Pilates for Riders

Align Your Spine and Control Your Core for a Perfect Position


Author: Lindsay Wilcox-Reid

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Pub

ISBN: 9781570764752

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 192

View: 7887

Whether employed to reduce posture related back pain, or improve riding performance in competition, these Pilates exercises will help riders attain such goals. Using a holistic approach to increase balance, effectiveness, and elegance as a rider, the techniques in this book concentrate on the dynamics between trainer, rider, and horse. The training tips are ideal for those who ride for pleasure and those who ride competitively. Methods such as visualization are combined with clear photographs and illustrations to help riders analyze their seated position to improve spinal alignment and increase core strength in order to achieve realistic performance goals.

Pilates for Equestrians

Achieve the Winning Edge with Increased Core Stability


Author: Liza Randall

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781910016015

Category: Horsemanship

Page: 190

View: 3137

Pilates is an invigorating and proven body conditioning method which helps to strengthen the core muscles used in riding, whilst simultaneously restoring the body's balance.In light of this 'Pilates for Equestrians' is packed with colourful, easy to follow photographs, listing common rider injuries and niggles, with a list of core strengthening exercises to help maintain a more flexible, leaner, fitter body - bringing great benefits to the rider and their sport. Dressage riders achieve better harmony with their horse as a tweak of a muscle by the rider can convey a subtle, but effective message to the horse. Eventers or show jumpers can, after a few short weeks, improve their balance over a fence, becoming more effective in their seat and are at an advantage and more tuned in to their horse should it decide not to go where intended! Pilates is an essential tool for improved, more effective and ultimately safer riding.

Equestrian Pilates

Schooling for the Rider


Author: Sue Gould-Wright

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 1908809671

Category: Pets

Page: 128

View: 9939

In this book, Sue Gould-Wright, a qualified Pilates instructor and sports massage therapist, takes general Pilates principles and applies them specifically to riders' needs. She recognises that most riders are pushed for time so her exercises are designed to be done pretty much anywhere - at the stable yard for instance - with no special equipment. Using photos and clear instructions she guides the rider through numerous exercises aimed at improving core stability, body awareness, independent movement, breathing, flexibility, and mobility - qualities that are so important when in the saddle, and around horses generally. Most of the exercises relate to enhancing riding performance and comfort, and eliminating riding 'faults', but Sue also offers advice on how better to perform everyday yard tasks, like sweeping, grooming, lifting hay bales, etc.

The Everything Horseback Riding Book

Step-by-step Instruction to Riding Like a Pro


Author: Cheryl Kimball

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1440523495

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 304

View: 4854

So, you want to ride, but you don't know a halter from a harness? Have no fear - The Everything Horseback Riding Book is packed with helpful tips on clothing, equipment, and techniques to get you started! Author Cheryl Kimball gives you such clear, step-by-step instruction that even cinching will be a cinch. From finding the right instructor to mastering the trot and the canter, this guide has it all! Learn more about: Safety tips and tricks What to wear-and how and when to wear it English vs. Western Arena work and trail riding Horseback riding activities Horse shows ands competitions Vacation spots for riders The Everything Horseback Riding Book is your key to the skills necessary to be a confident and prepared rider!

Horseback Riding For Dummies


Author: Audrey Pavia

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118051149

Category: Pets

Page: 384

View: 6022

You’ve always dreamed of riding horses. So what are you waiting for? It’s time you realized your equestrian dreams and learned to ride like a pro on the back of a noble steed. And Horseback Riding for Dummies shows you how. Don’t know a horse’s head from its tail, a trot from a canter, withers from a fetlock? No problem. Coauthored by a medal-winning equestrian and nationally respected equestrian trainer, it tells you what you need to know about that elegant animal, body and soul, to become an accomplished rider. And it trains you in all the technical basics of riding for fun or competition, including how to: Find a good stable and instructor Select riding gear Warm up and keep riding muscles fit Establish a rapport with a horse Cue a horse to walk, jog, trot, lope, and cantor Ride in the ring and on trails Improve your balance and timing Compete in horse shows Buy and care for your own horse Stop dreaming about it and learn to ride like the wind with Horseback Riding for Dummies—the ultimate beginner’s guide to all things equestrian.

The Adult Rider

A Practical Guide for First-Time Equestrians and Adults Getting Back in the Saddle


Author: Sarah Montague

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications

ISBN: 1589794443

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 328

View: 7384

Are you ready to enter, or re-enter the barn? Are you a former equestrian longing to ride again? Have you always had a dream of riding? Sarah Montague's The Adult Rider will lead you through the ins and outs of horseback riding today: where to take lessons, which disciplines to consider, fitness and nutrition tips, and what it will cost in both time and money.

Pilates for the Dressage Rider


Author: Janice Dulak

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Pub

ISBN: 9788450104592

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: N.A

View: 9889

Here's the eagerly awaited companion DVD to the best-selling book Pilates for the Dressage Rider. As did the book, this DVD helps dressage riders develop the core strength, good posture and muscle flexibility integral to success in the saddle using Pilates exercises. Janice Dulak has compiled a program specially designed for the dressage rider. With this DVD, viewers will slowly and methodically learn each exercise, then apply them in a real time workout. Both basic and advanced exercises are included, as well as exercises in the saddle. A final section on rider exploration gives the viewer the tools to further advance in her dresaage goals.



Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Horses

Page: N.A

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Eventing Explained


Author: Liza Randall

Publisher: Kenilworth Press

ISBN: 9781905693474

Category: Nature

Page: 224

View: 2228

Eventing Explained is a unique, all-around view of how to start eventing for riders of all ages wanting to compete in their first affiliated horse trials. As well as being packed with top tips and exercises for riders in all three phases, it is also an ideal aid for parents or other halves of would-be event riders whose weekends will never the same again once they hit the eventing circuit! A who's who section includes, amongst others, the responsibilities of the course designer, builder, secretary, regional coordinator and organizer in running a horse trials, and how their roles are relevant to a competitor. As well as information on getting your horse fit, there are also sections on rider fitness and sport psychology to prepare for the event and to do your best on the day. Color-coded so you can pick out relevant sections at a glance, Eventing Explained is the must-have guide for riders wanting to compete at BE80, BE90 and BE100 levels (formerly Training, Introductory and Pre-Novice levels).

Core Connection for Rider & Horse

Preparing Body and Mind for Riding Performance in Partnership


Author: Lindsay Wilcox-Reid

Publisher: J. A. Allen, Limited

ISBN: 9781908809094

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 216

View: 1992

The follow-up to the successful Pilates for Riders, this book outlines the connections within - the different factors affecting the horse/rider partnership (e.g. rider biomechanics, horse posture and proprioception, saddle balance, mental focus, how horses lean).