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Aliens from Outer Space

Author : David Jackson
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Alien Coloring Book

Author : Kids Holidays Mania
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★ ★ Coloring Book for children between 4 to 9 years old, with 60 UNIQUE, High Quality Designs For Aliens and Outer Space ★ ★ Children can have fun using this book at home or at school. This book has many pages to color in so that children never get bored doing this constructive activity. This coloring book is a great activity without a screen to stimulate children's creativity and imagination. It's a perfect gift! ♥ You will surely be satisfied with your purchase! ♥♥♥ Product Info: 112 Pages (60 Illustrations) Large Size: 8.5 Inch x 11 Inch - 21 cm x 29.7 cm (A4) Printed on one side only, so as not to leave any marks. High quality paper 90 gsm High quality Glossy cover

Outer Space Aliens and the Holy Bible

Author : Paul Theriault
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As time goes on, man still has the same unanswered questions regarding the unknown phenomenon that’s infected our planet. Without expectation, the unknown has appeared and disappeared without a clue as to what they are, who they are, and why they are here. We know there is an outer space beyond Earth which contains an endless mass of stars planets, asteroids, and moons. We call it the cosmos, which refers to everything in space including Earth. Is there anyone or anything out there besides us?

I Am An Outer Space Alien

Author : Lois Wickstrom
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Shirl is sure she's not from Earth.She's not like other people.She likes to spend her time working on a radio to talk to people in outer space.They answer.Her new friend is looking for her true home, too.They decide to make their home on Earth together.

An Earthling s Guide to Outer Space

Author : Bob McDonald
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Beloved science commentator Bob McDonald takes us on a tour of our galaxy, unraveling the mysteries of the universe and helping us navigate our place among the stars. How big is our galaxy? Is there life on those distant planets? Are we really made of star dust? And where do stars even come from? In An Earthling’s Guide to Outer Space, we finally have the answers to all those questions and more. With clarity, wisdom, and a great deal of enthusiasm, McDonald explores the curiosities of the big blue planet we call home as well as our galactic neighbours—from Martian caves to storm clouds on Jupiter to the nebulae at the far end of the universe. So if you’re pondering how to become an astronaut, or what dark matter really is, or how an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, look no further. Through a captivating mix of stories, experiments, and illustrations, McDonald walks us through space exploration past and present, and reveals what we can look forward to in the future. An Earthling’s Guide to Outer Space is sure to satisfy science readers of all ages, and to remind us earthbound terrestrials just how special our place in the universe truly is.

I m from Outer Space

Author : Lisa Bullard
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Meet Zeeton. It's an alien! Zeeton comes from another planet. It flies around space in a spaceship! But don't worry. Zeeton's not real. It's one of the monsters you meet in stories. It just wants to tell you about aliens. Check out Zeeton's cool spaceship. Find out what Zeeton is doing on Earth. And learn why people on Earth started telling alien stories. You'll have an out-of-this-world time with this monster buddy!

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space

Author :
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NASA Secret Files From Sex in Space to Alien Encounters

Author : Igor Kryan
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100 Billion humans lived and died on this planet and only 539 have been to the outer space. 21 of them never returned back. Those who survived returned as heroes. However, they also returned forever changed men and women because of what they saw, felt or heard out there. This book will take you to the alien empty void and show you from the first hand accounts that it's not so empty after all. Strange things are happening there: from weird sex in space to downright straight forward extraterrestrial alien encounters that cannot be explained by science and kept in the deepest secrecy by NASA. Astronauts and cosmonauts are bound to remain silent about anything unusual by signing Non Disclosure Agreements but several of them choose to speak with Igor Kryan and other investigative journalists - some on the condition of anonymity, while others did not hesitate to come forward with the mind blowing facts that forever will change your mind about leaving mother earth and going into the space.

Weekly World News

Author :
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Rooted in the creative success of over 30 years of supermarket tabloid publishing, the Weekly World News has been the world's only reliable news source since 1979. The online hub is a leading entertainment news site.

Outer Space to You

Author : Howard Menger
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From Outer Space to You, first published in 1959, is a fantastical account of encounters with aliens from other planets, alien abduction, space travel, UFOs, and teleportation. The second portion of the book deals, in part, with the best diet for optimal health, and growing nutritious foods. Included are 16 pages of illustrations of alien spacecraft and extraterrestrials. Author Howard Menger, who claimed to have met his first alien at the age of 10, died in 2009 at the age of 87.

Aliens Angels Outer Space

Author : Jeffrey W. Mardis
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Are we alone in the Universe? Does highly intelligent life exist beyond planet Earth? What does the Bible say about aliens? Bible-based biology, cosmology, angelology and demonology; examine these exciting subjects and more with over 1,000 verses of Scripture.

Lost in Space

Author : Trisha McNary
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This novella takes place in an alternate reality of the Xeno Relations series. Lost in Space went in one direction, while the final series went in another. It tells the story of gigantic Verdante children and other humans living on the Verdante home planet. In Lost in Space, drug abuse turns deadly. In the final three books of the series, semi-reptile humanoids created in the lab plagued Antaska instead. What all these books have in common are the mysterious bonds of affection that can exist between members of the two very different species. You can get the other three full-length novels on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited: Alien Pets - Life gets weird when you’re adopted by an alien. One million years in the future, young human Antaska and her psychic cat are adopted as pets by a gigantic alien. Traveling in outer space, she becomes telepathic in a world where that’s dangerous. Then she gets into a love triangle that’s even more dangerous. Her cat tries to tell Antaska what she’s doing wrong, but will she listen? An all-new ending has been added to this version (10/2018). hypnoSnatch - Is it love, or is it alien abduction? Things keep getting weirder when Antaska travels in outer space with an alien and her psychic cat. Mischievous but evil part-reptile humanoids team up with Antaska’s nemesis, a genetically enhanced fitness instructor, to take revenge on her to the ends of the universe. Her unexpected alien abduction spoils their plans. Bonded in Space - Strange things happen when a crazy alien can’t get you out of his mind. Antaska wants to forget about Marroo the slave hunter, but she can’t stop thinking about him. Marroo wants to forget about Antaska too. So he plans to kidnap another Earth female, experience her love, and move on. But it’s not working out like he expected. Just out of space school, Earth girl Pweet can’t wait to take off from Earth. But she runs into some problems. And Potat the psychic cat is miffed when another semi-humanoid cat follows Antaska home.

Space Aliens and Robots Adventure Book

Author : Jane Dione
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Amazing Outer Space Adventure Book for Kids with 70 Illustrations of Planets, Stars, Astronauts, Space Ships, Rockets, Aliens and Robots.70 drawings ready for coloring for boys, girls, and kids who love outer space and adventure. One-sided drawings of planets, stars, astronauts, spaceships, aliens, meteors, rockets, sun, moon, robots and more! There are also a lot of games, Math games, counting and puzzles. For days of fun and learning.One-sided pages for no bleed through.Original drawings, High Resolution.For kids ages 4-8.

The Boss from Outer Space and Other Aliens at Work

Author : Patricia J. Addesso, Ph.D.
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Anyone who works in an office probably has to deal with at least some people who are so different they might as well be from another planet. These differences can lead to conflict or -- if handled properly -- to a greater appreciation of others and a more productive workplace. The secret to getting along lies in understanding the different personality traits people exhibit and how to relate to them. The author identifies 11 traits that can make work relationships difficult, which she compares to the planets (plus the moon and the sun), including: * Saturn, with its distinctive rings, symbolizes how comfortable one is being different, and shows whether one is more of a conformist or experimenter * Jupiter, made up mostly of gases, has a bubbly spirit, and signifies one’s level of optimism * Earth (as in "down to Earth") indicates whether someone is grounded, or has one’s "head in the clouds." Fun and easy to read, yet packed with realistic strategies, this very human guide will help anyone on the planet get along with even their most difficult coworker.

My Write and Draw Journal

Author : Shayley Press
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My write and draw journal with cute outer space themed illustration with little green aliens, planets, stars and space ship on the cover. Ideal for young children who are learning how to write and properly proportion letters (approximately Kindergarten - third grade school kids). It may also be useful for older children who have delays with handwriting. The 50 pages of 8" x 10" story paper has a measured space at the top for a journal date or story title, then a picture box for the child to draw an illustration and then five lines for the child to write their own story.

Aliens Love Astronauts

Author : Melinda Kinsman
File Size : 26.38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Aliens Love Astronauts (Children's Print Book - British English Edition) Join us on a mission into outer space, and meet a funny bunch of aliens who love eating ASTRONAUT BOOTS! "We've had ENOUGH of aliens!" the astronauts declare. "With ALL our boots now stolen, we have nothing left to wear!" The unhappy astronauts head home, leading to the arrival of a surprising new guest... - Who is this unusual visitor? - Why has he come to their planet? - What does the alien alphabet sound like? - Can the alien children help their new friend get home? - Will they ever see him again if they do? Read on to find out more - expect fun, laughter, and a few surprises along the way... ”> Funny, Rhyming Picture Book for Ages 3-7 - all about MAKING NEW FRIENDS, whatever your differences The funny, rhyming verses make this book ideal for reading aloud to preschoolers (our aliens are not at all scary). The short verses contain fairly simple text, making the book also suitable for older children to tackle on their own. Ideal as a short bedtime story, or for reading at any time of the day! ”> Bright, Colourful Illustrations Kids will enjoy the bright, colourful illustrations on every page. ”> Search for Zog, the alien's pet Take P.D. Monkey's latest challenge, and try to spot Zog in every picture. Zog can change his colours to match his surroundings, and he loves to hide! ”> Includes Extra Activities At the end of the book children can enjoy completing the Alien Puzzles section. This includes Spot the Difference, Shadow Matching, Crossword and Outer Space Maze Puzzles. Find out more about the Top of the Wardrobe Gang, and about their other books, at **Please note that this print book is written in British English, but that an AMERICAN ENGLISH edition is available too.**Please go to our website above if you are having difficulty finding links to the correct print version in the Amazon format menu. GET THE KINDLE EBOOK FREE on IF YOU BUY THIS PRINT BOOK Scroll up and order your copy now! ====================== Tags: cuddly toys, odd socks, odd sock, stories for kids, books for kids, bedtime stories, ebooks, books for kids, kids, children, kid, kids books, childrens books, elementary, childrens book, book, kindle book, kindle ebook, age 5, preschool, ages 6-8, kids stories, children stories, books for 5 year olds, books for 6 year olds, books for 7 year olds, bedtime stories for kids, kids bedtime stories, short bedtime stories, short bedtime stories for kids, cute bedtime stories, children bedtime stories, Early Readers, Beginner Readers, funny bedtime stories, read aloud books, preschool books, books for preschoolers, happy poems, rhyming books, poems for kids, poetry for children, nursery rhymes, new book releases, picture books for kids, picture books for preschoolers, rhyming books for children, funny bedtime story, childrens books by age 5-8, children's books ages 4-8, children's picture books, adventure childrens books, adventure stories for kids, children adventure stories, adventure stories for boys, early beginner readers, rhyming books for kids, rhyming books for preschool, rhyming picture books, astronaut book, space books for kids, books about aliens for kids, space books for preschoolers, Top of the Wardrobe Gang

Aliens R Us

Author : Ziauddin Sardar
File Size : 80.46 MB
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Aliens R Us explores the global culture of science fiction cinema, and in particular its presentation of contemporary images of the Other. Taking as a starting point the popularity of international forms such as Japanese Manga and Hong Kong sci-fi, in addition to the success of films such as The Matrix and television series such as Deep Space Nine, the contributors examine the science fiction genre as an international, populist form of social analysis. In doing so, they discuss issues such as Orientalism, technology, apocalyptic futures, xenophobia, militarism and the role of women. Most contemporary studies look at the generic characteristics of science fiction,with its allegorical rendering of contemporary life, usually in relation to America. This book moves beyond a purely generic study, assessing European and Asian film work, discussing their varying representations of the Other, and what this reveals about popular perceptions of global culture and society. Case studies include Independence Day, Star Trek: First Contact and Until the End of the World, in addition to chapters on Eco-Apocalypse and new French sci-fi and New Manchester Ecstasy sci-fi.

Cyberspace and Outer Space

Author : York Centre for International and Security Studies
File Size : 44.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Gay Teen Aliens from Outer Space

Author : A V Zeppa
File Size : 89.12 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"My heart is ready to jump out of my chest, and my body becomes a panic twitching mess. All of a sudden the deep humming sound whips by me like a Doppler shift and rises into the treetops. My eyes follow the sound into the swaying branches, and that's when I see it." Clark Denison is in for the surprise of his life.