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Painting in Stone

Author : Fabio Barry
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A sweeping history of premodern architecture told through the material of stone Spanning almost five millennia, Painting in Stone tells a new history of premodern architecture through the material of precious stone. Lavishly illustrated examples include the synthetic gems used to simulate Sumerian and Egyptian heavens; the marble temples and mansions of Greece and Rome; the painted palaces and polychrome marble chapels of early modern Italy; and the multimedia revival in 19th-century England. Poetry, the lens for understanding costly marbles as an artistic medium, summoned a spectrum of imaginative associations and responses, from princes and patriarchs to the populace. Three salient themes sustained this “lithic imagination”: marbles as images of their own elemental substance according to premodern concepts of matter and geology; the perceived indwelling of astral light in earthly stones; and the enduring belief that colored marbles exhibited a form of natural—or divine—painting, thanks to their vivacious veining, rainbow palette, and chance images.

Almost Eternal Painting on Stone and Material Innovation in Early Modern Europe

Author :
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Ten authors offer novel accounts of the phenomenon of oil painting on stone surfaces in Northern and Southern Europe, from Sebastiano del Piombo’s invention at Rome in the sixteenth century to the material experimentation of later painters through the seventeenth century.

Art of Stone Painting

Author : F. Sehnaz Bac
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Transform ordinary stones into colorful works of art. Full-color illustrations accompany step-by-step instructions for creating 30 different themes: trees, flowers, animals, mandalas, geometric patterns, marine and holiday motifs, more.

Stone Painting for Kids

Author : F. Sehnaz Bac
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Fun-to-follow instructions for simple projects are accompanied by full-color illustrations. Patterns include geometric designs, plants, animals, numbers, and letters plus directions for stone games such as tic-tac-toe, chess, and dominoes.

A Year of Stone Painting

Author : F Sehnaz Bac
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You can craft a new mandala every week for one year with this full-color guide by the author of the bestselling The Art of Stone Painting. F. Sehnaz Bac, an artist and seasoned archaeologist, presents step-by-step instructions for fifty-two projects. Her easy-to-follow guide will show you how to transform ordinary stones into inspirational works of art. The mandala — derived from the Sanskrit word for "circle" — represents the universe, and the symbol has long been instrumental to sacred rituals and meditative practices. This treasury of radiant designs presents patterns for stone paintings, each of which is accompanied by a one-word mantra — relax, tranquil, spirit, dream, believe, and other uplifting terms. A few projects are meant to be painted on sea glass, leaves, or shells, but most are based on Bac's popular interpretations of classic stone-based styles. Colorful photographs accompany simple instructions for a year of crafting inspiration.

The Little Book of Rock Painting

Author : F. Sehnaz Bac
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Filled with creative exercises, art prompts, templates, and step-by-step projects, The Little Book of Rock Painting encourages interactivity for immediate results, while teaching beginners the fundamentals of the medium in an engaging and fun way. In the new The Little Book of ... series from Walter Foster Publishing, artists and art hobbyists alike will delight in learning a variety of fun and interesting art topics in a portable format boasting a fresh, contemporary design. In The Little Book of Rock Painting, aspiring artists will discover how to gather and prepare their rocks to create masterpieces that are truly one with nature. Written and illustrated by three talented rock-painting artists, the book features a range of contemporary designs to experiment with, from patterns and animals to mandalas and dots. The instructions are easy to follow and invite creativity and originality. Grab your colors, head outside, and start painting beautiful works of art on stones!

South Africa s Past in Stone and Paint

Author : M. C. Burkitt
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Originally published in 1928, this book provides an introduction to the prehistory of South Africa, through the author's archaeological tour.

Meditative Stone Art

Author : Maria Mercedes Trujillo Arango
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Alleviate stress, foster creativity, and commune with nature while creating beautiful art with Meditative Stone Art. Let artist Maria Mercedes Trujillo Arango guide you on a meditative art journey, for beginner and expert crafters alike, as she shares her unique, sophisticated, and inspiring designs for decorating stones. Along with the fascinating histories of rock art and mandalas, meditation practices, information about gathering the perfect stones, tools, and art techniques, Meditative Stone Art includes 50 illustrated step-by-step projects—25 calming mandala designs and 25 nature-inspired designs, including: Drawing and Painting Techniques: Creating White Work Designs Creating Black Work Designs Creating Colorful Designs Creating Metallic Designs 25 Mandala Designs (Step-by-Step Tutorials): Ancient Symbol Mandalas: Spirals, Dots, and Concentric Circles Hinduism-Inspired Mehndi and Kolam Mandalas Buddhism-Inspired Mandalas Judaism-Inspired Mandalas Christian Rose Window–Inspired Mandalas Islamic Geometric Rosette–Inspired Mandalas Free-Form Mandalas 25 Nature-Inspired Designs (Step-by-Step Tutorials): Butterflies Beetles Flowers Leaves Gardens Fish Feathers Shells Clouds Galaxies Constellations Chock-full of beautiful photography of finished pieces and easy-to-follow illustrations and instructions to get your designs just right, Meditative Stone Art will have you feeling focused, creative, and relaxed in no time.

Conservation of Easel Paintings

Author : Joyce Hill Stoner
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Conservation of Easel Paintings is the first comprehensive text on the history, philosophy, and methods of treatment of easel paintings that combines both theory with practice. With contributions from an international group of experts and interviews with important artists, this volume provides an all-encompassing guide to necessary background knowledge in technical art history, artists' materials, scientific methods of examination and documentation, with sections that present varying approaches and methods for treatment, including consolidation, lining, cleaning, retouching, and varnishing. The book concludes with a section featuring issues of preventive conservation, storage, shipping, exhibition, lighting, safety issues, and public outreach. Conservation of Easel Paintings is a crucial resource in the training of conservation students and will provide generations of practicing paintings conservators and interested art historians, curators, directors, collectors, dealers, artists, and students of art and art history with invaluable information and guidance.

Rock Painting Mandala Exercise Book

Author : Emma Wahl
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Paint Stones creatively In this exercise book you will find many different coloring pages with which you can learn and get great ideas to paint your stones.BR>Included are: stencils for creating mandalas finished dot mandala templates for coloring finished animal mandala templates for coloring