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One Woman s World War II

Author : Violet A. Kochendoerfer
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Judge Mac Swinford was one of the longest-serving federal judges in United States history. During his lengthy tenure in the Kentucky courts, he came to know and appreciate the deep complexity of the law, understanding that it could be solid and fluid, broad and narrow, kind and harsh, changeless yet always evolving. In this service to the state and to the law, he felt that it was often his fellow lawyers who touched and educated him most. Kentucky Lawyer presents the most humorous, enlightening, and poignant moments of a remarkable fifty-year career. Judge Swinford offers a unique Kentucky history, recounting instances of the drama and romance of the Kentucky bar. In ÒA Kentucky Ghost Story,Ó he takes readers to the banks of Crooked Creek in Harrison County, where the spirit of a wrongfully accused man still affects judicial decisions. ÒCost of LoveÓ recalls a trial in Carlisle County in which a scorned lover files suit against her ex-fiancŽ for breach of promise, claiming ten thousand dollars for a broken heart. Remembering some of KentuckyÕs most revered and respected jurists, Judge Swinford relates American culture in its most intimate and significant sense, through the acts and expressions of local leaders in the everyday affairs of life. His stories of humble commitment highlight the lives of men such as Henry Clay, Lieutenant Governor Rodes K. Myers, and Senator Joe C.S. Blackburn, who championed unpopular cases and stood on the forefront of government and community affairs. Kentucky Lawyer pays tribute to some of KentuckyÕs Òtruly great men,Ó with the hope that legend will preserve them for us in memory. Now back in print, this classic book illuminates the varied work and world of the twentieth-century lawyer with elegance and humor.

Women Heroes of World War II

Author : Kathryn J. Atwood
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These 32 suspense-filled stories unfold across Germany, Poland, Great Britain, the United States, and more, providing a reminder of women and girls' refusal to sit on the sidelines around the world and throughout history. Includes six new profiles that did not appear in the first edition.

Legacies of the Comfort Women of World War II

Author : Margaret D. Stetz
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The stories of the former comfort women have galvanized both Asian and non-Asian intellectuals working in a variety of fields. Scholars of Asian history and politics, feminists, human rights activists, documentary filmmakers, visual artists, and novelists have begun to address the subject of the comfort system; to take up the cause of the surviving comfort women's sturggles; to call attention to sexual violence against women, especially during wartime; to consider the links among militarism, racism, imperialism, and sexism; and to include this history into 20th-century political history. This volume contains a cross-section of responses to the issues raised by the former comfort women and their new visibility on the international stage. Its focus is on how theorists, historians, researchers, activists, and artists have been preserving, interpreting, and disseminating the legacies of the comfort women and also drawing lessons from these. The essays consider the impact and influence of the comfort women's stories on a wide variety of fields and describe how those stories are now being heard or read and used in Asian and in the West.

American Women During World War II

Author : Doris Weatherford
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American Women during World War II documents the lives and stories of women who contributed directly to the war effort via official and semi-official military organizations, as well as the millions of women who worked in civilian defense industries, ranging from aircraft maintenance to munitions manufacturing and much more. It also illuminates how the war changed the lives of women in more traditional home front roles. All women had to cope with rationing of basic household goods, and most women volunteered in war-related programs. Other entries discuss institutional change, as the war affected every aspect of life, including as schools, hospitals, and even religion. American Women during World War II provides a handy one-volume collection of information and images suitable for any public or professional library.

United States Army in World War II

Author : United States. Military History, Office of the Chief of
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Train to Nowhere

Author : Anita Leslie
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One of Hay Festival's 100 Best Books Written by Women in the Last 100 Years 'Train to Nowhere speaks of another mood, a different time and a grittier generation...This, surely, is the second world war we want to rediscover in print' Robert McCrum, Observer 'If Evelyn Waugh's Mrs Algernon Stitch had been possessed of a heart, a sense of humour, and a glorious prose style, it could be said that she was a dead ringer for Anita Leslie. Train to Nowhere is a glorious book, brought back to vivid life.' John Banville, Booker Prize winning author of The Sea 'Train To Nowhere is the most gripping piece of war reportage I have ever read: particularly affecting is Anita Leslie's account of the Battle of Colmar, where her descriptions are almost too unbearable to take in. What a writer! Her observations, mixed with dry humour and compassion, place her at the heart of the conflict and somehow apart from it, as a good historian should be. Remarkable.' Joanna Lumley Train to Nowhere is a war memoir seen through the sardonic eyes of Anita Leslie, a funny and vivacious young woman who reports on her experiences with a dry humour, finding the absurd alongside the tragic. Daughter of a Baronet and first cousin once removed of Winston Churchill, she joined the Mechanized Transport Corps as a fully trained mechanic and ambulance driver during WWII, serving in Libya, Syria, Palestine, Italy, France and Germany. Ahead of her time, Anita bemoans 'first-rate women subordinate to second-rate men,' and, as the British Army forbade women from serving at the front, joined the Free French Forces in order to do what she felt was her duty. Writing letters in Hitler's recently vacated office and marching in the Victory parade contrast with observations of seeing friends murdered and a mother avenging her son by coldly shooting a prisoner of war. Unflinching and unsentimental, Train to Nowhere is a memoir of Anita's war, one that, long after it was written, remains poignant and relevant.

In the Hands of My Enemy

Author : Sigrid Heide
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One Woman s War

Author : Gladys Arnold
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This is a story not of military campaigns and grand strategy, but the joys and sorrows of life on a more intimate battlefield--the battlefield of the French resistance. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Gladys Arnold was sent to Paris by Canadian Press in October 1939, and was the only Canadian reporter to experience the invasion of France by the Germans in the spring of 1940. One Woman's War is Gladys Arnold's vivid, eyewitness account of the fall of France and the growth of the Free French resistance. She was one of the first journalists to interview General Charles de Gaulle, and she brings to life many of the memorable people, French and Canadian, who fought the underground war. One Woman's War is an account of some of the most important and harrowing events of the 20th century, told by a marvellously engaging and courageous woman.

American Women and World War II

Author : Doris Weatherford
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Looks at the contributions of women during World War II as nurses, members of the armed forces, factory workers, and civil volunteers

Women in the Department of State

Author :
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World War II

Author : Lily Xiao Hong Lee
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This anthology contains 16 readings that deal with military, political, diplomatic, and social aspects of WWII and its consequences for the contemporary world. The readings are grouped around seven major topics, and each topic is prefaced with commentary by Lee. The readings consist of complete articles or integral chapters rather than abridged selections so that each author's argument can be read in its original form. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

One Woman in the War

Author : Alaine Polcz
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Before the publication of this book, Alaine Polcz was widely recognized as a psychologist ministering to the needs of disturbed and incurably ill children and their families, as the author of numerous articles and several books on thanatology, and as the founder of the hospice movement in Hungary. The autobiographic account of the experiences of a woman, then 19-20, in the closing months of the Second World War. When it was first published, in 1991, the book was a revelation of past horrors in Hungary which, until then, had lingered on in the farthest reaches of the national memory as rumor and suspicion about the violent acts committed against women during a time of chaos, havoc, and savagery. The literary world quickly recognized the merits of this book: It was highly praised by Hungarian reviewers, awarded prizes, and has already been translated into French, Rumanian, Slovenian, and Serbian. "A woman's life at the front. Hunger, lice, digging trenches, peeling potatoes, cold, filth. This life was not only mine. My husband's white-haired mother was dragged away and raped as pubescent girls were. Russian soldiers attacked me, beat me, protected me, stepped on my hand with a boot, fed me.

The Ben Peters World War II Thrillers Books 1 3 Box Set

Author : Vic Robbie
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COURAGE, FEAR, LOVE, LOSS and INTRIGUE – a riveting mix of action and emotion. Three stunning World War II thrillers in one. In Pursuit of Platinum– As the Germans invade Paris in 1940, American Ben Peters smuggles a fortune in platinum out of the city in the legendary Bullion Bentley. But the Bentley is carrying an even more valuable human cargo, a mysterious Frenchwoman escaping with her young son and a secret that could change the course of the Second World War. Hitler wants Alena silenced; her son brought back to Berlin; and the Banque de France’s platinum. As they flee, they experience the tragic realities of war and the raw emotions of two heroes living on the edge of fear. And not everything is as it seems. Paradise Gold America faces its biggest threat as Nazi U-boats dominate the Atlantic from their base in the Caribbean. And the US government enlist the help of the Mafia to snatch the biggest prize of World War II from the Germans. Caught between ruthless Nazis and Mafia assassins, only American agent Ben Peters knows the Nazis’ terrifying plans for America. First, he has to deal with two beautiful and dangerous women who will do anything to achieve their goals. The Girl with the Silver Stiletto A stiletto is the ultimate murder weapon, but will Natalie use it to kill a child to save her own life? At the end of World War II, she is given an ultimatum. Execute the boy or die. Her only alternative is to hand him over to the Nazis. Why do the Nazis want the boy and who is he? As the action races across three continents, from London to New York to California to Buenos Aires, only American agent Ben Peters stands alone against evil and his former lover. WHAT READERS ARE SAYING about the three books in the Ben Peters series ***** Brilliant! Exciting! Suspenseful! ***** Hard to put down. Plenty of action, romance and international intrigue. ***** The opening pages grab and don't let go! A great WWII novel. *****Absolutely riveting. Read it end to end and way into the night. Look forward to more. *****What a story! I couldn’t put it down. So many twists and turns and so much action and adventure. *****If you like reading Alan Furst and Phillip Kerr, you will like this book. *****One of the best WWII fiction I have read. *****Thrilling, chilling, nail-biting, fast-paced historical fiction. *****Keeps you absorbed in the novel in juxtaposition of world events. Writing similar to Ken Follett’s in that the characters are alive....with sexual tension. *****Not able to read fast enough. I just had to know how it was going to turn out for all of them! *****OMG. What can I say this was a GREAT story. Wow he did a good job, there was danger, love, mystery and fictional history. ***** A story I didn't want to end. *****Put me in mind of Casablanca for the time period, the tension and the characters. There was not one single page that did not contain excellent writing, tension and emotion. *****Being on the train for two to three hours every day, I could not wait for the next train to I could carry on reading. *****With my hand on my heart, this is the best World War Two espionage tale I've read.

Family Histories of World War II

Author : Róisín Healy
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Expertly contextualized by two leading historians in the field, this unique collection offers 13 accounts of individual experiences of World War II from across Europe. It sees contributors describe their recent ancestors' experiences ranging from a Royal Air Force pilot captured in Yugoslavia and a Spanish communist in the French resistance to two young Jewish girls caught in the siege of Leningrad. Contributors draw upon a variety of sources, such as contemporary diaries and letters, unpublished postwar memoirs, video footage as well as conversations in the family setting. These chapters attest to the enormous impact that war stories of family members had on subsequent generations. The story of a father who survived Nazi captivity became a lesson in resilience for a daughter with personal difficulties, whereas the story of a grandfather who served the Nazis became a burden that divided the family. At its heart, Family Histories of World War II concerns human experiences in supremely difficult times and their meaning for subsequent generations.

The US Army in World War II 1

Author : Mark Henry
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When World War II broke out in September 1939 the US Army – starved of resources since 1919 – numbered just 174,000 men. By VJ-Day, 2 September 1945, a total of 8.3 million had served in an army which had risen to a stable strength of 91 divisions. The Army's contribution to the war against Japan – 20 divisions and numerous smaller units – has tended to be overshadowed by the exploits of the much smaller Marine Corps. This first of three titles describes the organisation, uniforms and equipment of the US Army in the CBI and the Central and South-West Pacific from 1941 to 1945. Men-at-Arms 342, 347 and 350 are also available as a single volume special edition as 'The US Army in World War II”.

West Point History of World War II Vol 1

Author : The United States Military Academy
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An outstanding new military history of the first half of World War II, featuring a rich array of images, exclusive graphics, superb new maps, and expert analysis commissioned by the United States Military Academy to teach the art of war to West Point cadets. Since 1836, United States Military Academy texts have been the gold standard for teaching military history and the operational art of war. Now the USMA has developed a new military history series for the public featuring the story of World War II in two volumes, of which this is the first. The West Point History of World War II combines the expertise of preeminent historians with hundreds of maps and images, many created for this volume or selected from Army collections. The first volume offers a balanced narrative analyzing the rising tide of Axis conquest from 1939 to mid-1942, ranging from battlefield decisions to operational and strategic plans, all set in their proper political context. The closing chapter provides a thematic treatment of the mobilization of the warring nations’ economies and home fronts for the conduct of total war. The West Point History of World War II has been tested, checked, and polished by West Point cadets, faculty, and graduates to make this the best military history of its kind.

Operatives Spies and Saboteurs

Author : Patrick K. O'Donnell
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O'Donnell draws on hundreds of exclusive interviews with OSS veterans to present the first-ever full story of American sabotage operations, throughout the European theater.

One Woman s War

Author : Eileen Youngsblood
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The Second World War is dominated by heroic tales of men defending their country against a formidable enemy but what about the women who also played their part in fighting for freedom? Eileen Younghusband BEM (92) was just 18 when she joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF). She quickly demonstrated her keen intellect and mathematical skills, playing a crucial role in Fighter Command’s underground Filter Room. Working gruelling shifts under enormous pressure she and her companions worked tirelessly, tracking the swarms of enemy aircraft that sought to break the British resolve. She even had the dubious honour of detecting the first of Hitler’s devastating V2 rockets as it fell on an unsuspecting London. This book gives a vivid insight into the life of a young woman facing the grim reality of war. One Woman's War won The People's Book Prize 2012/2013 for non-fiction.

Women and the Second World War in France 1939 1948

Author : Hanna Diamond
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This is the first book (in either English or French) to offer readers an overview of women's experience of the Second World War and its immediate aftermath in France. It examines objectively the part that women played in both collaboration and resistance, synthesising much recent scholarship on the subject in French and English, and drawing on the author's own extensive research (including oral testimony) in Toulouse, Paris, and West Brittany. The findings are complex, and the immensely varied testimony challenges easy generalisation. This will be relevant for courses on French studies, French and European history and Women's studies.


Author : Kira Astrid Plummer
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