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Picturing the Project Approach

Author : Yvonne Kogan
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The project approach helps children dig deeply into intellectual and social experiences that can help them see meaningful benefits of the skills they are acquiring. Picturing the Project Approach will lead teachers every step of the way toward incorporating this teaching method in any toddler, preschool or elementary classroom.

Children s Creative Inquiry in STEM

Author : Karen Janette Murcia
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Growing Child Intellect

Author : Judy Harris Helm
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This book began as a deep discussion among administrators, teachers, researchers, teacher educators, and educational consultants concerned about the critical reduction of play, engaged learning opportunities, and intellectually stimulating experiences in classrooms for toddlers through the primary grades. This group made a pact to organize and stand up for engaged learning by creating a comprehensive, research-based defense that they call The Manifesto. In Growing Child Intellect, this panel of experts pulls together the research, stories, and lessons learned from using the Project Approach in a variety of settings. Readers are invited to dive deeply with them into the world of project work, beginning with the neuroscience foundation, through the research in the field, and on to the challenges and successes. Book Features: Provides a strong review of research on the benefits of the Project Approach. Explains research on the development of intellect from Mind Brain Education Science. Includes extensive examples of intellectually stimulating classrooms and learning experiences across diverse settings. Shows how to bring engaging experiences into classrooms while still meeting goals for required content and standards. Explains what each person can do, no matter position or program, to nurture children’s intellectual development. Provides practical advice for overcoming common challenges to implementing project work. Offers a short Declaration of Beliefs about engaged learning for easy sharing

Handbook of Research on Critical Thinking and Teacher Education Pedagogy

Author : Robinson, Sandra P.A.
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Critical thinking is an essential skill for learners and teachers alike. Therefore, it is essential that educators be given practical strategies for improving their critical thinking skills as well as methods to effectively provide critical thinking skills to their students. The Handbook of Research on Critical Thinking and Teacher Education Pedagogy examines and explains how new strategies, methods, and techniques in critical thinking can be applied to classroom practice and professional development to improve teaching and learning in teacher education and make critical thinking a tangible objective in instruction. This critical scholarly publication helps to shift and advance the debate on how critical thinking should be taught and offers insights into the significance of critical thinking and its effective integration as a cornerstone of the educational system. Highlighting topics such as early childhood education, curriculum, and STEM education, this book is designed for teachers/instructors, instructional designers, education professionals, administrators, policymakers, researchers, and academicians.

Picturing the Woman Child

Author : Morna Laing
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The childlike character of ideal femininity has long been critiqued by feminists, from Mary Wollstonecraft to Simone de Beauvoir. Yet, women continue to be represented as childlike in the western fashion media, despite the historical connotations of inferiority. This book questions why such images still hold appeal to contemporary women, after three, or even four, waves of feminism. Focusing on the period of 1990–2015, Picturing the Woman-Child traces the evolution of childlike femininity in British fashion magazines, including Vogue, i-D and Lula, Girl of my Dreams. These images draw upon a network of references, from Kinderwhore and Lolita to Alice in Wonderland and the femme-enfant of Surrealism. Alongside analysis of fashion photography, the book presents the findings of original research into audience reception. Inviting contemporary women to comment on images of the 'woman-child' provides an insight into the meaning of this figure as well as an evaluation of theory on the 'female gaze'. Both scholarly and accessible, the book paves the way for future studies on how readers make sense of fashion imagery.

Early Years Pedagogy in Practice

Author : Ruksana Beigi
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This accessible text encourages readers to understand and confidently engage with distinctive early years pedagogy. It shows how pedagogy not only underpins the early years curriculum but is also inherent in the role of the adult and the experiences that are offered to young children. The book explains what the differing early years pedagogies are, why they are encouraged, and the knowledge, skills, and practice that are required to work with them. Emphasising that what works in one situation may not in another and a wider pedagogical knowledge is essential to ensure quality outcomes for children, it considers key topics such as: the role of the pedagogue and developing your own style promoting a lifelong love of learning in children under your care sensitivity and inclusion for all children’s cultures and communities promoting the rights of every child under your care. Incorporating reflection points and research tasks to support independent learning, this is essential reading for students on Early Childhood Studies courses and Early Years Foundation Degrees as well as early years practitioners.

Picturing the Invisible

Author : Paul Coldwell
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Picturing the Invisible presents different disciplinary approaches to articulating the invisible, that which is not known or that which is not provable. The challenge that we have seen is how to articulate these concepts, not only to those within a particular academic field but beyond, to other disciplines and society at large. As our understanding of the complexity of the world grows incrementally, so does our realisation that issues and problems can rarely be resolved within neat demarcations. Therefore, the importance of finding means of communicating across disciplines and fields becomes a priority. Whilst acknowledging the essential importance of the specialist academic, the capacity to understand other disciplines, their priorities, methodologies and even the language used can become crucial in being an effective instrument for change. This book brings together insights from leading academics from a wide range of disciplines including Art and Design, Curatorial Practice, Literature, Forensic Science, Medical Science, Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Philosophy, Astrophysics and Architecture with a shared interest in exploring how, in each discipline, we strive to find expression for the invisible or unknown, and to draw out and articulate some of the explicit and tacit ways of communicating those concepts that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Picturing the Beast

Author : Steve Baker
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Looks at how Western culture pictures the beast, examining how such images affect how real animals are perceived and treated.

Picturing the Bible

Author : Jeffrey Spier
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Published on the occasion of the exhibition organized by the Kimbell Art Museum and shown there November 18, 2007 - March 30, 2008.

Picturing the Primitive

Author : A. Oksiloff
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Primitive Pictures explores the relationship between early German cinema and anthropology's fascination with 'primitive' cultures. At the core of this study is a mythic first contact between the camera and the non-Western body. The term that binds the two is the 'Primitive', referring both to cultures ostensibly existing outside of modern Time and also to a way of seeing the world via the lens. Asseka Oksiloff examines how the movie camera, with its capacity to record reality in a supposedly direct fashion, is legitimated by the primitive body in the first decades of the twentieth century. From the earliest research footage to popularized adventure footage, the film theory, the 'primitive' holds out the promise of a critical space that affirms modern, technological vision.