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Perspectives on the Song of Songs Perspektiven der Hoheliedauslegung

Author : Anselm C. Hagedorn
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Die Sammlung von 18 Essays verortet das Hohelied in seinem geschichtlichen Kontext und erörtert Probleme der Rezeptionsgeschichte. Im Gegensatz zu früheren Sammlungen findet - neben dem ägyptischen und altorientalischen Material - die griechische Liebeslyrik hier breite Berücksichtigung. Im Rahmen der Rezeptionsgeschichte wird die Bedeutung des Hohenlieds in der byzantinischen und der mittelalterlichen Welt sowie in der romantischen und neugriechischen Literatur bestimmt. Durch den interdisziplinären Zugang zum biblischen Text werden neue Pfade der Interpretation beschritten.

The Oxford Handbook of Wisdom and the Bible

Author : Will Kynes
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This collection of leading scholars presents reflections on both wisdom as a general concept throughout history and cultures, as well as the contested nature of the category of Wisdom Literature. The first half of the collection explores wisdom more generally with essays on its relationship to skill, epistemology, virtue, theology, and order. Wisdom is examined in a number of different contexts, such as historically in the Hebrew Bible and its related cultures, in Egypt and Mesopotamia, as well as in Patristic and Rabbinic interpretation. Additionally, wisdom is examined in its continuing relevance in Islamic, Jewish, and Christian thought, as well as from feminist, environmental, and other contextual perspectives. The second half of the volume considers "Wisdom Literature" as a category. Scholars address its relation to the Solomonic Collection, its social setting, literary genres, chronological development, and theology. Wisdom Literature's relation to other biblical literature (law, history, prophecy, apocalyptic, and the broad question of "Wisdom influence") is then discussed before separate chapters on the texts commonly associated with the category. Contributors take a variety of approaches to the current debates surrounding the viability and value of Wisdom Literature as a category and its proper relationship to the concept of wisdom in the Hebrew Bible. Though the organization of the volume highlights the independence of wisdom as concept from "Wisdom Literature" as a category, seeking to counter the lack of attention given to this question in the traditional approach, the inclusion of both topics together in the same volume reflects their continued interconnection. As such, this handbook both represents the current state of Wisdom scholarship and sets the stage for future developments.

Politics Religion and the Song of Songs in Seventeenth Century England

Author : E. Clarke
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The Song of Songs , with its highly sexual imagery, was very popular in seventeenth-century England in commentary and paraphrase. This book charts the fascination with the mystical marriage, its implication in the various political conflicts of the seventeenth century, and its appeal to seventeenth-century writers, particularly women.

The Transforming Word

Author : Mark W. Hamilton
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This is the first one-volume Bible commentary edited by ACU faculty. More than 30 contributors from various branches of the Stone-Campbell movement were selected, all of whom hold or are pursuing a doctoral degree in biblical studies. Readers will find a usable introduction to each book and each section without being bogged down by every possible detail. A bibliography will direct those who want to explore topics more in-depth. In illuminating the biblical texts, the authors of this commentary draw on their knowledge of the original languages and a deep awareness of the literary shape and flow of the Bible, the relevant archaeological and textual evidence from the ancient Near East or Greco-Roman worlds, and the history of biblical interpretation, ancient, medieval, and modern. - Publisher.

The New Interpreter s Bible One Volume Commentary

Author : David L. Petersen
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A one-volume commentary meant to complement The New Interpreter's Study Bible contains articles on all the books of the Bible, including the Apocrypha; general articles on biblical interpretation, geographical and historical setting, religion, canon, translation, preaching and teaching; bibliographies for each article; a chronology; an index; and more.

Festschrift F Garc a Mart nez

Author : Hans Ausloos
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Florilegium Lovaniense. Studies in Septuagint and Textual Criticism in Honour of Florentino Garcia Martinez is intended for a special present initiated by his Leuven collegae proximi on the occasion of Professor Garcia Martinez' retirement as a research professor in the Biblical Studies Research Department of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven). Like the personality of the celebrated scholar himself, the composition of his Festschrift has become a most colourful undertaking. After the editor's presentation of the rich biography and the huge bibliography of Florentino Garcia Martinez, M. Vervenne aims at evoking Florentino's personality throughout his life and work. Following this introduction, some thirty contributions transform the Festschrift into a wide-ranging collection of high quality approaches to a number of diverse topics, thus mirroring the wide spectrum of both Florentino's and their own work. The following scholars have contributed to this collection: H. Ausloos & B. Lemmelijn, J.-M. Auwers, R. Bieringer, E. Bons, D. Buchner, R. Ceulemans, J. Cook, H. Debel, D. De Crom, C. Dogniez, G. Dorival, K. Hauspie, M.S. Ibita, J. Joosten, M. Karrer & U. Schmid & M. Sigismund, W. Kraus, M. Labahn, J. Lust, T. Muraoka, A. Pietersma, E. Puech, J.-S. Rey, A. Schenker, R. Sollamo, J. Trebolle-Barrera, A. van der Kooij, P. Van Hecke, H. van Rooy, E. Verbeke. Each contribution has somehow to do with Textual Criticism and/or Septuagint Studies. In addition, they echo the aspects and details of the interest and work of each individual scholar. The editors sincerely hope that all these particular shades of colours might form together a wonderful rainbow, reflecting the contributors' and editors' admiration, respect and friendship for Professor Florentino Garcia Martinez.

Vetus Testamentum

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Book Review Digest

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Report of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Author : Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies
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The Princeton Seminary Bulletin

Author : Princeton Theological Seminary
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Vols. for 1907/1908-1936/1937: no. 1, Commencement issue, no. 2, Necrology report, no. 3, News, no. 4, Catalogue; v. for 1937/1938-1938/1939: no. 1, 3, News, no. 2, Bulletin of courses, no. 4, Catalogue; v. for 1939/1940-1944/1945: no. 1, 4, News, no. 2, Bulletin of courses, no. 3, Catalogue; v. for 1945/1946: no. 1, Bulletin of courses, no. 2, 4, News, no. 3, Catalogue; v. for 1946/1947-1952/1953: no. 1, 3, 4, News, no. 2, Catalogue.

Studia Orientalia

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Of God s Trees Kings and Scholars

Author : Mikko Luukko
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Altorientalische Forschungen

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Elenchus of Biblica

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Deutsche Nationalbibliografie

Author : Die deutsche Nationalbibliothek
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Wolfram Studien

Author : Werner Schröder
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Sacred Marriages

Author : Martti Nissinen
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The title of this volume, Sacred Marriages, consciously plays with the traditional concept of sacred marriage, but the plural form, "sacred marriages," gives the reader an idea that something more is at stake here than a monomaniacal idea of manifestations deriving from a single prototype. Following the guidelines of one of the contributors, Ruben Zimmermann, the editors tentatively define "sacred marriage" as a "real or symbolic union of two complementary entities, imagined as gendered, in a religious context." "Sacred marriages" (plural), then, refers to various expressions of this kind of union in different cultures that seek to overcome, to cite Zimmermann again, "the great dualism of human and cosmic existence." The subtitle indicates that the contributors are primarily interested in different aspects of the divine-human sexual metaphor--that is, the imagining and reenactment of a gendered relationship between the human and divine worlds. This metaphor, which is essentially about relationship rather than sexual acts, can find textual, ritual, mythical, and social expressions in different times and places. Indeed, the sacred marriage ritual itself should be considered not a manifestation of the "sacralized power of sexuality experienced in sexual intercourse" but one way of objectifying the divine-human sexual metaphor.

Urpoesie und Morgenland

Author : Bernd Auerochs
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The Catholic Periodical and Literature Index

Author :
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Author : Mosheh Bar-Asher
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שרה יפת, כלת פרס ישראל בחקר המקרא (תשס"ד), נמנית עם השורה הראשונה של חוקרי המקרא בארץ ובעולם. בשני תחומים עיקריים הרימה שרה יפת תרומה רבת ערך: חקר ספרות שיבת ציון, ובראשה חקר הספרים דברי הימים ועזרא-נחמיה; וחקר פרשנות המקרא היהודית בימי הביניים, ובייחוד מחקר כתביו ודרכו הפרשנית של ר' שמואל בן מאיר (רשב"ם). פרופ' יפת שלימדה שנים רבות בחוג למקרא באונברסיטה העברית בירושלים, חיברה וערכה ספרים ומאמרים רבים, מילאה תפקידים ציבוריים, והיום היא נשיאת האיגוד העולמי למדעי היהדות. חמישים המאמרים בספר זה עוסקים בהיסטוגרפיה מקראית ובתפיסות היסטוריות המשתקפות בספרות המקרא מסיפורי התורה ועד ספר דברי הימים; בחקר פרשנות ימי הביניים מפירושי המקרא הביזנטיים ןעד רשב"ם ואן עזרא; ובסוגיות בלשון ובספרות המייצגות את הדיסציפלינה הבלשנית והספרותית בחקר ספר הספרים. טובי החוקרים, מורים, עמיתים ותלמידים מן הארץ ומן העולם, מגישים בספר זה את מיטב המדע העכשווי בחקר המקרא - שי לפרופ' שרה יפת.