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Original Blessing

Author : Matthew Fox
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A work intended to uncover the basis of a pessimistic Christianity based on the concept of "original sin" and to recover a spirituality based on the original goodness or "original blessing" of creation.

Original Blessing

Author : Danielle Shroyer
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Of the world’s three major religions, only Christianity holds to a doctrine of original sin. Ideas are powerful, and they shape who we are and who we become. The fact that many Christians believe there is something in human nature that is, and will always be, contrary to God, is not just a problem but a tragedy. So why do the doctrine’s assumptions of human nature so infiltrate our pulpits, sermons, and theological bookshelves? How is it so misconstrued in times of grief, pastoral care, and personal shame? How did we fall so far from God’s original blessing in the garden to this pervasive belief in humanity’s innate inability to do good? In this book, Danielle Shroyer takes readers through an overview of the historical development of the doctrine, pointing out important missteps and overcalculations, and providing alternative ways to approach often-used Scriptures. Throughout, she brings the primary claims of original sin to their untenable (and unbiblical) conclusions. In Original Blessing, she shows not only how we got this doctrine wrong, but how we can put sin back in its rightful place: in a broader context of redemption and the blessing of humanity’s creation in the image of God.

What are They Saying about Environmental Theology

Author : John Hart
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"This book offers a comprehensive analysis of Catholic teachings on environmental themes by exploring official statements from Rome and the bishops of the Americas, as well as from contemporary visionary theologians". (p. [4] cover).

The Scripture Doctrine of Original Sin Proposed to Free and Candid Examination

Author : John Taylor
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A Way to God

Author : Matthew Fox
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This unique reflection was prompted by an invitation Matthew Fox received to speak on the centennial of Thomas Merton’s birth. Fox says that much of the trouble he’s gotten into — such as being excommunicated in 1993 from the Dominican Order by Cardinal Ratzinger (who later became Pope Benedict) — was because of Thomas Merton, who sent Fox to Paris to complete a doctoral program in philosophy. Fox found that Merton’s journals, poetry, and religious writings revealed a deeply ecumenical philosophy and a contemplative life experience similar to that of Meister Eckhart, the fourteenth-century mystic/theologian who inspired Fox’s own “creation spirituality.” It is little surprise to find Fox and Merton to be kindred spirits, but the intersections Fox finds with Eckhart are intellectually profound, spiritually enlightening, and delightfully engaging.

Back to Eden

Author : Naida M. Parson, Ph.d.
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On the sixth day of Creation, as God hovered over the man and the woman that He had made in His image, and after His likeness, He blessed them.God uttered five powerful words, five blessings, five abilities, five areas of authority. This blessing gave the newly created mankind the capacity for a full and prosperous life. Mankind still has that capacity today. In this book is an exciting and dynamic teaching on the original blessing mankind was given in the Garden of Eden. Sin may have complicated the blessings, but it did not cancel them out. Especially now that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of sin, we can claim and live out our original blessing. We are to be fruitful and multiply, to fill our world to capacity, to subdue it, and to have dominion. In this book, the author looks at each blessing in depth in order to increase your faith and your confidence to experience them in your life. Let's go back to Eden and reclaim our original blessing!

Original sin and miscellaneous

Author : John Wesley
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The monthly magazine of the holy rosary under the direction of the Dominican fathers

Author : Archiconfraternitas sacratissimi rosarii beatae virginis Mariae
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New Age Religion and Western Culture

Author : Wouter J. Hanegraaff
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Presents the first systematic analysis of the structure and beliefs of the New Age movement, and the historical emergence of "New Age" as a secularized version of Western esoteric traditions.

Marriage in the Western Church

Author : Philip Lyndon Reynolds
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Author Philip Reynolds examines how marriage acquired a specifically Christian identity in the Latin West during the first millennium after Christ. Beginning with Jesus, everything the Christians did, including getting married, began a process of differentiation. Reynolds offers three themes for theological reflection and interpretation: Jesus teaching, Paul s Letter to the Ephesians, and Paul s justification of marriage as a solution to the problem of sexual desire. Reynolds insights into the Christianization of marriage make this a valuable book at both the scholarly and the practical level.

In the Beginning

Author : Donald Schmidt
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In the Beginning is a simple journey through the four paths of "Creation Spirituality," taken over four weeks. It is designed for use during the four weeks leading up to Christmas, but can be enjoyed anytime during the year. By combining scripture with his own spiritual reflections, minister and writer Donald Schmidt helps you celebrate the season of Advent and prepare for Christmas. The scriptures explored each day are based on readings from Emerging Word: A Creation Spirituality Lectionary. A unique blend of humor, theological insight, and storytelling make this book a memorable journey. Let the daily readings from In the Beginning accompany you through Advent, or any other part of your faith. Find meaning in the season and celebrate God's word!

The Divine Magician

Author : Peter Rollins
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In this mind-bending exploration of traditional Christianity, firebrand Peter Rollins turns the tables on conventional wisdom, offering a fresh perspective focused on a life filled with love. Peter Rollins knows one magic trick—now, make sure you watch closely. It has three parts: the Pledge, the Turn, and the Prestige. In Divine Magician, each part comes into play as he explores a radical view of interacting with the world in love. Rollins argues that the Christian event, reenacted in the Eucharist, is indeed a type of magic trick, one that is echoed in the great vanishing acts performed by magicians throughout the ages. In this trick, a divine object is presented to us (the Pledge), disappears (the Turn), and then returns (the Prestige). But just as the returned object in a classic vanishing act is not really the same object—but another that looks the same—so this book argues that the return of God is not simply the return of what was initially presented, but rather a radical way of interacting with the world. In an effort to unearth the power of Christianity, Rollins uses this framework to explain the mystery of faith that has been lost on the church. In the same vein as Rob Bell’s bestseller Love Wins, this book pushes the boundaries of theology, presenting a stirring vision at the forefront of re-imagined modern Christianity. As a dynamic speaker as he is in writing, Rollins examines traditional religious notions from a revolutionary and refreshingly original perspective. At the heart of his message is a life lived through profound love. Just perhaps, says Rollins, the radical message found in Christianity might be one that the church can show allegiance to.

Luther still speaking The Creation a Commentary on the first five chapters of the Book of Genesis With the text Originally published at Wittenberg in 1544 and now first translated into English by H Cole

Author : Martin Luther
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Birkat HaMinim

Author : Yaakov Y. Teppler
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The Minim (i.e. Heretics) is the nickname which was given by the Jewish leaders in the second century CE to Christians in the formative time of these two religions. Yaakov Y. Teppler studies the identity of those Minim and lays a firm foundation for understanding the processes of separation between Judaism and Christianity in this stormy and fascinating period.

Mary and the Unity of the Church

Author : Philip Marzec
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A revelation of Mary's part in accomplishing the unity necessary for the Church to become 'the Bride without spot or blemish' for presentation to Jesus at the Rapture. This book attempts to reconcile the misunderstandings that divide the Church on doctrinal issues.

Genesis Leviticus

Author :
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Continuing a Gold Medallion Award-winning legacy, this completely revised edition of The Expositor’s Bible Commentary series puts world-class biblical scholarship in your hands. Based on the original twelve-volume set that has become a staple in college and seminary libraries and pastors’ studies worldwide, this new thirteen-volume edition marshals the most current evangelical scholarship and resources.The thoroughly revised features consist of:• Comprehensive introductions• Short and precise bibliographies• Detailed outlines• Insightful expositions of passages and verses• Overviews of sections of Scripture to illuminate the big picture• Occasional reflections to give more detail on important issues• Notes on textual questions and special problems, placed close to the texts in question• Transliterations and translations of Hebrew and Greek words, enabling readers to understand even the more technical notes• A balanced and respectful approach toward marked differences of opinion

The Wonder of Children

Author : Michael Gurian
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With The Wonder of Girls and The Wonder of Boys, bestselling author Michael Gurian presented his groundbreaking views on parenting. Now, with the same breadth of vision and depth of commitment, he puts forth a practical design for better nurturing the souls of our sons and daughters. The Wonder of Children offers Michael Gurian's scientifically argued steps toward better care of our children's souls. You'll learn how and why to: • Increase bonding and attachment in the family and bring the extended family back into the raising of children. • Control a child's media use and expand time spent in the natural world. • Guard against damaging brain stressors that can trigger disorders such as depression and substance abuse. • Examine the potential toxicity of a child's daily schedule. • Increase the time children spend in spiritual process, understanding the mysteries of life, and experiencing joy and a sense of belonging. A passionate and practical guide, The Wonder of Children puts forth a finely wrought argument for greater attention to the spiritual side of childhood.

The Soul of the Child

Author : Michael Gurian
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With The Wonder of Girls and The Wonder of Boys, bestselling author Michael Gurian presented his groundbreaking views of parenting. Now, with the same breadth of vision and depth of commitment, he combines accessible analysis of cutting-edge science with the study of spiritual texts to explore the divine side of childhood, and to put forth a practical design for the care of our children's souls. A revolutionary vision for parents and educators alike -- indeed, for all who love children -- The Soul of the Child is a deft blend of inspiring stories, common sense, and scientific observations that demonstrates what the soul is and how it works. This insightful and groundbreaking book urges its readers to become aware of our children's divine inheritance, and learn how to nurture that divinity. Sensible and informed, it shows how to protect childhood from the complexities of our age, and provides, as no book ever has, the means for bestowing upon our children the gifts of compassion, security, discipline, humility, and enlightenment. The Soul of the Child is a passionate and practical book that puts forth a finely wrought argument for greater attention to the spiritual side of childhood, to the very life of the human soul. And it couldn't have come at a better time.


Author : Dr. Benjamin Dadebo
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All power belongs to God, and by His discretion power may be given to one individual or the other for use. Even Satanic powers are subject to control by the Almighty God. The power to change circumstances belongs to God. This book will show you how by humility and sacrifice power can be made available for your use. Indeed without sacrifice genuine, sustainable power cannot be acquired. This book also describes how power for financial prosperity is released through tithing. In addition, the power over demonic control is only achievable through the synergistic effect of fasting and prayer. The whole purpose of our existence on Earth therefore is for a selection process for those to rule with Christ in His Kingdom. It is therefore important that you go through trials and afflictions which together work in you to break you down, converting pride into humility, generating patience, temperance, enhanced faith, trust in God, and true love. At the end of it, power is released into your hands, which enables you to acquire a position on a throne with Christ Jesus to rule over nations or tribes, depending on the level set for you according to the original purpose of od for your life.

Qumran Prayer and Religious Poetry

Author : Bilha Nitzan
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The collections of prayers, blessings and hymns indicate that fixed prayers were already customary within Judaism during the period of the Second Temple within sectarian circles. In the light of the prayer texts from Qumran the author conducts a systematic study of Jewish prayer beginning with its biblical traditions, through its development during the Second Temple period, and down to rabbinic prayer.