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Painting and Drawing Children

Author : John Norton
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In this comprehensive, beautifully illustrated guide, one of the great children's portraitists covers every aspect of painting and drawing children. He starts by showing how children's anatomy differs from that of adults and telling how to get to know the child. 59 black-and-white and 40 color illustrations.

Painting Portraits of Children

Author : Simon Davis
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Painting a portrait of a child is one of the most complex challenges an artist will face. In this detailed and practical book, Simon Davis opens up his studio and explains his approach. As one of the country's leading portrait painters, he gives a unique insight into how to render a sympathetic portrait in oils, which avoids sentimentality and captures the essence of a child. Topics covered include the importance of composition and balance, tonality and palette, atmosphere and advice on the complete process, from first ideas to putting down the paintbrush. There are step-by-step examples of a range of children, including different ages, backgrounds and groups and an interview with fellow Royal Society of Portrait Painters artist Andrew James. This unique account of painting thoughtful, intelligent and honest portraits of children will be of great interest to portrait painters and anyone commissioning a portrait. Fully illustrated with 134 colour photographs.

The Village Children an Introduction to the Art of Painting Children and Their Stories

Author : Marie Dubois
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The book is both a children's story book and a craft book and is in two parts. The story book section contains short and longer stories for young children to read printed in both English and French. The craft section is an introduction to painting for the aspiring young artists. Part One - includes full colour illustrations of plates originally painted by hand on porcelain/china and canvas by Marie Dubois. On the opposite page the author has written stories both in English and French based on the theme of each plate. The stories have been translated to French to familiarise young children to a foreign language, especially now learning a second language has been added to the school curriculum. Part Two - is an introduction to the art of painting. The book gives brief instructions as to the materials required, basic techniques and painting principles that beginners will need to create some fine artistic tableau, as well as definitions of various brush strokes for beginners to practice, so that they can achieve their own fine art work. The Book also includes line work for each plate design, which can be traced on to any painting material. It is hoped that the artwork contained in this volume will inspire other painters to produce similar pieces of work. The designs require a great deal of careful creative attention. All drawings and colours on the designs have a distinctive style particularly the characteristic figures, old fashion costumes and hats. The book is not only for children to read or parents to read to their children, but is also for painters, art teachers and others who might be interested in creating this fine art and will have reason to feel proud of their own achievements.

An Integrated Play based Curriculum for Young Children

Author : Olivia N. Saracho
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Play provides young children with the opportunity to express their ideas, symbolize, and test their knowledge of the world. It provides the basis for inquiry in literacy, science, social studies, mathematics, art, music, and movement. Through play, young children become active learners engaged in explorations about themselves, their community, and their personal-social world. An Integrated Play-Based Curriculum for Young Children offers the theoretical framework for understanding the origins of an early childhood play-based curriculum and how young children learn and understand concepts in a social and physical environment. Distinguished author Olivia N. Saracho then explores how play fits into various curriculum areas in order to help teachers develop their early childhood curriculum using developmentally and culturally appropriate practice. Through this integrated approach, young children are able to actively engage in meaningful and functional experiences in their natural context. Special Features Include: Vignettes of children’s conversations and actions in the classroom Suggestions for activities and classroom materials Practical examples and guidelines End-of-chapter summaries to enhance and extend the reader’s understanding of young children By presenting appropriate theoretical practices for designing and implementing a play-based curriculum, An Integrated Play-Based Curriculum for Young Children offers pre-service teachers the foundational knowledge about the field, about the work that practitioners do with young children, and how to best assume a teacher’s role effectively.

Painting Children in Oil

Author : Marcos Blahove
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Painting with Children

Author : Brunhild Muller
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An invaluable guide for parents and teachers with ideas for encouraging a child's self-expression through watercolour painting.

Painting for Children

Author : Lois Thomasson Horne
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Group Psychotherapy with Children

Author : Haim G. Ginott
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A practical guide to play therapy with children. This book covers aspects of treatment including the selection of appropriate patients, choice of toys, setting limits, and working with parents. The capabilities of group therapy to foster social interaction and psychological development are shown.

Experience and Art

Author : Nancy R. Smith
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The authors skillfully combine a philosophical and pragmatic approach, exploring the cognitive processes behind children’s painting. To deepen children’s understanding, the book suggests meaningful tasks for each phase of imagery and offers methods for encouraging children to discuss the concepts involved in their work. Focusing on children from 1-1/2 to 11, the authors include in this second edition: a more detailed discussion about painting in the preschool; an expanded description of techniques effective in motivating five- and six-year-olds; and a stronger emphasis on painting as a more central, rather than occasional, activity in all classrooms. “Experience and Art is a lean, wise, and useful book . . . that speaks to those who teach children.” —From the Foreword by Elliot W. Eisner

Drawing and Painting

Author : John Matthews
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`This book is a tremendous resource for any early years setting. It enables us and encourages us to explore the process of artistic development through a fresh and inclusive lens' - Nursery World `This book is a welcome update of an informative text describing the process of children's mark making as a visual, physical and interactive process urging us to consider how we as adults perceive and support young children's mark making activities both at home and school. John Matthews demonstrates the cognitive function of this early mark making in relation to general individual development' - Early Years `A thought-provoking and informative book, this is essential reading for anyone involved in the education of young children' - Times Educational Supplement - Teacher `Drawing and Painting is a fascinating and delightful read for tutors, practitioners and students and is highly recommended an essential text for early years courses at level 3 and above'- Under Five This book has been revised to reflect recent developments in early childhood education, in developmental psychology and in our understanding of children's development in the arts. The author shows how this new model of children's development in visual representation has important implications for education. The author examines children's development in visual expression and suggests how this development might be supported. The book takes issue with the inherited wisdom about children's development in visual representation. The traditional approach describes children's development in terms of supposed deficits in which children progress from `primitive' earlier stages to `superior' ones, until the `defects' in their representational thinking are overcome and they arrive at an endpoint of `visual realism'. This approach is the pervasive influence on curricular planning, in arts education and in early years education. The author explains recent different models of development in visual expression. Instead of measuring children's efforts against an adult paradigm, the new models identify the modes of representation used by children as consequences of children's own intentions, motivations and priorities. The writing is accessible and assumes no specialist knowledge of psychological theory, art, its history or interpretation. This book is essential reading for early childhood educators, at nursery and pre-school level, for other professionals who work with very young children and parents, as well as students and tutors on early years courses. This is a revised edition of Helping Children to Draw and Paint: Children and Visual Representation, originally published in 1994.