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Overcoming Passive Aggression Revised Edition

Author : Tim Murphy
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THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO OVERCOME HIDDEN ANGER IN YOUR LIFE. Hostile humor, negative undertones, and silent standoffs--nearly everyone has experienced hidden anger at some point, whether at home, with friends, or at work or school. Even if it's done to avoid open conflict and keep the peace, habitually concealing anger becomes insidious. When people don't express their true views and emotions, it undermines harmony and can actually cause physical and psychological harm. Tim Murphy and Loriann Oberlin explain what passive-aggression is; show how to spot the controlling, depressed, and self-absorbed behaviors that identify it; and share assertive communication strategies to overcome it, with: The latest research on emotional mismanagement, mood disorders, and chronic negativity Entirely new chapters about children and teens, divorce, and how to seek professional help Advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of social media, texting, and online communication Insights for educators, managers, legal professionals, and others A new appendix for clinicians, physicians, and healthcare providers Whether you need practical ways to manage your own anger or strategies to cope with this behavior in others, Overcoming Passive-Aggression offers powerful tools for enriched relationships and personal growth.

Overcoming Passive Aggression

Author : Tim Murphy
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A guide to addressing specific issues related to hidden anger identifies the negative messages and consequences of passive-aggressive behaviors, discussing such areas as the childhood origins of hidden anger, its impact on work and relationships, and strategies for breaking unhealthy patterns. Original.

Passive aggression

Author : Martin Kantor
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Presents cases and theories showing passive-aggression is not just a symptom but is the basis of a real, yet much-ignored, syndrome, Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder.

Passive Aggressive Behavior

Author : Carl Oren
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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to overcome passive aggression in your own life and how to deal with it in others. Passive aggression is an expression of hostility towards others, whether direct or indirect. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Passive aggressive behaviors can occur in all types of relationships, from personal to work. There is a quiz that will tell you if you or someone you know is expressing passive aggressive behavior.

Breaking Passive Aggressive Cycles

Author : Dee Brown
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Help for women who are impacted by passive-aggressive men.

Exceptional Child Education Resources

Author :
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The Rorschach Clinician a New Research Approach and Its Application

Author : Charles R. Potkay
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Library Journal

Author : Melvil Dewey
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Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.

New Understandings of Human Behavior

Author : Harold D. Werner
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New Woman

Author :
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Contemporary Authors

Author : Julie Mellors
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A biographical and bibliographical guide to current writers in all fields including poetry, fiction and nonfiction, journalism, drama, television and movies. Information is provided by the authors themselves or drawn from published interviews, feature stories, book reviews and other materials provided by the authors/publishers.

Mr Nice Guy Hates Your Guts

Author : Rhonda Coleman
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What do you do when you wake up one morning and realize that the man who has worshiped you, now suddenly hates your guts? That's the question Rhonda Coleman poses at the heart of Mr. Nice Guy Hates Your Guts, as she weaves her tale of love and loathing hidden behind the façade of a modern-day fairytale. This is no "Oh, woe is me" bitch session, this is a pick-yourself-up-by-the-Manolos guide for the ladies to show how to deal with and overcome Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder, the dark secret that lurks inside every woman's Mr. Nice Guy. And it's a tale told with charm, class, and a whole lotta sass, that is totally, trophyliciously over the top as only Rhonda can deliver. In her fight against her man's PAPD, Rhonda shapes a course of action and active involvement to keep their love alive and bring about a new understanding between them. With her man firmly at her side, now, Rhonda turns to women out there everywhere and dispenses her wit and wisdom with brass and bluntness, calling all the attention she can gather on this silent problem. This book is for the woman who rises above the everyday and arms her with the knowledge and confidence she will need to conquer her worst relationship nightmare - Mr. Nice Guy Hates Your Guts!

Chicago Tribune Index

Author :
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Talking Book Topics

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How to Be Angry

Author : Signe Whitson
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Children often struggle to cope with anger, and angry feelings can boil over into aggression and destructive behaviour. This resource takes a different approach to anger, teaching children how to be angry effectively, rather than telling them not to be angry at all. This group program provides step-by-step guidelines for building anger management and assertive emotional expression skills through tailored lessons, group activities and thought-provoking discussions. Participants will learn specific skills such as: · Using I-Statements · Standing Up to Bullies · Disagreeing without Arguing · Making and Refusing Requests · Responding to Anger · Finding Win—Win Solutions Suitable for use with children and teenagers aged 5 - 18, this engaging resource will help children to overcome self-destructive patterns of passive, aggressive, and passive aggressive behaviour. It will be of great use to educators, counselors, social workers, youth care professionals, psychologists and parents.

A Woman s Guide to Overcoming Sexual Fear Pain

Author : Aurelie Jones Goodwin
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Explores the reasons for sexual disorders and advises when professional help is necessary

Taking Charge of Anger Second Edition

Author : W. Robert Nay
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This straight-talking book—grounded in over 25 years of experience—has already helped many tens of thousands of readers understand and manage destructive anger in all its forms. Anger expert Dr. Robert Nay guides you to: *Figure out which of the five "faces of anger" are a problem for you, from passive–aggression to all-out rage. *Recognize the early warning signs of anger in your physical sensations and thoughts. *Master cooling-off strategies that work in the heat of the moment. *Identify and change unrealistic expectations you have for yourself and other people. *Communicate effectively when differences arise. *Practice your new skills in everyday life—until they become second nature. The second edition includes a new chapter on forgiveness, plus updated examples and resources. If anger is getting in the way of your goals—or disrupting the relationships most precious to you—the time to make changes is now. See also Dr. Nay's Anger Management Workbook: Use the STOP Method to Replace Destructive Responses with Constructive Behavior, which helps you build core anger management skills using interactive exercises, and Overcoming Anger in Your Relationship: How to Break the Cycle of Arguments, Put-Downs, and Stony Silences.

Your Depression Map

Author : Randy J. Paterson
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Based on the premise that depression is not an isolated disorder but a cluster of related disorders, this workbook asks readers to look at the multiple causes and symptoms of their depression and the myths that may hinder healing. Illustrations, charts & graphs.

The Harvard Guide to Psychiatry

Author : Armand M. Nicholi
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Four years in the making, this entirely revised edition of a classic text provides a lucid and erudite review of the state of psychiatry today. Since the publication of the last edition in 1988, remarkable advances have been made in laboratory and clinical psychiatric research; the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) has been published; managed care has radically altered the provision of all medical care; and the profession of psychiatry has come to a sophisticated new understanding of the interplay between psychiatric knowledge and issues in the larger society. All these changes are reflected in the new text. Of particular interest are the masterful and lucid reviews of current knowledge in the neurobiology of mental disorders, in the section on brain and behavior. The section on psychopathology clarifies newly emerging diagnostic categories and offers new insight into addictions, anxiety disorders, and disorders of cognition. Like its predecessors, The Harvard Guide To Psychiatry focuses throughout on the relationship between the physician and the patient. Its unspoken motto is that the art of psychiatry is as important as the science. For this recognition of what is relevant clinically as well as technically, this book will be an essential reference and support for both the new and the experienced psychiatrist. This new edition includes up-to-date discussions of: DSM-IV Managed care Improvements in neuroimaging The increased use of psychoactive drugs Recent advances in molecular biology Research on the biology of schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and addictive disorders

Developing the New Assertive Nurse

Author : Gerry Angel
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