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Paul s New Moment

Author : John Milbank
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Two world-renowned public intellectuals wrestle with the future of religion, secularity, and political hope, focusing on the renewed interest in Paul in contemporary continental philosophy.

In Each Moment

Author : Paul Lowe
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Paul Philosophy and the Theopolitical Vision

Author : Douglas Harink
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The apostle Paul was a man of many journeys. We are usually familiar with the geographical ones he made in his own time. This volume traces others--Paul's journeys in our time, as he is co-opted or invited to travel (sometimes as abused slave, sometimes as trusted guide) with modern and recent Continental philosophers and political theorists. Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Benjamin; Taubes, Badiou, Zizek, and Agamben--Paul journeys here among the philosophers. In these essays you are invited to travel with them into the regions of philosophy, hermeneutics, political theory, and theology. You will certainly hear the philosophers speak. But Paul will not remain silent. Above the sounds of the journey his voice comes through, loud and clear.

Radical Social Change in the United States

Author : Joanna Swanger
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This book tackles the question of why the United States is so resistant to radical change towards economic justice and peace. Taking full stock of the despair that launched the popular support for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, Swanger historicizes the political paralysis of post-1974 United States that deepened already severe economic inequalities, asking how the terrain for social movements in the early twenty-first-century US differs from that of the 1960s. This terrain is marked by the entrenchment of neoliberalism, anti-intellectualism, and difficulties paradoxically posed by the ease of social media. Activists now must contend with a paralyzing “post-factual” moment. Alain Badiou’s thought informs this book on breaking through contemporary political paralysis.

T T Clark Handbook of Political Theology

Author : Rubén Rosario Rodríguez
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The T&T Clark Handbook of Political Theology is a comprehensive reference resource informed by serious theological scholarship in the three Abrahamic traditions. The engaging and original contributions within this collection represent the epitome of contemporary scholarship in theology, religion, philosophy, history, law, and political science, from leading scholars in their area of specialization. Comprised of five sections that illuminate the rise and relevance of political theology, this handbook begins with the birth of contemporary “political theology,” and is followed by discussions of historical resources and past examples of interaction between theology and politics from all three Abrahamic traditions. The third section surveys the leading figures and movements that have had an impact on the discipline of political theology in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries; and the contributors then build on previously discussed historical resources and methods to engage with contemporary issues and challenges, emphasizing interreligious dialogue, even while addressing concerns of relevance to a particular faith tradition. The volume concludes with three essays that look at the future of political theology from the perspective of each Abrahamic religion. Complete with select bibliographies for each topic, this companion features the most current overview of political theology that will reach a broader, global audience of students and scholars

Paul Callaghan Luminous Moments

Author : Paul Callaghan
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Acknowledged internationally for his ground-breaking scientific research in the field of magnetic resonance, Sir Paul Callaghan was a scientist and visionary with a rare gift for promoting science to a wide audience. He was named New Zealander of the Year in 2011. His death in early 2012 robbed New Zealand of an inspirational leader. Paul Callaghan: Luminous Moments brings together some of his most significant writing. Whether he describes his childhood in Wanganui, reflects on discovering the beauty of science, sets out New Zealand’s future potential or discusses the experience of fatherhood, Sir Paul Callaghan offers eloquent narratives that will endure in this country’s literature. Meeting with the cancer that ended his life, he documents for us all ways of living well in the face of illness. As his daughter Catherine writes in her moving foreword: 'He became his own scientific experiment.'

The Poverty of Radical Orthodoxy

Author : Lisa Isherwood
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Radical Orthodoxy, whose founding father is John Milbank, claims that God has been pushed to the margins in modernity and that a false and misleading neo-theology has taken hold that needs to be revisited and contested. It is this return to the premodern that often leads theologians to have reservations about Radical Orthodoxy when they might otherwise have some sympathy for many of its positions. Radical Orthodoxy, like most traditional theology, claims that the power of God is in all creation and that God sits everywhere for all to partake of. But there appears to be a failure to see that the church and theology do not set in place systems that live out this basic assumption. Liberation theology, while sharing much of the same assumption that God is everywhere and to be shared, at the same time engages in a critique of the structures that claim to facilitate this vision, and finds them wanting. From here, then, liberation theologians attempt to refigure our understanding of shared power in order to broaden the vision, while it may be argued that Radical Orthodoxy simply restates the assumption with little political critique of the issues. Perhaps this point explains why this book is titled The Poverty of Radical Orthodoxy rather than Radical Error!

Political Theology A Guide for the Perplexed

Author : Elizabeth Phillips
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There is an increasingly intense interest in political theology amongst contemporary scholars and students. Yet, while there are many authors engaging in political theology, there are very few resources about political theology which aim to orient students and other recent new-comers to the field. This is a concise and accessible advanced introduction which distinguishes various approaches to political theology, and which explores several of the central issues addressed in political theologies. Theological students will be able to approach courses and readings in political theology with a renewed confidence with this overview in hand.

Paul and the New Perspective

Author : Seyoon Kim
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Understanding Paul and his conversion to Christianity is imperative for a thorough knowledge of the New Testament. In Paul and the New Perspective Seyoon Kim develops his argument that the origin of Paul's gospel lies in two places his radical conversion at Damascus and his usage of the Jesus tradition in light of Damascus. This new way of looking at Paul further explains how Paul made strong distinctions between the Spirit and the flesh/law, with further implications for his doctrine of justification. A departure from the New Perspective School represented by James D. G. Dunn, Kim's Paul and the New Perspective offers a thorough and extensive argument for the foundation of the gospel that Paul spread in the first century.

The New Perspective on Paul

Author : James D. G. Dunn
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The collection of essays highlights a dimension of Paul's theology of justification which has been rather neglected in earlier decades: that his teaching emerged as an integral part of his understanding of his commission to preach the gospel to non-Jews; and that his dismissal of justification 'by works of the law' was directed not so much against Jewish 'legalism' but rather against his fellow Jews' assumption that the law remained a dividing wall separating Christian Jews from Christian Gentiles. The long opening essay interacts with critiques of this 'new perspective on Paul' and seeks to carry forward the debate on Jewish soteriology ('covenantal nomism'), on the relation of justification by faith to judgment 'according to works', on Christian 'fulfilment' of the law, and on the crucial role of Christ, his death and resurrection. "This book is a wonderful resource for anyone wishing to become acquainted in particular with the work of James Dunn, and in general with the so-called 'new perspective' on Paul." Preston Sprinkle in Europäische Theologische Zeitschrift 15. Jg. (2006), S. 171 "Es ist zu wünschen, dass die über die kontroverstheologischen Fixierungen des 20. Jh.s weit hinausführenden Anregungen von den Vertretern der anderen theologischen Disziplinen aufgegriffen und produktiv rezipiert werden." Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr in Theologische Literaturzeitung 132. Jg. (2007), S. 168

Paul for Everyone 2 Corinthians

Author : Tom Wright
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Making use of his true scholar's understanding, yet writing in an approachable and anecdotal style, Wright shows us the liveliness of cosmopolitan Corinth, and reveals the wisdom and challenge of Paul's writing, bringing out the pastoral sensitivity and deep insight that make this letter one of Paul's crowning achievements.

Theology of the New Testament

Author : Frank S. Thielman
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Studying the theology of the New Testament can be a daunting task, even to the knowledgeable Bible student or pastor. Each of the twenty-seven books, written by various authors, has its own theological emphasis and nuances. How do we elicit a coherent message from such theological diversity, especially given that some of the theological statements in the New Testament seem to be at odds with one another? Is such an endeavor achievable or even valid? Theology of the New Testament takes a balanced approach in response to these challenges. Frank Thielman presents a theology of the New Testament that is careful to take into account the cultural and historical circumstances surrounding each book and the New Testament as a whole. He not only examines each book’s theological content individually, but also in relation to the rest of the New Testament, particularly within each of the three theological units that comprise the New Testament: the gospels and Acts, the Pauline epistles, and the general epistles and Revelation. This canonical and synthetic approach honors both the theological diversity of the various books and the theological connections between the books. In the end, Thielman finds a unified theological vision of the New Testament, anchored in the centrality of Jesus Christ. Frank Thielman’s Theology of the New Testament is an outstanding achievement. The book is marked by scholarly depth, exegetical rigor, and theological profundity. Both students and professors will profit immensely from this lucid treatment of the theology contained in the New Testament documents. Thomas R. Schreiner Professor of New Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary An accessible presentation of the key theological points of the New Testament books by an accomplished New Testament scholar and teacher. Its clear style, lucid organization, and sound theological insight make it a prime resource for serious students in both the academy and the church. Karen H. Jobes, PhD Associate Professor of New Testament, Westmont College

Beyond Old and New Perspectives on Paul

Author : Chris Tilling
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New Testament studies are witnessing many exciting developments. And Douglas Campbell's groundbreaking publications are an important contribution to future discussions relating to Paul. Familiar problems relating to justification, old and new perspectives, and much more besides, have been tackled in fresh and exciting ways, setting down challenge after challenge to all those involved in Pauline studies. Campbell's publications therefore demand serious engagement. This book seeks to facilitate academic engagement with Campbell's work in a unique way. It contains numerous chapters critiquing his proposals, while others summarize the key themes succinctly. But it also contains Campbell's own response to the reception of his work, allowing him space to outline how his thinking has developed. In so doing, this work allows readers to be drawn into a vitally important conversation. It is academic theology in the making and constitutes the cutting edge of Pauline studies.

New Testament Teaching in the Light of St Paul s

Author : A. H. McNeile
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First published in 1923, this book measures the other biblical epistles against the teachings of St Paul.

John Calvin s Commentaries On St Paul s First Epistle To The Corinthians Vol 1 Annotated Edition

Author : John Calvin
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This is the extended and annotated edition including * an extensive biographical annotation about the author and his life Calvin produced commentaries on most of the books of the Bible. His commentaries cover the larger part of the Old Testament, and all of the new excepting Second and Third John and the Apocalypse. His commentaries and lectures stand in the front rank of Biblical interpretation. THE EPISTLES OF PAUL TO THE CORINTHIANS form a most important part of the Sacred Writings. Though not so systematic as the Epistle to the ROMANS, they contain many passages, bearing directly on the fundamentally important doctrines of the Christian system, while they are of the highest utility in connection with Practical Theology. The disorders that had unhappily crept into the Church at Corinth, gave occasion for the Apostle’s handling at greater length than in any of his other Epistles various important points as to doctrine and worship; while the relaxed state of discipline that had begun to prevail among them rendered it necessary to exhibit more fully the principles which ought to regulate the administration of the Christian Church. In this the overruling hand of Him who brings good out of evil is strikingly apparent. This volume contains chapters 1 to 14, please find chapters 15 and 16 along with the whole Second Epistle in the next volume.

Sermons preached at the Church of St Paul the Apostle New York during 1865 and 1866 By F A Baker and others

Author : Churches, Institutions, Orders, etc. (PAUL, Saint and Apostle). Church of, New-York
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Saint Paul and the New Evangelization

Author : Ronald D. Witherup
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To some, the New Evangelization" seems to mean warmed-over and outdated apologetics that rarely resonate with people today. But that approach fails to do justice to what evangelization is really all about. InSaint Paul and the New Evangelization, one of today's most respected Scripture scholars offers a far richer, more deeply biblical approach. Ronald D. Witherup, SS, analyzes the techniques of one of the church's best evangelists-Paul of Tarsus-to show how we can help reinvigorate the faith of friends and loved ones. You don't need to know a lot about the Bible or theology. Just follow St. Paul's inspiring example, and discover how to talk about your faith in ways that change hearts and minds.

The Inflatable Moment

Author : Architectural League of New York
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Item presents a complete , annotated catalogue of the designs of the Utopie architects and reflects the social events and student protests of 1968.

John Paul II and the Legacy of Dignitatis Humanae

Author : Hermínio Rico, SJ
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It was by far the most controversial document to emerge from Vatican II — Dignitatis Humanae, or the Declaration on Religious Freedom. Drafted largely by prominent Jesuit theologian John Courtney Murray, it represented a departure from previous Catholic teachings in that it acknowledged and accepted as normative the separation between Church and State and declared religious freedom a fundamental human right. In doing this, it set forth guidelines for the role of the Catholic Church in secular liberal and pluralistic societies. Nearly four decades later, Hermínio Rico examines the continued relevance of this declaration in today's world, compares its most paradigmatic interpretations, and proposes a reconsideration of its import for contemporary church-society relationships. He offers a detailed analysis of how Pope John Paul II has appropriated, interpreted, and developed the main themes of the document, and how he has applied them to such contentious modern issues as the fall of Communism and the rise of secular pluralism. In addition, Rico sets forth his own vision of the future of Dignitatis Humanae, and how the profound themes of the declaration can be applied in years to come to help the church find a way to engage effectively with, and within, pluralistic societies. Of interest to students of Catholic thought, church-society relationships, the legacy of John Courtney Murray, and the teachings of John Paul II, this book offers a fresh perspective on one of the most important documents in the modern history of the Catholic church.

A Companion to Paul in the Reformation

Author : R. Ward Holder
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The reception and interpretation of the writings of St Paul in the early modern period forms the subject of this volume. Written by experts in the field, the articles offer a critical overview of current research, and introduce the major themes in Pauline interpretation in the Reformation.