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Perinatal Nutrition

Author : Jatinder Bhatia
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Perinatal Nutrition describes the role of nutrition in newborn growth and development, the reduction of health risks, and the prevention of morbidity in the neonatal period and infancy. This important reference presents valuable nutritional strategies for the care of perinatal patients from preconception through infancy and after hospital release,

Nutrition Services in Perinatal Care

Author : National Academy of Sciences
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This book focuses on nutrition services beginning in the preconceptional period and extending well beyond birth. It provides the rationale for the recommended nutritional services; briefly describes the necessary elements of these services; and indicates the personnel, knowledge, skills, and specialized education or training that may be needed to deliver them. It will be useful to policymakers, hospital administrators, directors of health centers, physicians in private or group practices, and others responsible for setting such standards and for overseeing health care services for expectant and new mothers and their infants.

Perinatal Growth and Nutrition

Author : Ian J. Griffin
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Preterm infants grow poorly after birth and very commonly develop ex utero growth restriction (EUGR). However, the risks and benefits of catch-up growth in preterm infants must be weighed, and evidence addressing this warrants examination. Perinatal Growth and Nutrition explores the reasons for EUGR and the long-term effects on developmental outcome and on metabolic risks. It provides clear information on the risks and benefits of faster post-natal growth and catch-up growth in preterm infants and offers tools for better assessment of growth and earlier identification of faltering growth. This book is divided into three sections. The first section covers advances in preterm infant growth standards, diagnosis and causes of EUGR, and assessments of preterm infant diets. The second section considers the extensive human literature on the effects of in utero and ex utero growth restriction and catch-up growth on long-term metabolic outcomes—such as obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and cardiac disease—and long-term neurodevelopmental outcomes including cognition. It also examines evidence for the effect of growth on these outcomes in term and preterm infants. The final section of the book considers ways to reduce the incidence of EUGR in preterm infants and when EUGR does occur, to optimize catch-up growth. Topics include assessment of dietary requirements of the diverse population of preterm infants, examination of tools for prescribing nutrition to neonatal intensive care unit patients, consideration of whether to customize or generalize nutrient intake, and fortification of human milk. In addition, the last chapter proposes using a Z-score growth chart for improved interpretation of growth data.

Concepts in Neonatal Nutrition An Issue of Clinics in Perinatology

Author : Brenda Poindexter
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Over the past several decades, advances in neonatal nutrition have focused on the provision of early parenteral nutrition and the development of formulas and supplements that most closely approximate maternal breast milk. The overall outcomes for infants, including premature infants, have greatly benefited from these advances, but there are still many nutritional unknowns that impact the lives of neonates. This is an exciting time in neonatal nutrition as the focus has shifted from survival and growth, which are still important goals, to effects of each micro/macronutrient on development, prevention of disease states such as ROP, the effects of neonatal nutrition on future health as an adult, and opportunities to improve long-term neurodevelopmental outcomes by optimal early nutrition. This issue focuses on aspects of enteral and parenteral nutrition that are at the forefront of neonatal care: assessing growth, parenteral nutrition components (including alternate lipid formulations), optimal storage and use of human milk (including donor milk), post-discharge nutrition, and the effects of various micro/macronutrients on long-term developmental outcomes. It is anticipated that the study and implementation of many of these novel concepts into the care of neonates, many of whom are severely premature, will be of value to practitioners, researchers, and, most of all, patients.

Textbook of Gastroenterology and Nutrition in Infancy Gastrointestinal development and perinatal nutrition

Author : Emanuel Lebenthal
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Reducing Racial Ethnic Disparities in Reproductive and Perinatal Outcomes

Author : Arden Handler
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Among women’s health concerns, reproductive issues, both prenatal and postpartum, hold particular prominence. Yet despite the many programs dedicated to improving women’s reproductive health, maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates in minority communities remain unchanged—or have increased. Confronting this alarming statistic head-on, Reducing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Reproductive and Perinatal Outcomes is the first book systematically examining public health interventions designed toward meeting this important and elusive goal. Its contributors offer the best thinking and practice on this complicated topic, clarifying the relationship between evidence-based medicine and evidence-based public health and its potential for increasing parity, considering interventions in the multiple contexts of women’s lives, reviewing the evidence base for each program or initiative featured, and describing methodologies for evaluating interventions. The resulting volume advocates for an integrative lifespan approach, including topics related to: Family planning STI and HIV/AIDS screening and treatment Smoking cessation and reducing exposure to environmental smoke Preconceptional well-woman care Depression screening and treatment Labor/delivery approaches and intrapartum care Emerging prenatal care interventions, from centering pregnancy to doula support For professionals and graduate students in psychiatry, psychology, sociology, women’s health, and public health, Reducing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Reproductive and Perinatal Outcomes reframes a set of ongoing issues and guides the reader toward state-of-the-art solutions.

Perinatal Nutrition

Author : Jatinder Bhatia
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Perinatal Nutrition describes the role of nutrition in newborn growth and development, the reduction of health risks, and the prevention of morbidity in the neonatal period and infancy. This important reference presents valuable nutritional strategies for the care of perinatal patients from preconception through infancy and after hospital release, and analyzes in-hospital and post discharge methods to promote infant growth. The book investigates the positive effects of calcium, protein, and other micronutrients on infant development as well as the mechanisms, function, and impact of a wide range of nutrients and provides recommendations for iron and vitamin intake based on maternal BMI.

Precision Nutrition and Metabolic Syndrome Management

Author : Alfredo J. Martínez
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Precision Nutrition and Metabolic Syndrome Management" that was published in Nutrients

Call to Action

Author : Carolyn O. Sharbaugh
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Perinatal Nutrition

Author : B. S. Lindblad
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Hearings Reports and Prints of the Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs
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Neonatal Nutrition and Metabolism

Author : Patti J. Thureen
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Neonatal nutrition has a pivotal role in normal child development and is of even greater importance in the sick or premature neonate. This 2006 edition includes a comprehensive account of the basic science, metabolism and nutritional requirements of the neonate, and a greatly expanded number of chapters dealing in depth with clinical issues ranging from IUGR, intravenous feeding, nutritional therapies for inborn errors of metabolism, and care of the neonatal surgical patient. Evolving from these scientific and clinical aspects, the volume highlights the important long-term effects of fetal and neonatal growth on health in later life. In addition, there are very practical chapters on methods and techniques for assessing nutritional status, body composition, and evaluating metabolic function.

Perinatal Physiology

Author : Uwe Stave
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Living Nature, not dull Art Shall plan my ways and rule my heart -Cardinal Newman Nature and Art 1868 One of the ineluctable consequences of growth in any field of science is that subjects of inquiry once established tend to give birth to subsubjects and that the subsubjects once established will in time undergo further mitotic division. Not so many years ago, problems surrounding the ietus and newly born infant lay in a realm almost to be described as a "no-man's land." Obstetricians properly gave major consideration to understanding and learning about processes and disorders concerned with maternal health and safety. The welfare of the infant was regarded as of secondary importance. Pediatricians on their part hesitated to invade the nursery, a sanctum regarded as belonging to the domain of the accoucheur. And the pathologist, enveloped in the mysteries of life and death in the adult, found scant tim~ for the neonate and the placenta.

Perinatal Care

Author :
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Better Health for Our Children Background papers

Author : United States. Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health
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Oversight on Administration s Budget Proposals for Child Nutrition Program

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor. Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education
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IGF and Nutrition in Health and Disease

Author : M. Sue Houston
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A benchmark review on how specific nutrients or adverse nutritional states impact the components of the IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor) system and affect human health and disease. The authors describe the fundamentals of the IGF system, explain its basic mechanisms of action, illuminate its essential role in physical development across the life span, and highlight the link between normal and abnormal cellular growth resulting in tumor formation. They also fully examine the clinical aspects of nutrition and IGF, from pre- and postnatal development through old age, in the maintenance of normal metabolism, bone, and muscle health, and their role in pathological states. Special attention is given to critical illness, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney failure, endocrine dysfunctions, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, and cancer, as well as to their potential for IGF therapy.

ADA Pocket Guide to Neonatal Nutrition

Author : Sharon Groh-Wargo
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Food and Nutrition Information and Educational Materials Center catalog

Author : Food and Nutrition Information Center (U.S.).
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Neonatal Nutrition for Inflammatory Disorders and Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Author : Misty Good
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This Nutrients Special Issue focuses on neonatal nutritional advances for inflammatory disorders affecting infants such as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Nutrition can significantly impact the development of certain diseases that afflict infants. This Special Issue aims to bring together the latest research on the role of nutrition in preventing or impacting neonatal disorders. Specifically, this Special Issue focuses on the role of breast milk or donor breast milk and the various components in milk that have been demonstrated to protect against NEC and other inflammatory diseases. This issue provides a comprehensive composite of the advances in nutritional strategies that can modulate or prevent neonatal intestinal disorders.