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A History of the Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania

Author : George P. Donehoo
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No state in the entire Nation is richer in Indian names, or in fact, in Indian history than Pennsylvania. These Indian names of Pennsylvania are full of music, but, of far greater importance, they are full of history. A History of the Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania, which was first published in 1928, is the only major book of the 20th century that traces Pennsylvania’s Indian place and names for their correct form, origin and history. Its pages are filled with the most incredible collection of information ever assembled on the Indian villages of Pennsylvania and their Indian place names and is an Indian history scholar’s delight. In preparing his book, Dr. Donehoo researched every available source of printed material about Indian place names in Pennsylvania. He also walked nearly every Indian trail, from the Delaware to the Ohio, using early trader’s journals and maps as his guide, to seek out the places the Indians lived. Each Indian name comes complete with historical notes by the author. The book includes a list of all the sources used to authenticate each Indian place name. An excellent bibliography follows at the conclusion of the work along with appendixes listing: the Indian villages of New York destroyed by General Sullivan’s army in 1779, prehistoric works in Pennsylvania by county, and an alphabetical listing of all Indian named places in each county.

Place Names of Illinois

Author : Edward Callary
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This extensive guide shows how the history and culture of Illinois are embedded in the names of its towns, cities, and other geographical features. Edward Callary unearths the origins of names of nearly three thousand Illinois communities and the circumstances surrounding their naming and renaming. Organized alphabetically, the entries are concise, engaging, and full of fascinating detail revealing the rich ethnic history of the state, the impact of industrialization and the coming of the railroads, and insight into local politics and personalities. Many entries also provide information on local pronunciation, the name’s etymology, and the community’s location, all set in historical and cultural context. A general introduction locates Illinois place names in the context of general patterns of place naming in the United States. An extremely useful reference for scholars of American history, geography, language, and culture, Place Names of Illinois also offers intriguing browsing material for the inquisitive reader and the curious traveler.

Indian Placenames in America

Author : Sandy Nestor
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The American Indians have lost much of their land over the years, but their legacy is evident in the many places around the United States that have Indian names. Countless placenames have, however, been corrupted over time, and numerous placenames have similar spellings but different meanings. This reference work is a reprint in one combined volume of the two-volume set published by McFarland in 2003 and 2005. Volume One covers the name origins and histories of cities, towns and villages in the United States that have Indian names. It is arranged alphabetically by state, then alphabetically by city, town or village name. Additional data include population figures and county names. Probable Indian placenames with no certain origin also receive entries, and as much history as possible is provided about those locations. Volume Two covers more than 1400 rivers, lakes, mountains and other natural features in the United States with Indian names. It is arranged by state, and then alphabetically by natural feature. Counties are provided for most entries, with multiple counties listed for some entries where appropriate. In addition to name origins and meanings, geophysical data such as the heights of mountains and lengths of waterways are indicated.

Encyclopedia of Place Names in the United States

Author : Henry Gannett
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Place names in the United States are often taken from the European nation that first colonized the land. Many names that have been transferred from Britain, as is the case with Barnstable, Massachusetts and Danbury, Connecticut. Many others are of French origin, such as Detroit, Michigan, which was established along the banks of the river they called le détroit du lac Érié, meaning the strait of Lake Erie. Many in the former New Netherland colony are of Dutch origin, such as Harlem, Brooklyn and Rhode Island. Many place names are taken from the languages of native peoples. Specific (personal or animal) names and general words or phrases are used, sometimes translated and sometimes not. However complicated the tracing back of the place names was, this encyclopedia lists thousands and thousands of place names in the United States of America and provides valuable information as to the origin and the history of the name. A fantastic reference work for everyone interested in American history.

Kentucky Place Names

Author : Robert M. Rennick
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" From the wealth of place names in Kentucky, Rennick has selected those of some 2,000 communities and post offices. These places are usually the largest, the best known, or the most important as well as those with unusual or inherently interesting names. Including perhaps one-fourth of all such places known in the state, the names were chosen as a representative sample among Kentucky's counties and sections. Kentucky Place Names offers a fascinating mosaic of information on families, events, politics, and local lore in the state. It will interest all Kentuckians as well as the growing number of scholars of American place names.

The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States

Author : Henry Gannett
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Pennsylvania Histories

Author : Sheldon Spear
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Pennsylvania Histories examines the state’s history over two hundred years through the study of a number of somewhat obscure yet significant individuals and events. The narrative often confronts issues pertaining to ethnicity, gender, and the social class structure.

The Romance of Wisconsin Place Names

Author : Robert E. Gard
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“The names of places lie upon the land and tell us where we are or where we have been or where we want to go. And so much more.”—From the introduction Fifty years ago, educator and writer Robert E. Gard traveled across Wisconsin, learning the trivial, controversial, and landmark stories behind how cities, counties, and local places got their names. This volume records the fruits of Gard’s labors in an alphabetical listing of places from every corner of Wisconsin, and the stories behind their often-unusual names. Gard’s work provides an important snapshot of how Wisconsin residents of a bygone era came to understand the names of their towns and home places, many of which can no longer be found on any map. Celebrated rural historian Jerry Apps introduces this reprint of Gard’s work, saying that in “some ways The Romance of Wisconsin Place Names is a reference book, a place where you can go to learn a little more about your home town. But in many ways it is much more than that, for it includes the stories of places throughout the state, submitted by the people who knew them. It is a book where story, people, and place all come together.”

History of Pennsylvania

Author : Philip S. Klein
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The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States

Author : Henry Gannett
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