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Perspectives on the Social Sciences in Canada

Author : Thomas N. Guinsburg
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The papers included in this volume were originally presented at the opening of the Social Science Centre at the University of Western Ontario in 1973 and are believed to be the first collective assessment of the social sciences in Canada.

Perspectives on the Social Sciences in Canada

Author : Thomas N. Guinsburg
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Changing Perspectives on the Social Sciences in Ghana

Author : Samuel Agyei-Mensah
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This book is the first compilation of its kind that brings together discussions of the evolution of scholarship in different branches of the Social Sciences. It presents a comprehensive multi-disciplinary text exploring the changing dynamics of the Social Sciences in Ghana, offering a broader perspective from which to view the evolution, theory, methods, substance and relevance of each of the Social Science disciplines and their multiple interfaces. The introduction and the conclusion are devoted to the theoretical, comparative and empirical debate over the Social Sciences from historical and analytical perspectives. Written by acknowledged experts, the 15 chapters span the following disciplines: Archaeology and Heritage Studies; History; Geography; Psychology; Sociology and Anthropology; Social Work; Economics; Political Science; International Affairs; Information Studies; Communication Studies; African Studies; Development Studies; Women’s and Gender Studies and Adult and Continuing Education. Changing Perspectives on the Social Sciences in Ghana offers sophisticated perspectives for comparing and appreciating the synergies, differences, trends and nuances among and between the Social Science disciplines in Ghana, in a holistic and scholarly manner.

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on International Student Experience in Canadian Higher Education

Author : Vander Tavares
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Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for international students at the higher education level. A number of complex factors and trends, both in Canada and globally, have contributed to the emergence of Canada as a destination for international higher education. However, more research is still needed to better understand the experiences of international students in Canada considering the rapid growth in numbers as well as the social, political, and linguistic singularity of Canada as a destination.

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on International Student Experience in Canadian Higher Education is an essential scholarly publication that explores international students' experiences in Canadian colleges and universities. It seeks to explore the various factors, aspects, challenges, and successes that characterize the international student experience in Canadian higher education from the perspective of international students and the academic communities to which they belong. Featuring a wide range of topics such as information literacy, professional development, and experiential learning, this book is ideal for academicians, instructors, researchers, policymakers, curriculum designers, and students.

The Comparative Turn in Canadian Political Science

Author : Linda White
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Over the past decade, the introspective, insular, and largely atheoretical style that informed Canadian political science for most of the postwar period has given way to a deeper engagement with, and integration into, the global field of comparative politics. This volume is the first sustained attempt to describe, analyze, and assess the "comparative turn" in Canadian political science. Canada's engagement with comparative politics is examined with a focus on three central questions: In what ways, and how successfully, have Canadian scholars contributed to the study of comparative politics? How does study of the Canadian case advance the comparative discipline? Finally, can Canadian practice and policy be reproduced in other countries?

Canadian Society Sociological Perspectives

Author : NA NA
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Perspectives on Waste from the Social Sciences and Humanities

Author : Richard Ek
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Waste is something we encounter on an everyday basis. Today, the waste-mountain is increasing despite ambitious measures being taken to decrease it. Consequently, increased scholarly interest is being devoted to waste, but primarily from a technocratic and scientific point of view. This compilation offers different perspectives on waste, its characteristics, and its presence in the world from social scientist and humanist standpoints. Waste is the constant companion to the human, and is thus inherent in modern society. Therefore, waste needs to be further approached and understood from a plethora of scholarly perspectives and disciplines, and further investigated through a multitude of methodologies and data collection techniques. The imagination of a future where waste-preventive actions and circular economies permeate society can only be a reality if technocratic and scientific accounts of what is to be done, when, and how, are complemented by social scientific and humanist concepts of the nature and constitution of waste. Such a perspective offers the possibility to understand how waste is constituted through relationships, language, materials, politics, practices and structures. This book shows that philosophers, historians, cultural theorists and economists have much to offer on the topic of waste as a part of everyday modern life.

Canadian Perspectives on Immigration in Small Cities

Author : Glenda Tibe Bonifacio
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This book examines immigration to small cities throughout Canada. It explores the distinct challenges brought about by the influx of people to urban communities which typically have less than 100,000 residents. The essays are organized into four main sections: partnerships, resources, and capacities; identities, belonging, and social networks; health, politics, and diversity, and Francophone minority communities. Taken together, they provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary perspective on the contemporary realities of immigration to small urban locations. Readers will discover how different groups of migrants, immigrants, and Francophone minorities confront systemic discrimination; how settlement agencies and organizations develop unique strategies for negotiating limited resources and embracing opportunities brought about by changing demographics; and how small cities work hard to develop inclusive communities and respond to social exclusions. In addition, each essay includes a case study that highlights the topic under discussion in a particular city or region, from Brandon, Manitoba to the Thompson-Nicola Region in British Columbia, from Peterborough, Ontario to the Niagara Region. As a complement to metropolitan-based works on immigration in Canada, this collection offers an important dimension in migration studies that will be of interest to academics, researchers, as well as policymakers and practitioners working on immigrant integration and settlement.

The Social Sciences in Canada

Author : Donald Fisher
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The Social Sciences in Canada is about the background and history of the Social Science Federation of Canada in honour of its fifty years of national activity. There can be little doubt that during the last fifty years the federation, and its predecessors, have had a substantial impact on the development of the social sciences in Canada. The history of this organization is probably the best barometer that we have for recording the changes that have occurred in the relation between social scientists and Canadian society.

Introduction to Gender

Author : Jennifer Marchbank
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'Introduction to Gender' offers an integrated approach, including commentary and analysis from women's studies, feminist works, and critical studies of masculinity. It is logically organised by introducing the subject of gender, before focusing on the debates within eight different disciplines.

The Development of the Social Sciences in the United States and Canada

Author : Theresa Richardson
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This collection originated in, and is, an interdisciplinary dialogue. The subject of conversation is the social sciences in the twentieth century and the role of large-scale philanthropy, using Rockefeller philanthropy in particular as a case study. The intention is to draw a much needed integration of historical, theoretical, and philosophical perspectives on the development of modern knowledge systems and their mentors. The dialogue builds on the work of earlier historians and philosophers of science as well as pioneers in the study of philanthropy. Earlier descriptive studies have given way in the past 20 years to the more analytic stance taken by the authors represented in this volume.

Canadian Essay and Literature Index

Author : Andrew D. Armitage
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Critical Perspectives on Think Tanks

Author : Landry, Julien
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This innovative book explores think tanks from the perspective of critical policy studies, showcasing how knowledge, power and politics intersect with the ways in which think tanks intervene in public policy.

Global Crises and the Social Sciences

Author : Trent/Lamy
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Social Science and Historical Perspectives

Author : Jack David Eller
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This accessible book introduces the story of ‘social science’, with coverage of history, politics, economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and geography. Key questions include: How and why did the social sciences originate and differentiate? How are they related to older traditions that have defined Western civilization? What is the unique perspective or ‘way of knowing’ of each social science? What are the challenges—and alternatives—to the social sciences as they stand in the twenty-first century? Eller explains the origin, evolution, methods, and the main figures, literature, concepts, and theories in each discipline. The chapters also feature a range of contemporary examples, with consideration given to how the disciplines address present-day issues.

Christianity and Social Scientific Perspectives on Sport

Author : Tom Gibbons
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There has been a dramatic increase in academic research activity and practical initiatives on the topic of sports and Christianity, and its cultural significance during the past decade. The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at York St John University, York, UK, hosted the Inaugural Global Congress on Sports and Christianity (IGCSC), 24-28th August 2016 in collaboration with the Bible Society at which there were 180 delegates from 22 countries in attendance. For the area of sports studies/the social scientific study of sport, there was a thematic strand at the congress titled ‘Christian sociological perspectives on sport’ from which a special edition of the journal Sport in Society partially emanated. This book is based upon this journal special edition. The papers selected for inclusion in the special edition were purposely eclectic in order to demonstrate the diversity of current research occurring in the area of Christianity and social scientific perspectives on sport. The goal was to bridge divisions between various social science disciplines and theology or religious studies, through varied, novel and interesting explorations of sport in its various forms. We hope this collection inspires further studies into this area. The chapters in this book were originally published in a special issue in Sport in Society.

Recent Perspectives on Early Childhood Education in Canada

Author : Nina Howe
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Early childhood education is critical for preparing children for success in formal school settings, and as such, is a major concern throughout the world. This volume brings together ground-breaking research in this area to help practitioners, students, policy makers, curriculum designers, and intervention program developers understand the latest ideas and advances in the field. Recent Perspectives of Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada centres on three key themes. The first provides a survey of historical, social policy, economic, and provincial regulations and policies related to early childhood education and care. The second focuses on issues related to children’s learning, curriculum, and teachers. The final theme addresses recent developments in government involvement in early childhood education and care that are unique to Canada. The contributors to this volume demonstrate the pressing need that exists to further public discussion on early childhood education to help policymakers shape better decisions for Canadian families.

Canadian Perspectives on Community Development

Author : Sarah Todd
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Founded in a perspective that speaks to the diversity of contexts and processes used across Canada, this work is nevertheless firmly grounded in theory, offering an in-depth analysis geared toward advanced study in community practice. This depth is further strengthened by the diversity of topics represented in this collective work: community work in various regions of the country exploring issues of poverty and environmental activism; community work with immigrants and refugees, and with trans communities; feminist community organizing as well as organizing with persons with disabilities and with members of linguistic communities; and, finally, artsbased community work with the elderly. This book is published in English. - S’il reflète une diversité de contextes et de processus mis en oeuvre partout au Canada, cet ouvrage est toutefois fermement ancré dans la théorie, convenant aux études avancées en pratique communautaire. La diversité des sujets que propose cet ouvrage collectif est d’un intérêt particulier, qu’il s’agisse du travail communautaire dans diverses régions du pays explorant les questions de la pauvreté et de l’activisme environnemental; le travail communautaire auprès des immigrants et des réfugiés et avec les communautés de personnes trans; l’organisation de la communauté féministe ainsi que celle des personnes handicapées ou celle des membres de communautés linguistiques, et enfin, le travail communautaire axé sur les arts auprès des personnes âgées. Ce livre est publié en anglais.

Human Rights in Cross Cultural Perspectives

Author : Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im
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Human rights violations are perpetrated in all parts of the world, and the universal reaction to such atrocities is overwhelmingly one of horror and sadness. Yet, as Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im and his contributors attest, our viewpoint is clouded and biased by the expectations native to our own culture. How do other cultures view human rights issues? Can an analysis of these issues through multiple viewpoints, both cross-cultural and indigenous, help us reinterpret and reconstruct prevailing theories of human rights?

National Character in the Perspective of the Social Sciences

Author : Don Martindale
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