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On Turning Sixty Five

Author : John Jerome
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"Personally, I've got a lot invested in reaching my stunning current age, and I'm damned if I'm going to hang on to that youthful crap. (I liked the idea of being a sixty-year-old so much I started claiming that age before I turned fifty-nine.) Parts of it, I don't like--the loss of energy that seems its inevitable accompaniment, for example--but when I consider how I used to boil that energy away as a younger man, and the things I boiled it away on, I am happy to accept a shorter tether and a more reflective way of going at things." John Jerome, author of such beloved books as Truck and Stone Work, entered his sixty-fifth year with a number of goals in mind: to battle the debilities of age, to master them through understanding when he could not physically defeat them, and to keep a journal of these efforts. As he puts it, "It was time to start planning an endgame." The result is a warm, compassionate, and honest look at the twelve months that led him to the gateway of old age--a survey of this time of life which ranges from strict physiology to expansive philosophy, from delicate neurosurgery to rough weather on a Canadian canoeing trip, from the despair and isolation of illness to the love and comfort of a sound marriage. The writing, in its clarity, grace, and humor, matches its author's spirit. "The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our time," Jerome reminds us. Reading this wise and funny chronicle of one man's--and everyman's--journey toward citizenship, senior division, will be time well spent, for young and old alike. It is that rare kind of book which comes to life as a companion, and even a friend.

Turning Sixty five

Author : Athena Tacha
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Turning the Future Into Revenue

Author : Glen Hiemstra
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DISCOVER THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS In Turning the Future into Revenue, Glen Hiemstra, founder of and noted expert on emerging business opportunities, explores how our changing world will transform private enterprise and public policy. From shifting demographics to global warming to new energy policies, change is coming. Turning the Future into Revenue shows how these new realities can be turned into profitable new ventures. Some of the topics Hiemstra discusses include: Five long-term trends you should be prepared for Global warming and the urgent need for green business Profiting from technology and energy trends Predicting the future of your business or career Hedging your bets on future business Ten key practices of the future-oriented enterprise Future planning exercises, tools, and activities Tactics for forecasting the future Shaping your career for future success

The Process of Aging

Author : Athena Tacha
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Author : M.J. Rosenkoetter
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This is about the love story of Richard and Margaret Rosenkoetter. It recounts their early childhood, meeting, courtship, and marriage; their children, relatives, friends, acquaintances and occasional stranger, some trials and triumphs. This was a relationship that lasted sixty-five years, plus three months and three days. Richard was born January 13,1921 at home on1808 State Street in Quincy, Illinois. His parents had moved into town from the farm the previous year; he resided in that home until a short time after his marriage to Margaret. He had one sister, Anna, who was three years older. His parents, Henry Lewis Rosenkoetter, was born June 24,1886 and died, August 18, 1948 and Hattie (Weed) Rosenkoetter, born August 3, 1891 and died June 8, 1958. Hattie, a lovely and proper lady of English descent, was born and raised in Quincy, Illinois, living at 1808 State Street in Quincy. She gave birth to two children and was a homemaker, up until the time of her death at age 66. Richard's father was a wonderful and well-respected gentleman of German descent. He was a farmer until moving his wife and young daughter into the home at 1808 State Street, in Quincy. For the greater part of his remaining years he had a good job working for Prairie Farms Dairy until the time of his last illness, passing away at their home on 1808 State, at age 62.

Sixty Five Hours

Author : N.R. Walker
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Cameron Fletcher and Lucas Hensley are advertising executives who have Sixty Five Hours to pull together the campaign of their careers. Sixty Five Hours to get along. Sixty Five Hours to not kill each other. Sixty Five Hours to fall in love. ** First published in 2012. New Cover in 2019 - No additional content has been added.

Sixty Five Beauties of the Word of God with upwards of 150 references

Author :
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The Class Book or Three hundred and sixty five reading lessons adapted to the use of schools Selected and arranged from the best authors by the Rev D Blair or rather by E Fenwick

Author : Rev. David BLAIR (pseud. [i.e. Sir Richard Phillips.])
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When I m Sixty Four

Author : Teresa Ghilarducci
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A crisis is looming for baby boomers and anyone else who hopes to retire in the coming years. In When I'm Sixty-Four, Teresa Ghilarducci, the nation's leading authority on the economics of retirement, explains how to confront this crisis head-on, revealing the causes behind the increasingly precarious economics of old age in America and proposing a bold plan to guarantee retirement security for every working citizen. Retirement is one of the hallmarks of a prosperous, civilized market economy. Yet in America today Social Security is on the ropes. Government and employers are dismantling pension security, forcing older people to work longer. The federal government spends billions in exemptions for 401(k)s and other voluntary retirement accounts, yet retirement savings for most workers is falling. Ghilarducci takes an unflinching look at the eroding economic structure of retirement in America--and what she finds is alarming. She exposes the failures of pension regulators and the false hopes of privatized Social Security. She tells the ugly truth about risky 401(k) plans, do-it-yourself retirement schemes, and companies like Enron that have left employees without any retirement savings. Ghilarducci puts forward a sweeping plan to revive the retirement-income system, a plan that will ensure that, after forty years of work, every American will receive 70 percent of their preretirement earnings, guaranteed for life. No other book makes such a persuasive case for overhauling the pension and Social Security system in order to provide older Americans with the financial stability they have earned and deserve.

Three Hundred and Sixty Five Starry Nights

Author : Chet Raymo
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Provides information and advice on how to watch the changes in the night sky throughout the seasons

Three Hundred and Sixty Five Health Happiness Boosters

Author : M.J. Ryan
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Daily tasks to improve how you feel—mind, body, and spirit—from the New York Times-bestselling author of Attitudes of Gratitude. Happiness begets happiness. When a person is happy, the feeling ripples out to others nearby. Research has shown that happiness also leads to better health. One third of the population knows the secret to happiness is an inside job—that is, not contingent on possessions, status, or even life circumstances. Fortunately there is hope for the other two thirds! We can all be happier. In 365 Health & Happiness Boosters, a book of daily reflections, M.J. Ryan shows how to be happier by employing a wide variety of simple spiritual, emotional, and practical suggestions. Discover 365 concrete ways to experience more happiness. Some of the tasks are lighthearted, others quite serious. They all will have a positive effect on mind, body, and spirit. Learn how to: · Cultivate contentment · Change your outlook · Lift your spirit in the moment · Address eating habits · Improve interactions with others · Develop better sleeping patterns · Improve nutrition · And much more “Reading this book is like lifting my face to the sun each morning.”—Sue Patton Thoele, author of The Courage to Be Yourself

Three Questions for Sixty five Composers

Author : Bálint András Varga
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Master interviewer Bálint András Varga poses three probing questions to renowned contemporary composers about their work, and carefully renders their answers in their own words.

Three Hundred and Sixty Five Snacks Hors D Oevres and Appetizers

Author : Lonnie Gandara
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Reminiscences of the Last Sixty five Years

Author : Ebenezer Smith Thomas
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Common Sense Faith

Author : Patrick J. Brennan
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What is it about Jesus, the church, the sacraments, and prayer that inspires, motivates, and encourages us? Can we doubt and follow our conscience and still be faithful Catholics? Why is forgiveness essential to conversion? What does it mean to be holy? Fr. Patrick Brennan addresses these questions and helps us to see how our faith can breathe life into what matters most in our lives and the lives of those we love.

Stories I Like to Tell

Author : J.P. (Pat) Lynch
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A collection of stories and anecdotes about family, friends and personal experiences. I left school at age sixteen. Life has been very good to me and, at the urging of some friends, I decided it might be fun to write down some of the things that caught my attention along the way. The collection may be fun, someday, for the grandkids. It may be fun now for people who want a chuckle from reading about a very ordinary character doing very ordinary things in ways that sometimes are outside the nine dots.

Reminiscences of the last sixty five years commencing with the battle of Lexington also sketches of his own life and times by E S Thomas

Author : Ebenezer Smith Thomas
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The Gerontological Prism Developing Interdisciplinary Bridges

Author : Jeffrey Michael Clair
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"The Gerontological Prism" promotes disciplinary cooperation in aging research and practice. To some extent, each chapter explores a unified objective, that of generating a disciplinary-blind gerontology. The fundamental assumption throughout this book is that the aging individual and society can be enhanced by an understanding of the correlates of basic social, behavioral, demographic, economic, political, ethical, and biomedical processes involving aging. Each author touches on issues that have both social psychological, and practical policy significance. They aim toward sensitizing the reader to the possibilities of a properly informed interdisciplinary approach to gerontology.

The Safety of Elderly Drivers

Author : J. Peter Rothe
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By the turn of the century, the elderly will comprise about 20 percent of the population in North America, and 28 percent of those who drive. Place this percentage in high-powered automobiles, and the need for planning and policy development becomes evident. Most standard research on elderly drivers has not gone beyond gathering data on specific situations or characteristics. This book rises beyond simple statistical presentation. It blends sociological insight with statistical detail to produce an absorbing description of the elderly drivers' daily lives, driving styles, experiences with accident and injury, social relationships, and life aspirations. It also describes areas of neglect: imagined and real health problems, driving exposure and traffic violations, accidents, and loss of self-esteem. It presents In-depth accounts of the trauma of loss of license and the Importance of the automobile for sustaining mental, physical, and social well being. The self-Imposed or self-defined rules elderly drivers use to navigate traffic or compensate for physical frailities are described in depth. The Safety of Elderly Drivers Includes penetrating comments from elderly drivers who have been involved in serious accidents, and from random elderly drivers speaking for their generation of drivers. Integrating statistical findings based on Motor Vehicle Department accident data and survey data with comprehensive interviews and discussions with elderly drivers. the book provides an emperically grounded. In-depth view of the elderly driver today. Rothe summarizes theories and models of aging. along with past research on elder[y drivers. projecting what the future may hold If present trends in medicine. housing. politics. migration. and mass transit continue. It closes with a series of recommendations for future traffic planning. This book will be of Interest to policymakers concerned with traffic safety, as well as social scientists and others Interested In gerontological issues.

Pension Strategies in Europe and the United States

Author : Robert Fenge
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Leading economists analyze topical issues in pension policy, including structuralreform of pay-as-you-go systems, the political sustainability of pension reforms, and the need forprivate, funded systems.