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Only Jesus of Nazareth Can Be the God of Israel s Righteous Servant

Author : John P. McTernan
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Using his skills developed as a federal investigator, plus spending thousands of hours debating both Judaism's counter-missionaries and Muslims, the author creates an airtight case that only Jesus of Nazareth can be Israel's King Messiah. All the thoughts of this book were developed through the fires of debate. The heart of this book is Isaiah 53 and Isaiah 9: 6,7. Rather than just examining Isaiah 53 separately, it is examined in the context of Isaiah's Four Servant Songs. This unique approach provides the reader with overwhelming scriptural evidence that Jesus of Nazareth is the God of Israel's Righteous Servant. Isaiah 9: 6,7 is also looked at in its context: the Day of the LORD, which is yet future. These two verses are prophetic being fulfilled at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Isaiah 9: 6,7 is the national confession of Israel - that the Lord Jesus is their King Messiah. This book gives the reader overwhelming evidence to both defend and proclaim the faith. It provides wonderful material for Sunday school and sermons along with being a great witnessing tool. John McTernan is a lifetime student of the Bible, especially prophecy relating to the nation of Israel and the first and second coming of the Lord Jesus. He authored the acclaimed God's Final Warning to America and the best seller As America Has Done To Israel. During numerous appearances on television, radio, and in seminars he has defended Israel in light of Biblical prophecy. In 1974, John became involved with the Pro-Life Movement and is a Pro-Life leader in central Pennsylvania. He co-founded International Cops for Christ where he serves as an ordained chaplain. John was a US Treasury agent for 26 years until retiring in1998. He holds a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is married and the father of four children.

Only Jesus Of Nazareth Can Be Israel s King Messiah

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Only Jesus of Nazareth Can Sit on the Throne of David

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Preliminary biblical studies

Author : David M. Steimle
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This work is a compilation of research designed to assist students researching the Bible and passing a program at a University in biblical studies. It covers a myriad of topics focusing primarily on the biblical text and contains deeper exposition on texts and themes commonly researched in an undergraduate, Graduate Christian studies, and Masters in Divinity programs that focus on the Bible. This text is divided by the Old and New Testament and further subdivided based on traditional category of the Bible.

Trinitarian Ontology and Israel in Robert W Jenson s Theology

Author : Sang Hoon Lee
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Can Christian theology overcome its long-standing supersessionism without diluting its Trinitarian faith? Can Christian faith remain genuinely Christian when it fails to recognize the covenantal significance of the Jews? In his later career, leading Trinitarian theologian Robert Jenson's theology moves in a post-supersessionistic direction. That said, the conceptual nexus between his Trinitarian theology and his post-supersessionism is not always patent on the surface of his texts. In this book, Lee traces the post-supersessionistic development of Jenson's Trinitarian theology and uncovers the reasons why Jenson's Trinitarian theology sets out to embrace the existence of the Jews. This book seeks to show that Jenson's revisionary--historicized, "carnalized," hermeneutical, and eschatological--Trinitarian ontology allows for genuine confession of the eternal triune God as the God of Israel, and that it thereby lays a firm basis for a properly Christian post-supersessionism.

The Moody Bible Commentary

Author : Michael Rydelnik
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Now you can study the Bible with the faculty of the Moody Bible Institute! Imagine having a team of 30 Moody Bible Institute professors helping you study the Bible. Now you can with this in-depth, user-friendly, one-volume commentary. General editors Michael Rydelnik and Michael Vanlaningham have led a team of contributors whose academic training, practical church experience, and teaching competency make this commentary excellent for anyone who needs help understanding the Scriptures. This comprehensive and reliable reference work should be the first place Sunday school teachers, Bible study leaders, missionaries, and pastors turn to for biblical insight. Scripture being commented on is shown in bold print for easy reference, and maps and charts provide visual aids for learning. Additional study helps include bibliographies for further reading and a subject and Scripture index. The Moody Bible Commentary is an all-in-one Bible study resource that will help you better understand and apply God's written revelation to all of life.

Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament

Author : Pam Farrel
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Experience the Old Testament as Never Before Take a journey to discover all God has planned since before the foundation of the earth. You’ll never grow tired of studying Scripture with this innovative and immersive Bible study experience. Through compelling instruction and motivational devotions, it reveals God’s redemptive plan from the beginning of creation. Explore… timeline icons to help you track God’s plan through the Old Testament key questions at the beginning of each section to guide your focus opportunities for creative expression, including full-page graphics and bookmarks to color sidebars that offer fascinating historical insights practical application questions to guide and deepen your walk with Christ online opportunities for connection and interactive community As you discover new ways to engage with God’s Word through this in-depth approach to studying Scripture, you will gain wisdom and understanding about his incredible, unchanging love for you. Designed to be used for group study or for individual reflection. To find out more about the complete series, explore many creative resources, and connect with the authors and other readers, visit

The Servant of Jehovah The Sufferings of the Messiah and the Glory that Should Follow

Author : David Baron
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Written as only a dedicated missionary to the Israelites could write it, this is a penetrating analysis of the Son of God as a servant as is pictured in Isaiah 53. Author Baron is acknowledged as an authority on the history of Israel and on the writings of the Old Testament. His exposition of Isaiah 53 is broken down as follows: Part I - Critical Examination of the Non-Messianic Interpretations of Isaiah 53 Part II - The Exposition A. Jehovah's Introduction of His Servant B. Israel's Penitential Confession C. The Resurrection and Future Glory of the Servant of Jehovah D. Jehovah's Final Word Concerning the Servant - the Glorious award for His Sufferings Appendix - The Suffering Messiah of the Synagogue 'The Servant of Jehovah' will prove invaluable not only for devotional reading but also as source material on the death and resurrection of Christ for ministers, Bible students, Sunday school teachers and other Christian laity.

The Home and Foreign Missionary Record for the Church of Scotland

Author : Church of Scotland
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He Is More Than Just a God

Author : Ramovha Khathutshelo
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This book not only encourages you to become to be a Christian, but it encourages you to encourage others about the power and second coming of Christ. It boosts your faith and tells you who Jesus Christ really is.

The Preacher s Commentary Complete 35 Volume Set Genesis Revelation

Author : Leslie C. Allen
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Written BY Preachers and Teachers FOR Preachers and Teachers The Preacher's Commentary, Complete 35-Volume Set: Genesis–Revelation offers pastors, teachers, and Bible study leaders clear and compelling insights into the entire Bible that will equip them to understand, apply, and teach the truth in God's Word. Each volume is written by one of today's top scholars, and includes: Innovative ideas for preaching and teaching God's Word Vibrant paragraph-by-paragraph exposition Impelling real-life illustrations Insightful and relevant contemporary application An introduction, which reveals the author's approach A full outline of the biblical book being covered Scripture passages (using the New King James Version) and explanations Covering the entire Bible and combining fresh insights with readable exposition and relatable examples, The Preacher's Commentary will help you minister to others and see their lives transformed through the power of God's Word. Whether preacher, teacher, or Bible study leader--if you're a communicator, The Preacher's Commentary will help you share God's Word more effectively with others. Volumes and authors include: Genesis by D. Stuart Briscoe Exodus by Maxie D. Dunnam Leviticus by Gary W. Demarest Numbers by James Philip Deuteronomy by John C. Maxwell Joshua by John A. Huffman, Jr. Judges & Ruth by David Jackman 1 & 2 Samuel by Kenneth L. Chafin 1 & 2 Kings by Russell H. Dilday 1 & 2 Chronicles by Leslie C. Allen Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther by Mark D. Roberts Job by David L. McKenna Psalms 1-72 by Donald M. Williams Psalms 73-150 by Donald M. Williams Proverbs by David A. Hubbard Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon by David A. Hubbard Isaiah 1-39 by David L. McKenna Isaiah 40-66 by David L. McKenna Jeremiah & Lamentations by John Guest Ezekiel by Douglas Stuart Daniel by Sinclair B. Ferguson Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, and Jonah by Lloyd J. Ogilvie Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. Matthew by Myron S. Augsburger Mark by David L. McKenna Luke by Bruce Larson John by Roger L. Fredrikson Acts by Lloyd J. Ogilvie Romans by D. Stuart Briscoe 1 & 2 Corinthians by Kenneth L. Chafin Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon by Maxie D. Dunnam 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus by Gary W. Demarest Hebrews by Louis H. Evans, Jr. James, 1 & 2 Peter, and Jude by Paul A. Cedar 1, 2 & 3 John, and Revelation by Earl F. Palmer

The Preacher s Commentary Series Volume 28 Acts

Author : Lloyd J. Ogilvie
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General editor Lloyd J. Ogilvie brings together a team of skilled and exceptional communicators to blend sound scholarship with life-related illustrations. The design for the Preacher's Commentary gives the reader an overall outline of each book of the Bible. Following the introduction, which reveals the author's approach and salient background on the book, each chapter of the commentary provides the Scripture to be exposited. The New King James Bible has been chosen for the Preacher's Commentary because it combines with integrity the beauty of language, underlying Hebrew and Greek textual basis, and thought-flow of the 1611 King James Version, while replacing obsolete verb forms and other archaisms with their everyday contemporary counterparts for greater readability. Reverence for God is preserved in the capitalization of all pronouns referring to the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. Readers who are more comfortable with another translation can readily find the parallel passage by means of the chapter and verse reference at the end of each passage being exposited. The paragraphs of exposition combine fresh insights to the Scripture, application, rich illustrative material, and innovative ways of utilizing the vibrant truth for his or her own life and for the challenge of communicating it with vigor and vitality.

Jesus of Nazareth Lord and Christ Essays on the Historical Jesus And New Testament Christology

Author : Joel B. Green
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The problem of the historical Jesus remains one of the most important themes in New Testament scholarship. Closely related to this problem is the question, How far can the impact made by the earthly Jesus and his own self-understanding sustain the weight of the Christological construction put upon them by the early church? The thirty outstanding essays in this volume offer a fresh assessment of a wide range of New Testament data and methods pertinent to our understanding of Jesus and his significance both in his time and ours.

The Lutheran Witness

Author :
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The NKJV Open Bible eBook

Author : Thomas Nelson
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The Bible is a collection of 66 books written by many writers over a vast time period, and yet it’s the unified Word of God. The Open Bible offers clean and easy navigation through the connectivity of Scripture with a time-tested complete reference system trusted by millions. Plus, The Open Bible gives you even more access into the pages of the Word with book introductions and outlines to provide context and themes from beginning to end. Features include: Easy-to-navigate topical index displaying the connections between 8,000 plus names, places, concepts, events, and doctrines Interactive book introductions and outlines provide historical context, themes, and verse relationships within Scripture References include both verse and page number so anyone can find the Scriptures they need Visual Survey of the Bible illustrating an easy-to-follow diagram of Scripture The exclusive Thomas Nelson NKJV Comfort Print® 9-point print size

Fire of Mercy Heart of the Word Vol 2

Author : Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis
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To the unstudied eye, St. Matthew's gospel can seem a terse narrative, almost a historical document and not the tremendously spiritual (and doctrinal) storehouse that it is. In his third volume of meditations on Matthew (chapters 19-25), Erasmo Leiva continues to show Matthew's prose to be not terse so much as economical--astoundingly so given its depth. The lay reader can derive great profit from reading this. Each short meditation comments on a verse or two, pointing to some facet of the text not immediately apparent, but rich with meaning. Leiva's work is scholarly but eminently approachable by the lay reader. The tone is very much of "taste and see how good the Lord is" and an invitation of "friend, come up higher!." The goal of the book is to help the reader experience the heat of the divine heart and the light of the divine Word. Leiva comments on the Greek text, demonstrating nuances in the text that defy translation. He uses numerous quotes from the Fathers and the Liturgy of the Church to demonstrate the way the Tradition has lived and read the Word of God. His theological reflection vivifies doctrine by seeking its roots in the words and actions of Jesus.

The Acts of the Apostles

Author : Osvaldo Padilla
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The book of Acts is a remarkable fusion of the historical and theological, and its account of the early church has fascinated theologians and biblical scholars for centuries. Just who was the author of this work? And what kind of book did he write? How do we classify its genre? The Acts of the Apostles provides an advanced introduction to the study of Acts, covering important questions about authorship, genre, history and theology. Osvaldo Padilla explores fresh avenues of understanding by examining the text in light of the most recent research on the book of Acts itself, philosophical hermeneutics, genre theory and historiography. In addition, Padilla opens a conversation between the text of Acts and postliberal theology, seeking a fully orbed engagement with Acts that is equally attuned to questions of interpretation, history and theology.

The Deep Roots of the Olive Tree

Author :
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Jesus in History Legend Scripture and Tradition A World Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Author : Leslie Houlden
File Size : 31.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This multifaceted work contextualizes Jesus in religion and culture by bringing together articles on folklore, history, literature, philosophy, popular culture, and theology. • Offers hundreds of alphabetically arranged entries that detail the presence of Jesus in world civilization and creative works over the last 2,000 years, showing how religion informs world history and culture • Includes some 40 primary documents to provide firsthand accounts of the influence of Jesus on world history and culture • Presents an extensive selection of images to help students visualize key topics • Supports the Common Core State Standards by promoting critical thinking skills • Supports National Center for History in Schools (NCHS) content standards for world history, particularly those related to the origins and influence of Christianity: Era 3, Standard 3B; Era 4, Standard 4A; Era 5, Standard 2C; Era 6, Standard 2B

NKJV The Open Bible eBook

Author : Thomas Nelson
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The study Bible that gets you quickly and fully into the Word. Find what you need! The Open Bible, New King James Version is designed for the hungry reader. This Bible is filled with amazing study aids including comprehensive book introductions and outlines, 64-page concordance, Read-Along references and translation notes, and the classic Biblical Cyclopedic Index covering more than 8,000 textual entries. The Open Bible, New King James Version also features a seven-step method on How to Study the Bible, a Visual Survey of the Bible, The Christian's Guide to the New Life, and The Greatest Archaeological Discoveries of the Bible. This outstanding Bible is available in hardcover and bonded leather. Features include: New King James Version® (NKJV) text Biblical Cyclopedic Index Christian's Guide to the New Life Visual Survey of the Bible Book introductions and outlines Concordance Part of the Signature Series line of Thomas Nelson Bibles. Open Bibles sold to date: More than 3 million The New King James Version—More than 60 million copies sold in 30 years