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A Most Improbable Journey A Big History of Our Planet and Ourselves

Author : Walter Alvarez
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"A thrilling synthesis from a brilliant scientist who discovered one of the most important chapters in our history." —Sean B. Carroll Big History, the field that integrates traditional historical scholarship with scientific insights to study the full sweep of our universe, has so far been the domain of historians. Famed geologist Walter Alvarez—best known for the “Impact Theory” explaining dinosaur extinction—has instead championed a science-first approach to Big History. Here he wields his unique expertise to give us a new appreciation for the incredible occurrences—from the Big Bang to the formation of supercontinents, the dawn of the Bronze Age, and beyond—that have led to our improbable place in the universe.

Judging the Judges Judging Ourselves

Author : David Dyzenhaus
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5. Trial or Inquiry?

Forgiving Our Parents Forgiving Ourselves

Author : Dr. David Stoop
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For more than 15 years, people who grew up in dysfunctional families have found hope, healing, and the power to move forward with their lives in the classic Forgiving Our Parents, Forgiving Ourselves. Now, in this revised and updated edition--which includes new stories, statistics, and more practical help--a new generation can move beyond failure to forgiveness by understanding the roots of their pain. Readers will explore family patterns that perpetuate dysfunction by constructing a "psychological family tree" that will uncover family secrets and habits that have shaped their adult identity. As they develop a greater understanding of their family of origin, they will be able to take the essential step of forgiveness, releasing themselves from the chains of the past to live in freedom and wholeness. Forgiving Our Parents, Forgiving Ourselves gives readers the power to become "unstuck" from behaviors that hurt themselves and those they love, changing their hearts so they can change their lives forever.

The Deep History of Ourselves

Author : Joseph LeDoux
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Longlisted for the PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award A leading neuroscientist offers a history of the evolution of the brain from unicellular organisms to the complexity of animals and human beings today Renowned neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux digs into the natural history of life on earth to provide a new perspective on the similarities between us and our ancestors in deep time. This page-turning survey of the whole of terrestrial evolution sheds new light on how nervous systems evolved in animals, how the brain developed, and what it means to be human. In The Deep History of Ourselves, LeDoux argues that the key to understanding human behavior lies in viewing evolution through the prism of the first living organisms. By tracking the chain of the evolutionary timeline he shows how even the earliest single-cell organisms had to solve the same problems we and our cells have to solve each day. Along the way, LeDoux explores our place in nature, how the evolution of nervous systems enhanced the ability of organisms to survive and thrive, and how the emergence of what we humans understand as consciousness made our greatest and most horrendous achievements as a species possible.

Describing Ourselves

Author : Garry Hagberg
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Garry Hagberg presents an original philosophical investigation of self-description. He explores the profound implications that Wittgenstein's later work has for our understanding of the human condition, and offers philosophical interpretations of a fascinating range of autobiographical writings, by Goethe, Dostoevsky, Iris Murdoch, and others.

Accepting Ourselves Others

Author : Sheppard B. Kominars
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Accepting Ourselves and Others

Losing Ourselves

Author : Jay L. Garfield
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Why you don’t have a self—and why that’s a good thing In Losing Ourselves, Jay Garfield, a leading expert on Buddhist philosophy, offers a brief and radically clear account of an idea that at first might seem frightening but that promises to liberate us and improve our lives, our relationships, and the world. Drawing on Indian and East Asian Buddhism, Daoism, Western philosophy, and cognitive neuroscience, Garfield shows why it is perfectly natural to think you have a self—and why it actually makes no sense at all and is even dangerous. Most importantly, he explains why shedding the illusion that you have a self can make you a better person. Examining a wide range of arguments for and against the existence of the self, Losing Ourselves makes the case that there are not only good philosophical and scientific reasons to deny the reality of the self, but that we can lead healthier social and moral lives if we understand that we are selfless persons. The book describes why the Buddhist idea of no-self is so powerful and why it has immense practical benefits, helping us to abandon egoism, act more morally and ethically, be more spontaneous, perform more expertly, and navigate ordinary life more skillfully. Getting over the self-illusion also means escaping the isolation of self-identity and becoming a person who participates with others in the shared enterprise of life. The result is a transformative book about why we have nothing to lose—and everything to gain—by losing our selves.

Inventing Our Selves

Author : Nikolas Rose
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Inventing Our Selves radically approaches the regime of the self and the values that animate it.

Our Mothers Ourselves

Author : Henry Cloud
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In Our Mothers, Ourselves, Henry Cloud and John Townsend show how understanding how our mothers have profoundly influenced our lives can set us on a path toward wholeness and growth. No one has influenced the person you are today like your mother. The way she handled your needs as a child has shaped your worldview, your relationships, your marriage, your career, your self-image - your life. Our Mothers, Ourselves can help you identify areas that need reshaping, to make positive choices for personal change, and to establish a mature relationship with Mom today. The Phantom Mom The China Doll Mom The Controlling Mom The Trophy Mom The Still-the-Boss Mom The American Express Mom You'll learn how your mom affected you as a child and may still be affecting you today. Our Mothers, Ourselves is a biblical, realistic, and empowering route to wholeness and growth, to deeper and more satisfying bonds with your family, friends, and spouse - and to a new, healthier way of relating to your mother. This book was previously titled The Mom Factor.

The Importance of How We See Ourselves

Author : Marina A.L. Oshana
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The Importance of How We See Ourselves: Self-Identity and Responsible Agency analyzes the nature of the self and the phenomena of self-awareness and self-identity in an attempt to offer insight into the practical role self-conceptions play in moral development and responsible agency.