Phoenician Secrets

Exploring the Ancient Mediterranean


Author: Sanford Holst

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780983327905

Category: Social Science

Page: 365

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The mysterious Phoenicians and the ancient Mediterranean are experienced in richer detail than ever before in this well researched and intriguing narrative. Instead of seeing darkness in the years before classical Greece, we now see glimmers of light revealing a continuous parade of remarkable societies, great leaders and epic events. Drawing back the veil of secrecy surrounding the Phoenicians uncovers new glimpses of Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and people of other societies. Sanford Holst is one of the world's leading authorities on the Phoenicians, and appears in the BBC series Ancient Worlds. Elected a member of the prestigious Royal Historical Society for his work in this field, Holst has presented academic papers on the Phoenicians at universities around the world. Working with respected experts, often on-site, he has added photos, sources, and five years of additional research to his previous work. This is a walk through the idyllic ancient Mediterranean you will long remember.

The Phoenician Symbol

The Gwennan Mosaic Series Book One


Author: Basil Maddox

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 146026536X

Category: Fiction

Page: 474

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The year is 1678 AD. Simon Maddox, a graduate student at Christs College Cambridge, receives from his tutor a subject for his thesis in History: “A Century of England and Wales through the Eyes of One Unusual Man.” That man, his uncle Thomas, who has disappeared but may still be alive, has left Simon with adequate research material in a cottage in Grantchester. He must make sense of a Phoenician Symbol described by Ptolemy a thousand years earlier and its connection to the Welsh Prince Madoc who sailed to America three hundred years before Columbus. His legacy was a colony of Welsh-speaking ‘Indians’. Thomas aims to prove that the Maddox family, now living in London, are his descendants. Throughout his lifelong quest, providing encouragement and guidance, is a mysterious and timeless ‘grey lady’ who needs the answers that only Simon can now provide. To complete ‘The Century’ Simon must reach back to the year 1578 AD, to Thomas’s grandparents long before he was born. His grandmother Katherine, part of the Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Virgin Court’, is banished to Wales following a pregnancy and suspicion of her involvement in a plot to assassinate the Queen. Meanwhile his grandfather manages to capture a Spanish treasure ship and after a harrowing confinement in the Tower of London marries Katherine. Her dowry is a small estate in Wales under which lies a forgotten Roman gold mine. This first volume, which ends with Thomas’s birth, traces the family’s early lives in Wales.



Author: Robin Ward

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1503517462

Category: Self-Help

Page: 124

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UFO theories, extraterrestrial theories, other-dimension theories, ancient astronaut theories, ghost theories, and many other theories are filling the airwaves. Mankind has forever been fascinated with the possibility of life outside our universe. Evidence shows that we are being watched. Sometimes the "extraterrestrials" appear in varying forms and scare the pants off most of us. Every television show that I have seen so far links the unknown with evolution in some way, in particular with the Darwinian idea that humanity is on a continuing "upward" progression. Eventually, it has been surmised, we will become part machines or part (or wholly) "spirit" beings.

The Home Place

Essays on Robert Kroetsch's Poetry


Author: Dennis Cooley

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 1772121193

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 361

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Dazzling, playful, and intellectually complex examination of personal recollections and archival materials about Kroetsch's poetry.

Ancient Civilization

Fifth Grade Social Science Lesson, Activities, Discussion Questions and Quizzes


Author: Terri Raymond

Publisher: HomeSchool Brew Press

ISBN: 1629173495

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 45

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If your child is struggling with social science, then this book is for you; the short book covers the topic and also contains 10 discussion questions, 10 activities, and 20 quiz style questions. This subject comes from the book “Fifth Grade Social Science (For Homeschool or Extra Practice)”; it more thoroughly covers more fifth grade topics to help your child get a better understanding of fifth grade social science. If you purchased that book, or plan to purchase that book, do not purchase this, as the activities are the same.

Fifth Grade Homeschooling


Author: Greg Sherman,Thomas Bell,Terri Raymond

Publisher: HomeSchool Brew Press

ISBN: 1629173312

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 200

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Over 50 discussion questions and activities, and 300 questions, fill this comprehensive workbook. The book covers science, math and social science for fith grade. If you are homeschooling (or if you are just trying to get extra practice for your child), then you already know that social science workbooks and curriculum can be expensive. Homeschool Brew is trying to change that! We have teamed with teachers and parents to create books for prices parents can afford. We believe education shouldn’t be expensive. Each subject may also be purchased individually.

The Phoenician Code

Unveiling the Secrets of the Holy Grail


Author: Karim El Koussa

Publisher: Ars Metaphysica

ISBN: 9781620060841


Page: 380

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The Phoenician Code is a novel based on astounding historical and religious facts. Manipulated by the underground lobby since the coming of Christ, and revealed today by The Phoenician Code, those hidden facts come to light to reassess some major realities. Much more than just an antithesis to The DaVinci Code. What is true and what is false in the Old Testament? What is the relation between Cyrus II and the Babylonian Brotherhood, the founding brothers of the Hebrew people? Why was Cyrus II called the Messiah in the Old Testament? Who were Rashi's Templars and what were they searching for in Jerusalem? Who was the "Head" they venerated? Who were the Scottish and York Rite Freemasons in some additional degrees and why they considered the Tower of Babel as important as the Temple of Solomon? What is true and what is false in the New Testament? Why have we been manipulated to believe that a Galilean is a Jew, although Galilee has been considered as Gelil Haggoyim, which is translated into "Circle of the Gentiles," or "Galilee of the Nations," the "Galilee of the non-Jews." Was Jesus Galilean-Phoenician? What did the Galileans believe in? Why was Jesus named "Immanuel," meaning "El with us." Why were there two Bethlehems? The Phoenician Code answers all these questions and more...

A History of All Nations

From the Earliest Periods to the Present Time; Or, Universal History: in which the History of Every Nation, Ancient and Modern, is Seperately Given. Illustrated by 70 Stylographic Maps, and 700 Engravings


Author: Samuel Griswold Goodrich

Publisher: N.A


Category: World history

Page: N.A

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