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Optimal Control for Econometric Models

Author : S. Holly
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Optimal Control for Econometric Models

Author : Sean Holly
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Three Essays on Application of Optimal Control Theory to Econometric Models

Author : Shung-Shin Han
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Utilization of an Econometric Models in Building an Optimal Control Model

Author : Zygmunt Wesoły
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Optimal Control for Econometric Models

Author : S. Holly
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Optimal control of linear econometric models with intermittent controls

Author : Christophe Deissenberg
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Optimal control for econometric models an application of stochastic dynamic games

Author : Maarten Dirk Merbis.
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Optimal Control Models in Finance

Author : Ping Chen
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This book reports initial efforts in providing some useful extensions in - nancial modeling; further work is necessary to complete the research agenda. The demonstrated extensions in this book in the computation and modeling of optimal control in finance have shown the need and potential for further areas of study in financial modeling. Potentials are in both the mathematical structure and computational aspects of dynamic optimization. There are needs for more organized and coordinated computational approaches. These ext- sions will make dynamic financial optimization models relatively more stable for applications to academic and practical exercises in the areas of financial optimization, forecasting, planning and optimal social choice. This book will be useful to graduate students and academics in finance, mathematical economics, operations research and computer science. Prof- sional practitioners in the above areas will find the book interesting and inf- mative. The authors thank Professor B.D. Craven for providing extensive guidance and assistance in undertaking this research. This work owes significantly to him, which will be evident throughout the whole book. The differential eq- tion solver “nqq” used in this book was first developed by Professor Craven. Editorial assistance provided by Matthew Clarke, Margarita Kumnick and Tom Lun is also highly appreciated. Ping Chen also wants to thank her parents for their constant support and love during the past four years.

Control Theory Methods in Economics

Author : Jati Sengupta
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Control theory methods in economics have historically developed over three phases. The first involved basically the feedback control rules in a deterministic framework which were applied in macrodynamic models for analyzing stabilization policies. The second phase raised the issues of various types of inconsistencies in deterministic optimal control models due to changing information and other aspects of stochasticity. Rational expectations models have been extensively used in this plan to resolve some of the inconsistency problems. The third phase has recently focused on the various aspects of adaptive control. where stochasticity and information adaptivity are introduced in diverse ways e.g .• risk adjustment and risk sensitivity of optimal control, recursive updating rules via Kalman filtering and weighted recursive least squares and variable structure control methods in nonlinear framework. Problems of efficient econometric estimation of optimal control models have now acquired significant importance. This monograph provides an integrated view of control theory methods, synthesizing the three phases from feedback control to stochastic control and from stochastic control to adaptive control. Aspects of econometric estimation are strongly emphasized here, since these are very important in empirical applications in economics.

Econometric Decision Models

Author : Josef Gruber
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This volume contains a refereed selection of revised papers which were originally presented at the Second International Conference on Econometric Decision Models, University of Hagen (FernUni versitat). The conference was held in Haus Nordhelle, a meeting place in the mountainous area " Sauerland" , some 50 kilometers south of Hagen, on August 29 - September 1, 1989. Some details about this conference are given in the first paper, they need not be repeated here. The 40 papers included in this volume are organized in 10 "parts", shown in the table of contents. Included are such "fashionable" topics like "optimal control", "cointegration" and "rational expec tations models". In each part, the papers have been arranged alphabetically by author, unless there were good reasons for a different arrangement. To facilitate the decision making of the readers, all papers (except a few short ones) contain an abstract, a list of keywords and a table of contents. At the end of the proceedings volume, there is a list of authors. More than ten years ago, I began to organize meetings of econometricians, mainly called "seminar" or " colloquium". One major purpose of these meetings has always been to improve international cooperation of econometric model builders (and model users) from "the East" and "the West". Unprecedented changes to the better have taken place recently ("perestroika"). For a large fraction of participants from the Soviet Union, the 1989 conference was the first conference in a Western country.