Pattern of the Past

Studies in the Honour of David Clarke


Author: David L. Clarke,Ian Hodder,Glynn Isaac,Norman Hammond

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521227636

Category: Social Science

Page: 443

View: 1668

The book will be of importance for archaeologists and of interest to anthropologists.

Patterns of the Past

Epitedeumata in the Greek Tradition


Author: Alfonso Moreno,Rosalind Thomas

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199668884

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 2072

In this volume, an international group of leading academics undertake an examination of epitēdeumata in Greek history, looking at cultural practices as acts which relate meaningfully to perceived sequences of past acts. In doing so, the contributors ask what kinds of attitudes Greeks had towards their past, and what behaviour such attitudes provoked.

Patterns of the Past

Interpreting Ontario's History


Author: Roger Hall,Anthony Westell,Laurel Sefton MacDowell

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 1459713575

Category: History

Page: 408

View: 4649

Patterns of the Past has been published to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Ontario Historical Society. Organized on 4 Sept 1888 as the Pioneer Association of Ontario, the Society adopted its current name in 1898. Its objectives, for a century, have been to promote and develop the study of Ontario’s past. The purpose of this book is both to commemorate and to carry on that worthy tradition. Introduced by Ian Wilson, Archivist of Ontario, and edited by Roger Hall, William Westfall and Laurel Sefton MacDowell, this distinctive volume is a landmark not only in the Society’s history but in the prince’s historiography. Eighteen scholars have pooled their talents to fashion a volume of fresh interpretive essays that chronicle and analyze the whole scope of Ontario’s rich and varied past. New light is thrown on our understanding of early native peoples, rural life in Upper Canada, the opening of the North, the impact of railways, and the growth of businesses and institutions. And there is much social study here too, especially of the new roles for women in industrial society, of working class experience, of ethnic groups, and of children in our society’s past. As well, there are innovative treatments of the conservation movement, of science’s role in provincial society, and of the relationship between society and culture in small towns. Anyone with an interest in the history of Canada’s most populous province will find much in this comprehensive collection.

Patterns of the past

essays in landscape archaeology for Christopher Taylor


Author: Paul Pattison,David Field,Stewart Ainsworth

Publisher: Oxbow Books Ltd


Category: Social Science

Page: 143

View: 7026

Never mind the facts, give me the story,' was one of Christopher Taylor's favourite sayings. This volume is a tribute to the dynamic archaeologist, a leading practitioner of non-excavational field survey and landscape archaeology, who gained notice through his radio broadcasts, books, teaching, lecturing and continuing education classes. These essays are drawn from his former colleagues at the Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England. Through the editors acknowledge that the subject range goes only part of the way to matching' Taylor's, it is nonetheless impressive.

Patterns of the Past


Author: Judy Hall

Publisher: Wessex Astrologer Limited

ISBN: 9781902405049

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 346

View: 4002

In this revised edition of The Karmic Journey, the author brings new findings and experience to the area of karma and reincarnation. As a past life therapist and astrologer, Judy has helped many clients to free themselves from ties that bind them to inappropriate patterns from previous lives.

Patterns of the past

some historic New Zealand buildings


Author: Owen R. Lee

Publisher: N.A


Category: Buildings in art

Page: 94

View: 730

Bonnet Girls

Patterns of the Past


Author: Helen R. Scott

Publisher: Amer Quilters Society

ISBN: 9781574327656

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 111

View: 6280

Bonnets evoke the mystique of a bygone day. If you cherished paper dolls as a child, these charming quilt block designs will bring back delightful memories. Choose from 15 Bonnet Girls, their children, menfolk, and pets and create a family. Depict movement and different scenes by simply changing the positions of bonnets, arms, hands, and legs. More than 30 props - hats, parasols, flowers, animals, and background settings - are interchangeable. Add lace, ribbons, beads, cords, and tassels for a sparkling finish. Lend a sense of weather by quilting wind, raindrops, snowflakes, or clouds. Included are more than a dozen background quilting designs - all suited for traditional applique, redwork, and embroidery.

Population Patterns in the Past


Author: Ronald Demos Lee

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 148327019X

Category: Social Science

Page: 388

View: 409

Population Patterns in the Past focuses on the study of historical populations. This book presents methods for the exploitation and use of aggregate data for demographic inference, facilitating the development and testing of hypotheses with socioeconomic content through advances in the use of demographic time-series. The topics discussed include homeostatic demographic regime; peasant household organization and demographic change in lower Saxony; civil code and nuptiality; and primonuptiality and ultimonuptiality. The deaths, marriages, births, and the Tuscan economy; influence of economic and social variables on marriage and fertility in 18th and 19th century Japanese villages; and childbearing and land availability are also elaborated. This text also covers the American fertility patterns since the civil war; a repertory of stable populations; and methods and models for analyzing historical series of births, deaths, and marriages. This publication is recommended for demographists, historians, and sociologists in charge of analyzing behavioral models in historical demography.