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Pirates of the 21st Century

Author : Nigel Cawthorne
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"How modern-day buccaneers are terrorising the world's oceans"--Cover.

Pirates of the 21st Century How Modern Day Buccaneers are Terrorising the World s Oceans

Author : Nigel Cawthorne
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Over the past few years, piracy has once again the scourge of the high seas. Throughout 2008, close to 90 ships were seized in the Gulf of Aden alone and, in many cases, the pirates were paid million-dollar ransoms to release them. What is the reason for this modern-day phenomenon and just who are the men behind it?What started as a patrol to combat commercial plundering of Somali fish stocks has now grown into a highly organised and lucrative business. In a war-torn country, the pirates have brought hope and entire villages depend on the wealth that they bring in - they have even been likened to Robin Hood. But these modern-day buccaneers should not be romanticised - their attacks are becoming more violent and they are increasingly in possession of automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades.In this fascinating book, Nigel Cawthorne examines how a phenomenon thought to be consigned to history is once again a worldwide problem: piracy is rife in the South China Sea and has returned to the Caribbean and South America. The author also looks at attacks that have taken place in the Malacca Straits and the fate of the couple making a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world by yacht. Plus, he questions how the international community and its peace-keeping forces can try to bring stability and security back to the oceans of the world.

21st Century Pirate

Author : Sean O'Reilly
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Like the legends of the Pirates who roamed the Seven Seas, 21st Century Pirate is loaded with treachery and greed and disasters at sea. Step aboard for a wild ride from Key West and South Florida to Jamaica and the islands of the Caribbean. Sail the Atlantic from South America to the posh suburbs of New York's Long Island and across the ocean to Europe with the Buccaneers who run the blockade against the Herb. The conspiracy against Marijuana, the real reason it's illegal and the hypocrisy of the Phony Drug Wars are all exposed in this modern day Pirate's tale.

Pirates of the 21st Century

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Governmental Affairs. Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia
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Trade Enforcement for a 21st century Economy

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance
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Weaving a Community Fabric for the 21st Century

Author :
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The Shang Pirate Legacy

Author : Jerry Ardolino
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A NEW RELEASE!From the Author whose First Book---a Non-Fiction---was Shown and Quoted in the Editorial Section of PLAYBOY, comes the Historical-based, Action/Thriller Fiction THE SHANG PIRATE LEGACY The FIRST Novel ever written about the real Chinese Pirate ship Ning Po and her Triad Pirate crew whose descendents are 21st Century, Asian Triad Gangsters. If you love Pirates; High-Tech Suspense; Realistic Action and a Complex,Thrilling Plot along with subplots, twists and turns---you´ll love THE SHANG PIRATE LEGACY! THE SHANG PIRATE LEGACY is in the permanent library collections of The Catalina Island Museum; The Los Angeles Maritime Museum; Newport Harbor Nautical Museum and in the J. Porter Shaw Library collection at The San Francisco Maritime National Park. FROM THE CRITICS: "Jerry Ardolino...articulate...intense...His new novel, The Shang Pirate Legacy is a crime thriller that ranges from Oriental antiquity to the 21st century." ----LAS VEGAS WEEKLY "THE SHANG PIRATE LEGACY...Jerry Ardolino knows violence first hand and writes it well. You´ll find this an exciting read." ----Jerry Ahern----GUN WORLD MAGAZINE BOOK SUMMARY: Steven Shang---Chinese-American software company CEO has inherited the leadership sword of the 333 year-old Yellow Dragon Ning Po Triad based in Hong Kong; hard-edged 21st Century gangsters whose secret brotherhood is descended from the pirates of the Historical 18th Century Chinese Junk Ning Po. Steven doesn't want to be the boss and is forced to defend people he loves and his gentle way of living. With help from the Russian Mafiya; U.S. Army and Navy Intelligence; high-ranking members from the triad itself; and a deep courage he has to reach for from within; he goes full force against the triad's "Red Pole" Enforcer: Tommy Teng! PREFACE This is a fact-based work of fiction. It is based on many actual facts and truths that exist in the multi-ethnic world of organized crime both now as well as hundreds of years ago. It specifically addresses the Chinese part of that world: the Triads. It covers not only 20th and 21st century triad activities but, also covers their crimes during the 18th and 19th centuries; when triads were pirates. And it is the first book ever written about the Chinese Junk pirate ship: Ning Po. The story also touches upon another criminal group based near mainland China but, whose roots are now entrenched in almost every country: The Russian Mafiya. Facts in this story are taken from personal firsthand knowledge that I've acquired over a thirty year span. What they relate to and what methods were used for my research are gone into in my "Author's Note" herein. During my law enforcement days as a Chicago Police Officer in the 1970s, I frequented Chicago's Chinatown: the mysterious shops, sinister nightclubs and illegal gambling dens run by the triad gangs there. Even though I was an "outsider"; people there could sense that I was a "real player." And those who knew or could sense that I was a cop; weren't bothered by it. They sensed that I was a wild cop that liked the "hard, sharp edge": different from all of the others they had encountered. And because of that, I, an outsider, was welcomed and made privy to facts by insiders in the Chinese underworld that nobody else but the insiders knew; "the real ways." The Chinese Junk Ning Po referred to in the story was a real ship a real Pirate Ship. The island of Cheung Chau, the location of the headquarters of the fictional Yellow Dragon Ning Po Triad in this story, is, in reality; an island with a pirate and smuggling history dating back 2500 years. And that "industry" became very active in the 16th century. Some details in this story regarding the Nin

Electronic Commerce The marketplace of the 21st century the global electronic marketplace

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Commerce
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Armed Conflict in the 21st Century

Author : Steven Metz
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Copyright Law Copyright in the 21st century

Author : Benedict A. C. Atkinson
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This volume reproduces articles written by an extensive group of leading thinkers about the growth of copyright regulation and the related economic growth of the entertainment, broadcasting, software and communications industries. The articles focus principally on the digital age and discuss copyright origins, the development of the law, the theory of enclosure, international trends, recent developments, and current and future direction, including the dangers in the expansion of intellectual property rights.

Mexico in the 21st Century

Author :
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A collection of multidisciplinary essays by Mexico's foremost scholars on Mexico into the 21st century.

Pirates of the Digital Millennium

Author : John Gantz
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Digital piracy. It's a global war -- and it's just begun. "Pirates of the Digital Millennium" chronicles that war. All of it: media conglomerates vs. teenagers, tech companies vs. content providers, artists battling artists, nations vs. nations, law enforcement vs. organized crime. John Gantz and Jack Rochester cover every side and all the implications. Economics. Law. Ethics. Culture. The players. And above all, the realities -- including the exclusive new findings of a 57-country digital piracy research project. The media universe is shaking to its very foundations. This book helps you make sense of what's happening -- and what's next.

Foreign Policy Challenges in the 21st Century

Author : Michael Heazle
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This book explores the emerging challenges to foreign policymaking in liberal democracies and the adequacy of the 'marketplace of ideas' in responding to these challenges. Looking at foreign policy challenges as diverse as democratization, globalization and climate change, from the role of values in environmental debate to the Iraq invasion and the war on drugs, the contributors critically examine how key global issues are framed in public debate across three of the world's most mature liberal democracies: the US, the UK, and Australia. The book contributes to a better understanding of the limits of the 'marketplace of ideas' in helping to produce wise and accountable policy, and how those limits may soon be overcome.Examining how key global issues are framed in foreign policy debate across a range of liberal democratic societies, this book will strongly appeal to academics and students with an interest in international relations, policymaking and politics, as well as to governmental and think tank policymakers and advisors.

The 21st Century Webster s Pocket Encyclopedia

Author :
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Global Organized Crime

Author : Mitchel P. Roth
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ABC-CLIO's celebrated Contemporary World Issues series---available in both print and eBook formats---provides accurate, unbiased reference handbooks on the major topics of the day. For details about all the titles in the Contemporary World Issues series, and information on how to buy them, visit

Into the Mainstream

Author : Jorge M. Febles
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An outgrowth of the author's involvement with the annual conference of the American Culture Association and the Popular Culture Association. It features a collection of essays that does not question barriers, nor does it expound on the need to assign a discursive intellectual space to matters pertaining to popular culture.

The Complete 21st Century Travel Hospitality Marketing Handbook

Author : Bob Dickinson
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Todd Swift is one of the most exciting and eclectic young writers to emerge in Canada. Over the last years he has continuously explored new genres and themes, writing in a variety of styles, including work for television, film, radio, theatre, CD, spoken word and the printed page. He has also become recognized as one of North Americaís leading poetry activists and is involved internationally in the promotion of performance poets, through his various cabaret events and other related projects. As performer, writer, impresario and editor, (of the significant anthologies Map-Makersí Colours: New Poets of Northern Ireland and Poetry Nation: The North American Anthology of Fusion Poets), he has defined a new kind of cosmopolitan panache for the idea of the poet as key figure at the start of the new millennium. Critical Comment ìSwiftís poems move between the familiar and exotic, from the meditative through the speculative. His poetic language too is on the move, from the crisp tentativeness of Elizabeth Bishop to the outer suburbs of Wallace Stevens and even, here and there, Ginsberg. The intimate is always threatened: reality is challenged by its myths. These poems show a young man exploring the world before him with intelligence, grace, even a certain bravado. They make a very auspicious first collection.î ó George Szirtes (British poet, author of Selected Poems, Oxford University Press, 1996) ìSwift writes like something still matters, but he doesnít know what. Dark and dangerous, Swift offers us a requiem for the century. Budavox is ... one of the five best and darkest works of 1999.î ó Hal Niedzviecki, Geist ìThereís as much energy in Budavox: Poems (1990-1999).... Swift...writes with assurance, verve and distinctiveness that many older poets would envy .... His examinations of violence are particularly compelling.î ó Diana Fitzgerald Bryden, National Post ìSwift is a voice for our time.î óDerek Mahon (Ireland) ìLuminous, unexpected, lovely and unsettling.î ó Nicole Blackman (USA) ìSwiftís eerie verse transforms suspicion to the lyrical. Kevin Spacey shakes hands with Catullus, savage and gentlemanly.î ó Regie Cabico (USA)

Asia Pacific Security

Author : Jawhar Hassan
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21st Century Criminology A Reference Handbook

Author : J. Mitchell Miller
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Criminology has experienced tremendous growth over the last few decades, evident, in part, by the widespread popularity and increased enrollment in criminology and criminal justice departments at the undergraduate and graduate levels across the U.S. and internationally. Evolutionary paradigmatic shift has accompanied this surge in definitional, disciplinary and pragmatic terms. Though long identified as a leading sociological specialty area, criminology has emerged as a stand-alone discipline in its own right, one that continues to grow and is clearly here to stay. Criminology, today, remains inherently theoretical but is also far more applied in focus and thus more connected to the academic and practitioner concerns of criminal justice and related professional service fields. Contemporary criminology is also increasingly interdisciplinary and thus features a broad variety of ideological orientations to and perspectives on the causes, effects and responses to crime. 21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook provides straightforward and definitive overviews of 100 key topics comprising traditional criminology and its modern outgrowths. The individual chapters have been designed to serve as a "first-look" reference source for most criminological inquires. Both connected to the sociological origins of criminology (i.e., theory and research methods) and the justice systems' response to crime and related social problems, as well as coverage of major crime types, this two-volume set offers a comprehensive overview of the current state of criminology. From student term papers and masters theses to researchers commencing literature reviews, 21st Century Criminology is a ready source from which to quickly access authoritative knowledge on a range of key issues and topics central to contemporary criminology. This two-volume set in the SAGE 21st Century Reference Series is intended to provide undergraduate majors with an authoritative reference source that will serve their research needs with more detailed information than encyclopedia entries but not so much jargon, detail, or density as a journal article or research handbook chapter. 100 entries or "mini-chapters" highlight the most important topics, issues, questions, and debates any student obtaining a degree in this field ought to have mastered for effectiveness in the 21st century. Curricular-driven, chapters provide students with initial footholds on topics of interest in researching term papers, in preparing for GREs, in consulting to determine directions to take in pursuing a senior thesis, graduate degree, career, etc. Comprehensive in coverage, major sections include The Discipline of Criminology, Correlates of Crime, Theories of Crime & Justice, Measurement & Research, Types of Crime, and Crime & the Justice System. The contributor group is comprised of well-known figures and emerging young scholars who provide authoritative overviews coupled with insightful discussion that will quickly familiarize researchers, students, and general readers alike with fundamental and detailed information for each topic. Uniform chapter structure makes it easy for students to locate key information, with most chapters following a format of Introduction, Theory, Methods, Applications, Comparison, Future Directions, Summary, Bibliography & Suggestions for Further Reading, and Cross References. Availability in print and electronic formats provides students with convenient, easy access wherever they may be.

100 Best Trends 2005

Author : George Ochoa
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The 100 Best Trends, 2005 provides readers with the first look on the most important trends currently shaping the future. Today's business success depends on understanding everything affecting one's operating environment and customer base. The 100 Best Trends, 2005 covers arts and entertainment, business and industry, demographics, health and medicine, politics, and more.