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Peter Thonning and Denmark s Guinea Commission

Author : Daniel Hopkins
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The rich archival record of Denmark's nineteenth-century African colonial undertakings, and particularly the work of the natural historian and colonial administrator Peter Thonning of the Guinea Commission, opens fresh perspectives on the broader history and geography of European colonialism.

Forts Castles and Society in West Africa

Author :
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This volume consists of multiple original comprehensive scholarship about and approaches to the history of the fortresses of Ghana and Benin. It suggests an alternative approach and view on them.

The Danish Slave Trade and Its Abolition

Author : Erik Gobel
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In The Danish Slave Trade and Its Abolition, Erik Gøbel offers an account of the well-documented Danish transatlantic slave trade and discusses, in detail, the 1792 decision to abolish it.

Daughters of the Trade

Author : Pernille Ipsen
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Severine Brock's first language was Ga, yet it was not surprising when, in 1842, she married Edward Carstensen. He was the last governor of Christiansborg, the fort that, in the eighteenth century, had been the center of Danish slave trading in West Africa. She was the descendant of Ga-speaking women who had married Danish merchants and traders. Their marriage would have been familiar to Gold Coast traders going back nearly 150 years. In Daughters of the Trade, Pernille Ipsen follows five generations of marriages between African women and Danish men, revealing how interracial marriage created a Euro-African hybrid culture specifically adapted to the Atlantic slave trade. Although interracial marriage was prohibited in European colonies throughout the Atlantic world, in Gold Coast slave-trading towns it became a recognized and respected custom. Cassare, or "keeping house," gave European men the support of African women and their kin, which was essential for their survival and success, while African families made alliances with European traders and secured the legitimacy of their offspring by making the unions official. For many years, Euro-African families lived in close proximity to the violence of the slave trade. Sheltered by their Danish names and connections, they grew wealthy and influential. But their powerful position on the Gold Coast did not extend to the broader Atlantic world, where the link between blackness and slavery grew stronger, and where Euro-African descent did not guarantee privilege. By the time Severine Brock married Edward Carstensen, their world had changed. Daughters of the Trade uncovers the vital role interracial marriage played in the coastal slave trade, the production of racial difference, and the increasing stratification of the early modern Atlantic world.

Ports of Globalisation Places of Creolisation

Author : Holger Weiss
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This anthology analyses the transformation of interconnected spaces and spatial entanglements in the Danish-Norwegian and Swedish possessions in the Atlantic world during the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The History of Cartography Volume 4

Author : Matthew H. Edney
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Since its launch in 1987, the History of Cartography series has garnered critical acclaim and sparked a new generation of interdisciplinary scholarship. Cartography in the European Enlightenment, the highly anticipated fourth volume, offers a comprehensive overview of the cartographic practices of Europeans, Russians, and the Ottomans, both at home and in overseas territories, from 1650 to 1800. The social and intellectual changes that swept Enlightenment Europe also transformed many of its mapmaking practices. A new emphasis on geometric principles gave rise to improved tools for measuring and mapping the world, even as large-scale cartographic projects became possible under the aegis of powerful states. Yet older mapping practices persisted: Enlightenment cartography encompassed a wide variety of processes for making, circulating, and using maps of different types. The volume’s more than four hundred encyclopedic articles explore the era’s mapping, covering topics both detailed—such as geodetic surveying, thematic mapping, and map collecting—and broad, such as women and cartography, cartography and the economy, and the art and design of maps. Copious bibliographical references and nearly one thousand full-color illustrations complement the detailed entries.

The Routledge History of Western Empires

Author : Robert Aldrich
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The Routledge History of Western Empires is an all new volume focusing on the history of Western Empires in a comparative and thematic perspective. Comprising of thirty-three original chapters arranged in eight thematic sections, the book explores European overseas expansion from the Age of Discovery to the Age of Decolonisation. Studies by both well-known historians and new scholars offer fresh, accessible perspectives on a multitude of themes ranging from colonialism in the Arctic to the scramble for the coral sea, from attitudes to the environment in the East Indies to plans for colonial settlement in Australasia. Chapters examine colonial attitudes towards poisonous animals and the history of colonial medicine, evangelisaton in Africa and Oceania, colonial recreation in the tropics and the tragedy of the slave trade. The Routledge History of Western Empires ranges over five centuries and crosses continents and oceans highlighting transnational and cross-cultural links in the imperial world and underscoring connections between colonial history and world history. Through lively and engaging case studies, contributors not only weigh in on historiographical debates on themes such as human rights, religion and empire, and the ‘taproots’ of imperialism, but also illustrate the various approaches to the writing of colonial history. A vital contribution to the field.

Boundaries Communities and State Making in West Africa

Author : Paul Nugent
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By examining three centuries of history, this book shows how vital border regions have been in shaping states and social contracts.

The Cambridge History of Scandinavia Volume 2 1520 1870

Author : E. I. Kouri
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Volume 2 of The Cambridge History of Scandinavia provides a comprehensive and authoritative account of the Scandinavian countries from the close of the Middle Ages through to the formation of the nation states in the mid-nineteenth century. Beginning in 1520, the opening chapters of the volume discuss the reformation of the Nordic states and the enormous impact this had on the social structures, cultural identities and traditions of individual countries. With contributions from 38 leading historians, the book charts the major developments that unfolded within this crucial period of Scandinavian history. Chapters address topics such as material growth and the centralisation of power in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as well as the evolution of trade, foreign policy and client states in the eighteenth century. Volume 2 concludes by discussing the new economic and social orders of the nineteenth century in connection with the emergence of the nation states.

Economistes and the Reinvention of Empire

Author : Pernille Røge
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Exploring the myriad efforts to strengthen colonial empire that unfolded in response to France's imperial crisis in the second half of the eighteenth century, Pernille Rge examines how political economists, colonial administrators, planters, and entrepreneurs shaped the recalibration of empire in the Americas and in Africa alongside the intensification of the French Caribbean plantation complex. Emphasising the intellectual contributions of the Economistes (also known as the Physiocrats) to formulate a new colonial doctrine, the book highlights the advent of an imperial discourse of commercial liberalisation, free labour, agricultural development, and civilisation. With her careful documentation of the reciprocal impacts of economic ideas, colonial policy and practices, Rge also details key connections between Ancien Rgime colonial innovation and the French Revolution's republican imperial agenda. The result is a novel perspective on the struggles to reinvent colonial empire in the final decades of the Ancien Rgime and its influences on the French Revolution and beyond.

Afro European Trade in the Atlantic World

Author : Silke Strickrodt
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rical Institute London. She is co-editor (with Robin Law and Suzanne Schwarz) of CommerA uniquely detailed account of the dynamics of Afro-European trade in two states on the west

Scandinavian Colonialism and the Rise of Modernity

Author : Magdalena Naum
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​ ​In Scandinavian Colonialism and the Rise of Modernity: Small Time Agents in a Global Arena, archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians present case studies that focus on the scope and impact of Scandinavian colonial expansion in the North, Africa, Asia and America as well as within Scandinavia itsself. They discuss early modern thinking and theories made valid and developed in early modern Scandinavia that justified and propagated participation in colonial expansion. The volume demonstrates a broad and comprehensive spectrum of archaeological, anthropological and historical research, which engages with a variation of themes relevant for the understanding of Danish and Swedish colonial history from the early 17th century until today. The aim is to add to the on-going global debates on the context of the rise of the modern society and to revitalize the field of early modern studies in Scandinavia, where methodological nationalism still determines many archaeological and historical studies. Through their theoretical commitment, critical outlook and application of postcolonial theories the contributors to this book shed a new light on the processes of establishing and maintaining colonial rule, hybridization and creolization in the sphere of material culture, politics of resistance, and responses to the colonial claims. This volume is a fantastic resource for graduate students and researchers in historical archaeology, Scandinavia, early modern history and anthropology of colonialism

Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana

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A Danish Jew in West Africa

Author : Wulff Joseph Wulff
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Biografisk essay om Wulff Joseph Wulff's sidste 6 leveår, samt redigeret oversættelse af hans breve fra Guinea til Danmark

African Studies Abstracts

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Scandinavians in Africa

Author : Joe Reindorf
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Inventory and description of Danish archival records pertaining to former possessions in Guinea, now South-East Ghana, Africa, dating from 1659 to 1859. Includes brief history and biographies of Danish Gold Coast governors.

Zeitschrift f r Parasitenkunde

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