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Paint Play Explore

Author : Rae Missigman
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Discover the marks for your most authentic art! Mixed-media artist Rae Missigman identifies herself as a "mark-maker." Ever in the forefront of her art, organic shapes and graphic marks are what give her work a sense of authenticity. With an adventurous, anything-goes attitude to expressing herself, she is just as likely to use a celery stem, a sewing machine or a cardboard tube as she is a brush, a palette knife or her own hands. In Paint, Play, Explore, Missigman helps you discover those marks that define you as an artist, and weave them into your art in new and interesting ways. Through page after page of creative exploration, you'll become a collector of tools--traditional and unconventional mark-makers that will become an extension of your unique voice. You'll become a tinkerer as you recycle and repurpose, striving to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. You'll become an explorer as you draw with your non-dominant hand, create "blindly" using resists, stamp with your own handcrafted organic ink, and follow other creative prompts to widen and shape your artistic world. Whether you're just starting your creative adventure or you're looking to break through to the next level, Paint, Play, Explore will set you in motion. Setting the tone with her upbeat vibe and joyful use of color, Missigman pushes you to find your own beautiful artistic "fingerprint" to create work that is interesting, full of life and distinctly yours...and above all, to embrace the journey. "The shapes you choose to etch in your work, free flowing and heartfelt, are a part of what makes the art your own. Tools in hand, your marks will find you and you will begin to recognize yourself in your creations." You're going to need a bigger creative toolbox... • 60+ mark-making tools and mediums • 23 stepped-out demonstrations on collage, one-brush painting, monoprinting, resists, transfers and other fun and versatile mark-making techniques • 4 start-to-finish projects for turning marks into inventive art

Posh Paint Play

Author : Katie Rose Johnston
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Forget everything you think you know about traditional watercolor painting-Posh Paint Play will show you how to experiment with paint, use it spontaneously, and have fun--no experience required! Through 21 simple, achievable activities, artist Katie Rose Johnston demonstrates different ways of mixing colors, experiments with textures using salt and cling film, makes spatter art, animal print patterns, and much more. A series of gorgeous step-by-step illustrations showcase each technique that is accompanied by helpful annotations in a playful, sketchbook-style layout. Each is designed for novice and experienced creative types, achievable at home. Focusing on the process rather than the result, Paint Play is the perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to discover techniques to use in both their own paintings and beyond (cards, other artwork, etc.), play with paint, and have fun!

Paint Play

Author : Katie Rose Johnston
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Forget everything you think you know about traditional watercolour painting - Paint Play will show you how to experiment with paint, use it spontaneously and have fun, no experience required! Through a series of 21 simple, achievable activities, artist Katie Rose Johnston demonstrates different ways of mixing colours, experiments with textures using salt and cling film, makes spatter art, animal print patterns and much more. A gorgeous illustration showcases each technique and is accompanied by helpful annotations in a playful, sketchbook-style layout, showing how to practise each technique at home. Focusing on the process rather than the result, Paint Play is the perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to discover techniques to use in their own paintings or simply be creative, play with paint and have fun.

Fresh Paint

Author : Flora Bowley
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Inspired by the authors’ popular online course, Fresh Paint is a collection of lessons, prompts, and exercises that offer a deep dive into the practice of “finding your style” in the process of making 100 small mixed-media paintings.

Deep Play Exploring the Use of Depth in Psychotherapy with Children

Author : Dennis McCarthy
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Therapeutic deep play has the capacity for children to express deep emotions, overcome seemingly insurmountable issues and resolve serious problems. Working with children in this profound way, therapists are able to not only eliminate symptoms, but to change the very structure of how children live with themselves, their defense and belief systems. The contributors to this book all work deeply, allowing children to take risks in a safe environment, and become fully absorbed in physical play. Chapters include play with deep sandboxes, clay, water, and various objects, and look at a range of pertinent case studies to demonstrate the therapeutic techniques in practice, alongside the theoretical concepts in which they are grounded. A new theoretical approach is established that takes from psychoanalysis as well as neuroscience and behaviourism, and offers a depth psychology approach in the treatment of children. This will be a valuable resource for anyone working therapeutically with children through play, including play therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, arts therapists, counsellors, social workers and family therapists.

Children s Care Learning and Development

Author : Kate Beith
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Messy Play in the Early Years

Author : Sue Gascoyne
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Combining a rich theoretical foundation with practical tips, advice and case studies, Messy Play in the Early Years provides an informative and practical exploration of the unique qualities, characteristics and learning possibilities of messy play. Packed with valuable insights from research and theory, along with practitioner’s experiences, this accessible book will bolster readers’ understanding and appreciation of messy play and demonstrate how a range of material engagements can enhance young children’s development and learning. Exploring an array of resources and a broad spectrum of approaches, including adult-and child-led inquiry, chapters consider how the specific sensory qualities of materials encourage problem-solving, scientific thinking, creativity, self-regulation and self-expression as children discover and make sense of new phenomena. With examples of international practice and reflective questions throughout, the book highlights a variety of approaches to meeting differing time, space and budgetary needs, simplifies preparation and planning, and empowers practitioners and children to understand and use messy play effectively. An essential guidebook to supporting an engaging and rewarding journey into messy play, Messy Play in the Early Years will be an invaluable resource for early years students, practitioners and parents looking to understand and enhance children’s learning possibilities.

Color Lab for Mixed Media Artists

Author : Deborah Forman
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Create the very best mixed media with 52 inspiring exercises! Strenthening your understanding and use of color will make your mixed-media art shine as you complete 52 labs that span painting, collage, drawing, assemblage and more. In Color Lab for Mixed Media Artists, color is explored through multiple lenses-nature, history, psychology, expression-as you work through 52 exciting and approachable projects that explore the infinite potential of the chromatic experience. Artist and color-theory expert Deborah Forman provides you with techniques and instruction. These materials and labs focus primarily on paint and collage, along with experimental projects for book making, sculpture and installation. Work your way through the color spectrum, using the steady beat of color as the guiding framework. Don't be intimidated by color--understand how it works, what shade, tint, and pure color will work for your project, and how to select, mix, or pair colors. When you're done, you'll have 52 personal, meaningful, outstanding, and colorful projects and the inspiration to create many more! "Deb Forman's book is a welcome addition to my studio book shelf. The exercises provide the novice with valuable information on techniques and materials combined with the confidence to explore their own intuitive creative path. For the experienced artist the exercises offer an opportunity to engage with familiar painting mediums in fresh new ways. I would recommend this book both to novice artists just starting out and established artists seeking to reinvigorate their studio practice." - Neal Walsh, Painter and Gallery Director at AS220 "Deborah Forman is a fantastic teacher. She is able to bring her myriad talents to bear in the classroom by transmitting the joy and pleasure she takes in her own artistic practice to her students, who are at many different points in their own creative journeys. She is incredibly generous with her ideas, and honors the integrity of all of her students by encouraging experimentation, tenacity, and compassion as they develop their own skills as artists." - Dr. Karen Carr, Humanities Professor, RISD "Deborah Forman's Color Theory course was inspiring, exciting and informative. She encouraged her students to push their experimentation with color to the limits which resulted in beautiful palettes that I never dreamed I could create. Overall, this class was a wonderful experience and gave me great insight as to which direction I want to take with my own artwork.​"​ - former student

Move Play and Learn with Smart Steps

Author : Gill Connell
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Build the body-brain connection with step-by-step activities that help children develop physical, cognitive, social, and emotional foundations for early learning and school readiness. Early childhood educators will find clear information on creating the move-to learn environment, managing safety, and optimizing the connections between language development, movement, and readiness for formal learning. An observational tool lets teachers pinpoint children’s specific developmental stages and assess progress. The easy-to-follow, full-color format includes diagrams and photos along with teaching tips to advance and automate children’s foundational physical capabilities while providing incremental challenge. Grounded in best practices and current research, Move, Play, and Learn with Smart Steps is both a hands-on resource for any classroom teacher, care provider, or parent and an ideal tool for coaches, mentors, and professional development trainers. Digital content includes customizable forms from the book.

Avant Gardes and Partisans Reviewed

Author : Fred Orton
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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By addressing key issues in visual culture and the politics of representation, this book provides a reference and an analysis of the work of Orton and Pollock, internationally acknowledged as the leading exponents of the social history of art.

Exploring Play for Early Childhood Studies

Author : Mandy Andrews
File Size : 33.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Winner of the 2013 Nursery World Awards! This is a key text for all those studying for degrees and foundation degrees in early childhood, early years and related disciplines and for candidates on EYPS pathways. It takes the reader through a detailed exploration of the nature of play examining the features and the concepts of play. Guidance on the observation of children's play is included and the text encourages students to appreciate the value of play in development and in socialisation. Children's rights and the ownership of play are also covered. With interactive activities and case studies throughout, the text helps students to arrive at an understanding of their own practice in relation to play. About the Early Years series This series has been designed to support students of Early Years, Early Childhood Studies and related disciplines in popular modules of their course. Each text takes a focused look at a specific topic and approaches it in an accessible and user-friendly way. Features have been developed to help readers engage with the text and understand the subject from a number of different viewpoints. Activities pose questions to prompt thought and discussion and 'Theory Focus' boxes examine essential theory close-up for better understanding. This series is also applicable to EYPS candidates on all pathways. Other titles in the series are Early Childhood Studies, Childhood in Society for Early Childhood Studies and Child Observation for the Early Years.

Art Teaching

Author : George Szekely
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This comprehensive, up-to-date art methods text presents fundamental theories, principles, creative approaches, and resources for art teaching in elementary through middle school.

Play Make Create A Process Art Handbook

Author : Meri Cherry
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Packed with fun, edifying, and joyful art experiences, Play, Make, Create is filled with simple, yet powerful, "art invitations" that are focused on the making and doing, not just the final projects. Founded in a process-based philosophy, this unique book includes over 40 activities set up as invitations—carefully designed prompts or provocations to play or make something. Author Meri Cherry has over 20 years of teaching experience, and her blog has set the standard for meaningful and enriching process art experiences that are both manageable for moms, and engaging and fun for kids. Play, Make, Create begins with an in-depth guide for parents, teachers, and facilitators that shares all the details—how to set up materials in an inviting way, how to present the activity and talk to kids about art, and how to stock your cabinets with the right materials for ongoing creativity, plus best-practice tips for clean up, trouble shooting, and more. Within the book, parents will find four types of creative invitations. Invitations to Explore are process-based, open-ended activities that are set up for ongoing play and discovery. Invitations to Create inspire children to make something. By exploring, playing, and discovering what the materials offer, children will create exciting projects such as salt paintings, a mini book, a shadow box, puppets, nature crafts, clay sculptures and more, each with completely individual results. Invitations to Play are sensory-based activities such as making doughs, slime, moving toys, and more. Lastly, there are Invitations to Collaborate. These are fun group projects, perfect for playdates, families, classrooms, and parties. As children explore the activities in Play, Make, Create, they are engaged in active, meaningful, and socially interactive learning. Children are encouraged to wonder, to experiment, and to use critical thinking—and most of all, enjoy the process. By following their own inclinations and making their own choices, children gain self-confidence and hone their problem solving skills. GetPlay, Make, Create and give your children the gift of creativity. These activities wake up kids' brains and get them busy doing things. The tactile, colorful, and engaging materials also offer a way to decompress and relax, as well as build fine motor and critical thinking skills. Giving your children these creative play opportunities is a way to say "I love you. I thought about you. You are important to me. Your ideas are important to me."

An Integrated Play based Curriculum for Young Children

Author : Olivia N. Saracho
File Size : 57.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An Integrated Play-Based Curriculum for Young Children, Second Edition explores how to integrate play across the curriculum, helping teachers develop their early childhood curriculum using developmentally and culturally appropriate practice. Distinguished author Olivia N. Saracho offers a theoretical framework for understanding the origins of an early childhood play-based curriculum and illuminates how young children learn and understand concepts in a social and physical environment. This second edition has been fully updated throughout and its comprehensive coverage has been expanded with entirely new sections on technology and social media, cultural differences in play, and teaching ELLs and students with disabilities. Packed with vignettes, activities, and practical examples, this text is essential reading for pre-service teachers seeking appropriate theoretical practices for designing and implementing a play-based curriculum. Special Features Include: Suggestions and guidelines for activities and choosing classroom materials. Discussion of a full range of curriculum areas and topics including literacy, language, science, social studies, mathematics, art, music, blocks, and movement. Vignettes of children’s conversations and examples of how children learn through play. End-of-chapter summaries to enhance and extend an understanding of young children.

The Five Dynamics of Creative Development

Author : Johannes Ziskoven
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Format : PDF, Docs
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The Five Dynamics of Creative Development proposes a framework for exploring and better understanding the complex and beautiful process of development and growth. This creative process takes on many forms, however always following the structure of underlying dynamics. The work is focused on recognising the dynamics and creating the right environment and conditions for growth to occur naturally. At its root lies the assumed reality that love is the true force behind positive growth, and that every human being has this basic capacity. Based on 45 years of experience working in mental health institutions, it is written by a young explorer of Art Therapy, who will guide you through a journey of positive and playful learning. It is a book full of recognition and useful tips for anyone who is personally interested in growth, creativity and change, as well as for parents, therapists, teachers and other professionals. Ad van Vugt worked in psychiatry for over forty years both clinically and on an out-patient basis. Early on he came to the conclusion that mere talking was not enough and that the felt experience through creativity was at the basis of change. Creative activities would be an important tool to support this change. He started developing programmes with the help of colleagues and clients. The core question that occupied him was about which dynamics are actually responsible for change and development, and which conditions stimulate these dynamics in a natural way. He moved away from problem-oriented thinking and into development-oriented thinking. The theory that he developed is described in this book. Johannes Ziskoven decided in 2015 to stop his philosophy course and travelled to Spain to assist his father, participate in the courses and in return write the book about his father’s work. For three years he followed him, did and assisted in workshops, tried out the different creative techniques and had almost daily conversations and interviews with his father. The result was this book. It is not only a fitting rendering of his father’s work, but also a clear expression of his own creative process. He now studies in the Netherlands to become an art therapist himself.

Mixed Media Color Studio

Author : Kellee Wynne Conrad
File Size : 74.95 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Discover innovative painting and mixed-media art techniques the most inspired way possible: through rainbows of color! In Mixed Media Color Workshop, learn color and design principles that will boost your creative intuition"--

Paint Mojo A Mixed Media Workshop

Author : Tracy Verdugo
File Size : 40.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Claim the beauty of your unique, authentic expression. Break free of your comfort zone, sharpen your senses to perceive the world around you and find happiness in play. On this painterly journey, Tracy Verdugo leads you from self-doubt to self-appreciation by helping you find your voice through a myriad of vibrantly-hued mark making, painting and self-reflection techniques. There are no mistakes here, only opportunities to learn and grow. • Learn the language of your own sacred marks by painting with personal symbology. • Discover the inspiration that exists around you, in your home, your community, the present moment. • 19 step-by-step exercises use popular mixed media materials such as pastels, acrylic paints, inks and more! • See how to use art making to plant creative seeds and cultivate your wildest dreams. Turn on your Paint Mojo and make an awesome, shiny, perfectly imperfect mark of you.

Acrylic Painting For Dummies

Author : Colette Pitcher
File Size : 28.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Hands-on, full-color instruction in this versatile painting medium Acrylic paint is easy to use, quick to dry, a cinch to clean up, and relatively inexpensive–which makes it a great medium for amateur artists. Following a simple step-by-step approach, Acrylic Painting For Dummies provides hands-on instruction and easy-to-follow exercises in acrylic painting techniques and styles, making the medium accessible to would-be artists at all levels. Featuring large-scale projects at the end of most chapters and ample additional opportunities for readers to paint along, this friendly guide will help anyone discover the artist within.

For the Love of Reading

Author : David Bouchard
File Size : 43.21 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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What should we read to our children? Four experts share their favorite books.

Homeschooling For Dummies

Author : Jennifer Kaufeld
File Size : 48.89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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If you believe that a good education is the greatest gift you can give your child, you’re probably pretty unhappy with what’s being taught in most classrooms these days. If you think that education should do more than just train kids to take standardized tests, that it should build their critical thinking skills, enable them to weigh ethical considerations, instill a passion for learning, and reflect your core values and beliefs, then you’re probably fed up with the current state of our schools. If, like many parents, you’re wondering whether homeschooling can be the solution you’re looking for, then you’ll be happy to know that the answer is yes–and Home Schooling For Dummies shows you how. This friendly, well-informed guide is a valuable resource for parents considering homeschooling, as well as veteran homeschooler interested in fresh homeschooling ideas. It gets you on track with what you need to know to confidently: De termine whether homeschooling is right for you and your family Get started in homeschooling Obtain teaching materials Develop a curriculum that reflects your values and beliefs Comply with all legal requirements Find healthy social outlets for your kids Join a homeschooling cooperative From textbooks to computers to state compliance, expert Jennifer Kaufeld, covers all the bases. She anticipates most of your questions about homeschooling and answers them with clear, easy-to-follow answers enlivened by real-life accounts by parents around the nation who have opted to homeschool their children. Topics covered include: Deciding at what age to begin Determining your kid’s learning style and teaching to it Teaching special needs children Developing a curriculum that’s right for your children Finding social outlets for you homeschoolers Complying with state and federal regulations Teaching at the primary, middle school and high school levels Preparing for the SATs, ACT and other key standardized tests Networking with other homeschoolers You shouldn’t have to compromise on your children’s education. Get Homeschooling For Dummies and find out how to turn your home into a school and raise smart, well-adjusted kids.