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Paul in Other Words

Author : Jerome H. Neyrey
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The focus of this book is an anthropological perspective that will open the writings of Paul to a challenging new range of questions and issues. Jerome Neyrey introduces the reader to critical access thorough a wholly convincing method of cultural-historical analysis. Paul comes alive in time and place. Biblical theologians and students will find ample stimulus in Neyrey's analysis of Paul.

The Word Trinity and Other Words

Author : William Wilberforce Lord
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Author : Andre Alexis
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Alexis’s long-awaited second novel follows his award-winning Childhood. Set in Ottawa during the Mulroney years, Asylum is André Alexis’s sweeping, edged-in-satire, yet deeply serious tale of intertwined lives and fortunes, of politics and vain ambition, of the building of a magnificent prison, of human fallibility, of the search for refuge, of the impossibility of love, and of finding home. Whether he is taking us into the machinations of a government office or into the mysterious workings of the human heart, Alexis is always alert to the humour and the profound truth of any situation. His cast of characters is eccentric and unforgettable, all recognizable in one way or another as aspects of ourselves or people we know well. At the centre of the story, which covers almost a decade, is a visionary project to build an ideal prison, a perfect metaphor for the purest aspects of artistic ambition and for all that is great and flawed in the world. André Alexis is a true original, one of the most talented and astute writers writing in Canada today. This dazzling novel is filled with tragedy, dry wit, intellectual grist. It is playful, linguistically accomplished, and psychologically profound. Its yearnings constitute the highest level of human concerns and pursuits. Alexis has written The Great Canadian Novel, with a twist.

Paul and the Vocation of Israel

Author : Lionel J. Windsor
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The Apostle Paul was the greatest early missionary of the Christian gospel. He was also, by his own admission, an Israelite. How can both these realities coexist in one individual? This book argues that Paul viewed his mission to the Gentiles, in and of itself, as the primary expression of his Jewish identity. The concept of Israel’s divine vocation is used to shed fresh light on a number of much-debated passages in Paul’s letter to the Romans.

Paul S Lifesong of Joy and Unity

Author : Sharon I. Gresham
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When Paul and Silas were in prison in Philippi, they burst into singing. Paul looked at life with a joyful song. He found delight when believers lived in harmony. The theme of this Bible study is Pauls Life-Song. Hear his song in the letter he wrote to Philippi, even while in another prison. Some strains explode with joy, while other stanzas carry a minor melody to encourage or warn the people he loved. Study his messages and learn how to apply Pauls attitudes regardless of his circumstances. This Bible study is rich with insights into the Hebrew and Greek and covers themes Paul brings from the Old Testament or other New Testament teachings. Dive deeper into those themes by taking important excursions into the background of the topics. This in-depth verse-by-verse investigation is valuable for individuals or groups. Enjoy the commentary while completing the workbook and applying the messages to everyday situations. Determine your timeframe for the study as you discover what the Lord Jesus wants to do in your life through Paul. Ive had the privilege of knowing Sharon Gresham as a teacher/speaker for many years and now as a writer. Her commitment to in-depth study and application of the Bible is refreshing. The Philippians study equips the pastor/teacher with a resource much needed in the church today. I am excited to teach this study both in our church and as we minister internationally. Darrel Auvenshine, pastor of Southside City Church, Fort Worth, Texas With a gift for accurately communicating Gods Word in a relevant and personal way, Sharon Greshams in-depth study of Philippians will delight and thrill any serious student of the Scriptures. I highly recommend it! Scott Whitson, director of missions, Southwest Metroplex Baptist Association and former missionary to Tanzania

The Apostle Paul and His Letters

Author : Edwin D. Freed
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'The Apostle Paul and His Letters' presents a detailed examination of the apostle's seminal writings in the Book of Acts. Paul was writing primarily to converts who had joined church communities only recently, mostly forsaking either Judaism or paganism. Paul's emphases on faithfulness toward God, the faithfulness of Jesus, and his moral teachings are always primary themes. The book discusses a range of topics: the circumstances that led Paul to write each letter; Paul's emphasis on the morality of the believers to whom he was writing; the influence of Old Testament, Qumran, and pagan writings on Paul's own; the intellectual and cultural context of the time; and how careful attention to Paul's language can shed light on his meaning. This book is written for a wide range of interested readers, including students, pastors, church workers and others interested in learning about Paul as a person and his work.

The Two Gospels Paul Jesus

Author : Donald Werner
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While the modern day Christian Church follows the Gospel of Paul, it wasn't always so. The early church followed the Gospel of Jesus. I doubt that many people realize that there are two Gospels and they are polar opposites. The church jumps through hoops and does all it can to synchronize Paul's teachings with Jesus' teachings, but it failed. When you read in this book the comparison of the two Gospels, you will see why they are incompatible. They are so incompatible that they can’t both exist in the church, so the church has rejected Jesus' Gospel in favor of the Paul's Gospel of 'lawlessness'. The second half of the book deals with Paul. Many love Paul and his teachings, and embrace them in place of Jesus’ teachings. Other see Paul as an anti-christ figure, teaching a Gospel that is the opposite of the Gospel Jesus taught. I lay out the facts, and you will have to decide for yourself.

Paul the Minstrel and Other Stories

Author : Arthur Christopher Benson
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"Paul the Minstrel and Other Stories" by Arthur Christopher Benson. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Jewish Traditions in Early Christian Literature Volume 1 Paul and the Jewish Law

Author : Peter Tomson
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Series: Compendia Rerum Iudaicarum ad Novum Testamentum Section 1 - The Jewish people in the first century Historial geography, political history, social, cultural and religious life and institutions Edited by S. Safrai and M. Stern in cooperation with D. Flusser and W.C. van Unnik Section 2 - The Literature of the Jewish People in the Period of the Second Temple and the Talmud Section 3 - Jewish Traditions in Early Christian Literature

Life s Journey

Author : Marlenne Schilperoord
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Often, we hear people say that all religions should be forbidden, because they only bring misery. These reactions are understandable when we see or hear the daily news. But where does all this misery come from? Is it because former religious leaders pursued self-interest too much, instead of the Christian faith from the source? Or is it our indifferent attitude, that offers negative forces a free path? To find the answer, we must go back to our source of life, to the reason for our earthly existence. It teaches us, that what we call religion, is the development of a spiritual consciousness, to elevate the human soul, the very self. And that the words of our Creator do not stop on the last page of the bible. He has sent us His New Revelations to encourage us and to find our way home again, to the House of our Eternal Loving Father. Whoever reads the book may realize how important it is to ask yourself life questions. How you can give substance to your earthly existence. That this book may help you on your way to find your purpose in your life’s journey.

The Bible and Social Justice

Author : Cynthia Long Westfall
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Although the cry for justice in human society is an important theme in the Bible, in many church and academic circles action for and discourse about social justice is carried on without a thorough exploration of this theme in Scripture. This volume brings together chapters by experts in the various sections of the Old and New Testaments to give a full spectrum of what the Bible has to say about social justice, and to point to ways forward for Christians seeking to think and act in harmony with God in pursuing social justice in the world today.

Paul and Scripture

Author : Steve Moyise
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This is the only short book available that summarizes the role scripture played in Paul's thought. Accessibly written at undergraduate level, it outlines the key arguments in the debate. Written by an international expert on the subject, Paul and Scripture also contributes to contemporary Church discussions about the proper interpretation of scripture.

Whom God Has Called

Author : Christopher Zoccali
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The relationship between the church and Israel in Pauline interpretation has long been an area of considerable debate. The traditional view has understood Paul to identify the church with Israel, such that the church is the sole inheritor of Israel's sacred history, privileges, and divine promises. Yet recent developments in Pauline scholarship have called this view into question. The so-called New Perspective and its emphasis upon the decidedly Jewish context of Paul's theologizing, along with an increasing sensitivity to the post-Holocaust context of modern interpreters, have brought about readings that understand Paul to maintain a distinction between God's historical people, Israel, and the newly created multiethnic communities of Christ followers, that is, the church. Nevertheless, there are still scholars who, while embracing the New Perspective, have interpreted Paul as holding that the church is indeed identifiable in some way as Israel. This work explores a spectrum of scholarly views on the subject advanced between 1920 (as per the publication of C. H. Dodd's The Meaning of Paul for Today) and the present. Furthermore, it examines the most relevant Pauline texts upon which these views are founded, in dialogue with various readings of these texts that have been offered. Each view on Paul's understanding of the church vis-a-vis Israel is critically assessed in light of the exegetical findings. Using this approach Zoccali demonstrates that a view holding to both a certain distinction between, as well as an equating of, the church and Israel represents the most plausible interpretation of Paul's understanding.

Workbook for Lectors Gospel Readers and Proclaimers of the Word 2016 Canada

Author :
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New Creation in Paul s Letters and Thought

Author : Moyer V. Hubbard
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As a biblical motif, 'new creation' resonates throughout the pages of the Jewish and Christian scriptures, and occupies a central place in the apostle Paul's vision of the Christian life. Yet the biblical and extra-biblical occurrences of this theme vary widely in meaning, referring to either a new cosmos, a new community, or a new individual. Beginning with the Old Testament and working through the important texts of Second Temple Judaism, Moyer V. Hubbard focuses on how the motif functions in the argument, strategy, and literary structure of these documents, highlighting its role as the solution to the perceived plight. He then explores in detail which senses of the term Paul intends in Galatians 6.15 and 2 Corinthians 5.17, concluding that 'new creation' in Paul's letters describes the Spirit-wrought newness of the person in Christ, and is fundamentally anthropological in orientation.

Paul and Isaiah s Servants

Author : Mark S. Gignilliat
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Paul's reading of the Old Testament continues to witness to the significance of reading the Old Testament in a Christian way. This study argues that a theological approach to understanding Paul's appeal to and reading of the Old Testament, especially Isaiah, offers important insights into the ways in which Christians should read the Old Testament and a two-testament canon today. By way of example, this study explores the ways in which Isaiah 40-66's canonical form presents the gospel in miniature with its movement from Israel to Servant to servants. It is subsequently argued that Paul follows this literary movement in his own theological reflection in 2 Corinthians 5:14-6:10. Jesus takes on the unique role and identity of the Servant of Isaiah 40-55, and Paul takes on the role of the servants of the Servant in Isaiah 53-66. From this exegetical exploration conclusions are drawn in the final chapter that seek to apply a term from the history of interpretation to Paul's reading, that is, the plain sense of Scripture. What does an appeal to plain sense broker? And does Paul's reading of the Old Testament look anything like a plain sense reading? Gignilliat concludes that Paul is reading the Old Testament in such a way that the literal sense and its figural potential and capacity are not divorced but are actually organically linked in what can be termed a plain sense reading.

The Troubled Triumphant Church

Author : Paige Patterson
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Pauline Conversations in Context

Author : Janice Capel Anderson
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The "conversations" in this collection open by challenging ideas that have become standard and subject them to critical re-examination. The central thread of all these essays is a reflection on the processes of reading and theologizing. Among the contributors to this volume are David E. Aune, Jouette Bassler, Daniel Boyarin, Neil Elliott, Victor Paul Furnish, Lloyd Gaston, Steven J. Kraftchick, Robert C. Morgan, J. Andrew Overman, Mark Reasoner, Peter Richardson, and Robin Scroggs. Juanita Garciagodoy and David H. Hopper offer appreciations of Calvin Roetzel as a teacher and colleague.

Correctly Handling the Word of Truth

Author : Mees te Velde
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How should the Word of God be interpreted and applied today? Does our modern culture affect how we read the Bible? Can certain passages be interpreted in different contexts and in different ways, all the while acknowledging that God speaks with a clear and consistent voice? These are the enduring challenges of hermeneutics. In this volume, no less than sixteen Reformed scholars from four different countries join together to tackle the hard questions that often arise when we busy ourselves with the weighty responsibility of interpreting Holy Scripture. As iron sharpens iron, so also these Reformed scholars challenge each other and their readers to ask not only how hermeneutics can be done, but ultimately, how it should be done so that God's Word of Truth may be handled correctly (2 Tim 2:15).

Facing the Future

Author : Nuel Belnap
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Here is an important new theory of human action, a theory that assumes actions are founded on choices made by agents who face an open future. It is a theory that makes indeterminism not only intelligible but illuminating. Tools from philosophy of language and philosophical logic help generate a full-scale account of agents "seeing to it that." The authors then proceed to clarify a variety of action-related topics such as determinism vs. indeterminism, imperatives, promises, strategies, joint agency, "could have done otherwise," deontic constructions, and assertions about a not yet settled future.