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Other Cultures

Author : John H.M. Beattie
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Other Cultures provides a lucid introduction to social anthropology. The author devotes the first part of the book to a consideration of what social anthropology is and seeks to do, what areas it covers, and the methods of investigation employed by social anthropologists. The second part discusses the major categories of research through which social anthropologies have advanced our knowledge of other cultures. These include marriage, kinship, political organization, law, economic and property relations, magic, religion, and social change. The final chapter surveys some of the contributions social anthropology has made to the understanding of other cultures. A short reading list follows each chapter.

Science and Other Cultures

Author : Sandra Harding
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First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Other Cultures Elder Years

Author : Ellen Rhoads Holmes
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"Holmes and Holmes have revised their 1983 book, and it remains a good supplement for an undergraduate gerontology course or anthropology course. It is written at a readable level, each chapter has a clear summary. . . . It provides an excellent summary of secondary sources, avoiding extensive review of primary research, complicated theory, and methodological issues." --Clinical Gerontologist Hailed as "extremely well organized, balanced, and impartial" in its first edition by The Gerontologist, Other Cultures, Elder Years is once again available in a fully revamped second edition. This new edition provides a comprehensive, comparative viewpoint on our knowledge about worldwide patterns of aging. It addresses everything from demographic patterns to family relations, from perceptions of the life cycle to the impact of modernization on the aged. Replete with summaries of crucial studies from various parts of the world, Other Cultures, Elder Years also offers three extended case descriptions of Inuit, Samoan, and white American aged as well as an examination of aging patterns among major American ethnic groups. Among the other subjects the text addresses are cultural perspectives in health care, the future of aging in America, and creativity and the life cycle. Other Cultures, Elder Years is the key text available for use by anyone teaching courses on aging and culture. "I found the current [book] a significant improvement over the first edition. . . . It remains to be the only usable text in the anthropology of aging available. I see the audiences for the book as instructors for the following courses: Anthropology of Aging, Sociology of Aging, and general social gerontology courses. I have used this book in past Anthropology of Aging courses and would do so again." --Jay Sokolovsky, University of Maryland, Baltimore County "This book does a truly artful job of organizing and presenting the complex diversity of human experience related to aging and cultural influence. . . . This book offers an implicit biocultural laboratory to the reader: the biologic universal of human aging is shaped by the prism of cultural influence. The reader is guided through the evolutionary history of aging among anthropoid primates, to hominids, to Homo sapiens sapiens, who are then examined from cultural perspectives found around the globe. The effect is one of inquiry, search, synthesis, and, ultimately, a confrontation with our inner selves as we negotiate the inexorable march toward our ultimate destiny." --J. Neil Henderson, Suncoast Gerontology Center, University of South Florida

Judaism s Encounter with Other Cultures

Author : Jacob J. Schacter
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The issue of Judaism's relationship to secular learning and wisdom is one of the most basic concerns of Jewish intellectual history. The authors collected in this study discuss both sides of the issue and collectively offer an eloquent and convincing case for the perpetuation of Judaism's dialogue with the 'outside' world.

Philosophy as Translation and the Understanding of Other Cultures

Author : Naomi Hodgson
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The existential crises involved in translation are part of our political life, especially in times when the closing of borders symbolized by Brexit and the triumph of Donald Trump, present new challenges to those living lives of immigrancy and those waiting at the borders. How to resist the emotive tide of populism and, in particular, the language that legitimates exclusion? How to confront the anxieties of inclusion? These challenges are increasingly pressing. The 2016 Conference of the International Network of Philosophers of Education sought to address such concerns through the theme ‘Philosophy as translation and the understanding of other cultures’. The chapters included here represent the breadth and richness of that conference, addressing questions of ethics, desire, religious understanding, intercultural philosophy, and practices of higher education and teacher education. The processes of translation they discuss are not limited to linguistic translation as conventionally understood. Instead translation is taken to be a window through which to understand how we, as linguistic beings, are constantly in a process of transformation, and how our personal and cultural identities are, hence, also already involved in processes of translation. This book was originally published as a special issue of Ethics & Education.

Essays on Lexicon Lexicography Terminography in Russian American and Other Cultures

Author : Olga Karpova
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The book contains a collection of works devoted to the most topical issues of modern linguistics, including сross-cultural communication, various aspects of theoretical and practical lexicography, terminology and terminography. Papers contributed are divided into four major sections. Cultural Aspects in Different Linguistic and Lexicographic Traditions deals with analysis of cultural aspects of language and lexicography with special reference to English, Russian, German, French, Arabic and other languages. User’s Perspective and Dictionary Use is devoted to discussion of research results in the field of user’s needs and demands received during social surveys in different countries. Terminology and Terminography reveals the latest tendencies in modern terminology formation, scientific knowledge engineering in languages for special purposes and professional communication, while New Dictionaries Projects presents models of new reference works. All those and many other topics were discussed at the VI-th International School-Seminar Lexicon, Lexicography, Terminography in Russian, American and Other Cultures held at Ivanovo State University, Russia, September 12-14, 2005.

Other Cultures Aims Methods and Achievements in Social Anthropology

Author : John Beattie
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This book considers what kind of study social anthropology is and discusses the important fields in which social anthropologists have advanced our knowledge of other cultures.

Own Or Other Culture

Author : Judith Okely
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Own or Other Culture challenges those anthropologists who suggest that fieldwork in the 'West' is easy or merely a reiteration of what is already 'known' to either Westerners or non Westerners. Revealing some pioneering articles in social anthropology written over a period of twenty years, Judith Okely discusses selected themes which include: * questions of reflexivity and autobiography * anthropology in Europe * the cultural location of the anthropologist * feminism in anthropology. Illustrated with photographs, Own or Other Culture covers subjects ranging from the author's own boarding school revealing a British exotica and colonial comparisons, to how Gypsies, who treat non-Gypsies as the 'other', act to create or manipulate cultural difference. Feminist anthropology is developed in a reassessment of de Beauvoir and Kaberry while gender and bodily experience is explored in the face of popular demands by women readers for cross-cultural examples.

Same Sex Different Cultures

Author : Gilbert H Herdt
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Because homoerotic relations can be found in so many cultures, Gilbert Herdt argues that we should think of these relations as part of the human condition. This new cross-cultural study of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals around the world, Same Sex, Different Cultures provides a unique perspective on maturing and living within societies, both historical and contemporary, that not only acknowledge but also incorporate same-gender desires and relations.Examining what it means to organize “sex” in a society that lacks a category for “sex,” or to love someone of the same gender when society does not have a “homosexual” or “gay/lesbian” role, Herdt provides provocative new insights in our understanding of gay and lesbians lives. Accurate in both its scientific conceptions and wealth of cultural and historical material, examples range from the ancient Greeks and feudal China and Japan to the developing countries of Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Thailand, from a New Guinea society to contemporary U.S. culture, including Native Americans. For all of these peoples, homoerotic relations emerge as part of culture—and not separate from history or society.In many of these groups, loving or engaging in sexual relations is found to be the very basis of the local cultural theory of “human nature” and the mythological basis for the cosmos and the creation of society. The mistake of modern Western culture, Gilbert contends, is to continue the legalization of prejudice against lesbians and gays.In this light, the book addresses the issue of “universal” versus particular practices and reveals positive role models that embrace all aspects of human sexuality. Finally, it offers knowledge of the existence of persons who have loved and have been intimate sexually and romantically with the same gender in other lands through divergent cultural practices and social roles.The most important lesson to learn from this cross-cultural and historical study of homosexuality is that there is room for many at the table of humankind.

Manager Subordinate Trust in Different Cultures

Author : Pablo Cardona
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This volume in the Routledge Global Human Resource Management Series is dedicated to analyzing the process of trust development between managers and subordinates in different countries of the main cultures of the world. Behaviors and trust are linked in a process that can reinforce or diminish the trust between the two parties. This book examines that process in an array of countries, contextualizing each setting through a brief historical, institutional, and cultural overview. Addressing the dominant HR practices and the main local leadership styles of each country, it draws upon an extensive country-by-country data set of leader-subordinate trust to analyze the universal and culturally-specific elements of this process. With its rigorous research, insightful analysis, and consistent presentation, this book will help readers to systematically compare the process across countries to draw conclusions and analyze HR implications. This book is intended as a text for graduate courses in Cross Cultural Business, International Human Resource Management and Cross Cultural Organisational Psychology. In addition to a student market, the text will also be of interest to the reflective practitioner operating in different cultural settings who requires a contextual knowledge of key aspects of workplace relations, management style and host country situation.