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Papists Protestants and Puritans 1559 1714

Author : Diana Newton
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Diana Newton provides a survey of the religious changes arising from the challenges to the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century. The book examines the political and social impact of religious change on England, Scotland and Ireland from the mid sixteenth century to the beginning of the eighteenth century. An account is given of the fate of Catholics living in a Protestant country and there is an assessment of state attitudes towards Protestant non-conformists. While concentrating on Britain, the book explores how religion and religious controversy influenced relations with the continent throughout the period. Papists, Protestants and Puritans contains a selection of primary sources.

Puritans and Puritanism in Europe and America

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Voices of the Reformation Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life

Author : John A. Wagner
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This fascinating collection of primary source documents furnishes the accounts—in their own words—of those who initiated, advanced, or lived through the Reformation. Starting in 1500, Europe transformed from a united Christendom into a continent bitterly divided between Catholicism and Protestantism by the end of the century. This illuminating text reveals what happened during that period by presenting the social, religious, economic, political, and cultural life of the European Reformation of the 16th century in the words of those who lived through it. Detailed and comprehensive, the work includes 60 primary source documents that shed light on the character, personalities, and events of that time and provides context, questions, and activities for successfully incorporating these documents into academic research and reading projects. A special section provides guidelines for better evaluating and understanding primary documents. Topics include late medieval religion, Martin Luther, reformation in Germany and the Peasants' War, the rise of Calvinism, and the English Reformation. • Supports common core standards for English language arts/history and social studies by promoting critical thinking • Covers the people and events of the period in Germany, France, Italy, the British Isles, and elsewhere in Europe • Defines unfamiliar terms alongside of the documents that contain them • Features a chronology listing important dates and events pertaining to the Protestant Reformation

Puritanism and the Pursuit of Happiness

Author : S. Bryn Roberts
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Reveals a much neglected strand of puritan theology which emphasised the importance of inner happiness and personal piety.

Why Heaven Kissed Earth

Author : Mark Jones
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Mark Jones vertritt die These, dass die Christologie des berühmten englischen reformierten Theologen Thomas Goodwin (1600–1680) in dem trinitarischen Bund der Erlösung begründet, so Mark Jones. Ohne den allgemeineren Kontext der Bundestheologie ließe sich Goodwins Trinitätslehre und somit auch die Christologie aber nicht verstehen. Diese schließe sowohl Person als auch Werk Christi ein und setze nicht in der zeitlichen Dimension der Inkarnation ein, sondern reiche zurück in die Ewigkeit, als die Personen der Trinität einen Bund schlossen, um die gefallene Menschheit zu erlösen. Mit entschieden eschatologischem Nachdruck bewegt sich Goodwins Christologie damit vom vorzeitlichen zum zeitlichen Bereich. Die englischsprachige Studie verbindet zwei zentrale Aspekte der reformierten Theologie miteinander: die Lehre von Christus und das Konzept des Bundes.

Oxford AQA History A Level and AS Component 1 Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy 1603 1702

Author : David Farr
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Retaining well-loved features from the previous editions, Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy has been approved by AQA and matched to the 2015 specifications. This textbook covers AS and A Level content together and covers in breadth issues of change, continuity, and cause and consequence in in this period of British history through key themes such as how far did the monarchy change during Stuart Britain, why were there disputes over religion, how effective was opposition, and how important were ideologies and individuals. Its aim is to enable you to understand and make connections between the six key thematic questions covered in the specification. Students can further develop vital skills such as historical interpretations and source analyses via specially selected sources and extracts. Practice questions and study tips provide additional support to help familiarize students with the new exam style questions, and help them achieve their best in the exam.

International Handbook of Protestant Education

Author : William Jeynes
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Since their earliest days, institutions providing a Protestant education have always been respected and sought-after for their rigor and relative freedom from dogma—and despite today’s secularism and plurality, they remain so. This international handbook is the ultimate companion to protestant schooling worldwide. Its 39 chapters form the most comprehensive and wide-ranging treatment of the subject yet available, addressing Protestant education on all six inhabited continents and featuring the perspectives of leading authorities and public figures. The contributions cover in detail not only the facts and features of Protestant schooling in sundry nations, but also integrate a range of themes common to them all, themes so vital that they are of central concern to Christians around the world and of whatever denomination. Some of these topics are school choice, globalization, Bible pedagogy and character education, the fine arts, parental involvement, and the rise of Christianity in previously inaccessible locations such as China. The handbook’s stellar list of authors is a Who’s Who of authorities on the subject and includes a renowned American evangelical, a former historian of the US House of Representatives, and White House consultants responsible for framing legislation. The many contributors from outside the USA are leading academics conducting seminal research on numerous topics in the field. Both exhaustive and authoritative, The International Handbook of Protestant Educationwill be an invaluable asset to educators, ministers, parents, policy makers political leaders of any denomination—or none.

Histories that Mansoul and Her Wars Anatomize

Author : Robert J. McKelvey
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Robert McKelvey argues that John Bunyan wrote The Holy War as a warfare allegory symbolizing the salvation history of Scripture from a Calvinistic-covenantal perspective. In this cosmic drama of redemption, the Histories that Mansoul, and her Wars Anatomize include the individual-soteric-microcosmic level or ordo salutis unfolding analogous to the redemptive-historical-macrocosmic level or historia salutis. The eternal covenant of redemption provides the foundation for this history of salvation, which progresses from creation to the anticipation of consummation. This scheme finds its roots in the Puritan philosophy of universal history, which sees all historical events serving God's redemptive purposes. The individual, through union with Christ founded on election, participates in the drama by inclusion within the trans-historical covenant of grace. As a depiction of cosmic war, The Holy War sets forth the enmity between the church and Antichrist, which is representative of the greater battle between Christ and the devil from Genesis to Revelation. As a pastoral guide to persecuted saints, Bunyan retrospectively rehearses the history of redemption to grant comfort. In addition, he prospectively reveals the consummation of redemption to encourage perseverance and instill eschatological hope. This thesis is substantiated contextually through Bunyan's life and writings, historiographically by surveying the history of Holy War interpretation, pre-textually by examining the introduction to the allegory, and textually by analyzing the allegory itself.

John Bunyan Prisoner for Christ

Author : George J. Mitchell
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John Bunyan is certainly one of history's most famous authors. His book, The Pilgrim's Progress, has been read by more Christians than any other book except the Bible. With such great fame, it is surprising how few know the story of Bunyan's life and work in Bedford, England. He was a man who fixed pots and pans for a living, but who also loved to preach the Gospel. He spent almost fifteen years in prison for preaching and during those years wrote over 60 books. His contributions were great and his faith in Christ was strong. John Bunyan: Prisoner for Christ draws us into the life of a man who served Christ first, no matter the circumstances.

Sport and Democracy in the Ancient and Modern Worlds

Author : Paul Christesen
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This book explores the relationship between sport and democratization. Drawing on sociological and historical methodologies and case studies of ancient Greece and nineteenth-century Britain, the author provides a framework for understanding how sport affects the level of egalitarianism in the society in which it is played. He concludes that sport can contribute meaningfully to democratization.

Christian History

Author : Alister E. McGrath
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A major new introduction to the global history of Christianity, written by one of the world’s leading theologians and author of numerous bestselling textbooks. Provides a truly global review by exploring the development of Christianity and related issues in Asia, Latin America and Africa, and not just focusing on Western concerns Spanning more than two millennia and combining elements of theology, history, and culture, it traces the development of all three branches of Christianity – Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox – providing context to Christianity’s origins and its links to Judaism Looks beyond denominational history at Christianity’s impact on individuals, society, politics, and intellectual thought, as well as on art, architecture, and the natural sciences Combines McGrath’s acute historical sensibility with formidable organizational skill, breaking the material down into accessible, self-contained historical periods Offers an accessible and student-oriented text, assuming little or no advance theological or historical knowledge on the part of the reader


Author : Carlos M. N. Eire
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TWENTY-THREE. The Age of Devils -- TWENTY-FOUR. The Age of Reasonable Doubt -- TWENTY-FIVE. The Age of Outcomes -- TWENTY-SIX. The Spirit of the Age -- EPILOGUE. Assessing the Reformations -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Illustration Credits -- Index -- A -- B -- C -- D -- E -- F -- G -- H -- I -- J -- K -- L -- M -- N -- O -- P -- Q -- R -- S -- T -- U -- V -- W -- X -- Z

Reginald Pole

Author : Thomas F. Mayer
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A life of Reginald Pole (1500-1558), among the most important of sixteenth-century international notables.

The Cumulative Book Index

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Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Author : Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland
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Royal Historical Society Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History Publications of 1998

Author : Austin Gee
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The Royal Historical Society's Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History provides a comprehensive and authoritative survey of books and articles on historical topics published in a single calendar year. The volume covers all periods of British and Irish history from Roman Britain to the late twentieth century, and also includes a section on imperial and commonwealth history. It is the most complete and up-to-date bibliography of its type, and an indispensable tool for historians.

Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History

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The Eighteenth Century

Author : Kevin L. Cope
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This reference work provides bibliographic details for students of 18th-century studies.

English Catholicism 1558 1642

Author : Alan Dures
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Newly revised and updated, the second edition of English Catholicism 1558–1642 explores the position of Catholics in early modern English society, their political significance, and the internal politics of the Catholic community. The Elizabethan religious settlement of 1559 ostensibly outlawed Catholicism in England, while subsequent events such as the papal excommunication of Elizabeth I, the Spanish Armada, and the Gunpowder Plot led to draconian penalties and persecution. The problem of Catholicism preoccupied every English government between Elizabeth I and Charles I, even if the numbers of Catholics remained small. Nevertheless, a Catholic community not only survived in early modern England but also exerted a surprising degree of influence. Amid intense persecution, expressions of Catholicism ranged from those who refused outright to attend the parish church (recusants) to ‘church papists’ who remained Catholics at heart. English Catholicism 1558–1642 shows that, against all odds, Catholics remained an influential and historically significant minority of religious dissenters in early modern England. Co-authored with Francis Young, this volume has been updated to include recent developments in the historiography of English Catholicism. It is a useful introduction for all undergraduate students interested in the English Reformation and early modern English history.