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The Phenomenal Woman

Author : Christine Battersby
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This original book enters the undeveloped territory of feminist metaphysics and offers a bold and unusual contribution to debates about identity, essence and self. Using a diverse range of theories - from Kant to chaos theory, from Kierkegaard to Deleuze, Irigaray, Butler and Oliver Sachs - this book challenges the assumption that metaphysics can remain unchanged by issues of sexual difference.

Phenomenal Woman

Author : Maya Angelou
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A collection of beloved poems about women from the iconic Maya Angelou These four poems, “Phenomenal Woman,” “Still I Rise,” “Weekend Glory,” and “Our Grandmothers,” are among the most remembered and acclaimed of Maya Angelou's poems. They celebrate women with a majesty that has inspired and touched the hearts of millions. “Phenomenal Woman” is a phenomenal poem that speaks to us of where we are as women at the dawn of a new century. In a clear voice, Maya Angelou vividly reminds us of our towering strength and beauty.

A Study Guide for Maya Angelou s Phenomenal Woman

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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The Making of a Phenomenal Woman

Author : Marsha James
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The Making of A Phenomenal Woman is a joyfully written self-help book with wonderful anecdotes and exercises. Women hoping to increase their effectiveness in leadership roles and in their personal lives will find much to motivate and inspire them. It covers the many aspects of a woman's life but with a twist to how characters in some of the stories use strategies from the chessboard to evaluate their next moves as if playing a game of chess or checkers.

Phenomenal Women

Author : Joyce Louison
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"Life is a creation, not a discovery. We are creating our reality every minute." We are created in the Image and likeness of God... And we create as Him through thought, word, and Deed. This book takes me on a journey of creation... Where by getting connected to the source of all things I have begun to experience the world as the most magnificent and interesting place to be... I was suddenly connected to the source of all things. I could see everything clearly. My life story kept replaying in my head like a broken record. I felt the urge to send out Whatsapp messages to my friends...just being open, honest, and totally liberated. I soon realize that I may be writing a book. Most of the world is living life in forgetfulness. I desire to remind them of who we as human beings are. Parts of the Creator. And that this give us immense Power. This power can be tapped in to recreate your life in any way you wish, I set out to Life that truth. I am still on the Starting line but from where I stand it is Phenomenal.

Chris Kennedy s Phenomenal Women

Author : Chris Kennedy
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Are you ready to lead a phenomenal life? Chris Kennedy was raised in a dysfunctional family and was the victim of childhood sexual abuse. She was married and divorced four times, and one of her husbands was brutally murdered. In her working life, she started, and failed at, several businesses. How, then, considering her often tumultuous and complicated life, did Chris manage to defy her past, rise above the odds and become a successful life coach, the founder of the Phenomenal Women Initiative ... and a phenomenal woman? This book tells you how. By drawing extensively on her own life experiences, citing numerous case studies, and using the tools and techniques that have helped her clients to become phenomenal, Chris vividly sets out how you can fulfil your ambitions despite suffering setbacks, great or small. She explains how you have a source of ‘phenomenal’ inside of you on which you can draw whenever needed, and supplies you with a toolkit of techniques that you can use to heal all aspects of your life so that you may construct the future that you know you deserve. So ... are you ready to lead a phenomenal life?


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The weekly source of African American political and entertainment news.


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The weekly source of African American political and entertainment news.

The Diva Chronicles

Author : Trina L. Vaughn - The Vegas Diva
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The Diva Chronicles , Poetry for your soul is a compelling collection of poetry that is meant to penetrate your heart , mind and soul with compassion love and motivation for humankind. These poems are filled with realism and relatable topics of today that everyone can identify with. The Diva chronicles is like a night out at spoken word poetry night where the depths of the words begin to come alive as you read them page by page, the poems speak to you in the forms of relationships, dating, powerful Women, Educating our youth, following your dreams, black lives matter and many more it is the authors intent to make people take a peek into their subconscious thoughts and say things that most are afraid to say it with pride that I purposefully bring to the world, The Diva Chronicles, Poetry For your Soul.

Cracking the AP English Language Composition Exam 2017 Edition

Author : Princeton Review
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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HELP SCORE A PERFECT 5. Equip yourself to ace the AP English Language & Composition Exam with The Princeton Review's comprehensive study guide—including 2 full-length practice tests, thorough content reviews, access to our AP Connect online portal, and targeted strategies for every section of the exam. This eBook edition has been optimized for on-screen viewing with cross-linked questions, answers, and explanations. We don't have to tell you how tough it can be to prepare for the AP English Language & Composition Exam—or how important a stellar score on the test can be for your college applications. Written by Princeton Review experts who know their way around an essay, Cracking the AP English Language & Composition Exam arms you with: Techniques That Actually Work. • Tried-and-true strategies to help you avoid traps and beat the test • Tips for pacing yourself and guessing logically • Essential tactics to help you work smarter, not harder Everything You Need to Know to Help Achieve a High Score. • Focused review of key literary devices and rhetorical modes • Thorough coverage of the synthesis, rhetorical analysis, and argumentative essays • Access to AP Connect, our online portal for helpful pre-college information and exam updates Practice That Takes You to Excellence. • 2 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations and scoring worksheets • Pacing drills to help you maximize points • Sample student essays scored at different levels