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Pastoral Deities in Western India

Author : Günther-Dietz Sontheimer
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In This Work, Sontheimer Explains The Religion A Rich Oral Trasdtion Of The Pastoral Communities Of Deccan - Especially The Dhangars, Shepards 0Of Maharashtra As Also Of Other As Also Of Other Groups Typical Of The Forest And Pasture Area, Tribals, Robbers Etc. 9 Chapters - Appendix In 5 Parts - Bibliography - Index.

Spaces and Places in Western India

Author : Bina Sengar
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This book studies places and spaces in western India both as geographical locations and as imagined constructs. It uncovers the rich history of the region from the perspective of places of pilgrimage, commerce, community, expression and indigeneity. The volume examines how spaces are intrinsically connected to the lived experiences of people. It explores how spaces in western India have been constructed over time and how these reflect in both historical and contemporary settings—in the art, architecture, political movements and in identity formation. The rich examples explored in this volume include sites of Bhakti and Sufi literature, the Maharashtrian-Sikh identity, Mahanubhav pilgrimage, monetary practices of the Peshwas, and the internet as an emancipatory space for the Dalit youth in Maharashtra. The chapters in the book establish and affirm the forever evolving cultural topography of western India. Taking a multidimensional approach, this book widens the scope of academic discussions on the theme of space and place. It will be useful for scholars and researchers of history, cultural studies, geography, the humanities, city studies, and sociology.

Animals as Religious Subjects

Author : Celia Deane-Drummond
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This book examines one of the most pressing cultural concerns that surfaced in the last decade - the question of the place and significance of the animal. This collection of essays represents the outcome of various conversations regarding the animal studies and shows multidisciplinarity at its very best, namely, a rigorous approach within one discipline in conversation with others around a common theme. The contributors discuss the most relevant disciplines regarding this conversation, namely: philosophy, anthropology, religious studies, theology, history of religions, archaeology and cultural studies. The first section, Thinking about Animals, explores philosophical, anthropological and religious perspectives, raising general questions about the human perception of animals and its crucial cultural significance. The second section explores the intriguing topic of the way animals have been used historically as religious symbols and in religious rituals. The third section re-examines some Christian theological and biblical approaches to animals in the light of current concerns. The final section extends the implications of traditional views about other animals to more specific ethical theories and practices.

Haunting the Buddha

Author : Robert DeCaroli
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Robert DeCaroli seeks to place the formation of Buddhism in its appropriate social & political contexts, by analysis of the early monks & nuns, what beliefs they brought with them from their upbringing & how the new faith offered them revolutionary new mechanisms with which to engage minor deities & spirits.

Connected Places

Author : A. Feldhaus
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This book examines the words and actions of people who live in regions in the state of Maharashtra in Western India to illustrate the idea that regions are not only created by humans, but given meaning through religious practices. By exploring the people living in the area of Maharashtra, Feldhaus draws some very interesting conclusions about how people differentiate one region from others, and how we use stories, rituals, and ceremonies to recreate their importance. Feldhaus discovers that religious meanings attached to regions do not necessarily have a political teleology. According to Feldhaus, 'There is also a chance, even now, that religious imagery can enrich the lives of individuals and small communities without engendering bloodshed and hatred'.

Religious Renunciation of a Pastoral People

Author : Vinay Kumar Srivastava
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This Work Demonstrates A Close Relationship Between The Mode Of Livelihood Of The Pastoral Raikas (Also Known As Rabaris) Of Rajasthan, And The Tendency Towards Religious Renunciation Among Them.

The Vernacularisation of Democracy

Author : Lucia Michelutti
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On the political rise of Ahirs in north India.

Studies in History

Author :
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Hybrid Histories

Author : Ajay Skaria
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Study of Dangs, a district in western India.

Power Profit and Poetry

Author : Harald Tambs-Lyche
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Kathiawar Is A Peninsula Surrounded By The Old Trade Routes From India To Middle East And Is The Home Of Valiant Rajputs And A Large Community Of Non-Violent Merchants. The Opposition Between The Violent And The Non-Violent, Between The Warrior And The Merchant Traditions Is The Main Theme Of The Book. The Story Traces The Gradual Growth Of What By The Sixteenth Century Became A Traditional Rajput Polity.

Contemporary Society Concept of tribal society

Author : Georg Pfeffer
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Contributed articles in honor of S.N. Ratha, former professor at Sambalpur University, Orissa.

The Epic of Junjappa

Author : Tī. Naṃ Śaṅkaranārāyaṇa
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Study on an oral epic from Karnataka centering Junjappa, a pastoral deity.

King of Hunters Warriors and Shepherds

Author : Günther-Dietz Sontheimer
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The Collection Brings Together The German Indologist G’nther Sontheimer`S Articles Spanning Two Decades. The Articles Show How His Thoughts On Khandoba Developed, The Great Breadth Of His Understanding Of The Cult And The Traditions Of Castes And Tribes For Whom Khandoba Is An Important God. He Makes Use Of A Wide Variety Of Source Materials Like Oral Epics, Songs, Statements And Local Literature. Sontheimer Understood The Khandoba Cult To Be A `Mirror Of Hinduism`. His Writings On Khandoba Provide An Extra-Ordinarily Rich Glimpse Into That Mirror.

Indian Archaeology in Retrospect Archaeology and historiography history theory and method

Author : S. Settar
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The Indian Archaeology In Retrospect Attempts To Take Stock Of The Progress Made In The Field Of South Asian Archaeology, Especially During The Latter Half Of The Twentieth Century. Fifty- Nine Papers, Spread Over Four Volumes, Are Contributed By A Team Of Scholars, Well-Known In The Areas Of Their Specialization.

Agricultural Production and Indian History

Author : David E. Ludden
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This book looks at agricultural production in colonial India, as well as its historiography then and now. It consists of nine major essays on these themes. These are tied together by the editor's introduction. This book will interest all scholars of India's agrarian and colonial history.

India in Africa Africa in India

Author : John Charles Hawley
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The vibrant cultural exchange between Africa and India

Revolution of the Mystics

Author : Jan Peter Schouten
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(Peeters 1991)

r dhakam rti Adhi h yakam rti

Author : Jack C. Laughlin
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Many aspects of Medieval Western Indian temple art have been the subject of scholarly attention. One type of temple-image which has been identified but heretofore unstudied is the portrait. This study brings together evidence of more than 200 images of historical lay people and ascetics from the medieval temples of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The author emphasizes Jain specimens, but also includes a number of notable Hindu examples. However, it is the evidence of the Jain portraits that is by far the most significant. This book provides some startling insights into the beliefs and practices of the Śvetāmbara sect of Jainism in a period from about the 12th to 17th centuries. The analysis of lay portraits illuminates some very significant episodes in this period of Jain history. The discussion of monks' portraits presents much that is contrary to expectation. Evidence indicates that even Jain monks donated portraits of other monks. This is surprising since gifting is a practice commonly thought to be a lay prerogative and not allowed to ascetics. The reasons for these monastic donations are discussed and investigated, and reveal that the worldview of medieval Jain monks was often something very different from that portrayed in much of Jain scholarship to date.

Masked Ritual and Performance in South India

Author : David Dean Shulman
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"Throughout South India, masks are related to the presence of divine beings and, as such, induce transformation in the awareness of both performers and audience. Masked performance may also be powerfully linked to rituals of healing, which aim at freeing the self from states of blockage, isolation, and possession. Taken together, the essays offer an initial grammar of South Indian masking as the culture-specific formation of visible surfaces in which primary issues of identity, self-knowledge, and perception are brought into play. Masking thus implies meta-psychological perspectives on the notions of self, face, and maturation and on the internal economy of the mind in cultures far removed from standard Western psychological paradigms."--BOOK JACKET.

India in Warsaw

Author : Danuta Stasik
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