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Down Low Cartel

Author : Solae Dehvine
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***This is Part 1 of the Series. Get the Complete Series: **** The toughest gangster you know might be on the DL. The Los Sucio Brothers are related by circumstance and not by blood but don't tell them that. They will fight to the death over each other and to keep their secrets hidden, they will kill anyone in their way. But when love comes in the mix it only breeds trouble. Mix that with jealousy and you have the Los Sucio brothers going to war. Read the story of how they become a Cartel all on the down low. DownLow Cartel 1: The Beginning Keywords: urban fiction, down low books, urban lit, black books, hood books, side chick books, sidechick book, african american books, black books, urban books, african american romance, romance, oprahs book club

Coming Up from the Down Low

Author : J.L. King
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The dramatic follow-up to the controversial bestseller that has all of America talking… In his first book, On the Down Low, J. L. King introduced readers to the deceptive underground world of the “down low” (DL), the subculture of men leading straight lives while secretly sleeping with other men. In that first book, King’s own life was exhibit A—he lived for years as a DL man and was able to expose this lifestyle with unique authority. In this blockbuster new book, King takes readers to the next level in his exploration of the down-low world by answering the most common questions from the thousands of people he’s met while traveling the country. He provides more in-depth information about the lives of men on the DL, dispels the most common myths, and addresses the most frequently asked question of all: What are the signs? But more than that, he tells of his own transformation over the last year, as he’s moved into a more honest evaluation of his own life and the lives of other men on the DL who are trying to emerge from their web of deceit. And he courageously points to the urgent problems in our communities that drive men into such dangerous and reckless lives and keep them there. Filled with fascinating stories from the men who have lived on the down low and the women who have struggled through it with them, Coming Up from the Down Low shines more light on a phenomenon that has touched the lives of too many. It’s a vital call for greater love, tolerance, and forgiveness in our individual lives and in the lives of our communities, and an inspiration to all of us to embrace the liberating power of the truth. “The source of my expertise on this subject is, quite simply, my own life. I’ve lived this and been struggling down the road of understanding my entire life. Since the publication of the first book I’ve made further progress down that road, helped along by the thousands of you who responded. The insights I’ve gotten have transformed my understanding of this phenomenon and transformed my life. I want to share those insights with you now, to help you better understand the down-low phenomenon, yes, but also to help you better understand the potential liberating power of honesty, acceptance, and healing in our personal lives and in the life of our community.” —from the Introduction

Beyond the Down Low

Author : Keith Boykin
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Keith Boykin, a former Clinton White House aide, syndicated columnist, and AIDS activist, breaks new ground by going beyond the hype with the first responsible, eye-opening look at the down low sensation. Unlike all previous accounts on the topic, Beyond the Down Low refreshingly presents the DL not merely as a problem of gay and bisexual men living in the shadows and endangering women, but more broadly as a telling example of the African-American community's overall failure to engage in critical but uncomfortable conversations about sexuality. Boykin details how the virtual silence from black leaders on sex matters has helped to create an environment where gay and bisexual men feel compelled to lead double lives. Meanwhile, the dialogue that has occurred both inside and out of African-American circles encourages an unhealthy battle of the sexes, ignores the complexities of the closet, demonizes homosexuality and bisexuality, disempowers women from personal responsibility to protect themselves from STDs, and misdirects public resources and attention at vilifying down low men.

Hustling on the Down Low

Author : M. T. Pope
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In the violent criminal underworld, there is no room for weakness, so the idea of a growing gay mafia in Baltimore is rejected by most people. That doesn't stop kingpin Avery Nelson from striving to come out on top in his battle against Leroy Grant. Avery has faced adversity most of his life, and being a gay black male only adds fuel to the fire already burning within him. After experiencing rejection for so much of his life, Avery has stopped caring about the values of anyone who makes him feel insignificant. Crime and violence are now his preferred method for getting the city's attention. He wants everyone to see that being gay isn't a weakness but a strength. Leroy Grant does not want to see a gay man in charge, especially since in his mind, he is supposed to be where Avery is. A hatred grows inside of him with every mention of Avery and the moves he's making in the streets. Now Leroy's singular mission is to take the top spot for himself. With so much violence and hate, there is no way to tell who will be Baltimore's kingpin and who will be headed to the pen. Who is wiling to go down the lowest to get to the top?

On the Down Low 2

Author : J. L. King
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A follow-up to the bold exposé of the controversial secret that has potentially dire consequences in many communities, especially African American. The book is J.L. King's follow-up to his stellar premier publication "On The Down Low" which landed him multiple appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The book explores why nothing much has changed in the sexual behaviors of men who have same-sex relations with other men while hiding this from the women whom they share their beds with. J.L. King continues to bring a word of caution and healing to communities through this book. Unlike his first publication, "On The Down Low 2" goes deeper into relationship building and why there's a need for women to take off the rose colored glasses regarding the men they love whom they suspect of being on the down low. He gives a message of men to accept and embrace their same-sex attractions and to dismantle the internalized homophobia many of them carry.

On the Down Low

Author : James L King
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An analysis of the lives of homosexual and bisexual African-American men who outwardly live their lives as heterosexuals discusses the societal taboos that reinforce sexual secrecy and contribute to a disproportionate rise in HIV infection among African-American women.

Surveillance on The Down Low

Author : W. M. Sanguine
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After years of a loveless relationship with her husband Frank, Michelle begins to suspect he may be having an affair. She decides to hire a private investigator and is shocked to discover the ugly truth about her husband. Frank is a closet homosexual with a ravenous desire for sex with countless men. One morning after her husband goes to work Michelle opens up a package from the private investigator which includes a video of her husband in different locations during a week of surveillance. She proceeds to view her husband on the video inside several gay establishments and watches in horror while he has sex with a plethora of different men. Michelle then discovers Frank's username and password to his secret gay e-mail account and uncovers a dark underground world she never knew existed of gay men living on the down low. She uses the information she finds from a variety of his alternative websites where he posted multiple gay profiles to turn the tables on Frank. Michelle comes up with the perfect plan for revenge and sets Frank up for a truly memorable down low encounter he will never forget as long as he lives.

20 Warning Signs of Down Low Brothers

Author : Nubia
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20 Warning Signs of Down Low Brothers is a self-help book dedicated to stop the spread of HIV among black women as it relates to secrets of bi-sexual men sexual behaviors. In includes CDC statistics and 20 ways to tell if your man is secretly having sex with other men.

Murder on the Down Low

Author : Pamela Samuels Young
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A high-profile lawsuit erupts into chaos, revealing its place in a larger spree of violence in this scandalous tale of lust, lies, and vengeance. A brazen gunman is targeting prominent African American men on the streets of Los Angeles, and police are completely baffled. At the same time, savvy big-firm attorney Vernetta Henderson and her outrageous sidekick, Special, lead the charge for revenge against a man whose deceit caused his fianceé's death. For Special, hauling the man into court and suing him for wrongful death just isn't good enough. While she exacts her own brand of justice, a shocking revelation connects the contentious lawsuit and the puzzling murders.

The Upside of the Down Low

Author : Yolanda King Stephen
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Nobody Is Supposed to Know

Author : C. Riley Snorton
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Since the early 2000s, the phenomenon of the “down low”—black men who have sex with men as well as women and do not identify as gay, queer, or bisexual—has exploded in news media and popular culture, from the Oprah Winfrey Show to R & B singer R. Kelly’s hip hopera Trapped in the Closet. Most down-low stories are morality tales in which black men are either predators who risk infecting their unsuspecting female partners with HIV or victims of a pathological black culture that repudiates openly gay identities. In both cases, down-low narratives depict black men as sexually dangerous, duplicitous, promiscuous, and contaminated. In Nobody Is Supposed to Know, C. Riley Snorton traces the emergence and circulation of the down low in contemporary media and popular culture to show how these portrayals reinforce troubling perceptions of black sexuality. Reworking Eve Sedgwick’s notion of the “glass closet,” Snorton advances a new theory of such representations in which black sexuality is marked by hypervisibility and confinement, spectacle and speculation. Through close readings of news, music, movies, television, and gossip blogs, Nobody Is Supposed to Know explores the contemporary genealogy, meaning, and functions of the down low. Snorton examines how the down low links blackness and queerness in the popular imagination and how the down low is just one example of how media and popular culture surveil and police black sexuality. Looking at figures such as Ma Rainey, Bishop Eddie L. Long, J. L. King, and Will Smith, he ultimately contends that down-low narratives reveal the limits of current understandings of black sexuality.

The Downlow Saga

Author : Sheldon McCormick
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Abuser and loser Eugene Downlow Colston is left with tormenting, bitter defeatism and relentless despair as a total failure, brokenhearted and frustrated by his fed-up former fiance. She beat him badly during a spat and, later, legally, in a court case against her. She broke their engagement and his nose, tossed his engagement ring in his female-battered face, and then walked out on him forever. Now all alone, plagued by racism, driven to liquor in a fruitless effort to drown his inner hellish pain, disrespected, ridiculed, and rejected as a miserable, worthless, no sexgetting, low-down black ghetto scumbag, Downlow finds redemption and purpose in armed security guard work. The Compton man also finds himself amid a wave of terrorist suicide bombings and street violence waged by the vicious Tammerack Tigers gang. Downlow manages to inspire both the black community and his fellow security officers to stand up for what is right in the face of the warring, fanatical criminal gangs bloody reign of terror in 1989 South Central Los Angeles.

Down Low Thuggin

Author : Solae Dehvine
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Some thugs have secrets that should never be told... Antwon was in love with Bryan until his love sent him to jail. On the inside he runs into all kinds of men including Big Black. The masculine convict that has a wife on the outside but a totally different life inside the jail walls. With the help of his partner, Big Black sets out on a quest to get what he desires and his main target is Antwon. Will Antwon adapt to his new surroundings and will the men of Algoa State Penitentiary keep their secrets? Find out in Down Low Thuggin Keywords: African American Romance, Urban Street Fiction, urban books black authors, black authors, african american romance, gay romance, thug lovin, thug love, hood love, Street Lit, Black Romance Novel

Downlow Parolees at the City Barbershop

Author : Calvin Freeman
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Sam is a barber, which means he gets tons of hot alpha thug meat on the downlow! He owns the City Barbershop of Richmond, so when a local tough-ass parole officer wants to use it to give his convicts a haircut and sexual relief, Sam is all too happy to help out. Can he handle the hardcore gangstas and gangbangers who are sent his way?

Married to the Downlow

Author : Shona L. Dukes
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Healing from a past filled with loss, betrayal and regret can seem impossible. Throughout this book, the narrator recalls her experiences as the first lady to a man secretly on the "downlow. " In spite of years of heartache, she offers hope for readers who can relate to her story. Encouraged by her own healing process, she looks forward to the road ahead. "He just sat there looking at me like I was a total stranger. I asked him straight out if he was gay or bisexual. He said no. But of course I didn't trust what he was telling me."Married to the Down Low is a raw, in your face, and captivating novel based on a true story. It most certainly is not a modest read. Faith is tested, trust is betrayed, and hard loss causes unfathomable heartache. The only way to find healing and restoration is through God, prayer, worship, and being completely honest with oneself.I want readers to know and share this story of triumph over pain and trauma, but more importantly, I want to challenge them to face and deal with any broken places within that can yield harmful consequences when left unattended. There is nothing more rewarding than what I call that "healthy wholesome" place.

Hiding in Hip Hop

Author : Terrance Dean
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“If you love Empire, then you must read Terrance Dean’s memoir Hiding in Hip Hop. This is the real story of what it means to be black and gay in Hollywood and the music industry.”—Tananarive Due, American Book Award winner, author of Joplin’s Ghost “If you enjoy Empire, then you must read Terrance Dean’s entertaining, yet, enlightening memoir, Hiding in Hip Hop. This is a real insiders look at the secret lives of Hollywood’s and the music industry’s elite.” —Travis Hunter, filmmaker and author of The Hearts of Men and Married But Still Looking “If you’re a fan of the hit show Empire and its characters Cookie, Lucious, Hakeem, Jamal, and Andre, then you have to check out Terrance Dean’s provocative memoir Hiding in Hip Hop. Dean writes a compelling story about black gay men in Hip Hop and Hollywood, and what it takes for them to make it the entertainment industry.” – JL King, New York Times bestselling author of On The Down Low Celebrated blogger and former MTV insider Terrance Dean reveals a hidden side of Hollywood and hip hop in this explosive and illuminating memoir. Terrance Dean worked his way up for more than ten years in the entertainment industry from intern to executive, and has lived the life of glitz and bling along with Hollywood and Hip Hop’s most glamorous heavy hitters. As a gay man immersed within the world of the famous and the fabulous, Dean knows well the industry’s secrets and the façade that is kept, that for men, promotes machismo and hetero-normative behavior. Most of what Dean unveils in this book is fascinating and salacious but all of it is true. He also shares his own secrets, and an account of the pain of his mother’s addiction, and the poverty and molestation he experienced as a child. Hiding in Hip Hop is not a traditional tell-all. It’s personal. It’s poignant. It’s a provocative and honest look at stardom and sexuality.

Dirty Down Low

Author : Debra Webb
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Discover heart-racing intrigue in this Thriller Short of romantic suspense. In this Thriller Short, USA TODAY bestselling author Debra Webb’s series character, private investigator Jackie Mercer, has to do more than go undercover to help the police catch a serial killer. Mercer has to become the bait — as a seductive prostitute she’ll lure in a killer who gives ‘high stakes’ a whole new meaning. Mercer knows she can attract the killer, but will she be able to finish him before he finishes her? Originally published in LOVE IS MURDER (2013), edited by No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown.

Getting It On The Down Low 2

Author : Sophia Jenkins
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It has been a very costly and hectic time for Safa Joyner. After being married and apparently having it all, everything upended at once. She went from unsatisfied housewife to satisfied, but completely out there. Her husband Darius was not taking any of this well. After discovering Safa's relationship with a man named Kordell, Darius begins to lose it and plots drastic actions. Meanwhile, Safa learns some shocking truths about Kordell that sends her whirling. Now she was left to consider what was better; a miserable life where she was taken care of or dealing with a thug who may be dangerous and ruthless. Safa is in a world of trouble that may end up costing someone their life! Find out what happens in part two of Getting It One The Down Low! keywords: side chick, side chick romance,african american romance, urban books, urban books free,urban books black authors, urban, urban fiction, urban street fiction, urban african american, free book, freebie, free book, free ebook, free, urban books black authors free, african american books free

Deliverance from the Down Low

Author : G. L. Williams
File Size : 90.67 MB
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G. L. Williams addresses a pandemic lifestyle that has attempted to seize the African-American community. The “Down Low” is actually a new term and twist that is placed on the old label of bi-sexuality. What makes the “Down Low” unique is the fact that the age disparity of this lifestyle parallels the profession disparity. This lifestyle has gripped both young men in their teens and old men who are in the winter of their lives.For the man who is struggling with his sexuality, this book will aid him in finding God’s purpose for his life. For someone who is trapped in the “Down Low” lifestyle, this book will serve as a great source of deliverance for the reader.

On the Down Low

Author : J.M Snyder
File Size : 29.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Nick's the only white guy at his roommate Tyrone's hip hop party, but Tyrone's friend De'Andre is the center of attention. The moment Nick notices him, he gets sprung. De'Andre is big and black and hot damn, but he's sexy. Nick feels out of his league -- he's young, he's white, he's gay, and he's desperately looking for a chance to spend some time alone with De'Andre. As much as he hates to admit it, that man is fine. When Tyrone finally introduces them, De'Andre seems just as interested.