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Our Only Home

Author : Dalai Lama
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Saving the climate is our common duty. With each passing day, climate change is causing Pacific islands to disappear into the sea, accelerating the extinction of species at alarming proportions and aggravating a water shortage that has affected the entire world. In short, climate change can no longer be denied--it threatens our existence on earth. In this new book, the Dalai Lama, one of the most influential figures of our time, calls on political decision makers to finally fight against deadlock and ignorance on this issue and to stand up for a different, more climate-friendly world and for the younger generation to assert their right to regain their future. From the voice of the beloved world religious leader comes an eye-opening manifesto that empowers the generation of today to step up, take action and save our environment.

Love s the Only House

Author : Lynne Tingle
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During his last high school football season, he becomes the star athlete and town hero, while at the same time is betrayed by his best friend and love of six years. Mitch has to decide if he can muster the will to overcome a broken heart, handle the pressure of being the star athlete, give another girl a chance, and ultimately be a funnel of Christ's forgiveness to those he loves. Through this fictional story, Lynne Tingle tackles common risky teen behaviors and uses the Carrington family to offer hope to a lost world.

Our Only Hope

Author : Margaret B Adam
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The most popular source of theological hope for modern Christians is that of Jurgen Moltmann. Preachers, teachers, and lay people reflect Moltmann's influence, with their hope in a this-worldly eschatology and suffering God. However, an exclusive reliance on that hope deprives the church of crucial resources in the face of global economic, environmental, and military crises. Our Only Hope explores Moltmannian hope and considers its costs before looking elsewhere for additional contributions, from Thomas Aquinas' theological virtue of hope to nihilism and beyond, in order to encourage the church to sustain and practise hope in Jesus Christ, our only hope.

The Cross Our Only Hope

Author : Andrew Gawrych
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The publication of the first edition of The Cross, Our Only Hope in 2008 established it as a foundational work of contemporary Holy Cross spirituality. This thoroughly revised edition, which features many new contributions, is a must-have for members of the Congregation of Holy Cross; its friends, lay collaborators, benefactors; and anyone interested in the spiritual tradition of the religious order. Priests and brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross—including pastors, teachers, and administrators—offer an introduction to the rich, vibrant spirituality of the Congregation through a series of daily reflections on the themes of Holy Cross spirituality: trust in God, zeal, compassion, hope in the cross, discipleship, and education in the faith. This revised edition includes a new foreword, a new introduction by the authors, new reflections, new contributors (including more international contributors than the previous edition), and quotes from St. André Bessette, who was canonized in 2010. The ministries of the Congregation of Holy Cross include Ave Maria Press, the University of Notre Dame, the University of Portland, Stonehill College, King’s College, and many other Holy Cross schools and institutions around the world.

Seeding a Common Future How to Save Our Only Home from the One Percent

Author : Vandana Shiva
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An urgent call to fight against the damage to our planet caused by the super rich, from the internationally acclaimed environmental activist In Seeding a Common Future, celebrated environmental and anti-globalization activist Vandana Shiva takes on the Billionaires Club of Gates and others, whose blindness to the destructive impact of their ideas of progress has wrought great harm across the world. Even as poverty and malnutrition, a refugee crisis, and social unrest have become our lived reality, the wealthiest one percent have pushed the planet to the social and ecological brink. In Seeding a Common Future, Shiva exposes the one percent's model of philanthrocapitalism--deploying unaccountable money to bypass democratic structures, derail diversity, and impose totalitarian ideas. "One of the world's most prominent radical scientists" (The Guardian), a "rock star" (Bill Moyers) in the anti-GMO movement, and "a burst of creative energy, an intellectual" (The Progressive), Vandana Shiva is a crusader for farmers', low-wage workers', and women's rights. The winner of numerous major international awards and named by Time, The Guardian, Forbes, and Asia Week as one of the world's most important activists, she has exposed the destructive effects of the corporate monopolization of agriculture, fought to defend biodiversity and food democracy, and revealed the links between ecology, gender, and poverty. Seeding a Common Future is her powerful manifesto.

The Stars Are Our Only Warmth

Author : Alice Leahy
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In the 1970s Alice Leahy left nursing to work and live in a Dublin homeless shelter. This is the story of her life and life choices, from an empowering childhood, with free run of a big house estate in Tipperary to her invaluable work with some of Ireland’s most marginalised people, at The Alice Leahy Trust, in Dublin. Alice has always been an important voice in the debate around homelessness in Ireland. An insider with an outsider’s eye, this is the memoir of an untypical life from a radical humanitarian who has always believed that anything is possible. The Stars Are Our Only Warmth tells powerful truths about Irish life and the people who taught Alice what it is to be alive in this world.

Mr Wilson Makes It Home

Author : Michael Morse
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The Story of a Small Dog Who Needed a Home and the Couple Who Needed Him When Michael and Cheryl Morse slowly drifted apart amid an empty nest, her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, his symptoms of PTSD, and the grief of losing their two beloved dogs—put down on the same day three years prior—it became apparent their lives were in need of a little joy. Enter an energetic, white ball of fluff known as Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson’s story begins in Arkansas, where he was left in a leaky, drafty barn for days—the result of a child who couldn’t care for him and a woman who wouldn’t. An escape artist, he eventually found himself on a country road where he was discovered by a neighbor. Familiar with his current living conditions, she took him in, cleaned him up, and created an online adoption profile for him. In Rhode Island, Cheryl Morse clicked on Mr. Wilson’s photo and instantly fell in love. A few days later, Mr. Wilson arrived in Rhode Island by a tractor trailer full of dogs needing homes. Upon meeting the Morses, he was happy, affectionate, and excited—but how long would it last? Would they be able to care for him and themselves? Had he finally found his forever home? What if they had cats? In Mr. Wilson Makes It Home, the joy Michael and Cheryl so badly needed comes in the form of an adorable schnoodle named Mr. Wilson. This animal rescue story tells of the love, recovery, faith, and hope that a pet can bring to a brokenhearted family.

One The book about everything and Nothing

Author : Chimie
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Mother Earth is calling for help, but her children are not listening. The four horsemen of apocalypse are fast approaching, created and driven by our actions and greed. As we think we understand all now when we can wield the four elements: water, earth, air and fire. We have lost the balance of order and chaos, as we have forgotten once again the important intangible elements: harmony, symphony, serenity and love. With four can glory can be shown and with the other four passion achieved, when combined all the peace is found and truth can be discovered. All great civilizations on earth have ended for the same reason, so will the current one, but never so far has there been a global civilization before this one. Our egoism and dualistic thinking will open the path to apocalypse and it will start on December 21, 2012 if we do not stop it! The first question is: to be or not to be? the second is: to do or not to do? the third is: to believe or not to believe? - Chimie In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. - George Orwell Is this the One Male Nostradamus prophecies? Is this the Book of Life? - Somebody From the three water signs will be born a man who will celebrate Thursday as his holiday. His renown, praise, rule and power will grow on land and sea, bringing trouble to the East. - - Nostradamus - -

Bringing Home the Prodigals

Author : Rob Parsons
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There is no pain like parental pain and the love of a parent for a child is like no other. Our children can disappoint us, hurt us, even abuse us but somehow we cannot stop loving them. And yet as much as we love them we cannot live their lives for them. Our children make choices. And sometimes those choices are bad ones. And yet so often we feel the guilt ourselves. But is it possible that we have made prodigals of some of our children who never turned their backs on God at all - just on some pseudo caricature of the Church and discipleship? This incredible book is a call for parents to be released from guilt, the church to repent of the part it has played, and a call to prayer that the prodigals will come home.

Seeing Home The Ed Lucas Story

Author : Ed Lucas
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Soon to be a major motion picture, Seeing Home: The Ed Lucas Story is the incredible true tale of a beloved Emmy-winning blind broadcaster who refused to let his disability prevent him from overcoming many challenging obstacles and achieving his dreams. In 1951, when he was only twelve years old, Ed Lucas was hit between the eyes by a baseball during a sandlot game in Jersey City. He lost his sight forever. To cheer him up, his mother wrote letters to baseball superstars of the day, explaining her son’s condition. Soon Ed was invited into their clubhouses and dugouts, as the players and coaches personally made him feel at home. Despite the warm reception he got from his heroes, Ed was told repeatedly by others that he would never be able to accomplish anything worthwhile because of his limitations. But Hall-of-Famer Phil Rizzuto became Ed’s mentor and encouraged him to pursue his passion—broadcasting. Ed then overcame hundreds of barriers, big and small, to become a pioneer—the first blind person covering baseball on a regular basis, a career he has successfully continued for six decades. Ed may have lost his sight, but he never lost his faith, which got him through many pitfalls and dark days. When Ed’s two sons were very young, his wife walked out and left him to raise them all by himself, which he did. Six years later, Ed’s ex-wife returned and sued him for full custody, saying that a blind man shouldn’t have her kids. The judge agreed, tearing Ed's sons away from their father's loving home. Ed fought the heartbreaking decision with appeals all the way up to the highest level of the court system. Eventually, he prevailed, marking the very first time in US history that a disabled person was awarded custody over a non-disabled spouse. Even in his later years, Ed is still enjoying a remarkably blessed life. In 2006, he married his second wife, Allison, at home plate in old Yankee Stadium, the only time that such a thing ever happened on that iconic spot. Yankee owner George Steinbrenner himself catered the whole affair, which was shown live on national television. Seeing Home: The Ed Lucas Story is truly a magical read and a universally uplifting and inspirational tale for everyone, whether or not you happen to be a sports fan. Over his long and amazing life, Ed has collected hundreds of anecdotes from his personal relationships and encounters with everyone, from kings and presidents to movie stars and sports Hall-of-Famers, many of which he shares in this memoir, using his trademark humorous and engaging style, cowritten with his youngest son, Christopher.

Home I Am

Author : Ferdinand Llenado
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ABSURD When meaning breaks down, consciousness awakens. AUTHENTIC Where we fall short, grace completes. ANGER In injury, compassion heals. ALIENISM When alone, we find our sacred connection. ANXIETY In fear, God covers us with a shelter of calmness.[/Center] If you are seeking hope and healing during a crisis of meaning, Ferdinand Llenado's story describes that search, in sincere passion and poetry, providing both a message of encouragement and a model for therapeutic writing. Written in a beautiful tapestry of reality and metaphors, facts and fiction, Home, I Am will take readers into the realm of humanity's inner yearning for answers, absolution, and peace of mind--a condition described here as finding home. From spiritual homelessness to unconditional at-homeness, you are invited to experience with the author an altering journey of self-discovery. Welcome home!

A Theological Introduction to the Book of Psalms

Author : J. Clinton McCann, Jr.
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Taking his point of departure from the newest frontier of research, McCann reads the psalms in the context of their final shape and canonical form. He interprets the psalms as scripture as well as in their character as songs, prayers, and poetry from Israel's history. McCann's intent is to contribute to the church's recovery of the psalms as torah--as instruction, as a guide to prayer, praise of God, and pious living. The explicit connections which McCann draws from the psalms to the New Testament and to Christian faith and life are extensive, making his work suitable for serious study of the psalms in academic and in church settings. An appendix examines the tradition of singing the psalms and offers suggestions for the use of the psalms in worship.

Cross The Line

Author : Robin Liebe
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How to make the most of your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The Home Tree

Author : Catherine Durant Voorhees
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Sixteen-year-old Jerusha Shurtleff and her 18-year-old sister, Orrillia, live with their family on a prosperous farm. Unfortunately, their home is located on a contested strip of land between the Vermont border and "British North America." Like the Shurtleffs, most of the American residents are confident that the boundary dispute will be resolved in the United States' favor. Imagine their shock and dismay when they learn in 1834 that the land has been ceded to Great Britain. All residents must either show official ownership of their properties or repurchase them from the British crown. Jerusha 's family can do neither, so they are evicted from the only home they have ever known. Jerusha and Orrillia face many challenges: they are separated from their family and forced to work in a textile mill where their faith and courage are tested by long hours and perilous conditions. Worse, they do not hear from their father for over a year and presume him dead. Join Jerusha and Orrillia as they embark on their brave quest to reunite with their family, a trek that takes them across America at the dawn of its Industrial Age.

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Honourable Henry Home of Kames

Author : Lord Alexander Fraser Tytler Woodhouselee
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The Universe in a Single Atom

Author : Dalai Lama
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Gallileo, Copernicus, Newton, Niels Bohr, Einstein. Their insights shook our perception of who we are and where we stand in the world and in their wake have left an uneasy co-existence: science vs. religion, faith vs. empirical enquiry. Which is the keeper of truth? Which is the true path to understanding reality? After forty years of study with some of the greatest scientific minds as well as a lifetime of meditative, spiritual and philosophical study, the Dalai Lama presents a brilliant analysis of why both disciplines must be pursued in order to arrive at a complete picture of the truth. Science shows us ways of interpreting the physical world, while spirituality helps us cope with reality. But the extreme of either is impoverishing. The belief that all is reducible to matter and energy leaves out a huge range of human experience: emotions, yearnings, compassion, culture. At the same time, holding unexamined spiritual beliefs–beliefs that are contradicted by evidence, logic, and experience–can lock us into fundamentalist cages. Through an examination of Darwinism and karma, quantum mechanics and philosophical insight into the nature of reality, neurobiology and the study of consciousness, the Dalai Lama draws significant parallels between contemplative and scientific examination of reality. “I believe that spirituality and science are complementary but different investigative approaches with the same goal of seeking the truth,” His Holiness writes. “In this, there is much each may learn from the other, and together they may contribute to expanding the horizon of human knowledge and wisdom.” This breathtakingly personal examination is a tribute to the Dalai Lama’s teachers–both of science and spirituality. The legacy of this book is a vision of the world in which our different approaches to understanding ourselves, our universe and one another can be brought together in the service of humanity.

The Unwritten Story

Author : Peter G. MacFarlane
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The Unwritten Story is a fictional novel, but it is also intended to redefine the word fiction. What is real, and what is unreal? There must be a fine line between the two, but where is it drawn? Is it possible for our dreams to become reality, or for our reality to become a dream? These are the basic questions that are raised in this book, and offered to the reader is a very logical answer indeed. The story itself is told from the perspective of a man who has just surpassed death, and who is then given the opportunity to review his life. During this life review, the man (Mike Love) finds that there were things that he should have done differently. He had been told that his death would not be real, but he was reluctant to believe it. His time had been squandered on things that did not matter, and he did not see what was true in his life. Of course, no story would be complete without a second chance, and this is what he ultimately recieves. He is given the chance to make things right again, and to end a vicious cycle of horrid dreams.

At Home In The World

Author : Joyce Maynard
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In 1972, Joyce Maynard, an undergraduate at Yale, wrote an article for the New York Times Magazine called 'An Eighteen Year Old Looks Back on Life'. Among the hundreds of letters she received as a result, one expressed deep affection for her writing, and concern at the exploitation that she might be subjected to. The writer was J.D. Salinger, author of Catcher in the Rye and famous recluse. Their correspondence led first to friendship, and then to love, and after a few months she dropped out of college to live with him. In spite of the thirty-five year difference in their ages, she believed they would be together always - but after a year, he sent her away. Courageous, beautifully written and affecting, this book is destined to become a classic memoir of a modern woman's life.

Three Brothers Plus One Book Iii

Author : Alfred S. Hamby
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Retired colonel Alfred S. Habetrawongo, when he believed that the time was right, he had run for the political office of the president of the United States of America. The electoral college votes came into play and had made it almost impossible for him to run for office. He has also issued six (6) white papers as part of his campaign that came under a great deal of criticism. 1. Taxes 2. Education 3. Health care 4. Free trade in this hemisphere 5. Reorganization of the United Nations 6. Other miscellaneous and Current topics and political issues The above speeches were given sometimes to hostile audiences in which the colonel was shot by someone in the audience. He was also a very close friend of admiral of the North Atlantic Fleet who has dropped two (2) atomic bombs over Germany. In running for the presidency, he was again shot at while giving a speech at the Hollywood Bowl. With the help of his loyal team, he has campaigned until the current seated president started to issue negatives advisories against him and a final decision that his team made for him about his running for president.

Housing Our Home

Author : Virginia Pentecost
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Format : PDF, ePub
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It takes a long time to live ninety years, but it can be done with God’s grace and with the right partner in life. These are author Virginia Pentecost’s recollections after losing that partner a few years ago, which have served to soften the grief of that loss. On some not-too-distant day, she will join her partner, Miller, and they will watch things continue to unfold from a much better perspective. For now, these are stories for those who helped her live them—and for anyone who stands amazed at the goodness of life and the tremendous blessing of a loving and gracious Heavenly Father.