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Physics Metaphysics and God

Author : Jack W. Geis
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"At long last, a promising dialogue between science and medicine has begun. A focal point of this discussion is healing and how it happens. Jack W. Geis shows how modern physics and spirituality are centrally involved in this debate. No one who is interested in the current interface between science, spirituality and medicine can afford to neglect his ideas."-Larry Dossey, MD, Author: Healing Beyond the Body, and Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine "This book introduces some of the most perplexing and exciting aspects of the revolution going on in physics today as it continues toward an increasingly metaphysical basis for defining reality. This exciting scientific revolution should be shared by everyone and the issues taken up in this book form a basis for that participation. That the math is not in the chalk is becoming increasingly evident, as well as the question as to which is more substantial."-Dr. Laurance R. Doyle, Astrophysics and Planetary Science, Center for the Study of Life in the Universe, SETI Institute

Necroclimatism in a Spectral World Dis order

Author : Nhemachena, Artwell
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Highlighting the problematiques of working with a narrow version of greenhouse effects or global warming, this book posits the theory of necroclimatism that encompasses broader versions of greenhouse effects and global warming. Conceiving cultures, societies, moral sensibilities, epistemologies, polities, economies, legal systems and religions of the formerly colonised peoples as greenhoused and entrapped in the heat of global apartheid and neo-colonialism, the book refuses to be confined to the pufferies of physical conceptualisations of greenhousing and global warming. Underlining the supposed disposability and dispensability of colonised peoples, the notion of necroclimatism explicates ways in which some people suffer various forms of death, which have increasingly become a feature of global apartheid and neo-colonialism that are cast in spectral sacrificial logics. Deemed to constitute disposable bodies, disposable cultures, disposable polities, disposable societies, disposable epistemologies, disposable religions, disposable laws and disposable economies, the sacrificed are, in the age of climate catastrophism, once again reminded that they ‘have duties to die’, to become extinct in order to save the global spaceship that is sinking due to climate change and global warming. This book therefore argues that in a sacrificial world (dis)order, binaries between humans and animals, good and evil, moral and immoral, the dead and the living necessarily vanish in the nefarious logic of what marks the era of climate catastrophism and the attendant necroclimatism. The book further argues that a sacrificial world (dis)order is necessarily a posthumanist and postanthropocentric world (dis)order, which should be never granted space in African worlds and even beyond. The book thus, raises fundamental questions for African anticipatory regimes, and for this reason it is handy for scholars in political science, sociology, social anthropology, development studies, environmental studies, agricultural studies, legal studies, food science, geography, religious studies and decolonial fields of studies.

Philosophy in the Middle Ages Third Edition

Author : Arthur Hyman
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Thomas Williams' revision of Arthur Hyman and James J. Walsh's classic compendium of writings in the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish medieval philosophical traditions expands the breadth of coverage that helped make its predecessor the best known and most widely used collection of its kind. The third edition builds on the strengths of the second by preserving its essential shape while adding several important new texts--including works by Augustine, Boethius, Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, Anselm, al-Fārābī, al-Ghazālī, Ibn Rushd, Bonaventure, Thomas Aquinas, and John Duns Scotus--and featuring new translations of many others. The volume has also been redesigned and its bibliographies updated with the needs of a new generation of students in mind.

Eduard Zeller

Author : Gerald Hartung
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Eduard Zeller (1814?1908) was one of the most important scholars of the nineteenth century. In addition to shaping developments in theology, philosophy, classics, and religious and cultural history, he was an influential academic politician and organizer of large scientific projects. The contributions to this volume examine the meaning of this man of letters, whose multifaceted work remains significant for scholarly discussion in the twentieth century.

Principles of Bible Temperance Third edition

Author : James GIBSON (Professor of the Free Church College, Glasgow.)
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Science metaphysics religion

Author : VV.
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The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Physics

Author : Eleanor Knox
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The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Physics is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the state of the art in the philosophy of physics. It comprisess 54 self-contained chapters written by leading philosophers of physics at both senior and junior levels, making it the most thorough and detailed volume of its type on the market – nearly every major perspective in the field is represented. The Companion’s 54 chapters are organized into 12 parts. The first seven parts cover all of the major physical theories investigated by philosophers of physics today, and the last five explore key themes that unite the study of these theories. I. Newtonian Mechanics II. Special Relativity III. General Relativity IV. Non-Relativistic Quantum Theory V. Quantum Field Theory VI. Quantum Gravity VII. Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics VIII. Explanation IX. Intertheoretic Relations X. Symmetries XI. Metaphysics XII. Cosmology The difficulty level of the chapters has been carefully pitched so as to offer both accessible summaries for those new to philosophy of physics and standard reference points for active researchers on the front lines. An introductory chapter by the editors maps out the field, and each part also begins with a short summary that places the individual chapters in context. The volume will be indispensable to any serious student or scholar of philosophy of physics.

An Easy Introduction to the Arts and Sciences The third edition With considerable additions and improvements etc With illustrations and maps

Author : Richard TURNER (LL.D., the Younger.)
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Franz Brentano s metaphysics and psychology

Author : Ion Tănăsescu
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Lectures on the True the Beautiful and the Good Increased by an appendix in French art Translated by O W Wight Third edition

Author : Victor Cousin
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