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Operation Market Garden 1944 2

Author : Ken Ford
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With Germany being pushed back across Europe the Allied forces looked to press their advantage with Operation Market-Garden, a massive airborne assault that, if successful, could have shortened the war in the west considerably. The ground advance consisted of an armoured thrust by the British XXX Corps, while the US 82nd and 101st US Airborne Divisions secured the bridges at Eindhoven and Nijmegen and the British 1st Airborne Division and Polish 1st Airborne Brigade were tasked with seizing the final bridge at Arnhem to secure the route. What they did not realise was that the 9. SS and 10. SS-Panzer Divisions were nearby, ready to reinforce the local garrison and fend off the Allied assault. Focusing on the role played by these British and Polish troops, Ken Ford examines Operation Market-Garden in its entirety, from the early planning through to the early setbacks and eventual catastrophic conclusion.

Operation Market Garden 1944 1

Author : Steven J. Zaloga
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Immortalized by the movie A Bridge Too Far, the parachute landings of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions were the first part of an Allied breakthrough attempt. In the late summer of 1944, the First Allied Airborne Army began to plan a complex operation to seize a Rhine River Bridge at Arnhem in the Netherlands. The airborne mission was code-named Operation Market, and the ground assault was designated Garden. The American portion of Operation Market was to employ the two divisions of Gen. Matthew Ridgway's US XVIII Airborne Corps to seize key terrain features that might otherwise delay the advance of British tank columns towards the ultimate objective of the Rhine bridge at Arnhem. The plan envisioned landing the US 101st Airborne Division near Eindhoven to clear a path for the advance of the armored divisions of the British XXX Corps, and to land the 82nd Airborne Division around Nijmegen to seize the Waal river bridges there. In view of the problems experienced in Normandy with night landings, Operation Market was scheduled to take place on the afternoon of September 17th, 1944, with an elaborate tactical air plan to suppress German flak positions. The initial 101st Airborne Division conducted its combined parachute/glider landings on the afternoon of September 17th, 1944, using its three Parachute Infantry Regiments (PIR). The 82nd Airborne Division was dropped further northeast with its three regiments having separate assignments. Overall, the first day's operation was a considerable success compared to the Normandy drops. The Wehrmacht did not anticipate the airborne attack so resistance on the first day was light. The fighting intensified dramatically over the next several days as the Germans attempted to stamp out the landings, attacking the Allied forces on all sides of the salient. The 101st Airborne Division pressed south towards Eindhoven on the morning of September 18th, while the British Guards Armoured Division pressed north. The paratroopers captured the city by early afternoon and linked up with the British tanks in the evening. After quickly bridging the Wilhelmina canal in the dark, the Guards Armored Division crossed around dawn on September 19th and raced up to the 82nd Airborne Division sector by 0820. Combined British and American attacks to seize the vital Nijmegen bridge were repulsed through September 19th due to the arrival of elements of the 10.SS-Panzer Division from the Arnhem area. But in a bold move, the 82nd Airborne outflanked the defenses on the afternoon of September 20th by using boats to cross a mile downstream from the bridge. Last minute German attempts to detonate the bridge failed, and British tanks were streaming over the bridge that night, heading for Arnhem. Nevertheless, the delays caused by the initial defense at Eindhoven, the need to build a bridge at Son, and the fighting for the bridge at Nijmegen slowed the advance by XXX Corps and put it behind schedule. German resistance against the 1st Airborne Division in Arnhem was far fiercer than anticipated due to the unexpected presence of two Waffen-SS panzer divisions refitting in the area. The positions of the British 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem proved untenable and permission to withdraw was given on September 25th with the action taking place on the night of September 25-26th.

The Engineer

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Germany and the Second World War

Author : Horst Boog
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Volume VII of the 'Germany and the Second World War' series looks at Germany and her Japanese ally on the defensive after the tide of war turned in 1943. An exhaustive study of the air war over the Reich and the Luftwaffe's growing impotence is followed by an account of the invasion of occupied France and the Allies' advance to Germany's borders. A final section examines Japan's defeat and capitulation, and the creation of a new order in the Far East.

The Encyclopedia of World Facts and Dates

Author : Gorton Carruth
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A one-volume reference provides more than fifty thousand significant facts, dates, and events that shaped world history, covering such areas as politics, war, the arts, economics, religion, philosophy, science, education, natural and man-made disasters, and others.

The Bomber Command War Diaries

Author : Martin Middlebrook
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First published Viking. 1985. Provides a record of all Bomber Command's raids

Great Battles of World War II

Author : David M. O. Miller
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Gripping stories of epic and significant battles, on land, at sea, and in the air, during the largest, most destructive conflict the world has known. Includes detailed accounts of battles, with tables of forces, and losses and gains. With over 150 action photographs, and maps. Includes U-boats in the Atlantic, The Battle of Britain, Stalingrad, Pearl Harbor and many more.

The Art of Blitzkrieg

Author : Charles Messenger
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Arnhem 1944

Author : Janusz Piekałkiewicz
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America History and Life

Author :
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Article abstracts and citations of reviews and dissertations covering the United States and Canada.

The Oxford Guide to World War II

Author : Ian Dear
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"First published in 1995 as The Oxford companion to the Second World War "--Verso.

Oxford Companion to World War II

Author : Ian Dear
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This text is an authoritative reference work covering a wide breadth of topics on all things associated with World War II. Entries cover topics such as strategy, politics, weapons, tactics, logistics, economics, and society.

Red Berets and Red Crosses

Author : Niall Cherry
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Silent Wings at War

Author : John L. Lowden
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The pilots were known as "suicide jockeys" and the aircraft they flew were called "flak bait." Towed behind modified bombers or transport aircraft, Allied combat gliders were used in some of the riskiest missions of World War II, landing miles behind enemy lines with specially trained assault forces. In "Silent Wings at War," John L. Lowden combines his own recollections with those of fellow veterans to create a vivid, gritty, jocose memoir of war as he and other glider pilots and their passengers knew it. These true tales of courage, as well as command blunders, make a substantial contribution to WWII literature.

Operation Market Garden Then and Now

Author : Karel Margry
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Volume 1 covers the mounting of the operation and the crucial first two days of the battle. The story opens with the planning and preparation of the double undertaking - of Market by the newly created First Allied Airborne Army in the UK and Garden by the British Second Army on the Belgian-Dutch border. The scene then switches to describe the German military situation in the Netherlands on the eve of battle. The massive initial airborne landings of September 17, 1944, are then recounted with equal attention to each of the three airborne divisions involved. The break-out battle by the Guards Armoured Division, spearhead of the ground army, is likewise illustrated with a wealth of photographs. The second day of the operation, September 18, sees the Guards reaching the 101st Airborne at Eindhoven, making their first contact with the airborne army.

Encyclopedia of World War II

Author : Spencer Tucker
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Mosquitos of World War 2

Author : Martin W. Bowman
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Great American Generals of World War 2

Author : Sydney L. Mayer
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Military History

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Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War The victory campaign the operations in North West Europe 1944 1945 by C P Stacey

Author : Canada. Department of National Defence. General Staff
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