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Tales of the Road

Author : Cathy Wurzer
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In this companion book to a new Twin Cities Public Television documentary also called "Tales of the Road" (airing in November 2008), Wurzer unearths stories about Highway 61, spotlighting famous and fascinating locations, many of them little remembered today.

One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand Buddhas

Author : Ma Dharm Jyoti
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One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas—this is an essential book. There exists no other quite like it. It is a collection of living moments with the living Buddha. It is not some events remembered and then adorned with reactions. These are tales vitally alive. These tales are a great gift for all of us—those who have sat with the living Master and those who haven’t. It is a book for all seekers. It is also a book for those who are not actively seeking, but surely have the same longing-the longing for a taste of that love which has no bondage.

Historic Tales from Ahwatukee Foothills

Author : Martin W. Gibson
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Phoenix's Ahwatukee Foothills grew from open desert to a community of nearly ninety thousand in just a few decades. From the first homesteaders and farmers to the modern visionaries and trailblazers who established homes and businesses, it is a very compelling story. Discover the mystery of the Lost Ranch, the reason for Elliot Road's misspelling, the battle over annexation and the origins of the Easter Parade. Local historian Marty Gibson recounts the challenges, struggles and successes in this collection of tales from the other side of the hill.

Over One Hundred Stories for Students

Author : Jojo Dee
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This book is a simple collection of old stories, amusing and instructive but especially edited to be useful reading matter to all those young and ambitious men and women whose mother tongue is not English but who now realize the necessity of speaking and writing good English in order to progress in their chosen careers. It should appeal particularly to such persons in the Far East and in Central and Southern America.

An Irish Tail A Hilarious Tale of an English Couple and Their Unruly Dogs Searching for a New Life In Rural Ireland

Author : Nick Albert
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A hilarious tale of dogs, fogs, bogs and moving to Ireland. For many years, Nick and Lesley Albert had shared a dream of living far away from the stress of modern life, and when the opportunity arose, they jumped in with both feet. Almost overnight, they decided to move to beautiful County Clare, in the west of Ireland – a Country they had never before visited. With little experience or money they set about renovating a derelict farmhouse and building a new life together - hindered only by their lack of skill, twenty-two chickens, two ducks and several unruly dogs. Bursting with comical anecdotes and witty observations, blended with occasional moments of exquisite sadness, this is a delightful true story of an English couple searching for a new life in the quiet solitude of rural Ireland. "Marley and Me" meets "Round Ireland with a Fridge. If you love dogs, Ireland and life, then you will adore "An Irish Tail." "It made me laugh and it made me cry. Highly recommended!"

Dancing On Fly Ash One Hundred Word Stories

Author :
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One Hundred Stories for One Hundred Years

Author : Clem Martini
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For 100 years, Wood’s Homes has offered a lifeline to children and their families who have nowhere else to turn. A multiservice, non-profit children’s mental health organization based in Calgary, Wood’s Homes serves communities throughout Alberta and in the Northwest Territories. In honour of the 100th anniversary of Wood’s Homes in 2014, this collection of 100 stories celebrates the deep and lasting impact the organization has had on those who have lived and worked there. The stories—sometimes quirky, sometimes raw, but always coming from the heart—also reveal the dramatic changes in the needs of young people and their communities over the last century.

101 Road Patrol Tales

Author : E. W. Tompkins
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Bringing to light an entertaining array of anecdotes, this collection of police stories recalls some of the strangest, funniest, and most poignant accounts from the freeways, highways, and country roads throughout California. From the family who pulled over for a picnic on the median strip of a busy freeway to the angelic-looking 5-year-old girl who defused a tense traffic stop by sweetly confessing, "my daddy has a beer under the seat," this is an uncompromising view of the everyday pursuits, enforcement stops, arrests, accidents, and weird encounters that patrolmen must endure. Also featured is a panoply of unlikely drunk-driving suspects, including Santa Claus, a Boy Scout troop leader, a newlywed couple, and an airline pilot on his way to fly a plane; the traffic stop of an elderly driver whose license had expired 35 years earlier--and who explained he was on his way to the DMV; and many more hilarious, odd, and tragic stories of life and death on the open road. Encouraging a renewed respect for the men and women in uniform who risk their lives to protect the public, this compilation also contains advice on highway safety and how to behave when pulled over by a patrol officer.

Tales of chivalry or Perils by flood and field the parts retaining the wrappers Vol 1 wanting the frontisp index and pt 1 10 vol 2 wanting the prelims pt 22 26 and all after pt 41

Author : Tales
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Tales of a Country Obstetrician

Author : Daniel M. Avery, MD
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Daniel M. Avery has been fascinated with the human body ever since he was young, so it was natural that he should grow up to become a successful doctor. As a funeral director, he had his first opportunity to learn about anatomy, disease processes, and trauma. He even witnessed the medical examiner performing autopsies in the morgue. Once he became a doctor, his adventures were more interesting—although there are decisions he regrets. For instance, he would have never called the university to tow away an illegally parked recreation vehicle if he had known it belonged to the dean of the medical school. In spite of the seriousness of the medical profession, he enjoyed his share of light moments as well. When a female resident delivered a baby and got blood all over her, she asked if she could borrow a pair of underwear. “We wear different sizes, and I only have one pair,” Dr. Avery replied. All physicians have at one time or another wished they had written down the highlights of their careers. Dr. Avery does so with no regrets, examining the challenges, adventures, and funny moments that have defined his life as an Alabama doctor in Tales of a Country Obstetrician.

Perfect Turkeys and Other Amusing Tales

Author : Michael Delphy Hunt
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Perfect Turkeys is the second in a series of books, that examines (through short stories) the often hilarious, and always funny life and times of Michael Devin Hughes. Whether searching for the Perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving, or trying to locate the Fig Queen's House in Brewster Hollow, or reserving a hotel room with a chain hotel, Michael Devin Hughes complicates the most simple of tasks. Though quadruple-divorced, Hughes maintains relations with his ex-wives and children, as the short stories, "Dancing With My Daughter," "A Walk at Sunset With My Son," and "Chief of Personal Appearance" reveal. Michael Devin Hughes' obsessive nature is deliciously illustrated in "Lemon Bars." His humorous bond with his father is wonderfully amplified in "The Buffet Line." And Hughes incredibly bad timing is hilariously detailed in "Dinner and Railroad Crossings."

Forgotten Tales of Pittsburgh

Author : Thomas White
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Such was the wisdom of the Pittsburgh Daily Gazette and Advertiser in 1866 when describing a railway boss's threat to decapitate a former employee. Pittsburgh has many such stories of strange but mostly true events. Local author Thomas White delves into these lost tales, from Lewis and Clark's inauspicious start involving an intoxicated boat builder to the death ray of inventor Nikola Tesla. A 1907 lion attack at Luna Park, death by spontaneous combustion, Jack the Ripper's rumored visit to the city and an umpire who was rescued from an angry crowd by Pirates players are all part of the forgotten history of the Steel City.

From Donkey S Mouth and Other Short Stories

Author : Subba Rao
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In the collection of short stories entitled From Donkeys Mouth, the author assumes the name of Juggernaut to share his travel experiences on the Big Island, Hawaii, and living in India, Caribbean and the United States. In some stories, as a bystander looking at the events, Juggernaut discusses issues with a view that world is what it is with changes hard to come.

TEA 21 success stories

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Subcommittee on Highways and Transit
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A Tale of One Village

Author : Arle Schneider
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The Arabian Nights Entertainments Consisting of One Thousand and One Stories

Author :
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Tales from the Backwards Z

Author : Marshall McGaw
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This book is a family friendly compilation of stories about a variety of hilarious characters from Maury County Tennessee. The author grew up in Mount Pleasant Tennessee on the south end of the county and learned of the exploits of several unique characters as he travelled a route called The Z. After moving away he began telling tales about these characters. The interest his listeners had in these stories fascinated him and he came to realize that other towns did not have a 'rich' history like his hometown. Whether it is Officer Manley Workman hooking a wrecker to Fatty Isabel to haul him to jail after he refused to go or Tooterbill Odom causing a massive explosion in a slag pit at his place of employment to give the 'townsfolk' a spectacular Fourth of July fireworks display, these stories will keep you laughing out loud. Another thing the author came to realize through the years as he started including tales about himself in these story telling sessions is that he had also contributed to the history of the town in some amusing ways. Is there another place like Mount Pleasant Tennessee? You will have to read the book to decide!

Rapt In an Enigma A True life Tale of the Paranormal Unlike Any You Have Read Before

Author : John Byrne
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A true-life tale of the paranormal unlike any you have read before On the 25th June 2004 I, a devout agnostic and sceptic of all things ‘paranormal’ was forced to accept that I may have a poltergeist in my home in Vietnam! To say I found that weird would be the understatement of the century but with hindsight I can say that the weirdest thing of all was that the poltergeist-like activity I experienced that night was just the beginning of the most incredible story and things would get a whole lot weirder in the days and months to come! I know that many will find my story just too unbelievable to possibly be true, and as a lifelong sceptic myself I can completely understand that. I give my word that every part of this story is true however I realise that, as a complete stranger, my word is worth very little to you, but if you choose to consider my book as merely an imaginative work of fiction I trust that you will still find it an interesting, entertaining and thought provoking read.

Arabian Nights Entertainments Consisting of One Thousand and One Stories Translated Into French from the Arabian MSS by M Galland and Now Done Into English Etc

Author :
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Short Stories One

Author : Duncan L. Dieterly
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This is thin book of twelve stories. Short stories should entertain the reader. They may also fascinate, enlighten, frighten, anger and excite the reader. The author attempts to provide entertainment mixed with some interesting concepts and perceptions that may offend some, challenge others and delight those remaining. The stories range from a drug dominated inter city slum to the world of high finance and wealth. They are a mixture of whimsy, wit, what if and social commentary. He wishes to become a word weaver who titillates his audience. Hopefully you the reader will be entertained by one or more of these stories