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Author : Charles R. Swindoll
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Focusing on areas where parents and families often experience difficulties, a best-selling author offers helpful and practical solutions to challenges families face from a biblical standpoint, equipping them with the tools necessary to grow strong. Original.

Parenting From Surviving to Thriving

Author : Charles R. Swindoll
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Everything that parents need to survive and thrive in the 21st Century. Marriage, children and family have been lifelong priorities for Charles Swindoll. Based on his extensive study of both the Old and New Testaments, Chuck has drawn together those timeless insights for building close and rewarding family relationships. Following a biblical exploration of God's purpose and plans for families, readers are equipped with all the tools necessary to grow strong healthy families. Chuck then takes a clear-eyed look at those areas where parents and families often experience difficulties. In typical Swindoll fashion, these discussions are frank and direct but always leave the reader filled with hope and encouragement. Selected Chapters: This Is not your Grandfather's Family Practical Advice on Making a Marriage Stick Cultivating a Life of Self-Worth The Best Kept Secret of Wise Parenting Increasing the Priority of Your Family Staying Young as Your Family Grows Older Danger Signs of Domestic Erosion Restoring Relationships After You've Blown It Affirming and Encouraging Words to Dads Secret Struggles...Family Troubles From Resentment to Rebellion Final Words to Families Then and Now

Parenting From Surviving to Thriving Workbook

Author : Charles R. Swindoll
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Parents often find themselves suspended between snowcapped mountains of exhilaration and craggy chasms of desperation. To be sure, parenting these days is a white-knuckle adventure?a scary roller coaster ride we only hope we can survive. Is there any hope at all that we can actually thrive as parents? What an awesome privilege we have been given! What an opportunity to grow deeper in our relationship with our heavenly Father! Such privilege and opportunity certainly demand more of us than we can give. We need help. Fortunately, help has arrived! Based on beloved pastor and teacher Chuch Swindoll's Parenting: From Surviving to Thriving, this workbook explores God's divine plan for successful families. This inductive Bible study workbook will help you discover: The best-kept secret of wise parenting. Why kids move from resentment to rebellion. How to restore relationships after you've blown it. Parents' secret struggles and how to cope with them. Whether you're doing these studies alone, with your family, or as part of a group, this workbook will equip you with Scripture-based tools to help transform your relationship with your children from a struggle to survive into a lifelong love that thrives.

Surviving and Thriving on the Single Parent Journey

Author : Kathlene Seney-Williams
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This is a book that comes alongside the reader as a travel guide and walks through the journey via a step-by-step approach. Walking the Single Parent Journey offers the reader a chance for self-discovery, of coming to terms with the pains and effects of the past in order to boldly face the challenges that lie ahead. The book discusses the everyday struggles and issues that single parents face, whilst offering advice and tips on managing and dealing with them successfully. The author encourages the reader to create systems and put strategies in place to help make life easier, drawing on her own experiences.

The Automatic Parent

Author : Erin King
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The toddler years are hard, your sweet baby has morphed into something new and terrifying. Let The Automatic Parent help you make sense of your little one and learn to automate best practices for development and socialization. Brought to you by an eight-year veteran home daycare provider and trained Montessori teacher. Erin King brings you all of her most effective tricks of the trade and distills them into one easy system. Implement her system and watch your toddler thrive and grow into a healthy, happy, resilient child. Take it from this insider, all toddlers are both wonderfully unique and shockingly similar. "I've taken children from all different backgrounds and parenting styles and watched them grow and thrive within my system." This system is physically stimulating, emotionally stabilizing and socially grounding for any and every child and the best thing about it is that once you get it going, it becomes automatic.

Surviving and Thriving as a Blended Family

Author : Jerry Wilde
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Barely Subsisting Surviving Or Thriving

Author : Leisy Janet Abrego
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Limited economic opportunities drive parents in developing countries to migrate in search of employment. Because unauthorized international travel is dangerous and costly, migrants often leave their children behind, creating transnational families. Once in the United States, with few opportunities for legalization, these families face lengthy separations. How do the parents and children fare economically and emotionally? And what determines their experiences?

From Surviving to Thriving

Author : Fabiana Bacchini
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After living through an emotionally turbulent journey of infertility and the birth of one son, Fabiana was thrilled to discover that she was pregnant again, this time with twins. She did not expect to encounter a tumultuous road until she was told that one of her twins had no chance of survival. Then, only weeks later, she gave birth prematurely. Her surviving twin spent months in a neonatal intensive care unit and later became a child with special needs. From Surviving to Thriving is about finding the joy; making the choice to see hope where others only see despair, pain, loss, and sorrow. The book teaches the reader valuable life lessons, including how to face any adverse event and find something to be thankful for. One can only feel inspired and connected with Fabiana as she recounts how she took her family on a journey from surviving to thriving. "

Surviving and Thriving in Stepfamily Relationships

Author : Patricia L. Papernow
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Surviving and Thriving in Stepfamily Relationships draws on current research, a wide variety of clinical modalities, and thirty years of clinical work with stepfamily members to describe the special challenges stepfamilies face. The book presents the concept of "stepfamily architecture" and the five challenges it creates, and delineates three different levels of strategies—psychoeducation, building interpersonal skills, and intrapsychic work—for meeting those challenges in dozens of different settings. The model is designed to be useful both to stepfamily members themselves and to a wide variety of practitioners, from a highly trained clinician who needs to know how and when to work on all three levels, to a school counselor or clergy person who may work on the first two levels but refer out for level three. It will also be useful to educators, judges, mediators, lawyers and medical personnel who will practice on the first level, but need to understand the other two to guide their work.

Making Peace in Your Step Family

Author : Harold H. Bloomfield
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Here are innovative ways to defuse inevitable hostilities in blended families, cope with common fantasies of instant success, end power struggles, and encourage communication. Featuring exercises, visualizations--and a comprehensive bibliography and list of helpful organizations--this indespensable guide is both practical and compassionate.

From Surviving to Thriving

Author : Linda Carpenter
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This invaluable resource has been created to help beginning teachers move toward becoming master teachers by providing the framework for tasks and dispositions that are part of a thriving elementary classroom community. Although not a theory book, From Striving to Thriving provides explanations and rationales in a context for the activities, strategies and tools it suggests. Chapter contents include subject areas such as communication (with parents as well as school relationships); finding resources to enrich the learning experience; organization; building community in the classroom; and attending the diverse needs of learners. A CD is also included that contains lists, letters, student and family activities, recommended literature, lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations.

Better Than Blended

Author : Rachel G. Scott
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If you are a blended family or about to become one, this workbook is for you. Willie and Rachel Scott have taken their personal experience as a blended family and created this six-week study for families seeking to blend gracefully into one. Intended to be done with a group or as a couple, the Better than Blended Workbook covers various topics--from discovering your unique family journey to dealing with hurts from your past to helping your kids adjust--and helps you to be intentional about developing unity and drawing closer to God as a cohesive family unit.

Surviving and Thriving in Nursing

Author : Western Schools
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Grandparents as Parents Second Edition

Author : Sylvie de Toledo
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If you're among the millions of grandparents raising grandchildren today, you need information, support, and practical guidance you can count on to keep your family strong. This is the book for you. Learn effective strategies to help you cope with the stresses of parenting the second time around, care for vulnerable grandkids and set boundaries with their often-troubled parents, and navigate the maze of government aid, court proceedings, and special education. Wise, honest, moving stories show how numerous other grandparents are surviving and thriving in their new roles. Updated throughout, and reflecting current laws and policies affecting families, the second edition features new discussions of kids' technology use and other timely issues.

The Stressed Years of Their Lives

Author : Dr. B. Janet Hibbs
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From two leading child and adolescent mental health experts comes a guide for the parents of every college and college-bound student who want to know what’s normal mental health and behavior, what’s not, and how to intervene before it’s too late. “The title says it all...Chock full of practical tools, resources and the wisdom that comes with years of experience, The Stressed Years of their Lives is destined to become a well-thumbed handbook to help families cope with this modern age of anxiety.” —Brigid Schulte, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author of Overwhelmed and director of the Better Life Lab at New America All parenting is in preparation for letting go. However, the paradox of parenting is that the more we learn about late adolescent development and risk, the more frightened we become for our children, and the more we want to stay involved in their lives. This becomes particularly necessary, and also particularly challenging, in mid- to late adolescence, the years just before and after students head off to college. These years coincide with the emergence of many mood disorders and other mental health issues. When family psychologist Dr. B. Janet Hibbs's own son came home from college mired in a dangerous depressive spiral, she turned to Dr. Anthony Rostain. Dr. Rostain has a secret superpower: he understands the arcane rules governing privacy and parental involvement in students’ mental health care on college campuses, the same rules that sometimes hold parents back from getting good care for their kids. Now, these two doctors have combined their expertise to corral the crucial emotional skills and lessons that every parent and student can learn for a successful launch from home to college.

I Got You Mama

Author : Kristen Cook, MD
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The journey to parenthood is different for everyone, but the struggles of pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of a baby’s life are almost universal. As parents (or future parents), we are constantly fed a myth that being a Mommy or Daddy is a wonderful, amazing and completely fulfilling experience. We are expected to raise our children effortlessly, love every minute of being a parent and post the pictures on social media to prove it. We feel guilty if we do not like a certain aspect of this experience and we are shamed if someone doesn’t agree with our decisions. Parents, it is time to stop the insanity. Creating, growing, birthing and raising a child is really hard! I know this because I am a Mom of two strong-willed children and a pediatrician with over a decade of experience in the medical field. I understand that you are inundated with information from family members, friends, and the media who all tell you what you should do, and what you should not do, for yourself and for your child. This information is often conflicting and confusing. You know what? I Got You, Mama. Take a deep breath and hang with me. This book is a no holds barred approach with information that is real, raw, and sometimes gross! But... I promise it will help you to unapologetically thrive as a parent.

The Partnership

Author : Andrew Marotta
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Looking for ways to successfully guide your child through their schooling? Need some parenting advice yet do not know where to turn? Butting heads with your child's teacher or school administration? Or are you just looking for practical, straight-forward best practices for you and your child? Dive into The Partnership: Surviving & Thriving-130 Stories, Strategies, and Practical Tips for Parents and Guardians to Build Positive Relationships with Schools and Support Their Children. We all want our children to be successful in school and beyond. For this to happen, a true partnership with schools and families will help develop this success. This book provides a roadmap, tips, and hacks, on how to best navigate the journey and put your child in the best position possible to succeed! #SurviveThrive

Then Comes Baby

Author : Gregory K. Popcak
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Greg and Lisa Popcak—popular Catholic authors, radio hosts, and marriage and family experts—present this unique guide to caring for one’s baby, self, marriage, and spiritual life in the first three years of parenthood. In Then Comes Baby: The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Three Years of Parenthood, Greg and Lisa Popcak lend readers the benefit of their twenty-five years’ experience in parenting and marriage and family counseling to help them navigate the earliest years of parenthood. They recommend rituals, routines, and tips on how to manage feeding, fatigue, and finances and how also to prioritize marital bonding and faith life, suggesting that setting the pattern early will pay dividends later. The Popcaks coach Catholic couples as they become first-time parents as they adjust to their new identities and help them face the inevitable challenges of parenthood with ideas for bonding with babies and getting sufficient sleep and nutrition—all while seeing these everyday experiences through the lens of Catholic teaching on the purpose of family life.

Surviving and Thriving in Today s Ministry

Author : Don R. Mathis
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Wit s End to Wise Parent How to Survive and Thrive in Year One and Beyond

Author : Juliet Robinson
File Size : 88.5 MB
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This book is a practical approach along with case studies to help parents fathom out a simple path to bring up their child and gain awareness of what really influences their child.