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Peacemaking from Above Peace from Below

Author : Norrin M. Ripsman
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This work explains how regional rivals make peace and how outside actors can encourage regional peacemaking. Through a qualitative empirical analysis of all the regional rivalries that terminated in peace treaties in the twentieth century - including detailed case studies of the Franco-German, Egyptian-Israeli, and Israeli-Jordanian peace settlements - the text concludes that efforts to encourage peacemaking that focus on changing the attitudes of the rival societies or democratizing the rival polities to enable societal input into security policy are unlikely to achieve peace.

The Peacemaker and Court of Arbitration

Author :
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Between Knowledge and Commitment

Author : Masako Ishii
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Peacekeeping Peacemaking Or War

Author : Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies. Spring Seminar
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This document contains papers on the following topics: Canada and international security enforcement; future prospects of Latin America and peacekeeping; a military view of the future of peacekeeping; the challenges of ethnicity and tribalism in Muslim countries; the relationship between international security and international finance; the economics of Canadian defence; a Chinese view of the role of the United Nations in international security; international security and conflict management; and challenges and opportunities in international security enforcement. It also contains documents on the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait; the letter of resignation from the vice-chief of the defence staff; and the speaking notes for the Honourable Marcel Masse.

100 Years of Peace Making

Author : Rainer Santi
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Peacebuilding After Peace Accords

Author : Tristan Anne Borer
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Peace accords are often plagued by problems, including economic hardship, burgeoning crime, postwar trauma, and persistent fear and suspicion. Too often, negotiated settlements merely open another difficult chapter in the peace process, or worse, lead to new phases of conflict. The University of Notre Dame's Research Initiative on the Resolution of Ethnic Conflict (RIREC) explored three significant challenges of the postwar landscape: the effects of violence in internal conflicts after peace agreements have been signed; the contributions of truth-telling mechanisms; and the multidimensional roles played by youth as activists, soldiers, criminals, and community-builders. The project led to the 2006 publication of three edited volumes by the University of Notre Dame Press: John Darby's Violence and Reconstruction; Tristan Anne Borer's Telling the Truths: Truth Telling and Peace Building in Post-Conflict Societies; and Siobhan McEvoy-Levy's Troublemakers or Peacemakers Youth and Post-Accord Peace Building. In Peacebuilding After Peace Accords, the three editors revisit the topics presented in their books. reconstruction and the difficulties in building a sustainable peace in societies recently destabilized by deadly violence. The authors argue that researchers and practitioners should pay greater attention to these challenges, especially how they relate to each other and to different post-accord problems. A foreword by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu sets the context for this volume, and an afterword by Eileen Babbitt reflects on its findings.

Convair B 36 Peacemaker

Author : Dennis R. Jenkins
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Details six- and ten-engined monsters of the 1950s. Coverage includes tech manual excerpts, engineering drawings, structural and power plant review, cutaway drawings, and pilot analysis.

Peace making in the Middle East

Author : Lester A. Sobel
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Documents the 1973 cease-fire negotiations, early U.S. initiatives, Sadat's visit to Israel, the Camp David accords, and the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty.

Ambassadors of Reconciliation Diverse Christian practices of restorative justice and peacemaking

Author : Ched Myers
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Both Ched Myers and Elaine Enns work for Bartimaeus Ministries in California. Enns has worked for twenty years in the field of restorative justice and conflict resolution. Myers, the author of Binding the Strong Man and Who Will Roll Away the Stone?, focuses on building biblical literacy, church renewal, and faith-based witness for justice. Book jacket.

Finnish Peace Making

Author : Kimmo Kiljunen
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War and Peace Making

Author : Edmundo Garcia
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The Southern African Peacekeeping Peacemaking Project Towards sustainable peace and stability in Southern Africa 1993

Author :
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Peacemaker Joseph Martin 1740 1808 and His Descendants

Author : Nancy Marlene Martin Knight
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Joseph Martin was born in Bristol, England, and immigrated to Virginia sometime during the first quarter of the eighteenth century. He married twice, and died about 1760 in Albemarle County, Virginia. Joseph Martin, the peacemaker, was his son.

The Peacemaking Struggle

Author : Ronald H. Stone
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This collection of essays focuses on the relationship of the Christian faith to the issues involved in the contemporary struggle over the meaning of resistance to militarism. It is intended as a resource to help face an appropriate response to the responsibilities and limits of Christian citizenship in a society increasingly faced with the dangers of militarism. Co-published with the Council on Theology and Culture and the Advisory Council on Church and Society of the United Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)

Ambassadors of Reconciliation New Testament reflections on restorative justice and peacemaking

Author : Ched Myers
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St. Paul called on followers of Christ to be 'ambassadors of reconciliation'. In reflections of this and other New Testament texts, Myers and Enns offer a lens for re-reading the entire biblical tradition as a resource for the cause of 'restorative justice' and peacemaking.

The Catholic Peace Tradition

Author : Ronald G. Musto
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Presents a historical account of the continuous peacemaking efforts of the Roman Catholic Church from gospel times to the present

Teaching Students to be Peacemakers

Author : Callie Elizabeth Walker
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Aiding Peace

Author : Jonathan Goodhand
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As nongovernmental organizations play a growing role in the international response to armed conflict - tasked with mitigating the effects of war and helping to end the violence - there is an acute need for information on the impact they are actually having. Addressing this need, Aiding Peace? explores just how NGOs interact with conflict and peace dynamics, and with what results. Jonathan Goodhand compares the programs of international and national NGOs in seven conflict arenas: Afghanistan, Armenia-Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Moldova, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. His multilevel approach is well grounded in an analysis of the political-economy context of each conflict. His important and perhaps unexpected results point to essential policy and practice changes in the interest of enhanced NGO peacebuilding efforts. Not least, they also highlight the need for a fundamental adjustment of expectations.

Troublemakers Or Peacemakers

Author : Siobhán McEvoy-Levy
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Many contemporary armed conflicts are fueled by young people, who, after peace accords are signed, remain both potential threats to peace and significant peace building resources. Troublemakers or Peacemakers? explores the contributions of youth and their multidimensional roles as political activists, soldiers, criminals, economic actors, peace activists, and community-builders. This volume breaks new ground in the importance it assigns to the political agency of children and youth in war zones. Contributors support their arguments and conclusions with original research based on intensive fieldwork in places such as Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Guatemala, Colombia, Angola, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, and Israel-Palestine. The leading scholars who have contributed to this volume contend that the puzzle of why peace accords succeed and fail can be better understood with the use of a multidimensional youth lens. Troublemakers or Peacemakers? is a vital resource for anyone interested in conflict resolution and the peace building process.

The Peacemaker s Vengeance

Author : Gary D. Svee
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When rumors surface that Jack Galt, the new blacksmith in Eagle's Nest, Montana, has a taste for killing women, local sheriff Frank Drinkwater is torn between justice and the law when he can find no hard evidence linking Galt to the previous crimes, especially when Galt turns his eye on Frank's beloved Catherine. Original.