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The Fearsome Pirate Frank

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Pirate Gear

Author : Liam O'Donnell
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"Presents the tools and equipment pirates used for daily life at sea, as well as the weapons used for their deadly raids on merchant ships"--Provided by publisher.

Imagine You re a Pirate

Author : Meg Clibbon
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A humorous picture book that goes over all the elements of a pirates life.

A Pirate s Life

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The Pirate s Dilemma

Author : Matt Mason
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Explores the influence of youth culture on transforming mainstream society through innovative cooperative venues and modern "do-it-yourself" values, in a report that reveals what can be learned through the indirect social experiments being performed by today's young artists and entrepreneurs. Reprint.

Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition

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The messianic idea that a redeemer sent by God will come to end the suffering of a persecuted people and inaugurate a new age of justice and peace has been one of the most powerful and influential concepts given by the Jewish people to western civilization. This book represents a sample of the most penetrating and provocative scholarly interpretations of Jewish messianic movement from various perspectives- historical, sociological, psychological, and religious.

The Pirate s Fianc e

Author : Meaghan Morris
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The Pirate

Author : Walter Scott
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Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen

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Pirate Treasure Hunt

Author : Peck, Jan
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Captain Dare and his newly hired mates set out in search of treasure, swimming through a lagoon, swinging through a jungle, and navigating other obstacles before finding the treasure, when a mouse frightens the Captain into retreat.

A Pirate s Possession

Author : Michelle Beattie
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Pleasure won is more precious than treasure found in this scintillating pirate romance from Michelle Beattie. Abandoned by her father and married to a deceitful man, Claire Gentry fled from her life. Now, disguised as a man, Claire wagers all she owns in a poker game to locate the treasure her father sought. But while her disguise holds, it doesn't protect her when one of her opponents turns out to be the man she once gave her heart to. Sailing under the alias of the mysterious pirate Sam Steele, Nate Carter is looking to gamble for a map that will lead him to a treasure. But when he looks over his cards and sees Claire, he's reminded of a past he'd rather forget—and of the woman who could have given him everything he truly wanted. When Nate wins the map, Claire has no choice but to accompany her old love on his quest. And if they survive the bloody battle for the treasure, they may just realize that what they've really been searching for isn’t riches—but each other...

The Pirate Dictionary

Author : Breverton, Terry
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Samson and the Pirate Monks

Author : Nate Larkin
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With no-holds-barred honesty and poignant storytelling, Nate Larkin introduces a model of community and friendship that is reinvigorating men's ministry across the country, a model he calls The Samson Society. Too many men see the biblical hero Samson as their model for manhood--a rugged individualist of the highest order. Yet, Samson's solitary successes were eventually overcome by moral weaknesses. Larkin, through the story of his own past and the stories of those in The Samson Society, offers a radical, refreshing alternative.

A Pirate s Life for Me

Author : Julie Thompson
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Describes life aboard a pirate ship and provides information about famous pirates in history and literature.

Isaac the Pirate

Author : Christophe Blain
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Wanting to marry the love of his life, Isaac, a talented but poor artist, signs on for a voyage with a rich Captain to make some quick money, but the voyage turns into a series of adventures when the Captain turns out to be a pirate.

The Great Pirate Adventure

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Pirate Stories

Author : Joseph Lewis French
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Collection of stories about pirates, buccaneers and sea rovers. Contains narratives from Daniel Defoe, James Fenimore Cooper and many others. Originally published in 1922.

Sir Francis Drake

Author : Harry Kelsey
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In this lively and engaging new biography, Harry Kelsey shatters the familiar image of Sir Francis Drake. The Drake of legend was a pious, brave, and just seaman who initiated the move to make England a great naval power. Kelsey paints a far more interesting picture of Drake as an amoral privateer who lined his pockets with Spanish booty. 98 illustrations.

The Pirate Myth

Author : Amedeo Policante
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The image of the pirate is at once spectral and ubiquitous. It haunts the imagination of international legal scholars, diplomats and statesmen involved in the war on terror. It returns in the headlines of international newspapers as an untimely ‘security threat’. It materializes on the most provincial cinematic screen and the most acclaimed works of fiction. It casts its shadow over the liquid spatiality of the Net, where cyber-activists, file-sharers and a large part of the global youth are condemned as pirates, often embracing that definition with pride rather than resentment. Today, the pirate remains a powerful political icon, embodying at once the persistent nightmare of an anomic wilderness at the fringe of civilization, and the fantasy of a possible anarchic freedom beyond the rigid norms of the state and of the market. And yet, what are the origins of this persistent ‘pirate myth’ in the Western political imagination? Can we trace the historical trajectory that has charged this ambiguous figure with the emotional, political and imaginary tensions that continue to characterize it? What can we learn from the history of piracy and the ways in which it intertwines with the history of imperialism and international trade? Drawing on international law, political theory, and popular literature, The Pirate Myth offers an authoritative genealogy of this immortal political and cultural icon, showing that the history of piracy – the different ways in which pirates have been used, outlawed and suppressed by the major global powers, but also fantasized, imagined and romanticised by popular culture – can shed unexpected light on the different forms of violence that remain at the basis of our contemporary global order.

Pirate Hunting

Author : Benerson Little
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For thousands of years pirates, privateers, and seafaring raiders have terrorized the ocean voyager and coastal inhabitant, plundering ship and shore with impunity. From the victim's point of view, these attackers were not the rebellious, romantic rulers of Neptune's realm, but savage beasts to be eradicated, and those who went to sea to stop them were heroes. Engaging and meticulously detailed, Pirate Hunting chronicles the fight against these plunderers from ancient times to the present and illustrates the array of tactics and strategies that individuals and governments have employed to secure the seas. Benerson Little lends further dimension to this unending battle by including the history of piracy and privateering, ranging from the Mycenaean rovers to the modern pirates of Somalia. He also introduces associated naval warfare; maritime commerce and transportation; the development of speed under oar, sail, and steam; and the evolution of weaponry. More than just a vivid account of the war that seafarers and pirates have waged, Pirate Hunting is invaluable reading in a world where acts of piracy are once more a significant threat to maritime commerce and voyagers. It will appeal to readers interested in the history of piracy, anti-piracy operations, and maritime, naval, and military history worldwide.