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Performance Massage

Author : Robert K. King
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Full color photographs illustrate techniques while the text provides theory and practice of therapeutic massage.

Massage for Sport Performance

Author : Michael McGillicuddy
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Perform at the highest level withMassage for Sport Performance. This book and DVD demonstrate self-massage and partner massage for deep-tissue pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and speedy muscle recuperation. Optimal performance and quick relief are readily available with pre- and postevent massages, recovery massages, and spot treatments.

Modalities for Massage and Bodywork

Author : Elaine Stillerman
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"Explore 21 of the top modalities in massage practice today with direction from leading experts in each modality."--Back cover.

Understanding Sports Massage

Author : Patricia J. Benjamin
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"Massage can enhance athletes' conditioning and performance, reduce injury potential, and aid injury rehabilitation. Understanding Sports Massage offers comprehensive information on how to use massage in any sports setting and focuses on these topics: the theoretical basis for sports massage; various applications of massage for athletes - restorative, event-related, and maintenance; massage and adjunct techniques; the effects of each technique; tips on giving massage; how to plan and give a massage; how to set up a sports massage program; and contraindications and cautions." "Understanding Sports Massage will help athletic trainers, sports physical therapists, massage specialists, and other sports medicine professionals ensure the health and enhance the performance of their athletes."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Sports Performance Massage

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Sports Performance Massage informs the student and practicing therapist to use a combination of experienced and scientific evidence to inform their sports massage practice, particularly when working with athletic populations. Strength and conditioners, coaches, managers and athletes frequently ask questions about the best use of sports massage in order to recover quicker from injury and fatigue and improve performance. 'Sports Performance Massage' will empower the therapist, by giving them greater confidence, improve their scientific understanding when working with injured and competitive athletes. The exciting new volume covers all the aspects required to make a highly skilled, confident and employable sports massage therapist. Working with high level athletes requires an additional skill level compared to working with the general public. Furthermore, advanced massage skills taught in this book such as; soft tissue release and trigger point therapy, are essential skills when working on muscular adhesions and injured areas. Pregnant athletes, those with disabilities, contraindications and athletes with special requirements have also been considered. Sports Performance Massage is a learning and research aid for those studying both vocational sports massage courses and those studying other courses where massage forms part of the undergraduate and post graduate degrees, this includes; sports therapy; sports rehabilitation; osteopathy and physiotherapy. Unlike other sports massage books, Sports performance Massage has a strong academic focus, allowing the graduate therapist to stay up to date with the latest research in their respective field.

Athletic Training

Author :
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A Practical Treatise on Massage

Author : Douglas Graham
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Health and High Performance

Author : Robert J. Brosmer
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Effect of Warm up on Cycling Sprint Performance

Author : Susan Joan Heger
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Introduction to Massage Therapy

Author : Mary Beth Braun
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This massage therapy textbook enables readers to translate the fundamental knowledge base for massage into practical applications both in class and in practice. Students will learn functional anatomy and physiology integrated with massage therapy techniques in addition to exploring the fundamentals of history, medical terminology, pharmacology, assessment, documentation, ethics, pathology, self-care, and more. Now every copy of Introduction to Massage Therapy comes with a DVD created by Real Bodywork.

Complete Massage

Author : Clare Maxwell-Hudson
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Detailed step-by-step massage techniques from aroungd the globe, including Indian Bridal Massage, Shiatsu, and Swedish massage. Explains the history and health benefits of massage.

Physiological Basis of Human Performance

Author : Benjamin Ricci
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Sports Massage for Peak Performance

Author : Greg Pike
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Sports massage has come into its own as a vital tool for serious athletes. Recent advances in sports medicine have proven conclusively that preperformance massage can give athletes a competitive edge by improving endurance and flexibility, and that postperformance and maintenance massage can decrease muscle recovery time and help reduce injuries. Today, sports massage is a growing trend, with boutiques prospering in every major city and sports franchises making it an intrinsic part of their athletes' workout regimen. For those of us who need the knead but don't have masseurs at our beck and call, there's Sports Massage for Peak Performance. Based on the latest advances in sports medicine, it teaches athletes basic techniques that they can do on themselves or with a partner. It also provides sport-specific massages and discusses the latest advances in massage therapy. Featuring a section on how to massage for peak performance and spot, prevent and care for injury, this is indispensable equipment for weekend warriors, professional athletes and everyone in between. MASSAGE YOUR WAY TO PEAK PERFORMANCE! Like visualization, meditation and stretching, massageis a tool that helps athletes find their winning edge. Sports massage can optimize the body's performance in a particular sport and reduce the risk of injury. With a range of exercises for all athletes that can be done alone or with a partner, Sports Massage for Peak Performance can be used by professionals, amateurs and everyone inbetween. Reap the amazing benefits of sports massgage: Get in touch with your body -- learn and feel how it works. Improve muscle efficiency, circulation and movement in your sport. Aid rehabilitation and even prevent injury.Relieve stress and reduce soreness caused by intense exercise. Simply feel better -- experience a sense of calm and relaxation in and out of your sport.

Winning Without Drugs

Author : David Hemery
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Mosby s Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage

Author : Sandy Fritz
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A complete introduction to massage therapy, this book uniquely focuses on professionalism. It first examines from office management, and includes client history, sanitation, benefits and history of massage. It then clearly describes and graphically illustrates clinical skills, such as manipulation, types of therapy, and massage techniques.

Massage Therapy

Author : Jean E. Loving
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Presenting the principles and techniques of massage, Massage Therapy: Theory & Practice emphasizes the implementation of therapeutic skills to practice. This resource covers the principles and techniques of massage as well as the application of learned techniques to the needs of the workplace. Describing the uses of contemporary and classic massage strokes, this text is ideal for students at both entry and intermediate levels.

Tappan s Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques

Author : Patricia J. Benjamin
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This pioneering book in massage therapy provides basic information on the art and science of effective healing massage techniques in quick-learn, easy-to-understand terms. Whether you're a licensed massage therapy practitioner, health related professional, or just interested in basic massage therapy techniques, this is the book for you! The authors carefully examine the foundations of healing massage, western massage techniques, contemporary massage including myofascial techniques, trigger points, lymphatic drainage massage, foot reflexology, Asian bodywork therapy and applications of massage. New to the fifth edition are Practice Sequences that are step-by-step suggested example applications of the techniques described in the book. Each Practice Sequence is demonstrated in full, vibrant detail on the DVD that accompanies this text. So that readers can track their progress, the DVD, as well as Appendix D, provides Performance Evaluation Forms for every Practice Sequence.

Equine Massage

Author : Stuart J. Farnell
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Remedial Massage Therapy

Author : Eddie Caldwell
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"Fully illustrated with black and white photographs and line drawings, 'Remedial massage therapy' takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of remedial massage. Key areas covered include: the history of massage ; different massage techniques including sports massage ; muscles and joints ; assessing and treating the patient ; advertising the practice ; a fully detailed section which covers specific ares of the body ; treating children ; and origins, insertions and actions of muscles." -- back cover.

Research Quarterly

Author :
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