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Wild Orchids of South Carolina

Author : James Alexander Fowler
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In Wild Orchids of South Carolina, James Alexander Fowler captures with spectacular photography and encyclopedic knowledge the full glory of the state's native orchid population. From the bogs and bays of the coastal plain to the mountain woodlands, Fowler catalogs rare and widely distributed species, offering a wealth of information for identifying these prized plants.

Orchids of South Africa

Author : Steve Johnson
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A field guide to the more than 500 orchid species that occur across South Africa, this book allocates a full page per species, along with 4-6 large images of the plants and their flowers. A detailed account of the species and distribution map accompany the images, along with a colour bar indication flowering period. The more than 2,500 beautiful images have been taken by specialist photographer Herbert Stärker, and show the important diagnostic details for each species. Written by authorities on the topic, this lavish and detailed book will appeal to all those with an interest in the popular field of orchids worldwide.

Orchids for the South

Author : Jack Kramer
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Flamboyant and fantastic, orchids are the world's most highly prized plants—yet home growers think they're difficult to grow. Orchids don't have to be a challenge: the secret is to find plants that share similar growing conditions. With more than 100 breathtaking color photographs and easy-to-follow diagrams, this book is the perfect choice for Southern gardeners who want to add glamour to their home or garden.

Orchids of Asia

Author : Eng-Soon Teoh
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Orchids of Asiadiscusses the fundamental principles of cultivating orchids, from lowland species that are native to Asia to imported orchids that are now commonplace in nurseries and gardens throughout the region. The author, an expert grower and experienced judge, introduces the plant's natural habitats and growth requirements, particularly those that form the backbone of popular hybrids. For the orchid grower, several chapters explain the practical aspects of orchid growing, including the eradication of diseases and pests. For the enthusiast, there are comprehensive chapters on hybridisation and a new chapter on orchid mutation - a brand new avenue for orchid growers and hybridisers alike. In addition, a well-illustrated chapter on the appreciation of orchid flowers gives insight into what constitutes and award-worthy orchid. Lavishly illustrated with over 500 photographs, the orchid species in this new third edition span a century of orchid hybridisation in Asia.

Orchids of South west Australia

Author : Noel Hoffman
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A guide to identifying the native orchids of southwest Western Australia, based on a simple, mainly pictoral key directing the reader to the section addressing the distinctive features of each species and information on distribution, habitat, flowering period, and the common name. Includes full desc

Growing South African Indigenous Orchids

Author : Karsten Wodrich
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Providing a guide to the cultivation of both the terrestrial and epihytic orchid species growing in South Africa, this volume includes numerous hints, illustrations and photographs to help simplify the process. Detailed growing notes are given for over 60 terrestrial and over 40 epiphytic species.

The Orchids of the Cape Peninsula

Author : Harry Bolus
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Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society

Author :
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List of members in v. 1, 3-6, 9-11, 14-16, 18.

The Orchids of South Central Africa

Author : Graham Williamson
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Native Orchids of South Florida

Author : Walter Minton Buswell
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The Orchids of New South Wales

Author : Herman Montague Rucker Rupp
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Field Guide to the Orchids of Northern South Africa and Swaziland

Author : Douglas McMurtry
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An Introduction to the South African Orchids

Author : Edmund André Charles Louis Eloi Schelpe
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Guide to the Orchids of New South Wales

Author : Herman Montague Rucker Rupp
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A to Z of South East Asian Orchid Species

Author : Peter O'Byrne
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This is a convenient guide for those who know little about Southeast Asian orchid species but want to know more.

Growing Orchids in South Africa

Author : Hendrik Venter
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The exquisite charm, beauty and fragrance of orchids have fascinated people for many centuries, and will no doubt continue to do so for many more. Gone are the days when people believed that growing orchids is only for a select few rich gardeners.

Field Guide to the Orchids of New South Wales and Victoria

Author : Anthony Bishop
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A pictorial field guide for those interested in locating, identifying, and studying the rich orchid flora of the Australian states of New South Wales and Victoria. Updated from the 1996 edition, this guide includes a general key and a key to each orchid genus and 504 detailed species descriptions co

Southern African Epiphytic Orchids

Author : John S. Ball
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An Introduction to the Study of South Australian Orchids

Author : Richard Sanders Rogers
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A Bibliography of South African Orchids

Author : Margaret Wilson
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