov all the main pioneers in the field were present, and this book arose from the discussions which took place. Each author was asked to bring a written man uscript corresponding to but not necessarily identical with their verbal presentation. Nobody was given a specified remit, for the reason that the subject is so new that it would be impossible to design the meeting or the book in advance. Each speaker was left free to put on display whatever he thought was interesting or important about the newly isolated proteins. Inevitably this has led to much overlap, since everybody tends to follow the same path at first. Nevertheless, we shall probably never achieve so much agreement again. Only Vernon Stevens was set a fixed title out side the immediate field of new placental proteins. This arose from the very exciting possibility that the new proteins could be used to induce an autoimmune state to products of conception and thus serve as the basis for a new method of contraception. There are few findings at present which bear specifically on this proposal, but the experience of Vernon Stevens with hCG could serve as a model of the problems that might be encountered with SP and PAPP-A.

Placental And Endometrial Proteins Basic And Clinical Aspects

Author : Yutaka Tomoda
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In recent years there has been an enormous growth of interest in the proteins produced by the trophoblast and, most recently, the endometrium, since the knowledge of placental and endometrial proteins is essential for the understanding of the physiology of reproduction. This volume contains reports by 25 internationally renowned experts in this field presented at the 6th International Congress of Placental and Endometrial Proteins which was held in Nagoya, Japan, 1--3 December 1987. Additionally, these proceedings give a unique overview of research done in Japan by publishing over 70 papers by Japanese researchers.

The Placental Transmission of Foreign Protein in Rabbits

Author : Frances Elizabeth Holford
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Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics

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Proteins of the Placenta

Author : Paul Bischof
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HIV Perinatal Infections and Therapy

Author : Richard Kermit Miller
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Papers on the role of the placenta in HIV and other perinatal infections.

Placental Proteins

Author : Paul Bischof
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Placental Protein Hormones

Author : Matsuto Mochizuki
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Peroxidases Advances in Research and Application 2013 Edition

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The Immunological Reactions of the Proteins of the Human Placenta with Special Reference to the Production of a Therapeutic Serum for Malignant Chorion epithelioma

Author : Gleason Chandler Lake
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