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Palaces of Revolution Life Death and Art at the Stuart Court

Author : Simon Thurley
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The story of the Stuart dynasty is a breathless soap opera played out in just a hundred years in an array of buildings that span Europe from Scotland, via Denmark, Holland and Spain to England.

Prelude to Revolution

Author : George D. Larson
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The Shadow of the Winter Palace

Author : Edward Crankshaw
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Palace Revolution

Author : David Starkey
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The February Revolution Petrograd 1917

Author : Tsuyoshi Hasegawa
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The February Revolution, Petrograd, 1917 is the most comprehensive book on the epic uprising that toppled the tsarist monarchy and ushered in the next stage of the Russian Revolution.

Pioneers of the Russian Revolution

Author : Angelo Solomon Rappoport
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A Short History of the French Revolution Subscription

Author : Jeremy D. Popkin
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This book attempts to introduce students to the major events that make up the story of the French Revolution and to the different ways in which historians have interpreted them. It covers the relationship between France and the United States.

The French Revolution

Author : Hilaire Belloc
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The object of this book is not to recount once more the history of the Revolution: that can be followed in any one of a hundred text-books. Its object is rather to lay, if that be possible, an explanation of it before the non-French readers; so that they may understand both what it was and how it proceeded, and also why certain problems hitherto unfamiliar to people outside of France have risen out of it._x000D_ Contents:_x000D_ The Political Theory of the Revolution_x000D_ Rousseau_x000D_ The Characters of the Revolution_x000D_ The Phases of the Revolution_x000D_ The Military Aspect of the Revolution_x000D_ The Revolution and the Catholic Church

Pictures from revolutionary Paris sketched during the first phasis of the revolution of 1848 a historical narrative

Author : John Palgrave Simpson
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The French Revolution as Blasphemy

Author : William L. Pressly
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This is a book about two paintings that were meant to turn the English against the French Revolution by showing its worst excesses--a world in which religious piety and racial, class, and gender hierarchies are turned upside down.