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Overcoming Distractions

Author : David A. Greenwood
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What happens when children with Attention Deficit Disorder grow up and enter the professional world? And how can newly diagnosed adults meet the challenges of the workplace? David Greenwood, an ADD sufferer and successful PR consultant, helps those who want to thrive with ADD or ADHD not just survive! He identifies the features of Attention Deficit Disorder and how they affect life in the office, and explains how to tailor a career to minimize the effects of those symptoms. Greenwood also shows how to leverage the "positive" characteristics of ADD, such as hyper-focusing and creativity, to achieve professional success. Through case studies, testimonials from ADD/ADHD specialists, and numerous action plans, you ll see how to make Attention Deficit Disorder work for you."

Overcoming Distractions

Author : Lpc Francine Akins-Arbuckle Ma
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When born-again believers experience difficulties paying attention to God's word, instructions, and expectations, it becomes more challenging to fulfill god's will. This instructional, informative, and inspirational book will empower Christians to overcome distractions and live a purpose-driven life where they can achieve personal, relational, and spiritual goals. Distractions come from many places, including the environment around us, other people, and from within ourselves. The lessons in this book are optimistic, reflective and hopeful, designed to provide an understanding about all the various forms of distractions, and to offer both Biblical and clinical information to aid in the journey to overcome them. It presents an opportunity to self-explore and self-regulate, and a platform for self-improvement. The reader will experience self-realization and moments of clarity that will enhance their quality of life and spiritual growth. Study questions suitable for personal and group study are also included.

Overcoming Distractions While Building Something Great

Author : Aaron J Mobley, Jr
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Anyone who's building vision and dreams is dealing with an even greater amount of distractions. Sometimes these distractions come from the closest of sources. In this latest release, you will gain motivation on how to focus and harness your power to BUILD something greater than you have ever imagined. Don't be distracted! You're working on Something GREAT.

Overcoming the Distraction Addiction

Author : David Turner
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Distracted? Do you desire to be productive & live life to the fullest? Wonder if better FOCUS might be the key ? Then this is the book for you. Say no to distraction now and read on ... In our world today, Distraction is gradually considered as a disease that hinders focus and accomplishing one's goal in a day or Life. With Life comes dreams & goals , that's what makes us humans; however, as with every project, there is a challenge; one of many is a distraction. This book is aimed at helping you identify, understand , and eliminate distractions from your Life. Regardless of your status, distraction is experienced by everyone & most importantly comes easy in this modern age . For instance, you are about to send an extremely important email, but got distracted by a Twitter notification, short on time, rather than ending the mail with "regards," you used "retards" without proofreading. A bummer , right? This book will help learn and practice different strategies to eliminate distractions gradually and assuredly. These strategies are effective in helping you retain focus on certain things rather than experiencing mild amnesia. Being organized , taking intermittent breaks as well as avoiding multitasking are some vital categories of these strategies. As you dive deeper into the world of distraction, you'll realize that once you master how to lessen it, opportunities arise out of nowhere. What's more interesting is your realisation as you discover more about distraction, is your capacity to master how to reduce distraction when the opportunity pops up out of nowhere. You begin to comprehend the importance of completing a task on-hand and giving it complete attention and focus. This helps in developing, impacting and achieving results in the quality of living as well as future success . It is safe to say distraction and procrastination caused by distraction are the main reason you are not productive yet and struggle to enjoy your life to the fullest. Bullet points of what the book has covered: Learning about distractions and how it transforms into an addiction Brain Refining for Less distraction The mind exercise for maximum focus Minimizing distraction through a healthy lifestyle Procrastination a pathway to distraction Effectiveness of Planning & Scheduling Break as a key instrument for better focus The powers of meditation & prayer Proper hydration for Body refreshment Power of focus for more Importance of focus for better time management Learning from mistakes through better focus A wide range of tools and practical applications


Author : McCarl DeGreat - Cudjoe
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It is very scary to find that some believers of this end time live as though Christ is never coming back while the devil effectively uses his most subtle weapon, distraction, to destroy them. While Christ is preparing to come for his bride, the devil is busily distracting her (Christ’s bride) to hell. The aim of this book is to alert believers of the devil’s strategy to get more believers to hell. To enjoy the benefits of this book, we entreat you to not just read it but take the advice it offers. Your life will never be the same again. God loves you always.

Modern General Psychology Second Edition revised And Expanded in 2 Vols

Author : M. Rajamanickam
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Author : Steve Mays
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Bad things can (and do) happen to good people. Sometimes difficult circumstances are the natural result of our own choices, but other times they stem from someone else's bad behavior. Either way, God is calling Christians to move beyond adversity and live a victorious life that brings glory to His name. Can we overcome our debilitating emotions? Can we rise above our overwhelming circumstances? Steve Mays insists that we can and must, with the power of the Holy Spirit. Mays helps readers deal with discouragement, fear, depression, hostility, and worry and invites them to build character by overcoming distraction, selfishness, and weakness. Finally, he shows readers how to grow by teaching them how to deal with criticism, jealousy, irresponsibility, and suffering.

The Overcoming of Distraction and Other Resistances

Author : John Jacob Brooke Morgan
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Fatal Distractions

Author : Ed Young
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Pride. Anger. Envy. Slothfulness. Lust. Greed. Gluttony. Is this an out-of-date list of sins preached against by a behind-the-times church? Or are these sins a challenge and a stumbling block for those of us who are living at the dawn of the twenty-first century? Pastor Ed Young, Jr. says, "I believe you can not only live what the world calls a 'good life,' but you can live what God calls a 'right life.' You can be free of the things that are hanging you up. But to be free, you can and must own up to the distractions described in this book."

Overcome Excuses

Author : RD king
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Time management is key for everyone, but especially for entrepreneurs who are their own bosses. Entrepreneurs must motivate themselves to stay on or ahead of schedule. With this book, you will learn why procrastination is a major enemy to doing your best work and why it is in your best interest to overcome it. You will learn how selfdoubt leads to slower work, which can negatively impact the quality of your work. Also you will learn how to handle both the distractions you can and cannot control so that they do not impact the quality or your work nor the time it takes you to complete them. You will learn why staying on or ahead of schedule is key to doing your best work and much, much more!

Minimalism for Regular People Book 2

Author : Michael Martins
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Minimalism for Regular People Are you tired of stuff owning your life? Do you feel your life is too cluttered to focus on the things which are important to you? Would you like to simplify your life without going crazy about it? The “Moderate Minimalism series” were written for people who want to become minimalists, yet prefer to own more than 100 things or just one couch. Minimalism Isn’t about Living Like a Monk In the second book you’ll learn how to find meaning and happiness in your life by following the principles of moderate minimalism. The book contains several stories that portray the use of the principles in real life. Here’s what you’ll learn from the book: - why happiness is not the things you have - what my father’s death taught me about happiness - why we don’t derive meaning from the things we have - why experiences hold more meaning - why you’ll never fill a void in life by gathering more and more stuff - how to embrace purpose in life - what asking for comped whiskey taught me about living freely -how to develop meaningful relationships (and how I learned the hard way why my relationships were meaningless) - how I made new friends by stepping outside my comfort zone - 4 types of relationships that illuminate our lives - why distractions will make you unhappy - how to overcome distractions to start living a meaningful life - what beans, rice and jerky taught me about finding balance - how I rediscovered my purpose during a road trip Do You Want to Live with Just 100 Things? Life is meant to be enjoyed, and Minimalism for Regular People will teach you how to do it without unnecessary clutter (and zero extreme minimalism dogma). You too can rediscover happiness in life by following the advice from the book and applying the principles of moderate minimalism in your life. PS. All buyers will receive a free gift and access to exclusive content to help them simplify their lives. Keywords: Minimalism, minimalism declutter, how to be a minimalist, minimalist living, minimalist lifestyle, minimalist guide, inspirational, motivational, transformational, minimalism simplify live, simplify minimalist, how to simplify your life, minimalist life, minimalist home, minimalism books, minimalism household, minimalism how to become a minimalist, minimalism made easy, minimalistic living

Deadly Distractions

Author : Dennis D. Sempebwa
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Summer Sale... Pick Up Your Copy Today! It is a fact that anyone who has ever achieved anything of significance in life pictured himself or herself successful before getting there, regardless of how poor, uneducated, or underprivileged they were. They saw the finish line and heard the cheers, while still running the race. They were dreamers! Are you a dreamer? The journey to your dream is riddled with distractions, and, at some point, you will have to face them. Their chief aim is to stop you from pursuing your dream. From his unique perspective, Dr. D, as he is affectionately known by millions across the world, gives you proven keys that will equip you to overcome fears, obstacles, and negative determinisms, so you can achieve your destiny. No matter how rough your history, or what circumstances surround you today, these truths will help you unlock your assignment and get you started on a most adventurous voyage-your success journey!

Hands Free Life

Author : Rachel Macy Stafford
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We all yearn to look back to find we lived a life of significance. But is it even possible anymore? Considering the amount of distraction and pressure that exists in society today, living a fulfilling life may seem like an unachievable dream. But it is not—not with the nine habits outlined in this book. New York Times bestselling author and widely known blogger, Rachel Macy Stafford, reveals nine habits that help you focus on investing in the most significant parts of your life. As your hands, heart, and eyes become open, you will experience a new sense of urgency—an urgency to live, love, dream, connect, create, forgive, and flourish despite the distractions of our culture. By following each daily Hands Free Declaration, you will be inspired to adopt mindful daily practices and new thought-processes that will help you: • Make meaningful, lasting human connections despite the busyness of everyday life. • Live in the now despite that inner nudge pushing you out of the moment toward perfection and productivity. • Protect your most sacred relationships, as well as your values, beliefs, health, and happiness, despite the latent dangers of technology and social media. • Pursue the passions of your heart without sacrificing your job or your daily responsibilities. • Evaluate your daily choices to insure you are investing in a life that matters to you. With a Hands Free Life perspective, you will have the power to look back and see you didn’t just manage life, you actually lived it—and lived it well.

Dimensions in Professional Development

Author : Caroline Reynolds
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Shiny Object Mastery

Author : Michael Montague
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ARE SHINY OBJECTS STEALING YOUR TIME AND FOCUS? How do you define productivity? Is it having the focused clarity to follow your dreams? When can you simply use the latest business productivity tools such as a productivity planner or productivity apps, and when should you turn to expert business coaches for entrepreneurs to guide you when you are feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you wear all the hats in your business including marketing and consulting. Maybe you have teams and are looking for education on how to improve your team's productivity that will allow for better information management or a higher level of communications in management. Whether you are a successful business owner, an entrepreneur who is just starting a business, are looking for business productivity tools or just wants to learn how to be more productive at work...I wrote Shiny Object Mastery with you in mind! How would it feel to no longer get bogged down by all those distractions that seem to pop up in your business day after day? -- Discover the simple habits that will empower you to tune out the distractions and allow your productivity and profits to soar! What if you had the focus to get more work done in less time? Would you be able to spend more of your precious time with your family and friends? -- Uncover the secrets that show you how to align your inner game and find your purpose, for the sustainable motivation you need to stay focused for success! Imagine waking up each day with the confidence that comes from knowing the secret to high productivity excellence. How would that knowledge allow your business to grow? If you are spinning your wheels and feeling overwhelmed, I understand how you feel. I often felt the same way... until I discovered the formula for overcoming distractions and increasing productivity! I have now achieved the high productivity that allows me to live my life on my own terms, highly focused with the success in business that I knew I could reach. And the best part is that I am able to live my purpose helping people just like you achieve the same results. -- Pick up your copy of Shiny Object Mastery right now by clicking on the "Buy" button at the top of this page. Make the decision today to take back control of your time! Michael Montague has been called "The King of High Productivity Excellence". As a high productivity coach, author and speaker, Michael shows you how to align your inner game and achieve the sustainable motivation to take you to new heights of success and happiness in your personal and professional life. Michael understands the key to helping you transition from the Information Age into the Age of Purpose! You can learn more about his mission and how you can work with him by visiting his web site at


Author : Robert Sessions Woodworth
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Author : robert s. woodworth
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Lipreading Performance as a Function of Continuous Visual Distractions

Author : Charles A. Miller
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Integrating Communication

Author : David G. Burns, B. Bruce Wagener
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Alberta Journal of Educational Research

Author :
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